Friendlies in Football Club 24 is a game mode that enables you to play Ultimate Team matches with your friends online or on the same console or PC.
Friendlies for Football Club 25

Friendlies Explained

Friendlies is a game mode within Ultimate Team that allows you to play online or with friends. It is a fun and relaxed way to play FC 25.

There are three ways to play Friendlies in Football Club 25. In other words, you can decide how you want to play and who you want to play against:

  • Couch Play
    Play locally with your friends, or against the AI, from your couch.
  • Play Online
    Play matches against random opponents online.
  • Play a Friend
    Play online against your friends.

The mode features 11v11 Classic gameplay, but the real fun comes when you branch out into some custom House Rules. Friendlies features ten match types:
  • Classic Match, Headers & Volley, King of the Hill, Live Friendlies, Long Range, Max Chemistry, Mystery Ball, No Rules, Survival, and Swaps.
Frequently Asked Questions
Friendlies in Football Club 25 Ultimate Team is a game mode that lets you play matches with your friends online or on the same console/computer, offering various modes and match options.
If you want to play a Friendlies match, follow these steps:

  1. From the main Ultimate Team screen, press R1/RB once to select the [Play] tab;
  2. Select [Friendlies];
  3. Choose one of the three ways to play: Couch Play, Play Online, or Play a Friend;
  4. Choose one of the match types available.
In Friendlies, you can choose how you want to play and who will be your opponents. There are three ways to play it:

  • Couch Play
    Match up against friend’s squads, the Team of the Week, real-world Clubs, select community teams, and more alongside up to four friends.

  • Play Online
    Take on a random member of the wider Ultimate Team community online. Search for a particular House Rule or a set shortlist of Favourites to help you jump into a game faster.

  • Play a Friend
    Challenge a friend and their Ultimate Team online in standard or House Rules.
After you choose the way you want to play, you can decide the match type. In Friendlies, there are ten match types available:

  • Classic Match;
  • Headers & Volley;
  • King of the Hill;
  • Live FUT Friendlies;
  • Long Range;
  • Max Chemistry;
  • Mystery Ball;
  • No Rules;
  • Survival;
  • Swaps.
A Classic Match adheres to official rules, featuring a traditional 11v11 format with standard regulations, akin to the Kick-Off mode. It serves as the default choice and remains a favorite among old-school players.
In this match type, goals are only valid if scored from headers or volley shots, including those from free kicks and penalties. Scoring with your feet outside of a volley is not permitted and will result in the goal being disallowed.
In King of the Hill mode, players compete to gain possession within designated control zones, enhancing the value of their next goal. Unlike traditional gameplay, this mode emphasizes dribbling and strategic positioning within the control zone to maximize goal scoring opportunities.

Control zones appear in the attacking area, requiring players to maneuver the ball inside and maintain possession as the zone contracts and the goal value meter increases.

However, the boost gradually diminishes if a player loses control of the ball within the zone. Goals scored without the boost do not contribute points. Players must balance ball possession with strategic advancement up the field to achieve a maximum goal value of 3. Notably, there are no fouls in King of the Hill mode
Live Friendlies combine Squad Rules with various House Rules, offering unique team-building requirements and match conditions. Squad Rules dictate the composition of your team, prompting strategic decisions when assembling your squad. Additionally, Live Friendlies are occasionally linked to Objectives, limiting the total number of games available for completion.
Any goal scored inside the box will count as one, and goals scored outside the box will count as 2. Any goal scored inside the box will count as one goal, but goals scored outside the box count as two.
Every player on your squad will have a maximum chemistry boost! In Max Chemistry, team-building restrictions were taken away and added a full boost to players’ Chemistry, regardless of their position in the squad or their links.

It boosts chemistry, allowing you to build squads without any negative effects and experiment with new squad combinations with the full power of chemistry styles.
During Mystery Ball matches, whenever the ball goes out of play, it returns as a new ‘Mystery Ball,’ providing a significant advantage to the attacking team. This feature introduces an element of surprise, as each new Mystery Ball type alters gameplay dynamics.

The custom goal value assigned to each ball ranges from 1 to 3 goals, affecting the points awarded for scoring. Additionally, possessing the ball triggers powerful boosts in Shooting, Dribbling, Passing, Sprint Speed, or a combination of these attributes, enhancing the gameplay experience with unpredictable effects. Each Mystery Ball match unfolds with random ball types, adding excitement and variety to each game.
A classic match with no offsides, fouls, or bookings. No Rules matches take the classic 11 v 11 game and remove offsides, fouls, and bookings.
When a goal is scored, a random player from the scoring side will be ejected from the match, excluding the goalkeeper. In Survival, a random player from the scoring team gets ejected from the match, excluding the goalkeeper.
In Swaps matches, three players from each team are randomly exchanged at the start of the game, adding an exciting twist to team composition.
br> Players swapped between teams wear distinguishing bibs, making them easily identifiable on the field. This feature introduces strategic considerations: will you inherit your opponent’s top players or discover the strengths of unfamiliar additions to your squad? Scoring with a swapped player earns you 2 points, adding an extra layer of competitiveness and strategy.

Unlike standard matches, Swaps mode in Ultimate Team prohibits substitutions, emphasizing the unique challenge and opportunities presented by this game mode.
In Friendlies, you can build your own playlist by selecting a range of House Rules for your own custom playlist or select the exact type of match you want to play.
Not all the match types are available in Kick-Off and Pro.

Classic Matchxxx
Headers & Volleyxxx
King of the Hillxxx
Live FUT Friendliesx  
Long Rangexxx
Max Chemistryx  
Mystery Ballxxx
No Rulesxxx
In Football Club 25, crossplay is available for online friendlies and Play a Friend modes.
You need to have him on your friend’s list and use the EA Social widget to send him an invitation.
Yes. You can use the EA Social widget to invite your friend. These matches are against random online opponents. The lobby Captain can choose which type of Friendly is to be played.
Live Friendlies matchmaking is based on two factors:

  1. Your location.
    It determines which FC game data center location will give you the best connection for your match.

  2. Your current division from Rivals. Your Division is used to identify opponents of similar skills to provide fair matchups.
Yes. Maintain ultimate bragging rights with an in-depth stats tracking system that records various statistics from the head-to-head matches you play. Use the stats to analyze and refine your game plan, tweak your pre-game tactics, and prepare for every match.

With a host of detailed, immersive information, FIFA 23 allows you to approach every match just like you would an actual game of football, utilizing tactics and strategies gleaned from your stats.

Tracked Stats include wins, losses, draws, win %, goals scored, goals allowed, goal differential, goal types (inside box, outside the box, penalties, free kicks), goal heatmap on the net, shot on target %, total shots on target, total shots, average possession %, average possession % in areas and pass % completion.

In addition to keeping track of the scores, new opposition scouting reports help you identify where you might find gaps in your friend’s style of play.
No. Your matches don’t consume contracts on your Players.
Your Friendlies matches are a little different. For example, matches you play don’t count towards your Club record.
No. In Friendlies matches, injuries and red cards don’t carry over.
Yes, loan items won’t be consumed. So, for example, you can use a Loan Item with 1 match remaining in a Friendlies match, and it would not use their final match.
No. However, you still get basic match coin rewards for all Friendlies matches that you play.