FIFA U Team: New Website about FIFA UT


A new website about FIFA Ultimate Team, of Electronic Arts, arrived in May 2012.


Welcome is the new home of FIFA Ultimate Team. A dedicated and experienced team will bring to you all the information about this game mode. Whether a regular player or just want to learn something more about the Ultimate Team, this website is for you. Welcome!


Why a Website about FIFA Ultimate Team?

FIFA Ultimate Team is played by hundreds of thousands of players around the world. However, the number of places with information about the game is poor. Worse than that, amongst those, the overwhelming majority publish exactly the same content or very similar. In our opinion, there should be a place to fill this gap. Instead of approaching the FIFA world in general, FIFA U Team wants to be the largest site specialized in Ultimate Team game mode.

The birth of a website as FIFA U Team is even more important considering the fact that even EA Sports has very few information available. And it’s a pity. Because the game is simply fantastic.


The four golden rules of FIFA U Team

The goal of FIFA U Team is to be the largest and most popular website devoted exclusively to the FIFA Ultimate Team. To do this, we bet on four golden rules: quantity, quality, originality and availability.

  • Quantity

The FIFA U Team slogan is “All about FIFA Ultimate Team”. We aim to bring as many topics related to the game as possible. Our team will publish articles very often, keeping the site updated, and intended for various audiences. We help new players get started but also teach the more experienced what they do not know.

  • Quality

Providing quality content is one of our goals. This is only possible thanks to an experienced team who is committed to write the most interest texts.

  • Originality

FIFA U Team is not a website like the others. We bring to you what others forget. In addition to those subjects more popular, like how to make coins or like how to make super teams, we offer you truly innovative content thanks to a hard research work. For example: where do you find a tutorial with all the rules of the game? Only in the FIFA U Team!

  • Availability

We answer to everything you want to know about Ultimate Team. If our articles were not enough for you, please feel free to contact us and we will do everything to clarify you. Additionally, you can always share your experiences with the gaming community through our forum.


Articles Categories

The articles that we publish are grouped into four categories.

In Rules, we provide all the information about how the game works. It is the best category for beginners but also offers important content for those more accustomed with the topic.

In Players, the articles focus mainly on the key artists of the game. Among other subjects, we analyze and compare players and present the TOTY (Team of the Year) and TOTW (Team of the Week).

In Tips, the most popular of the four categories, we reveal the secrets to take your teams to success.

Finally, in News, we provide the latest news relating to the Ultimate Team and to the major football events in the real world.

Make FIFA U Team your information plataform about the FIFA Ultimate Team.


2 thoughts on “FIFA U Team: New Website about FIFA UT”

  1. / My question is this. Can you play as a team and cnrotol the ball as it reaches him then you cnrotol each player as the ball reaches him, or must you play as one player on a team. I want to play clubs and cnrotol all the players on my team. I just don’t see where you set this up. It looks as thought you play as one player on one team and see how your team does as other players around the world play as other players on the team you picked. Can you play like FIFA of old or is it all online or nothing!Thank you hope this make some sense to someone.

    1. Hi. In FIFA Ultimate Team you control the whole team. This means that you choose the players to your club and you control them all. Other gamers do the same. You can play online and offline. Try it! It’s the future of FIFA games.

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