Football Manager 2025 Release Date is expected to be November 11, 2024
Football Manager 2025 Release Date

Football Manager 2025 Release Date

FM 24 closed of a chapter after 20 years at the top of the management simulation league. In Football Manager 2025, the Unity engine will bring a new graphics engine, a fresh user interface and advanced animations, alongside the introduction of women’s football.

With switch to the Unity engine, FM25 will have a significantly better looking matchday experience – both on the pitch and the supporting stadium environments, alongside a vastly improved user interface that will dramatically improve how you navigate through screens and access all the information available to you as manager.

Sports Interactive is also taking a big jump with animations, through new integrations with an exciting partner from the professional world of football. The way that everything looks and moves will be far more true-to-life than ever before with FM25.

The uncertainty lies in the exact day the game will hit physical and virtual store shelves. If it follows the pattern of recent years, it is expected that the Football Manager 2025 release date be November 11th, 2024.

The fact that the release is set to November is not exactly a surprise, as it’s the month when the last eleven editions were launched.

Pre-orders will begin in early September, and those who purchase in advance will earn early access, one month before the official release of the world’s biggest football strategy game.

The game is set to be released in several platforms, including Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, iPad, iOS, Android, macOS, Apple Arcade, and Nintendo Switch.
Football Manager 2025 Release Date

Release Dates History

All release times are indicated in the UK time zone

Video Game Release Date
FM25 11/11/2024 Mon
FM24 06/11/2023 Mon
FM23 08/11/2022 Tue
FM22 08/11/2021 Mon
FM21 24/11/2020 Tue
FM20 18/11/2019 Mon
FM19 02/11/2018 Fri
FM18 10/11/2017 Fri
FM17 04/11/2016 Fri
FM16 13/11/2015 Fri
FM15 07/11/2014 Fri
FM14 31/10/2013 Thu
FM13 02/11/2012 Fri
FM12 21/10/2011 Fri
FM11 05/11/2010 Fri
FM10 30/10/2009 Fri
FM09 14/11/2008 Fri
FM08 19/10/2007 Fri
FM07 20/10/2006 Fri
FM06 21/10/2005 Fri
FM05 05/11/2004 Fri
Release date for FM 25 is estimated