It is possible to get a good Football Manager 2024 discount. Just follow our guide to know how to buy or pre-order FM 24 cheap.
Football Manager 2024 Discount Guide

The Game

Football Manager 2024 (officially abbreviated as FM24) is a popular football management simulation video game developed by Sports Interactive and published by Sega.

The edition of this year is released on the following platforms:

  • Steam
  • Epic Games
  • PC Game Pass
  • Microsoft
FM24 Console FM24 Mobile
  • iOS
  • Android
FM24 Touch
  • Nintendo Switch

Football Manager 2024 officially launches on Monday, November 6, but you don’t have to wait so long to buy it. Pre-orders are available from September 12, 2023 to the day before the date release.

Those who pre-purchase on PC and Mac can begin their managerial career ahead of schedule with Early Access to FM24 that will be available on Steam and the Epic Games Store from October 19. Any single-player careers started during this period can be continued when the game updates for the launch on November 6th.

It’s important to note that during Early Access, you may come across certain bugs and glitches that will be addressed before the full release. This version may also include data that is still pending approval from right holders and could potentially contain information that doesn’t completely align with real-world data. To provide context, some club and player assets may be missing.
Frequently Asked Questions
You have two options: wait until the price drop, which usually happens on Black Friday; or follow the method described on this page to save at least 40%.
Follow the method described in this page.
Yes. Prices on pre-orders are 10% lower than on the launch day.
Football Manager 2024 Pre-Order

Football Manager 2024 Discount

The launch price of FM24 is set at €59.99, $59.99, £44.99. However, you can pay much less. There are several stores selling it cheaper or offering discounts.

If you want to pay as little as possible, we recommend that you follow the method we describe below. We’re sharing a Football Manager 2024 discount code with you that will ensure you get the lowest market price. Use it to save up to 46%!

How to Buy FM24 at the Best Price (PC/Mac)
  1. Click on this link;
  2. Confirm if the region and platform matches with yours;
  3. Check in [Other Offers] if anyone is selling it cheaper and press [Preorder];
  4. Before confirming the payment, click in [Got a Discount Code] and insert FIFAUTEAM8;
  5. Select the payment method, pay, and use the key you you will receive by email to download the game.

How to Buy FM24 at the Best Price (Consoles)
  1. Click in the image below that corresponds to your platform;

    PlayStation Gift Card Xbox Gift Card

  2. When redirected to the website showing the gift cards available, use the filter to make sure the product matches with your console region, otherwise it won’t work;
  3. Check which gift cards you need to buy to cover the price of the game in your region. Usually, 2x £25 gift cards is the best option but sometimes it can be cheaper to buy other combinations like 3x £15 or 9x £5. When you click in a gift card, be sure you are choosing the lower offers in [Other Offers];
  4. Add the gift cards to the cart, checkout and select one of the payment methods available;
  5. Before confirming the payment, click in [Got a Discount Code] and insert FIFAUTEAM8;
  6. Save the keys you will receive by email and in your dashboard library if you are registered.
  7. Go to your console’s store and search by ‘Football Manager 2024’;
  8. Change the payment method for ‘Codes and Gift Cards’ and use the keys you saved in step 6.