FIFA Ultimate Team Positions and Formations

From the goalkeeper to the striker, there are fifteen positions in FIFA Ultimate Team. Find out how they fit into the formations of FIFA Ultimate Team.


FIFA Ultimate Team Positions and Formations

The player’s positioning on the field is, in FUT, restricted to only fifteen categories. They are directly related to the sixteen pre-defined  FIFA Ultimate Team formations.
This article, more than to enumerate the FIFA Ultimate Team positions and formations, want to show something that even the most experienced sometimes have doubts: how the FIFA Ultimate Team positions and formations fit each other.


FIFA Ultimate Team Positions

Here is the list of the fifteen FIFA Ultimate Team Positions:


GK Goalkeeper
RB Right Back
CB Center Back
LB Left Back
RWB Right Wing Back
LWB Left Wing Back
CDM Center Defensive Midfielder
CM Center Midfielder
CAM Center Attacking Midfielder
RM Right Midfielder
LM Left Midfielder
RW Right Wing
LW Left Wing
CF Center Forward
ST Striker


The image below shows where the players of each position play:


FIFA Ultimate Team Positions and Tactics


FIFA Ultimate Team Formations

There are sixteen FIFA Ultimate Team Tactics:

  • 3-4-1-2
  • 3-4-2-1
  • 3-4-3
  • 3-5-2
  • 4-1-2-1-2
  • 4-2-3-1
  • 4-2-2-2
  • 4-3-1-2
  • 4-3-2-1
  • 4-3-3
  • 4-4-1-1
  • 4-4-2
  • 4-5-1
  • 5-2-1-2
  • 5-2-2-1
  • 5-3-2


How FIFA Ultimate Team Positions and Formations Fit Each Other

The image below shows the positions for each formation, helping you to better plan your tactics and your buys.

Click above to maximize the FIFA Ultimate Team Positions and Formations.


FIFA Ultimate Team Positions and Formations


6 thoughts on “FIFA Ultimate Team Positions and Formations”

  1. Does the position of the player card effect how he plays in a game? for example if I’m playing a 3-4-1-2 and i put a LW in the LM position will he play more like a LW?

  2. What formation do you prefer? Also, who is the best manager (bronze or silver) I could buy to get the 50% increase on contracts?

    1. Hi Tyler. I usually play in 4-4-2. That is the formation which suits better to me. Each player should try to find the right formation. About the managers, the answer is a bit long. There is no best manager ti get the 50% increase on contracts. The only difference is that gold managers gives 3%, silver managers gives 2% and bronze managers gives 1%. You need to make maths: prices vs %. My adivice: try to buy all gold rare managers up to 600 coins, then try to find silver rare managers up to 300 coins and then try to find bronze rare managers up to 200 coins.

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