First FUT 14 Details Explained

First FUT 14 Details Explained


Do you want to know how FIFA 14 Ultimate Team will be ? Is seems a bit complicated ? Don’t worry.Just read this article with the First FUT 14 Details Explained.


First FUT 14 Details Explained


FIFA 14 Ultimate Team will be the version with the biggest change in UT history. This year, for example, FUT 13 introduced the seasons mode and brought minor morale changes. Not much more. In FUT 14, a lot of things will change: single matches are back, seasons will get 10 divisions, filters will be improved, it will be possible to customise some things, chemistry system will change a lot, etc…

Some of these new things, may be a bit confuse. That’s why we are here. We will try to explain one by one. Let’s go…


FUT 14 Game Modes


On line Single Matches are back to FUT 14.

EA Sports has decided to drop single matches in FIFA 13 Ultimate Team. Seasons took its place. FIFA community have request the return of Single Matches and it seems that they had success. Players will be able to play against other opponents in on line single player matches. The matching will be based on chemistry / team rating.

With the addition of on line single matches, there will be three game modes in UT: single matches, tournaments and seasons.


Seasons has changed too. It has been improved to include ten divisions, more five than currently has. It will provide better match making and it will increase competition in the top divisions. Winning the title of division 1 will be now much more difficult.

With the expansion of on line seasons mode, you will have more goals to achieve. You can be relegated but if you get enough points you can proclaim yourself a Division Champion or get the promotion. It happened too in FUT 13 but with FUT 14 there’s more: you have the chance to qualify for tournaments and get rewards such as coins, items and players. If you feel, as we do, that the number of trophies won is not enough to keep us motivated, you are lucky. In FIFA 14 Ultimate Team, it will be possible to tracks your career thanks to the new historical statistics.


FUT 14 Customisation


Ultimate Team is about creating our own team. It makes no sense if we can’t customise it. Until now, that’s what happened. But things will change. Slowly. Don’t expect to upload your own logo or to change the name of your stadium. One step at a time.

In FIFA 14 Ultimate Team you will be able to change kit numbers, set a captain or a set piece taker. You can do it direct from your active squad menu.

Changing Player’s kit numbers was one of the most wanted features by the FIFA community. It has no effect on the gameplay but gives that special touch to our squad. In order to do it, you just need to select “Kit Changes” option from you active squad menu and assigned the kit numbers to all your players. You can get an idea about how it works looking to the following screenshot.


First FUT 14 Details Explained


To set a captain is also a new feature that will not affect anything in the game. It is only aesthetic.

With the set piece takers it is different. You can choose to auto-assign players roles but we strongly recommend not to do it. This is a feature really important. Why? For example: do you always choose the player with highest PEN attribute to take a penalty ? Most of people don’t do it because it takes too much time. In FUT 14 it will not be a problem any more. Just select “Change Player Roles” from you Active Squad Menu and you will be able to choose which player will take a corner (left and right), a short free kick, a long free kick and a penalty. It’s easy. And it will work for every match you play with that squad until you change the player roles again.


First FUT 14 Details Explained


FUT 14 Filters Search


If you are a trader you know how painful is to search in the FUT market. Thankfully, in FIFA 14 Ultimate Team everything will be easier. The filters search system will be more simple and powerful. And we are not talking only about players cards. It applies to all cards.

Now it will be possible to type a player name and find him on the Transfer Market. Do you want to find Iniesta ? With the FUT 13 filters it was almost impossible to search for him without finding Pedro, for example. In FUT 14 it is as simple as typing his name.


Other filters are still available in the new Ultimate Team. Searching a player by name is not the only thing new in FUT 14 filters search. Now, you can ask to FUT to recommend players based on attributes and similarities straight from your team management screen. It will be possible to compare players too even if you do not own them.

The new players search system sounds great but probably the major improvement was in the other cards filters. FUT 14 will have custom search criteria for specific consumables like it will happen for players. Finding that CF-ST card will be much more easy now. Thanks god…


First FUT 14 Details Explained


FUT 14 Formations, Morale and Positioning Cards


This is probably the major change in FUT 14, even bigger than chemistry changes: there will be no more formation cards. Why ? Because right now, every time you want to try another formation you need to buy formation cards to every one in your squad. With the end of formation cards you can easily change it and try new things. Your chemistry won’t be affected since formation no longer contributes towards player chemistry. You are free to switch between formations whenever you want. Players aren’t affected by which formation they’re put in.

As you may imagine, there will be no more manager formation cards either. They are free to be place in any formation since it will not affect the chemistry. You can learn more about it in “Managers” chapter.

The Morale cards have been removed from the game too but the positioning cards are still the same (RB-RWB; CDM-CM-CAM-CF-ST; RM-RW-RF).

The gap resulting from the end of formation and morale cards will be filled in the Transfer market by the styles and manager leagues cards. That is, there will be the same quantity of consumables which means that the market won’t be affected.


First FUT 14 Details Explained


FUT 14 Managers


With the end of formation and morale cards, Managers role will be affected. Since they will not boost morale cards any more, the only effect that they will have is the contracts boost (besides chemistry, of course!). All the managers that you place in your club will give a bonus to contract cards. It means that it will be much easier to hit the 50% boost.


The most complex thing about managers in FUT 14 is their role in chemistry. We will try to simplify it.

As you know, in FUT 13, managers do not affect players chemistry. They affect squad chemistry. And they do it by their level, formation and nationality. In FUT 14 it changed a lot. Now, managers will affect the players chemistry (and not squad chemistry) by their league and nationality.

A manager can give one extra chemistry point to a player if he has the same nationality or league. He can not give more than one point to each player even if he has the same nationality AND league. Each manager comes with one league but you can change it whenever you want since manager leagues will be a new consumable. It will work the same way as formation cards work on FUT 13. You can buy the league card on the market or get it on packs, apply to a manager and it will last until you change it with another card. It will be easier to get this extra chemistry point if players play in the same league or have the same nationality. You can also mix both: having one main league and one main nationality will be enough to get that extra point. You can learn more about it in “Chemistry” chapter.


First FUT 14 Details Explained


FUT 14 Chemistry


To most of people this is the most difficult subject to understand. Chemistry has changed but not so much as you think.

The way as chemistry is calculated has changed because formation cards are over. To get the maximum attributes boost, players need to get individual chemistry 10 (and not 9 as it happens in FUT 13). The links with team mates work on the same way and contribute with 5 points. The position of the player contributes with 3 points, the manager with one and there is another extra point to reward loyalty.

Player loyalty isn’t bought, it’s earned. A player becomes loyal to your club if you get them in a pack or if you play 10 games with him. You don’t get any more after that even you play 1000 games. It will give you, at most, one chemistry point. In fact, it is a very easy chemistry point. It is as simple as it.

The way the Squad Chemistry is calculated has changed too. Now, the squad chemistry is calculated by the sum of the eleven individual chemistries. At best, it will be 110 but chemistry squad can not be higher than 100. In FUT 14, the manager doesn’t have any role in squad chemistry.


First FUT 14 Details Explained


Another new thing in FUT 14 is the Chemistry Styles. Many people didn’t understand how it works. We will try to help them.

Have you ever think how chemistry affects your players’ attributes ? You probably know that their stats are equally improved by the addition of some points. In FUT 14 you have the chance to choose which attributes will be affected by the chemistry. Chemistry Styles are items that decide what stats chemistry will boost. It dictate which stats are increased by chemistry. Chemistry styles do not change your chemistry numbers. It is easier than most of people think.

When a player is released in a card his chemistry style is basic (BAS), the starter style. It means that all his attributes are improved in the same way (one point if chemistry is the higher possible). If you want to change it, you can apply chemistry style cards that you can find in the transfer market or in packs. They are consumables, which means that you can use it once. However, you can apply these cards to each player as many times you want but only one per player at a time. As it happens with positioning cards, its effects is permanent unless you use a new one. If you trade it, the buyer will keep the style. The Chemistry Styles allow you to let choose what stats are changed but not how much it will change. It depends of your chemistry. If you get individual chemistry 10, you will get the higher improvement possible in the stats you chosen.

There will be more than 20 different chemistry styles of Rapport for goalkeepers, defenders, midfielders and forwards, and each style affects the attributes of player to which it’s applied. For example, to the players with finisher style, the chemistry will have effect on shooting and heading. To the players with Anchor style it will affect pace, defending and heading and to the players with power style, defending and passing attributes will be affected. There will be two goalkeeper specific Chemistry Styles. It will allow you to create a new layer of depth, to make the players in your team stand-out.

On the following picture, you can see a visual indicator (little green arrows) next to the stats that player styles will affect and showing how much of the potential chemistry boost.


First FUT 14 Details Explained


More FUT 14 Details


To not make this article too long, we will summarize in topics another known FUT 14 changes:


    Player Cards has changed to a crest style;
    Brand new in-game, web app and mobile UI;
    Chemistry differences between the web app and console were fixed;
    Brand new pack opening animation;
    Transfer Market is the new name of the Auction House;
    It will be fixed the goal kick glitch where the fullback goes really far back;
    Online Injuries are back;
    Skill moves are now done with just the stick and not LT/L2;
    Attribute items are still in the game and fitness is still the same as FUT 13;
    Auto contain and auto tackling are gone;
    Bio includes more info as player’s work rates and assists.


First FUT 14 Details Explained


Feel free to ask us whatever you want to know about FIFA 14 Ultimate Team.


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  1. puma lifestyle sport

    Hi there, just wanted to tell you, I loved this blog post.
    It was funny. Keep on posting!

  2. i have an ultimate team on my PS3 and I downloaded Fifa 14 on my laptop too. I logged in with the same origin account. if i create an ultimate team on my laptop, will it replace my original one on PS3 and delete it?

  3. Hi Rodrigo,

    Your site is heaven on earth.
    Just have this one question.
    Playingin a certain division do I only play against other FUTers being in the same division or on what is the opponent based?
    I never really thought about it and took it for granted that my opponent would be in the same division.
    And then one opponent wrote me a psn message saying he nearly promoted to 4th division when i was actually in 2nd divison. So I would just like to know how FUT chooses my online opponent.
    Thank you!

    Sorry if this question has already been asked a thousand times.

    1. Hi. Thank you very much.
      “Your site is heaven on earth”. Right now I have a tear in my face. 🙂

      It is a good question. In fact, you can play against someone in a different division. You will understand better reading THIS article.


  4. I am currently playing Division 1 in FIFA 14 Ultimate team on my phone. It shows that you need 30 points for promotion/championship. Is there any division above this to get promoted to?

    1. Sorry but we do not have any Android/iOS device to test it. It is ridiculous to ask 30 points to championship. Here in comments of this website a couple of people have talked about division 0 on mobiles. I don’t know if it is true or not. There is anybody here that can clarify this please ?

  5. I’ve been playing this on my Iphone but I can’t seem to division 1 in ut any tips?

  6. Just went through all the fifa legendary players for xbox360… CAN SOMEONE EXPLAIN WHY THE SAME GUYS HAVE ALL THE LEGENDARY CARDS??? I saw literally the same repetitive teams having about 5-10 legendary cards they were selling. When I get pack I barely get a decent gold player so wtf is wrong with this game?

  7. Hi,
    Great explanations by you in this article, thank you. I have a few of questions regarding FIFA 14.
    1) I have a active manager that is able to increase player contracts by a percentage, but when I attempt to apply a new contract to a player, it does not give me the bonus percentage that the manager shows. Why is that?
    2) If you apply two or more chemistry styles to the same player, will the newest one override the older one, or will the upgrade be cumulative with each additional chemistry style?
    3) Should all your starting players have the same chemistry style, or can they have mixed chemistry styles (ex: Maestro, Sniper, etc.)?
    4) Or should each line on your starting team have the same chemistry style (ex: all midfielders Maestro, all attackers Sniper, etc)?
    5) Also, should you apply an Attacking chemistry style to a defender, or a Defensive chemistry style to a midfielder?

    1. Hi.
      1) Go to active squad, select a play, click apply consumable and select contract. Don’t click, just hover it. What is the percentage staff modifier on the third line ? Maybe you don’t have enough % boost to change the contract effect or that manager don’t improve contracts (only gold, silver rare and bronze rare does).
      2) It will override the old one.
      3) They can have mixed chemistry styles.
      4) You can apply a single chemistry style to your players. You decide.
      5) It’s up to you. The only thing that you can not do is to apply a GK Chemistry style to a defender, midfield or attacker and vice-versa.


    2. 6) Forgot to ask this question. I have seen people write about “IN FORM” players. Where is this displayed and how does a player become “in form”?

  8. Hello Rodrigo, just a quick question on prize money for FUT 14. I’ve been playing none stop on single player seasons trying to get to that inocuious division 1. I’ve recently made it to division 4, upon which when checking the current season tab on the seasons home screen I noticed that it says in the season reward section… Championship – 5500 coins but promotion is 5800. Should i forget winning the league as I’m not interested in the silver pack offered and just gain promotion for the extra coins. Or is it possible that the prize offered is actually incorrect and instead a different prize is gained?
    Your help settling this matter would be greatly appreciated.
    Yours sincerely
    Chris Naylor

    1. Hi.
      I think that it is correct. Last year we had something very similar in division 1 title prize and division 2 promotion prize.
      It depends of what you want. For me, for example, I play every matches to win. I don’t care to the prizes since I get most of my coins from trading. I want to win the division title every time. If to you the most important is to be well rewarded, focus on that.

  9. hello rodrigo, excuse me for my english, it’s not my native language 🙂 i have 35 yo and a loooong experience on videogames, i think to have play all the pes and all the fifa games ever made.well, i wanna say to you about fifa. some years ago i love playng season offline, but i decided to stop after looking and looking and looking that this amazing game it’s’ full of script, that i didnt’ want to write here. After that i decide to play only online match because i think that online it’s impossible loosing if i have to win…. rodrigo the online match are scripted much more than the offline….. and for a good gamer like you it’s impossible dont’ see this… i’m sure that ea sport want to create a story, a story where people start to win, then start to loose, and loose and loose for season and season, and this with a clinical intention. if i look my behaviour, more i loose more i play, more i buy gold pack, more i try and try to beat casual opponent….and rodrigo, its’ clear that the script sometimes help me to win match doing one shoot against 15 of my opponent…. but i’m sure that fifa 14 script are new script, more difficult to see because they take all the way to play the match, i look a innatural incapacity to defend and a big big difficult to do good passages.. final results, statistic of the match are ridicolus, because a gamer that do 20 shoot against 2, that have 65 % ball possession and do 6,7 corner against zero, in the real can loose one match with this numbers, one match between 100, not 7 match on a season with always this statistic… i loose some season with my opponent that always have 100% precision shoot against 65 on my precision.. how many times i want to start register my match!!!!! I wish that pes can retourn the best game because the nervous that fifa made on me it’s innatural…. many friend stop buy fifa and buy pes this year, and i think that i can be the next… bye rodrigo!

    1. Hi.
      Thank you for you comment. You was one of the first players that give your opinion about scripting in a constructive way.
      I never told that scripting doesn’t exist. I really don’t know because it is almost impossible to prove.
      I will keep playing FIFA. I’m sorry to see you move for PES.

  10. Anyone saying there is no evidence of handicap havent played the game enough, I played over 2000 matches in UT fifa 13 and more in 12. Lost very few matches with my silverteam where as my goldteam (85 overall) lose 9 of 10.

    1. the same thing happens to me! when I play with my team bronze or silver I always win, but when I play with team gold …

  11. Hello Rodrigo
    There is a thing that I haven’t got answered anywhere.
    Does the chemistry shown in the menu where I select squads matter? Because Its really hard to get it to 100% when building hybrids. I have 100% in the squad builder.

    1. Hi.
      Sure. It matters and a lot.
      It is not so hard to get 100% chemistry. And individual chemistry is also very important. Take a look to our FUT 13 Chemistry Guide HERE. We will publish another one to FUT 14 in next month.

      1. It is for me.
        So should I go for a full BBVA Squad then, because my hybrid ( ) can only get 81 Team Chemistry. Is it worth it? I tried a Liga BBVA squad before with Diego
        Costa as striker and in my opinion Mandzukic performs alot better. But maybe I can try out Benzema also.

  12. How do you look at a player’s “true stats” when you are looking for players in the auction house, or in squad builder? In FUT13 when you selected a player you could click “RS” and look at that player’s actual stats. Not the stats on the player’s card though.

      1. I know how to do it when you’re playing a game. The key words to the question were “in the auction house, or in squad builder”. That is my issue. You can view all of a player’s attributes while in a game, but why can you not view them before you buy a player?

  13. Hi Rodrigo,
    First of all congrats for this amazing blog. I recently started playing Fifa and i dont Find the kit changes option and so i cant change kit numbers, please help.

    1. Thank you.
      Go to your active squad menu. Look to the controls on the bottom of the page. One of them is to change kit numbers and players roles. It depends of your console.

  14. I have the Fifa 14 Web App open right now, and I don’t see the function you mentioned about being able to just type the player’s name instead of going through the filters. Any specific guidance on where it is? Thanks.

    1. No. Every year EA Sports says that they fixed it and pace will not be as important as it happens in the past. We think that this year they may be right. It will be very important but not as it was in FUT13.

  15. Hi Rodrigo. I am unsure about the chemistry in fut 14. I don’t understand how a player can get 10 chemestry because I made a squad on futhead earlier and the only way to get all the players to 10 chemistry was to make sure that most/all of their links were green. Is there another way to get them on 10 chemistry or is it exactly the same on the web app and the game? Thanks for your time 🙂

    1. Hi.
      That chemistry thin is not totally finished in FUT 14. There are differences between console’s chemistry and FUT Web App chemistry. EA Sports are handling with that. We don’t trust in FUTHead chemistry either.
      We are preparing a chemistry guide and a chemistry calculator to publish soon.

  16. Hi Rodrigo,

    This is an excellent blog, all this knowledge is really necessary for any FUT player.

    I have a question: As fas as I know, FUT 14 web app will be launched the next week for those wich already have a FUT 13 account.
    Does that really represent an advantage to gain access before thousand of players (which will have to wait until September 27th to gain acces to the app throug their XBOX 360)?. I hope you understand my questions as my English is not good enough.


    1. Hi Luis Enrique.
      Thank you for your words.
      In our opinion, it is really important to start as soon as possible. If you are a FUT 13 player, you should not lose this chance. We explain in detail why we think like that in THIS guide.

  17. Hy there Rodrigo, congrats for your amazing website. What’s your opinion about chemistry styles? Do you think they will ruin the game? Let’s say people just buy anchor or whatever improves the pace.

    1. Hi. Thank you.
      Personally, I think that chemistry styles will not affect too much in-game as most gamers think. In the market it will be as you said: there will be some chemistry styles that will be very expensive.

  18. Hi Rodrigo! i have question, if you were to make a hybrid team in fifa 14, with lets say 3 Leagues and 5 Nationalities. Is it possible to achieve 10 Chemistry with that because if the starting point is 8. (5 from team mates and 3 from position) Loyalty would give you +1 but it doesn’t seem possible to have the manager to give everyone another +1 aswell. so you would have to resort to have everyone on 9. Or if you want to make a hybrid it would have to be something like Brazil/Serie A. so that the manager would give everyone +1 extra (Nationality/League). Hope to get an answer!

    1. Yohan: it is a great great question.
      As you know, Individual chm (max10) = link (max5) + position (max3) + manager (max1) + loyalty (max1)
      But probably it is not 100% correct. In FUT 13, you need 9 chemistry points in 11 possible. With this formula, it is 10/10. We think that position chemistry may be higher than 3 or something like that.
      If this formula is correct, you are absolutely right. It would be impossible to build great hybrid squads. And it will not happen.

      1. Will you be updating any info on the matter, when new information gets released or any sort of confirmation? it is relatively difficult to find any info on the internet, and would like to know these things before the game-launch if possible.

  19. Hello Rodrigo ! i write to you from Russia , i am big fan of Fifa and also UT insteed , and exact i have a quastion about Ultimate team 14 , will be any protection from this FIFA UT TRAINER in UT 14 ??? or will this UT TRAINER 13 will work in UT 14 ??? becose i dont have any interest to buy fifa 14 if i know then there will be a lot OF CHEATERS !!!!

    1. Hi. Welcome to FIFA U Team.
      We don’t know it anything will change in FUT 14 about this problem. That’s why we love to play on the consoles.
      Sorry, but we don’t have any detail to give you about FUT Trainer.

  20. hi, Rodrigo, we really appropriate all your explanation but by saying that “handicap” doesn’t exist, you have just proven that either you work for EA or you have not actually played this game enough to know, Handicap is a fact for any body that has played with decent squads, you will not convince me that i can beat a full TOTS with my MLS (sliver/bronze) team 7-2 and get beaten 11-2 the next game with same squad and you don’t call that scripting/handicap or momentum.

    just do a quick search online and you will see the amount of people talking about it

    by the way to answer your question, yes, Handicap is in EA benefits, the more you loose games, the more it will drive you crazy to spend cash on FIFA points to buy more packs and players and coins to get better players.

    why don’t you see anyone saying that Handicap exist in the Seasons or Cup Day ?

    most good Fifa players are intelligent kids, and this game is only for one year, so by the time we find out about handicap, its too later and we have already spend over $1000 and got nothing

    1. Hi Harry.
      First of all. We are independent. We do not work for EA. And yes, we have played thousands of FIFA matches.
      We have our opinion and you have yours. We respect your opinion but it doesn’t mean that we agree with you. We expect the same from you.
      We never said that “handicap do not exist”. We said “we do not believe it”. It’s different. It’s only a opinion. And it is an opinion because nobody can prove that it exists or not.
      We know that there are many people complaining about that but we already know that many people have the same opinion that we have.
      We still think that handicap is not a good thing to EA. When I loose, I don’t wanna play anymore. I never buy packs when I loose. People who spend a lot’s of money building their dreamteams and then loose the games against weaker opponents, think that they loose by a stupid handicap and don’t want to play it anymore.
      This is an old question…

  21. Thank you for your answer Rodrigo and I apologize if I was wrong with my second comment .
    Related to my question I think indeed is bad for EA… next FIFA , I will not spend a dime on expensive players . I will just get some scrap players and take them to Division one .
    Anyway, today I think I’ve made some good moves and I customize somehow the game of my team …maybe you should write an article about this because I think it’s very important . Default play for a good team could be often critical and could result in bad games without knowing the reason.
    Now let’s face another thing : there are not too many people spending money on expensive teams :I can see this in everyday online matches .
    EA have to give them equal chances with the others otherwise players with expensive teams will have to wait tens of minutes to play with a team equal as value and those with bad teams will get beaten one match after another and finally they will quit the game . Now, EA is selling consumable packs for those with low budgets and bad teams and consumable packs and players packs one after another for those with high budgets ( trying to reach the perfect team) and everybody is happy
    ( especially EA ).
    This could be a point of view don’t you think ?
    Best regards

    1. Hi Khato.
      There is no problem at all. Everyone like to write a comment and see it immediately on the website. Unfortunately this is not possible due to spammers.
      We may agree with you but we are not sure if matchmaking works exactly as you say. The most important thing on matchmaking is not how good the squad is. We think that the most important thing, besides location, is how good gamer are. And it depends of results history. That’s why when we find a silver team (we have a top gold team) we know that they are really great players.

  22. Hello Rodrigo !
    I can see you know a lot about playing FIFA . I read all the articles around and I think you’re doing a great job you and your team : your explanations are very clear, comprehensive and easy to understand .
    I will have a question for you : Will FIFA 14 UT persist in having handicap matches ? Or there is no such thing , even in FIFA13 ?
    I tell you this because I can feel it in every online match I had. Maybe I’m not a skillful player , maybe my formation is not right for the players I have, but when I see Lucas IF/83 with 92 pace or Neymar 91 pace , over passed by bronze players with less than 60 pace or Hulk IF/85 , who is a hulk 🙂 busted by silver or bronze opponent defenders I really think I’m going crazy.
    I’ve invested a lot of time and quite some real money to get two great teams : one is a totally brazilian team and the other one have only argentinian players , both with inform players , SIF players and players from TOTS . When I’m offline or challenging the TOTWs everything works fine even on legendary mode, but when I’m online… OMG ! it’s a total disaster : teams with mixed nationalities and low level players, low rated , bad chemistry and low fitness kicked my team many times.
    If things will continue like this in FIFA 14 , I really think this will be my last FIFA . Am I wrong, am I right ? Someone have to clarify these aspects for me and I’m looking for your advice .
    Thank you !

    1. Hi khato!
      We didn’t delete your question. What happened is that the first time someone comments in this website, we have to approve the comment before it get published. That’s why you didn’t seen your comment after writing it. We publish every comment, except those one with improper language or spam.
      We really appreciate your comment.
      We know that there are many people that don’t agree with us, but we do not believe in handicap, scriptum, etc… We can not prove that it does not exist but nobody can prove that it exist. What’s the point to EA to have this ? It’s bad to them. They want to see people spending money on packs to get the best players.
      We can not justify why it doesn’t work to you, since there are so many factors in FUT: moral, fitness, chemistry, formations, etc… But, in our opinion, handicap doesn’t exist and in FIFA 14 will be exactly the same. But we respect different opinions.

  23. Isso quer dizer que eu vou poder optar se eu quero que um certo jogador faça o papel de cruzar,o outro de chutar,e um de defender,por exemplo ?

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