First FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Trailer


EA Sports has released the first FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Trailer. Watch it here.


First FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Trailer


We already showed to you the first screenshots and explained what will change in FUT 14. Now it is time to watch the first FIFA 14 Ultimate Team trailer.

In this trailer, the new features are explained. You may learn a bit more about Single Matches, Deeper Chemistry, 10 Divisions, Search by Name, Player Loyalty, Squad Customisation and more.

Here is the video:



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We will bring you more about FUT 14 very soon.


2 thoughts on “First FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Trailer”

  1. Not having formation cards is a good idea. The only thing with this is the cards for a player will be the same.

    Example: RVP 41212 = 20000
    RVP 451 = 12000

    Having no formation cards all prices will be the same.

    1. Not exactly.
      For example, formations will be replaced by chemistry styles. You will find RVP with chemistry style X and RVP with chemistry style Y. They will have different prices. In fact, there will be a chemistry style filter on players search.

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