FIFA Ultimate Team Cards: Purple / Light Blue

The beginning of June 2012 brought to FIFA Ultimate Team two new players’ cards: one purple and another light blue.


The New Light Blue FIFA Ultimate Team Player ‘s Card

It was the public that EA would be releasing cards with new colors. They did it in May with the orange color for MOTM (Man of the Match) and with the blue color for TOTY players (Team of the Year).

They did not take much time to launch a new card. The famous Messi 99 was the first light blue card. This color began to be associated with the special In Form (IF) cards. These cards are special editions in which the original attributes are much improved. Judging by Messi 99, this type of card could be the most valuable of all FIFA Ultimate Team cards. It is also expected to be very rare and with fewer releases.


The New Purple FIFA Ultimate Team Player’s Card

The UEFA Euro 2012 brought to the FIFA Ultimate Team the new purple cards. These cards will reward players who played best in major international football competitions.

The first to have this honor were Arshavin, Hummels and Mandzukic. The improvement of their attributes indicate that these purple cards purple are more valuable than the corresponding TOTW (Team of the Weak) but less than TOTY (Team of the Year). The next major tournament which may allow the release of more purple cards will be the Olympic Games. During the African Cup of Nations, twelve players were awarded with black In Form cards. If they were released today, these cards would be purple.


The Most Recent Four Colors

In general, it can be said that the orange and the light blue cards identify new categories (MOTM and special), while the blue and the purple cards make it easy to distinct between IF cards that already exist (TOTY and major competitions). It is unclear if, in the short term, will be released new colors of FIFA Ultimate Team player’s card. We bet on green…


FIFA Ultimate Team Players' Cards - New Colors


For the FIFA Ultimate Team players less experienced, the amount of players’ cards can create some confusion. To learn everything about this, please read our article about FIFA Ultimate Team Players’ Cards.