FIFA Ultimate Team Staff (Part 2)

In the first part of this article about FIFA Ultimate Team Staff, we analyze the importance of managers and head coaches to the success of your club.

In this second part, we will unravel the contribution of the remaining FIFA Ultimate Team Staff: goalkeeper coaches, fitness coaches and physios.


FIFA Ultimate Team Staff – Goalkeeper Coaches’ Cards

The goalkeeper coaches are responsible for the development of goalkeepers’ technical attributes. Each goalkeeper coach’s card shows, in addition to the attribute to which it is engaged, the increment percentage which this coach provides.

By applying a goalkeeper’s training card, the effect of this is multiplied by the sum of the goalkeeper coaches’ coefficients that the club has. If you can gather all the goalkeeper coaches’ cards of one attribute, when you apply the corresponding training card, this will suffer a 50% bonus.

To each one of the three levels there is a normal card and a rare card of each of six attributes, such as the following table shows:


FIFA Ultimate Team Staff
Effect of each of the 36 goalkeeper coaches' cards in the improvement of the goalkeeper's attributes


FIFA Ultimate Team Staff – Fitness Coaches’ Cards

The role of a fitness coach is to help players to recover the desired physical conditions. Any fitness coach’s card has written the contribution percentage to the player’s physical condition. By applying a fitness card, the number of points that will benefit the player is multiplied by the sum of the coefficients of all the fitness coaches that the club have.

For more fitness coaches that you have, the sum of these coefficients can never be greater than 50%

There are 36 different fitness coaches, spread over three levels, and their contribution percentages range between 1% and 5%.


FIFA Ultimate Team Staff
Owning into the club fitness coaches that, together, contribute with 5% to fitness, means that the fitness cards will have 5% more effect.


FIFA Ultimate Team Staff – Physios’ Cards

Owning one or more physios in your club gives you the chance to speed up the recovery of your injured players. Similarly to the head coaches and the players’ training cards, to the goalkeeper coaches and the goalkeepers’ training cards, and to the fitness coaches and the fitness cards, physios also increase the effect of healing cards.

By applying a healing card, the effect of this is multiplied by the sum of all the physios’ coefficients specialists in that injury that your club own.

If you can gather all the physios’ cards of an injury, when you apply the corresponding healing card, this will suffer a 50% bonus.


FIFA Ultimate Team Staff – Summary

In a very general way, we can say that managers increase the effect of the contract cards and team talk cards, that head coaches increase the effect of the players’ training cards, that goalkeeper coaches increase the effect of the goalkeepers’ training cards, that fitness coaches increase the effect of the fitness cards and that physios increase the effect of the healing cards.

For this reason, it may be a good option to bet on a good and large technical staff when setting up your club.


Now that you already know which cards you should equip your club, set your strategy and get new impetus to new victories.


21 thoughts on “FIFA Ultimate Team Staff (Part 2)”

  1. I am playing FIFA 14 on my tablet and I bought a GK coach and what should I do with it

  2. hello. If I have a one ore more fitness coaches does that mean that the squad players will regain their fitness with 1-50% faster (depending on the sum of all coaches) than without having fitness coaches ? or their only help comes when i use the fitness training card ?

  3. So if I get a bunch of head coaches and get my pace boost to 50% all of my players run 50% faster, right?

    1. No.
      If you get a bunch of head coaches and get your pace boost to 50% all of your players in who you have applied a pace traing card will run 50% faster. And the training card effect only last for one match.

    1. Hi.
      Which card exactly do you have? Two fitness coaches cards or two fitness cards to apply on players? If you have two fitness coaches of the same coach it will not work. You only have one for each coach.

  4. so basically if u dont use these cards at all which i dont these all rubbish coaches and physio etc are absolutely useless.

  5. When you apply speed or passing. The coaches add a 50% extra to the card….but how long does the card last on the player?

  6. Wait so you can have more than 1 fitness couch or more than 1 GK couch? If so can they be the same person?

  7. I bought a fitness coach in the Auction house, but I couldn’t store it in my Club since I had a duplicate of the same fitness coach, is there anything I could do to keep both of the same fitness coach in Ultimate Team or am I force to sell the duplicate.

  8. So can i have like 50 managers? would they all contribute to my teams contracts? how many staff can you have?

    1. You can have all the managers or all the staff that you want, one of each. But they only contribute with up 50% for your club. In the case of rare managers they can contribute up to 50% when you apply a contract card. You just need to have enough managers to get those 50%. For example: if you have 10 gold rare managers, 10 silver rare managers and 10 bronze rare managers you already have more than 50% (10×3%+10×2%+1×10%=60%) and so you can sell the bronze rare managers.

  9. Hi,

    How do I change my fitness coach and gk coach?
    I bought 2 gold, but I cannot replace the older ones (bronze). I don’t know where to find them on the game also.
    Have u any idea?


    1. Hi. You can find your staff in Club – Staff.
      You can search for new staff in Auction Search – Staff.
      You do not need to change your coaches. You can still have both. You can try to sell the old ones but if you keep them your fitness cards and training goalkeeper cards will suffer a higher boost.

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