Five Simple Suggestions For FIFA 14

EA Sports Has Followed Our Recommendations for FIFA 14 Ultimate Team


We want to share with you five simple suggestions for FIFA 14 that can make this game even better.


Five Simple Suggestions For FIFA 14


If you think that you will find here another wishlist, you will get disappointed. There are lot of wishlists asking for better servers, female football or even better filters on auction market search.

We are a website which goal is, most than everything else, to help the FIFA Community. We helped thousands of players, we heard theirs feedbacks and we reached a high level of experience.
We respect all the fantastic work of the EA Sports team that produces this game and we support their decisions. We think that in this time, they can only accept simple suggestions with easy implementation. It is exactly what we will try to do with five simple suggestions for FIFA 14. What we really want is to contribute to help to build a FIFA 14 even better than it was FIFA 13.


Adjustments in Injuries System

Five Simple Suggestions For FIFA 14

The Problem
In FUT 13 online matches, an injured player can play. In other words, there are no injuries. This change compared to what happened in previous FUT versions is probably because part of the community did not agree to stay without their players up to 5 matches. The problem is that in this case it makes no sense to have healing and physios cards in the game. And they exist…

Our Suggestion
There are two solutions for this problem: having injuries back or removing the healing and physios cards of the game. In our opinion, the injuries should be reintroduced but with shorter downtimes (until 3 matches). Also, the gold healing cards effect should be of 3 matches and not 5 matches as it happens right now.


Adjustments in Morale System

Five Simple Suggestions For FIFA 14

The Problem
Have you ever tried to find a player with low morale on the auction house ? And in your squad, how many of your players are with low morale ? Probably none. The reason is simple: the morale system redesigned in FIFA 13 was built to be very uncommon to find a player with low morale. It makes no sense to have four morale categories (Very high, high, neutral and low) if there is almost no one in one of them.
Besides that, there is also a small bug that returns different morale categories to the same card in the auction search page and in the Bio of that player.

Our Suggestion
In our opinion, the morale system should be fixed in order to get a higher dispersion of morale conditions.


Individual Chemistry Signs Improvements

Five Simple Suggestions For FIFA 14

The Problem
The position or the formation of a player in the game may be in one of the four following situations: it matches with his natural position or his favourite formation, it is very similar, it has some similarities or it is very different. However, in the active squad screen, there are only three colours (green, orange and red) to show these four situations. We understand that EA Sports wants to make the game as simple as possible but, in our opinion, they are denying to gamers important and useful information for building a team with good chemistry.

Our Suggestion
In our opinion, the introduction of another colour (yellow, for example) would be enough to distinguished between these two situations that now are both coloured as orange.


Individual Chemistry Calculation Fixes

Five Simple Suggestions For FIFA 14

The Problem
Not always the individual chemistries on the console and on the FUT Web App matches. But they should be. For all we know, the console chemistry formula is not 100% correct which means that the FUT Web App is the right one.
It would be great too if, in the console active squad, all the chemistries update automatically every time we change something in the starting eleven. It would be perfect since it would avoid gamers to change players twice to know their real chemistries.

Our Suggestion
We do not know if it is easy or not to do that but, for the good of game reliability, it would be great if the chemistries matches wherever we consult them.


Short Cut on “Trade” Menu

Five Simple Suggestions For FIFA 14

The Problem
In FIFA 13 Ultimate Team, it was introduced a short cut on the bottom right corner of the “Trade” menu of the console that is used to makes it easier to search in the auction house by cards that we often follow. The idea was good but it didn’t work since the shot cut is not customizable. The short cut has become obsolete.

Our Suggestion
In our opinion, if almost no one uses this short cut, the better thing to do is to remove it from the game. Unless EA Sports change it in order to be possible to set its settings whenever we want.


With or without these five simple suggestions for FIFA 14, we are sure that the game will be a huge success.


10 thoughts on “Five Simple Suggestions For FIFA 14”

  1. Thanks so much for your help!I had already join this website on facebook and twitter and il share this website around,thanks again.

      1. hi again!sry for so many questions.I prefer strikers with pace and i realise tevez has a high defensive workrate,would torres be ok since he has high/low workrates?
        Thanks again!

  2. hey!Can i ask if u can suggest me a team which you predict might be cheap in fifa 14and still be very good like the serie a team in fifa 13?maybe the bundesliga,serie a or even ligue 1?And can i ask with the same amount of coins,can i get a better bpl team or any other league other than liga bbva?Finally,may i ask which formation suits a counter attacking team with a good defence?

    Thank you so much for ur time!

    1. Hi.
      Let’s start by the end.5212 is a formations that suits a counter attacking team with a good defence.
      It is too early to build FUT 14 squads. We don’t even know where the players will play next season. Ask us again in a month, please.

      1. Thanks so much.Can i ask if there is a formation which is good for counter attacking and which has 4 defenders?i have nvr played with 5 defenders before and i think there is too little midfielders in the 5-2-1-2 formation.Is 4-1-2-1-2 suitable?thank you so much!

        1. Hi. Formations with 5 defenders are great for counter attacks. Formations with four defenders not. 41212 is too narrow. 433 may be the 4xx formation more suitable for counter attacks.

          1. hello!I would like to thank you for suggesting a 5-2-1-2 formation to me.I have choosen a bpl team and with it,i won every single division 1 game in my first full division 1 attempt to win the title.

            May i ask if my squad could be improved further?I like quick strikers with a good finishing,CAMS with high/high workrates like rooney or with workrates of medium/medium but has good pace,like mata.I would also like quick CBs with at least 70+ pace and also quick RWBs and LWBs.

            This is my squad.

            Subs are Enrique,Mbawa,Vermaelen,Koscielny,Walker,Fellaini,Wilshere,Mata,Podolski,Sturridge

            Can i also ask if buying Vidic is a good idea?And would Cech or Hart he a better sub?And based on my playstyle i just written,should i only save up for in-form cards?Finally,can i ask if there is any CAMs with high/high wirkrates in the bpl or any CAMs with medium/medium workrates with 80+ pace?

            Thank you so much for your time.

          2. Great!
            So many questions…!
            Let’s see:
            – You squad is great. We think that Hernandez is your weakest player. If you want someone with rally good shot, try RVP. If you want some one faster, Tévez may be your man.
            – With 5 defenders, Vidic may be a good idea. We personally don’t like him. He is a great defender, a tank, but too slow. If you want to try him, place him on the center CB position.
            – Hart is better than Cech for most of gamers;
            – We think that IF’s are not good value for money. You have a nice team but if you want to improved it with IF players, you should know that they are more expensive than they should be.
            – Gerrard has high/high. Mata has med/med and pace 83.

            If we helped you, please join un on Facebook or Twitter and share us with your friends.

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