FUT 13 Barclays Premier League Squad

Barclays Premier League Squad Guide for FIFA 14 Ultimate Team


Check out the review we made about the players from Barclays Premier League, the main english football league.


Building a FIFA 13 Ultimate Team Barclays PL Squad


FIFA 13 Ultimate Team is mainly based on building a good squad. But that’s not easy. Firstly, we have to choose a tactic for us to get adapted with. Then, we choose the players we want to hire according to the attributes that we consider important and how they can fit into our tactic. And, at last, we have to make everything that is possible to get a high chemistry.

To make this last step easier, most players start defining what kind of squad they’re going to build. Some choose to get players with the same nationality (Brazilian squads are the most common), while others prefer to build one with players from the same league. There are also more experienced players that can build hybrid squads without prejudicing the chemistry too much.

However, we all feel some disorientation when we start building our squad. This article intends to help those who think about or intend to build a FIFA 13 Ultimate Team squad based in Barclays Premier League players.

Obviously this article is merely guiding. It’s about an extremely vast theme in which player combinations are almost infinite. Besides that, there are lots of factors that influence the players’ choices, such as each one’s playing style, tactic, budget, preferred clubs or even the time spent playing. There’s also an uncertainty component: a good player for you may not be good for the other players. If there was a certain best squad, everyone would struggle to have it. Part of the FIFA 13 Ultimate Team joke is this: each one has his own club and players.


Barclays Premier League and FIFA 13 Ultimate Team


The main football competition of the United Kingdom is considered the second greatest league of the world and entitles itself as the most spectacular league. Started in 1992, the Premier League is disputed by 20 clubs, of which Manchester United has won 12 times.

Since that it is in the United Kingdom where FIFA 13 Ultimate Team is most played, it’s natural that this is the most represented league on FUT 13 squads. Also because of that, the practiced prices are extremely high. If you’re thinking of building a Barclays Premier League squad, it’d be good that you had a fat wallet.

In relation to FIFA 12 Ultimate Team, FUT 13 lost some good players that used to play on Barclays PL. Hargreaves, Kranjcar, Kuyt, Maximiliano Rodríguez and Saha are good examples for that, but the biggest loss was actually Didier Drogba.

Although, the Barclays Premier League got some massive signings in FIFA 13 Ultimate Team, too: Hazard, Carzorla, Kagawa, Borini, Podolski, Marin, Giroud, Vertonghen, Oscar, De Bruyne, Vlaar, Sigurdsson, Mirallas, Sahin, Dembele.

As you can see, there are lots of quality choices. However, having a higher overall doesn’t mean that the player is better. It is necessary to analyse their attributes.

In this article we will analyse only the regular players, since the IF ones are extremely expensive and should be used only for an esthetic matter in most cases when the player has a lot of coins left.


To make the analysis easier, let’s consider six groups of players:

  • Goalkeeper (GK);
  • Central Back (CB);
  • Lateral Backs (RB, RWB, LB e LWB);
  • Central Midfielders (CDM, CM e CAM);
  • Medium Wingers (RM, RW, RF, LM, LW e LF);
  • and Attackers (CF e ST).

Let’s get going!


Barclays Premier League’s Goalkeepers (GK)

Many players start their signings with an attaker. Then improve the midfield, the defense and, lastly, the goal. The truth is that having a good goalkeeper will make a difference several times for winning a match. And usually the investiment is not that significant.

The most wanted goalkeepers are the french Hugo Lloris, the new-pertussis Joe Hart, the charismatic Peter Cech and the spanish José Reina. They are the ones that have the best rating and also because of that are the most expensive ones.


Hugo Lloris 86 France Tottenham Hotspur
Joe Hart 84 England Manchester City
Petr Cech 84 Czech Republic Chelsea
José Reina 83 Spain Liverpool
Júlio César 82 Brazil Queens Park Rangers
Michel Vorm 81 Netherlands Swansea City
Tim Howard 81 United States Everton
De Gea 80 Spain Manchester United
Brad Friedel 80 United States Tottenham Hotspur
Wojciech Szczesny 80 Poland Arsenal
Costel Pantilimon 74 Romania Manchester City
David Stockdale 74 England Fulham
Doni 74 Brazil Liverpool
Thomas Sørensen 74 Denmark Stoke City
Carlo Cudicini 74 Italy Tottenham Hotspur
Kelvin Davis 74 England Southampton
Brad Jones 64 Australia Liverpool
Benjamin Siegrist 64 Switzerland Aston Villa
Carlo Nash 63 England Stoke City
Declan Rudd 63 England Norwich City
Paulo Gazzaniga 62 Argentina Southampton


Although, the best overall doesn’t necessarily mean the best choice. There are two fundamental attributes for a good goalkeeper: reflexes and diving.

The first one measures the keeper’s agility when performing a defense. In this particularity, Tottenham’s goalkeeper is the best among the others. Highlights also for De Gea for being one of those that have the best reflexes.


Hugo Lloris 91 France Tottenham Hotspur
Joe Hart 87 England Manchester City
De Gea 87 Spain Manchester United
Shay Given 86 Republic of Ireland Aston Villa
Gomes 86 Brazil Tottenham Hotspur
Petr Cech 85 Czech Republic Chelsea
José Reina 84 Spain Liverpool
Júlio César 84 Brazil Queens Park Rangers
Michel Vorm 84 Netherlands Swansea City
Tim Howard 84 United States Everton
Thomas Sørensen 64 Denmark Stoke City
Kelvin Davis 61 England Southampton
Péter Gulácsi 60 Hungary Liverpool
Alex McCarthy 59 England Reading
Marcus Bettinelli 59 England Fulham
Brad Jones 63 Australia Liverpool
Mateusz Taudul 62 Poland Everton
Paulo Gazzaniga 61 Argentina Southampton
Damian Martinez 59 Argentina Arsenal
Declan Rudd 54 England Norwich City


The diving measures the capacity of a goalkeeper to perform a defense in the air. Also in this important aspect, Lloris stands on the concurrence. Joe Hart, the less beaten goalkeeper on Barclays Premiere League 2011-2012, is a valid choice for who wants to save coins.


Hugo Lloris 90 France Tottenham Hotspur
Joe Hart 86 England Manchester City
Petr Cech 85 Czech Republic Chelsea
José Reina 83 Spain Liverpool
Júlio César 84 Brazil Queens Park Rangers
Michel Vorm 83 Netherlands Swansea City
Tim Howard 83 United States Everton
De Gea 85 Spain Manchester United
Shay Given 85 Republic of Ireland Aston Villa
Wojciech Szczesny 84 Poland Arsenal
Doni 74 Brazil Liverpool
Kelvin Davis 76 England Southampton
Costel Pantilimon 75 Romania Manchester City
Thomas Sørensen 77 Denmark Stoke City
David Stockdale 76 England Fulham
Thomas Sørensen 77 Denmark Stoke City
Jussi Jääskeläinen 77 Finland West Ham United
Ross Turnbull 77 England Chelsea
Kelvin Davis 76 England Southampton
David Stockdale 76 England Fulham


There’s one more characteristic in a goalkeeper that will be able to make a difference: his height. The taller he is, the bigger will be the chances to maintain the goal inviolable. This is Lloris’s weakness. He is one of the shortest goalkeepers on the Barclays Premiere League, 15 centimeters away from Costel Pantilimon, the tallest keeper on Barclays PL and the second tallest in the game.


Joe Hart 196 England Manchester City
Petr Cech 196 Czech Republic Chelsea
Asmir Begovic 196 Bosnia Herzegovina Stoke City
Wojciech Szczesny 195 Poland Arsenal
Mark Schwarzer 194 Australia Fulham
Ali Al-Habsi 194 Oman Wigan Athletic
Tim Krul 193 Netherlands Newcastle United
Ben Foster 193 England West Bromwich Albion
Anders Lindegaard 193 Denmark Manchester United
Simon Mignolet 193 Belgium Sunderland
Costel Pantilimon 203 Romania Manchester City
Thomas Sørensen 196 Denmark Stoke City
Stuart Taylor 196 England Reading
Doni 194 Brazil Liverpool
Ross Turnbull 193 England Chelsea
Paulo Gazzaniga 196 Argentina Southampton
Jamal Blackman 195 England Chelsea
Benjamin Siegrist 194 Switzerland Aston Villa
Eirik Holmen Johansen 194 Norway Manchester City
Luke Daniels 193 England West Bromwich Albion


Hugo Lloris is unequivocally the best goalkeeper on Barclays Premier League. Out of the six main attributes for a goalkeeper, he is the best on five (reflexes, diving, handling, speed and positioning). If you like to pass the ball back to the goalkeeper, there are many players that develop this function well, like Reina and De Gea.

Obviously, Lloris isn’t available for all wallets. Joe Hart is also an excellent goalkeeper and is worth the half. So is Peter Cech and he is worth one quarter. And if you want even a cheaper alternative, choose Reina. Defending penalties is his specialty.

FIFA 13 Ultimate Team - Barclays PL Goalkeepers

Five Barclays Premier League’s (English League) goalkeepers with the best overalls in FIFA 13 Ultimate Team


Premier League’s Centre Backs (CB)


A goalkeeper’s job becomes easier if quality centre backs are playing right ahead. Their role in the match is to stop the opponents from getting near the goal.

The best defender of the game is in the Barclays Premier League. He may not be the defender with the attributes you appreciate the most, but Vidic reaches a fantastic overall of 89. The Belgians Kompany and Vermaelen, the norse Agger and the veterans Rio Ferdinand and John Terry are other quality defenders from the English League.


Nemanja Vidic 89 Serbia Manchester United
Vincent Kompany 85 Belgium Manchester City
John Terry 84 England Chelsea
Daniel Agger 83 Denmark Liverpool
Rio Ferdinand 83 England Manchester United
Thomas Vermaelen 82 Belgium Arsenal
Joleon Lescott 81 England Manchester City
Martin Škrtel 81 Slovakia Liverpool
Jan Vertonghen 81 Belgium Tottenham Hotspur
Kolo Touré 81 Ivory Coast Manchester City
Michael Turner 74 England Norwich City
Ryan Nelsen 74 New Zealand Queens Park Rangers
James Tomkins 74 England West Ham United
Jos Hooiveld 74 Netherlands Southampton
Ciaran Clark 74 Republic of Ireland Aston Villa
Danny Seaborne 63 England Southampton


For a centre back, two attributes are of particular importance: defending and heading.

A player with a good defending will take the ball from the opponent and prevent him to reach the box more easily. This is Vidic and Kompany’s case, the two best players to perform this function. A cheaper alternative to a good defense is Fulham’s Brede Hangeland.


Nemanja Vidic 87 Serbia Manchester United
Vincent Kompany 86 Belgium Manchester City
Brede Hangeland 85 Norway Fulham
John Terry 84 England Chelsea
Rio Ferdinand 84 England Manchester United
Per Mertesacker 84 Germany Arsenal
Thomas Vermaelen 83 Belgium Arsenal
Daniel Agger 82 Denmark Liverpool
Joleon Lescott 82 England Manchester City
Martin Škrtel 81 Slovakia Liverpool
Carlos Cuéllar 77 Spain Sunderland
Michael Turner 76 England Norwich City
Ryan Nelsen 76 New Zealand Queens Park Rangers
Sebastián Coates 76 Uruguay Liverpool
Aaron Hughes 75 Northern Ireland Fulham


Having a good heading is very important for a centre back because it allows him to win balls in the air while they’re thrown in his box. But that’s not all. Also on attacking free kicks, such as the corner, it is normal to see centre backs going into the opponent’s box to try their lucks.

In this chapter there’s a player that crushes the competitors: Vidic. He is, with a large advantage, the player who has the best heading in the whole game. In case you can’t buy one, Lescott and Vermarlen are also very good. In the opposite way there are Hangeland and Cuéllar. Although they have excellent defendings, they have poor headings (73 and 70 respectively), so they must be players you have to avoid buying for your Barclays Premier League squad.


Nemanja Vidic 92 Serbia Manchester United
Thomas Vermaelen 85 Belgium Arsenal
Joleon Lescott 85 England Manchester City
John Terry 84 England Chelsea
Michael Dawson 84 England Tottenham Hotspur
Martin Škrtel 83 Slovakia Liverpool
Younès Kaboul 83 France Tottenham Hotspur
Ashley Williams 83 Wales Swansea City
Jan Vertonghen 82 Belgium Tottenham Hotspur
Gary Cahill 82 England Chelsea
Michael Turner 80 England Norwich City
Ryan Nelsen 80 New Zealand Queens Park Rangers
Adrian Mariappa 80 Jamaica Reading
Anton Ferdinand 80 England Queens Park Rangers
Titus Bramble 78 England Sunderland


One of the commonest characteristics on centre backs that dissatisfy us players is their slowness. No one likes to feel impotent by seeing extremely fast players easily passing through our defense. That’s why the defenders’ speed is also an important factor.

Most Barclays Premier League’s good centre backs are slow. Vidic, John Terry, Rio Ferdinand and Lescott don’t exceed 63 on the speed stat. Mertesacker is the half of it (!). Kompany and Vermaelen can be good choices if speed is important to you.


David Luiz 78 Brazil Chelsea
Maynor Figueroa 78 Honduras Wigan Athletic
Younès Kaboul 77 France Tottenham Hotspur
Stéphane M’Bia 76 Cameroon Queens Park Rangers
Johan Djourou 75 Switzerland Arsenal
Vincent Kompany 74 Belgium Manchester City
John Heitinga 74 Netherlands Everton
Chris Smalling 74 England Manchester United
Laurent Koscielny 74 French Arsenal
Phil Jones 73 England Manchester United
Adrian Mariappa 77 Jamaica Reading
Sébastien Bassong 76 Cameroon Norwich City
Steven Caulker 74 England Tottenham Hotspur
Anton Ferdinand 71 England Queens Park Rangers
Titus Bramble 69 England Sunderland


Vidic is probably the best defender in FIFA 13 Ultimate Team. This should be enough to put him in your squad. But he’s got two problems. The first one is his prohibitive price for many players. In those cases, it is necessary to find other alternatives. The second problem is that Vidic is a very slow defender. Although, many players like to put a slower centre back that is more secure alongside another that compensates on speed. In these cases, and if money is not a problem, Kompany can be his defense partner.

For limited budgets there are other quality solutions. A double of Michael Dawson and Vermaelen guarantees a solid defense by having high attributes of defending and heading at a low price.

FIFA 13 Ultimate Team - Barclays PL Center Backs

Five Barclays Premiere League’s (English League) centre backs with the best overalls in FIFA 13 Ultimate Team


Premier League’s Side Defenders (RB, RWB, LB, LWB)


The side defenders have the function of making the opponents’ wingers’ jobs harder. But that’s not all. Complementarily, the good side defenders also support their team’s wingers on offensive plays.

On Barclays Premier League, Maicon found the concurrence of Sagna and Ivanovic on the right side of the defense. On the opposite side, Ashley Cole and Evra are the top rated ones.


Maicon 84 Brazil Manchester City
Bacary Sagna 83 France Arsenal
Branislav Ivanovic 82 Serbia Chelsea
Micah Richards 80 England Manchester City
Glen Johnson 79 England Liverpool
Pablo Zabaleta 79 Argentina Manchester City
Kyle Walker 78 England Tottenham Hotspur
Rafael 77 Brazil Manchester United
Azpilicueta 76 Spain Chelsea
Danny Simpson 76 England Newcastle United
Andy Wilkinson 74 England Stoke City
Phil Neville 74 England Everton
Tony Hibbert 74 England Everton
Nedum Onuoha 73 England Queens Park Rangers
Àngel Rangel 73 Spain Swansea City


Ashley Cole 84 England Chelsea
Patrice Evra 83 France Manchester United
Gaël Clichy 80 France Manchester City
Leighton Baines 80 England Everton
José Enrique 79 Spain Liverpool
Aleksandar Kolarov 78 Serbia Manchester City
Benoit Assou-Ekotto 78 Cameroon Tottenham Hotspur
John Arne Riise 76 Norway Fulham
Kieran Gibbs 76 England Arsenal
Kieran Richardson 75 England Fulham
Garrido 74 Spain Norwich City
Marc Wilson 74 Republic of Ireland Stoke City
Ryan Taylor 74 England Newcastle United
Stephen Warnock 73 England Aston Villa
Neil Taylor 72 Wales Swansea City


Since they are elements of the defense, in these players the defending is a central attribute. On the right side, Ivanovic is the best. On the left side, Evra is the one that has this attribute more developed. Still, any of them stays behind the best centre backs of the Barclays Premier League in this FIFA 13 Ultimate Team.


Branislav Ivanovic 84 Serbia Chelsea
Maicon 82 Brazil Manchester City
Micah Richards 82 England Manchester City
Bacary Sagna 81 France Arsenal
Pablo Zabaleta 81 Argentina Manchester City
Phil Neville 78 England Everton
Kyle Walker 77 England Tottenham Hotspur
Azpilicueta 77 Spain Chelsea
Martin Kelly 77 England Liverpool
Rafael 76 Brazil Manchester United
Phil Neville 78 England Everton
Nedum Onuoha 76 England Queens Park Rangers
Tony Hibbert 75 England Everton
Luke Young 75 England Queens Park Rangers
Zdenek Grygera 75 Czech Republic Fulham


Patrice Evra 82 France Manchester United
Ashley Cole 81 England Chelsea
José Enrique 80 Spain Liverpool
Aleksandar Kolarov 79 Serbia Manchester City
Benoit Assou-Ekotto 78 Cameroon Tottenham Hotspur
Gaël Clichy 77 France Manchester City
Leighton Baines 77 England Everton
John Arne Riise 75 Norway Fulham
Kieran Gibbs 75 England Arsenal
Kieran Richardson 75 England Fulham
Danny Higginbotham 77 England Stoke City
Marc Wilson 75 Republic of Ireland Stoke City
Stephen Warnock 75 England Aston Villa
Garrido 73 Spain Norwich City
George McCartney 72 Northern Ireland West Ham United


But a side defender shouldn’t only defend. If you like them to go to the opposite box and perform perfect crosses, then it’s interesting for you to know who does it well.

If Maicon has good crosses on the right side, on the left side Leighton Baines can cross even better. Glen Johnson, Ashley Cole and Assou-Ekotto also have a very good performance in this chapter.


Maicon 86 Brazil Manchester City
Glen Johnson 83 England Liverpool
Bacary Sagna 77 France Arsenal
Azpilicueta 77 Spain Chelsea
José Bosingwa 77 Portugal Queens Park Rangers
Martin Kelly 77 England Liverpool
Rafael 75 Brazil Manchester United
Danny Simpson 75 England Newcastle United
Pablo Zabaleta 74 Argentina Manchester City
Micah Richards 73 England Manchester City
Àngel Rangel 79 Spain Swansea City
Ronnie Stam 76 Netherlands Wigan Athletic
Steven Reid 76 Republic of Ireland West Bromwich Albion
Paulo Ferreira 75 Portugal Chelsea
Nathaniel Clyne 74 England Southampton


Leighton Baines 87 England Everton
Ashley Cole 84 England Chelsea
Benoit Assou-Ekotto 83 Cameroon Tottenham Hotspur
John Arne Riise 81 Norway Fulham
Kieran Gibbs 80 England Arsenal
Aleksandar Kolarov 80 Serbia Manchester City
José Enrique 78 Spain Liverpool
Gaël Clichy 77 France Manchester City
Patrice Evra 77 France Manchester United
Davide Santon 77 Italy Newcastle United
Ryan Taylor 82 England Newcastle United
Daniel Fox 80 Scotland Southampton
Nicky Shorey 80 England Reading
Ian Harte 80 Republic of Ireland Reading
Garrido 78 Spain Norwich City


A side defender is much more dynamic than a centre back because he fulfills a double mission of defense-attack and because the game tends to be faster on the wings. That’s why it’s important for them to be fast players.

There are any fast side defenders in the Barclays Premier League of FIFA 13 Ultimte Team. Kyle Walker exceeds 90 of speed, while Clichy gets close but on the left side.


Kyle Walker 91 England Tottenham Hotspur
Glen Johnson 87 England Liverpool
Maicon 85 Brazil Manchester City
Rafael 84 Brazil Manchester United
Micah Richards 82 England Manchester City
Azpilicueta 80 Spain Chelsea
José Bosingwa 80 Portugal Queens Park Rangers
Bacary Sagna 79 France Arsenal
Danny Simpson 78 England Newcastle United
Martin Kelly 78 England Liverpool
Nathaniel Clyne 83 England Southampton
Steven Whittaker 81 Scotland Norwich City
Kyle Naughton 78 England Tottenham Hotspur
Eric Lichaj 78 United States Aston Villa
Shaun Cummings 78 England Reading


Gaël Clichy 89 France Manchester City
Kieran Richardson 85 England Fulham
José Enrique 84 Spain Liverpool
Kieran Gibbs 84 England Arsenal
Davide Santon 83 Italy Newcastle United
Ashley Cole 80 England Chelsea
Fábio 80 Brazil Queens Park Rangers
Patrice Evra 79 France Manchester United
Leighton Baines 79 England Everton
Benoit Assou-Ekotto 79 Cameroon Tottenham Hotspur
Alexander Büttner 86 Netherlands Manchester United
Armand Traoré 85 Senegal Queens Park Rangers
Danny Rose 82 England Sunderland
Bryan Oviedo 82 Costa Rica Everton
Neil Taylor 78 Wales Swansea City


For the right side of your FIFA 13 Ultimate Team English League squad, Maicon is the strongest player. He is the best crosser, the second best defender and the third with the best speed. Although, he’s also very expensive. It is given more value to the offensive capacity than the defensive, so Glen Johnson is the right guy.

On the left side, Ashley Cole can be considered as a well balanced side defender. He’s fast, defends well and crosses with precision. There are others who also develop this function well, but no one as good as the french.

FIFA 13 Ultimate Team - Barclays PL Right/Left Back

Five Barclays Premiere League’s (English League) side defenders with the best overalls in FIFA 13 Ultimate Team


Premier League’s Midfielders (CDM, CM e CAM)


The players that play on the middle of the field are responsible for helping in the defensive aspects, but mainly for assisting the advanced players of their team. They are the ones who should study the match and define its rhythm.

Some of the best midfielders in FIFA 13 Ultimate Team play on Barclays Premier League, such as David Silva, Yaya Touré, Juan Mata, Nasri and even the english veterans Gerrard and Lampard.


David Silva 88 Spain Manchester City
Yaya Touré 86 Ivory Coast Manchester City
Juan Mata 86 Spain Chelsea
Samir Nasri 85 France Manchester City
Santi Cazorla 84 Spain Arsenal
Steven Gerrard 84 England Liverpool
Frank Lampard 83 England Chelsea
Shinji Kagawa 83 Japan Manchester United
Bryan Ruíz 82 Costa Rica Fulham
Stéphane Sessègnon 82 Benin Sunderland
David Vaughan 74 Wales Sunderland
Glenn Whelan 74 Republic of Ireland Stoke City
Jordan Henderson 74 England Liverpool
Alejandro Faurlín 74 Argentina Queens Park Rangers
Mark Noble 74 England West Ham United


The midfielders are responsible for finding out the lines that break the opponent’s defense. Their passing quality must be very good so they can assist the attackers.

Although Scholes is the the one who has the best passing ability, there are many other good solutions, such as David Silva, Gerrard and Arteta.


Paul Scholes 88 England Manchester United
David Silva 86 Spain Manchester City
Steven Gerrard 86 England Liverpool
Mikel Arteta 86 Spain Arsenal
Samir Nasri 84 France Manchester City
Santi Cazorla 84 Spain Arsenal
Frank Lampard 84 England Chelsea
Ryan Giggs 84 Wales Manchester United
James Milner 84 England Manchester City
Granero 84 Spain Queens Park Rangers
Barry Bannan 82 Scotland Aston Villa
David Fox 78 England Norwich City
David Vaughan 77 Wales Sunderland
Glenn Whelan 77 Republic of Ireland Stoke City
Jordan Henderson 77 England Liverpool


The passing is the most important attribute in a midfielder but it’s not the only one. These players must have a good vision and, if possible, a good shooting. David Silva is the king on the first one and Lampard on the second.

A good dribbling allows you to take the team ahead, possibly creating unbalances. Also in this characteristic David Silva is the top rated one. Nasri and Kagawa don’t stay behind.


David Silva 88 Spain Manchester City
Samir Nasri 88 France Manchester City
Shinji Kagawa 88 Japan Manchester United
Juan Mata 87 Spain Chelsea
Santi Cazorla 86 Spain Arsenal
Bryan Ruíz 86 Costa Rica Fulham
Moussa Dembélé 86 Belgium Tottenham Hotspur
Marko Marin 86 Germany Chelsea
Stéphane Sessègnon 85 Benin Sunderland
Adel Taarabt 85 Morocco Queens Park Rangers
Yago Falqué 81 Spain Tottenham Hotspur
Samba Diakité 79 Mali Queens Park Rangers
Shaun Maloney 78 Scotland Wigan Athletic
Barry Bannan 77 Scotland Aston Villa
Fabian Delph 77 England Aston Villa


David Silva is the best midfielder of the Barclays Premier League for being the one who highlights the most on the attributes that are really important for his position. There are some cheaper options, but the choice between Mata, Nasri, Touré and others depends of your play style.

If you often shoot outside the box, Lampard and Gerrard may be the best choices. If you like to advance with the ball on your feet, Nasri and Kagawa can be the right ones. No quality lacking.

FIFA 13 Ultimate Team - Barclays PL Center Midfielders

Five Barclays Premiere League’s (English League) midfielders with the best overalls in FIFA 13 Ultimate Team


Premier League’s Wingers (RM, RW, RF, LM, LW e LF)


The wingers are responsible for widening the offensive moves of their team. They’re normally the most explosive players.

Some high quality wingers play in the english championship. Valencia, Ben Arfa and Walcott on the right side, Hazard, Bale, Nani and Ashley Young on the left side are good examples.


Antonio Valencia 83 Ecuador Manchester United
Hatem Ben Arfa 81 France Newcastle United
Theo Walcott 81 England Arsenal
Aaron Lennon 80 England Tottenham Hotspur
Adam Johnson 80 England Sunderland
Stewart Downing 79 England Liverpool
Damien Duff 78 Republic of Ireland Fulham
Daniel Sturridge 78 England Chelsea
Sebastian Larsson 77 Sweden Sunderland
Ashkan Dejagah 76 Iran Fulham
David Bentley 74 England Tottenham Hotspur
Michael Kightly 74 England Stoke City
Séamus Coleman 74 Republic of Ireland Everton
Robert Snodgrass 74 Scotland Norwich City
Marc Albrighton 73 England Aston Villa


Eden Hazard 87 Belgium Chelsea
Gareth Bale 85 Wales Tottenham Hotspur
Nani 85 Portugal Manchester United
Ashley Young 82 England Manchester United
Clint Dempsey 81 United States Tottenham Hotspur
Andrei Arshavin 81 Russia Arsenal
Florent Malouda 81 France Chelsea
Gervinho 81 Ivory Coast Arsenal
Matthew Etherington 79 England Stoke City
Oussama Assaidi 78 Morocco Liverpool
James McClean 74 Republic of Ireland Sunderland
Brett Holman 74 Australia Aston Villa
Jerome Thomas 73 England West Bromwich Albion
Magaye Gueye 73 Senegal Everton
Yassine El Ghanassy 73 Belgium West Bromwich Albion


Getting away through the side line until the opponent’s goal is something commom on a winger. In order to do that with success, they need to be fast players. That’s why the speed is one of the most important attributes for the players on this position.

The fastest player in FIFA 13 Ultimate Team is Theo Walcott, the gunners’s right winger. Stopping him is something complicated. But not just him. Eleven other wingers from the PL, including two silver ones, have the speed stat above 90.


Theo Walcott 96 England Arsenal
Nathan Dyer 92 England Swansea City
Aaron Lennon 92 England Tottenham Hotspur
Daniel Sturridge 90 England Chelsea
Antonio Valencia 90 Ecuador Manchester United
Adam Johnson 89 England Sunderland
Jermaine Pennant 86 England Stoke City
Victor Moses 84 Nigeria Chelsea
Hatem Ben Arfa 83 France Newcastle United
Pablo Hernández 83 Spain Swansea City
Jimmy Kébé 92 Mali Reading
Shaun Wright-Phillips 91 England Queens Park Rangers
Gabriel Obertan 86 France Newcastle United
Garath McCleary 86 England Reading
Steve De Ridder 86 Belgium Southampton


Gareth Bale 92 Wales Tottenham Hotspur
Junior Hoillet 91 Canada Queens Park Rangers
Matt Jarvis 91 England West Ham United
Eden Hazard 90 Belgium Chelsea
Charles N’Zogbia 90 France Aston Villa
Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain 89 England Arsenal
Scott Sinclair 89 England Manchester City
Ashley Young 89 England Manchester United
Gervinho 88 Ivory Coast Arsenal
Oussama Assaidi 88 Morocco Liverpool
Crusat 89 Spain Wigan Athletic
Raheem Sterling 88 England Liverpool
Andros Townsend 87 England Tottenham Hotspur
Kerim Frei 86 Turkey Fulham
Yassine El Ghanassy 85 Belgium West Bromwich Albion


But in order to get close from the opponent’s goal, the speed may be enough. The wingers will face the opponents and will have to use dribbling to surpass them.

Barclays Premier League’s left wingers combine their speed with a great dribbling. Hazard, Nani, Gervinho and Arshavin are better than the best right wingers, Adam Johnson and Ben Arfa.


Adam Johnson 86 England Sunderland
Hatem Ben Arfa 86 France Newcastle United
Aaron Lennon 84 England Tottenham Hotspur
Daniel Sturridge 83 England Chelsea
Victor Moses 83 Nigeria Chelsea
Pablo Hernández 83 Spain Swansea City
Damien Duff 83 Republic of Ireland Fulham
Antonio Valencia 82 Ecuador Manchester United
Nathan Dyer 81 England Swansea City
Ashkan Dejagah 81 Iran Fulham
Marc Albrighton 80 England Aston Villa
Shaun Wright-Phillips 79 England Queens Park Rangers
Michael Kightly 76 England Stoke City
Jimmy Kébé 75 Mali Reading
Séamus Coleman 75 Republic of Ireland Everton


Eden Hazard 90 Belgium Chelsea
Nani 89 Portugal Manchester United
Gervinho 87 Ivory Coast Arsenal
Andrei Arshavin 86 Russia Arsenal
Gareth Bale 85 Wales Tottenham Hotspur
Ashley Young 85 England Manchester United
Charles N’Zogbia 84 France Aston Villa
Oussama Assaidi 84 Morocco Liverpool
Steven Pienaar 84 South Africa Everton
Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain 82 England Arsenal
Yassine El Ghanassy 81 Belgium West Bromwich Albion
Jerome Thomas 78 England West Bromwich Albion
Kerim Frei 78 Turkey Fulham
James McClean 77 Republic of Ireland Sunderland
Crusat 77 Spain Wigan Athletic


When arriving in the opponent’s box, the wingers have to decide what to do. Most times, they choose to assist the attackers. That’s why it’s important for them to be good on passing.

For the right wingers this is their weakness. Except for Valencia, the players with the best passing are those that have a lower overall.

On the left side, Hazard is the best choice. Still, Bale and Nani are players with a passing capacity very well developed.


Chris Brunt 80 Northern Ireland West Bromwich Albion
Antonio Valencia 79 Ecuador Manchester United
Sebastian Larsson 79 Sweden Sunderland
Damien Duff 78 Republic of Ireland Fulham
Stewart Downing 77 England Liverpool
Adam Johnson 76 England Sunderland
Hatem Ben Arfa 76 France Newcastle United
James Morrison 76 Scotland West Bromwich Albion
Jermaine Pennant 75 England Stoke City
Zoltán Gera 75 Hungary West Bromwich Albion
David Bentley 79 England Tottenham Hotspur
Jack Collison 75 Wales West Ham United
Simon Davies 75 Wales Fulham
Séamus Coleman 72 Republic of Ireland Everton
Gabriel Obertan 70 France Newcastle United


Eden Hazard 83 Belgium Chelsea
Gareth Bale 81 Wales Tottenham Hotspur
Nani 81 Portugal Manchester United
Matthew Etherington 80 England Stoke City
Florent Malouda 80 France Chelsea
Sylvain Marveaux 77 France Newcastle United
Clint Dempsey 77 United States Tottenham Hotspur
Andrei Arshavin 76 Russia Arsenal
Matt Jarvis 75 England West Ham United
Ashley Young 75 England Manchester United
Matthew Taylor 76 England West Ham United
Anthony Pilkington 70 England Norwich City
James McClean 70 Republic of Ireland Sunderland
Jerome Thomas 69 England West Bromwich Albion
Brett Holman 69 Australia Aston Villa


It wouldn’t be about the right wingers that Barclays Premier League could be most proud of. Antonio Valencia is a good player and Walcott is extremely fast, but that’s quite all they have. There are actually very fast wingers but they are relatively weak on dribbling and passing. The affordable prices reflect this lack of quality.

On the left side the situation is different. Hazard is one of the five best players of the world in this position and on the Barclays Premier League no one competes with him. Nani and Bale are also top players that cost significantly less. Although, if their prices keep being prohibitive for your wallet, Etherington is extremely cheap and very well balanced on the most important attributes (speed, dribbling and passing).

FIFA 13 Ultimate Team - Barclays PL Wings

Five Barclays Premiere League’s (English League) wingers with the best overalls in FIFA 13 Ultimate Team


Premier League’s Attackers (CF e ST)


The attackers are the ones that play on the last third of the field alongside with the opponents’ defenders. The only requirement for them is to be able to score goals.

Wayne Rooney is one of the best attackers in FIFA 13 Ultimate Team. By the way, the Barclays Premier League is full of great players for this position. Out of the 10 best attackers, seven play in the clubs from Manchester.


Wayne Rooney 89 England Manchester United
Robin van Persie 88 Netherlands Manchester United
Sergio Agüero 87 Argentina Manchester City
Luis Suárez 86 Uruguay Liverpool
Carlos Tévez 86 Argentina Manchester City
Fernando Torres 85 Spain Chelsea
Mario Balotelli 84 Italy Manchester City
Lukas Podolski 83 Germany Arsenal
Edin Džeko 83 Bosnia Herzegovina Manchester City
Javier Hernández 82 Mexico Manchester United
Rickie Lambert 74 England Southampton
Hugo Rodallega 74 Colombia Fulham
Romelu Lukaku 74 Belgium West Bromwich Albion
Gabriel Agbonlahor 74 England Aston Villa
Grant Holt 74 England Norwich City


If attackers are supposed to score goals, then shooting is the most important attribute for them.

Wayne Rooney and Podolski are almost perfect strikers but the best one is Robin van Persie. The dutch is the second best shooter in FIFA 13 Ultimate Team, being only beaten by Cristiano Ronaldo.


Robin van Persie 89 Netherlands Manchester United
Wayne Rooney 88 England Manchester United
Lukas Podolski 87 Germany Arsenal
Carlos Tévez 85 Argentina Manchester City
Sergio Agüero 84 Argentina Manchester City
Luis Suárez 83 Uruguay Liverpool
Jermain Defoe 83 England Tottenham Hotspur
Fernando Torres 82 Spain Chelsea
Mario Balotelli 82 Italy Manchester City
Edin Džeko 82 Bosnia Herzegovina Manchester City
Rickie Lambert 75 England Southampton
Hugo Rodallega 74 Colombia Fulham
Romelu Lukaku 73 Belgium West Bromwich Albion
John Guidetti 73 Sweden Manchester City
Gabriel Agbonlahor 72 England Aston Villa


The attackers don’t use only their feet to score goals. Knowing how to head the ball can make a lot of difference. If you’re a player who often crosses the ball to the box, then this attribute is indispensable.

Andy Carroll and Kenwyne Jones are taller than the most wanted players, such as Rooney, Aguero, Tévez and Van Persie. Highlights also for the silver player Grant Holt that is also taller.


Andy Carroll 86 England West Ham United
Kenwyne Jones 86 Trinidad & Tobago Stoke City
Emmanuel Adebayor 83 Togo Tottenham Hotspur
Wayne Rooney 82 England Manchester United
Marouane Chamakh 82 Morocco Arsenal
Steven Fletcher 82 Scotland Sunderland
Demba Ba 81 Senegal Newcastle United
Olivier Giroud 81 France Arsenal
Bobby Zamora 81 England Queens Park Rangers
Djibril Cissé 80 France Queens Park Rangers
Grant Holt 84 England Norwich City
Rob Hulse 82 England Queens Park Rangers
Steve Morison 79 Wales Norwich City
Noel Hunt 79 Republic of Ireland Reading
Jonathan Walters 78 Republic of Ireland Stoke City


Shooting and heading are the most important attributes for an attacker. Although, according to each one’s tactic and game style, there are those who prefer attackers that take advantage on their speed to surpass the opponent’s defense.

On Barclays Premier League, Hernández is the fastest gold attacker and Aguero is the solution for who wants top players. The silver player Agbonlahor’s 93 speed stat helps explaining the astronomical value of this player.


Javier Hernández 90 Mexico Manchester United
Shane Long 88 Republic of Ireland West Bromwich Albion
Sergio Agüero 88 Argentina Manchester City
Kevin Mirallas 88 Belgium Everton
Darren Bent 87 England Aston Villa
Arouna Koné 87 Ivory Coast Wigan Athletic
Lukas Podolski 87 Germany Arsenal
Djibril Cissé 85 France Queens Park Rangers
Danny Welbeck 85 England Manchester United
Mario Balotelli 84 Italy Manchester City
Gabriel Agbonlahor 93 England Aston Villa
Emmanuel Mayuka 90 Zambia Southampton
Joshua King 90 Norway Manchester United
Cameron Jerome 88 England Stoke City
Fraizer Campbell 87 England Sunderland


For who is able to afford him, Rooney is the indispensable attacker. Although he’s not very fast, he is complete on all the other attributes. For the second attacker, the choice should vary between Van Persie and Aguero. If your game style privileges the speed, then the argentine is better. Dzeko and Bent are the cheapest players that will be able to develop the same functions although with a little less quality.

FIFA 13 Ultimate Team - Barclays PL Strikers

Five Barclays Premiere League’s (English League) attackers with the best overalls in FIFA 13 Ultimate Team


Barclays PL Gold Squads Suggestions for FIFA 13 Ultimate Team


As the players were already presented, it’s time for us to try putting together the best ones in the same squad. Since this task depends a lot on the tactic you use, we are going to introduce one squad suggestion for each of the most popular tactics. We’ll show one in 4-1-2-1-2 considering an unlimited budget and another in 4-4-2 considering a maximum budget of 25k coins. In the construction of these squads we chose carefully the players that better fit on the positions according to the attributes we consider more important, which we already explained in this article.


Barclays Premier League Squad for FIFA 13 Ultimate Team with an Unlimited Budget:

  • GK: Hugo Lloris
  • CB: Nemanja Vidic
  • CB: Vicent Kompany
  • RB: Maicon
  • LB: Ashley Cole
  • CDM: Yaya Touré
  • CAM: David Silva
  • RM: Antonio Valencia
  • LM: Eden Hazard
  • ST: Wayne Rooney
  • ST: Sergio Aguero

FIFA 13 Ultimate Team Barclays PL Gold Squad

Barclays Premier League squad suggestion for FIFA 13 Ultimate Team with an unlimited budget
Click over the image to maximize


No doubt this is a great squad. If there were any doubts, the fact that it is valued as around one million coins helps to ensure that.

On the goal there is the undoubtedly best goalkeeper from the Barclays PL. Right ahead it was chosen to put a fast defender and a slow one. One covers the counter-attack moves and can try winning the ball by anticipation while the other is an authentic wall, being on the ground or in the air. The side defenders are players that defend well but attack even better. They’re fast and know how to cross to the box. Touré is the midfielder that best defends so that his selection to the defensive middle position remains natural. The fantastic David Silva plays in front of him. He has the best ball control in the whole English League, knows how to dribble and is able to find out all the spaces in order to isolate his attacking teammates. Antonio Valencia is the chosen one to occupy the right side of the attack because of his speed, dribbling capacity, passing and crossing. Since he’s the weakest element of this squad, and also the cheapest, an alternative would be trying to adapt Juan Mata to this position. Since the players have the same tactic as the squad’s, the chemistry will remain on its 100. On the opposite side, Eden Hazard is undoubtedly because he’s almost always the best on the attributes that really matter. On the attacking front, Wayne Rooney is a natural choice and to make him company there is Aguero. The argentine beats Van Persie on speed because, although they’re almost the same on shooting and heading, the english champion is much faster, which compensates one of Rooney’s weaknesses.


Barclays Premier League Squad for FIFA 13 Ultimate Team with a 25k Coins Budget:

  • GK: Júlio César 3k (or else Wojciech Szczesny 0.5k)
  • CB: Michael Dawson 1k (or else Martin Skretl 1.6k)
  • CB: Jan Vertonghen 3k (or else Phil Jagielka 1.6k)
  • RB: Glen Johnson 6k (or else Rafael 5k)
  • LB: Benoit Assou-Ekotto 1k (or else Leighton Baines 4k)
  • CM: Ryan Giggs 1.5k (or else Nuri Sahin 3.3k)
  • CM: Tomas Rosicky 0.5k (or else Bryan Ruíz 1k)
  • RM: Jermaine Pennant 0.5k (or else Adam Johnson 6k)
  • LM: Matthew Etherington 0.5k (or else Steven Pienaar 0.5k)
  • ST: Edin Dzeko 4k (or else Darren Bent 6k)
  • ST: Djibril Cissé 2k (or else Andy Caroll 1.3k)

FIFA 13 Ultimate Team Barclays PL Gold Squad

Barclays Premier League squad suggestion for FIFA 13 Ultimate Team with a 25k coins budget
Click over the image to maximize


Building a 21k coins squad, in this case, doesn’t mean forming a weak squad. The important thing is to select the players with the characteristics you’re looking for.

Júlio César can be better, for example, than Reina. The spanish is four times more expensive. For his price, Dawson is an authentic pearl on the defending line. He defends well and heads even better. His weakness is the speed. That’s why Vertonghen has joined to be his defending teammate. Glen Johnson is even faster. The investment is high but we’re talking about the fastest right back from the Barclays Premier League. On the opposite side, Assou-Ekotto is a player with good qualities except for his shooting and heading, the less important attributes on a side defender. On the mid field we focused on the experience. The fact that speed is paid by gold price enables us to buy Giggs and Rosicky for a lower price. This double has excellent dribbling and passing qualities. Pennant and Etherington are very cheap and have good speed, dribbling and passing quality. On the attacking front, both are excellent attackers. Dzeko is slower but shoots better and Cissé is faster and heads better.


Thanks to Pedro Henriques Coelho for the translation.


1,339 thoughts on “FUT 13 Barclays Premier League Squad”

  1. i have a EPL

    GK TOTS Cech
    RB Walker
    CB David Luiz
    CB Kabul
    LB Baines/Ashley Cole
    LM TOTS Hazard
    CM Nasri
    RM Navas
    CAM inform Mata
    CAM inform Rooney
    ST TOTS Saures

  2. hi i have a 4141 bpl squad
    GK lloris
    CB diakhite, sakho
    rb; sagna
    lb: clichy
    cdm; yaya toure
    cm: carzola or nasri or ramires
    cm: rooney or suarez
    rm navas or nani
    lm hazard
    st benteke

    do you think that would work fine? please suggest other players if you can. I have 2 million budget.


    1. We were talking about FUT 14 BPL Guide and not FUT 13 but we will not ask you again to post it.
      Lets see your team…
      You have a nice team but with that budget you can make great improvements in some positions.
      Our suggestions: CB – Kompany; ST – Aguero.
      Our opinion: CM – Nasri and Rooney. RM – Navas
      Those two players will be a great improvement in your team.

  3. Hi, this is my 4-1-2-1-2 first team:
    Gk: Llaris
    Rb: Maicon Cb: Kompany Cb: Vidic Lb: Cole
    Cdm: Toure
    Rm: Navas Cam: Rooney Lm: Hazard
    St: RVP St: Aguero
    And this is my second team:
    Gk: Cech
    Rb: Walker Cb: Varmaelen Cb: Luiz Lb: Clichy
    Cdm: Ramires
    Rm: Walcote Cam: Mata Lm: Bale
    St: Baloteli St: Eto
    I want to make 2 best possible team, I know I am almost there 🙂 Do you have any suggestions? Silva in place of Mata? Any other? Thanks!

    1. Hi.
      We are finishing our tests to BPL squads to publish a guide about it in the end of the month. So, we are not ready to answer to your question yet.
      It seams an amazing squad but we need to do more tests before suggest something.

  4. cheers
    I brought tots baines to replace cole & Baines’ freekick stats are incredible

  5. My team since last month
    Cb:Figueroa If
    Cdm:Yaya Toure
    Rm:Jesus Navas Transferred
    Cam:Ozil Transferred
    St:Soldado transferred

      1. Thanks, I have also got Joe Hart and I was thinking about getting maybe Rooney or saving up for Vidic (which one)

          1. Phew, just got Rooney just before I read this comment but now I don’t know who to swap him for

  6. Hi what do u think of this team:
    Riether(tots) Agger Kompany Cole
    Yacob(tots) Toure y Mata
    Gervinho(motm) RVP Hazard
    Plz reply thx from nath

  7. Do you think that transferred Jesus Nevas in RM is a better option than Valencia as the overall is 2 higher?

  8. Hi, I was just wondering if you help improve my squad a bit, btw I have some money to spend. Here is my Bpl squad, my formation is 3-5-2, and I don’t have a set starting 11 , just a rotation,
    My defence is Sagna, Skrtel, Agger, Koscielny, Baines, Dawson and Terry,
    My midfield is at CAM is Wilshere and Ramsey, at CDM it’s Fellaini, Obi Mikel, Barry and Lucas Leiva. Then out wide at RM it’s Pennant and Duff, and out on LM it’s Guttierrez and Pienaar.
    At forward I have Defoe, Podolski, Fletcher, Jelavich and Dzeko.
    Thanks a lot and P.S I think this is a great website.

    1. Hi.
      We don’t know what is your play style and preferences but we will try to help you.
      If you want to build a 352 BPL squad you will need a GK. Cech is a good choice.
      You will need 3 good CB’s, 2 of them with good pace. Sagna and Baines are not an option since they are not CB’s and they will ruin your chemistry. Dawson as CCB and Koscielny as RCB or LCB seems to us a good option. You need another one. Kaboul, David Luiz or Vermaelen are good choices.
      You have good CDM’s and Wilshere is a nice CAM, so you don’t need to buy any one else to these positions.To the left side, Ashley Young is much better than the players you have.
      In the attack, we think that Remy would be a good addition. If you like fast strikers, he is your man. Probably to play next to Dzeko.

  9. Thanks Rodrigo. I plan to replace Dzeko with Suarez but I will need more coins of course. I will definitely play and always get help from your website. I must say that you did a very good job.
    I don’t play this game to win or be the best. I just play it for fun. I have a stressful job and I want to be without any stress when I’m at home. And this game makes me forget everything. Especially FUT mode is great for.
    I hope that FIFA 14 FUT will be better than this one as the latest news say so.
    I also hope to have Turkish League in the new game (at least Fenerbahçe:))
    By the way, are we going to be able to play FIFA 13 FUT when FIFA 14 comes out ?

    1. Hi.
      Thank you for your reply.
      We think that Galatasaray wil be the only Turkish team in FIFA 14.
      And yes, you will be able to play FUT 13 when FIFA 14 comes out. But you will FUT 13 Web App will not be available any more.

  10. Hi. I started to play FUT 2 weeks ago. I played FIFA series since 3 years but i just try to play it.
    my squad is:
    Julio Cesar
    G.Jonhson-Ferdinand-David Luiz-Monreal
    I play wih Cavani because he is one of my favourites.
    Do you have any suggestions for future because I don’t have much coins and when I have I can’t resist to open packs 🙂

    1. Hi Alex.
      Welcome to the better FIFA mode game. You will find in our website everything you need. If you are planning to play FUT 14, don’t miss the articles and guides that we will release next month and in October.
      Our first suggestion is about not buying packs. If you want to build a good team, you will need to save your coins.
      About your squad you already have a good one for one have stared to play only two weeks ago. With just few coins we can make great improvements in your weaker positions: José Enrique as LB and Remy to ST are the two main ones.
      About Cavani, he may be someone you like to play but try to keep him with individual chemistry higher than 6 or he will not play as you expect.

  11. hi can you tel me what to improve with this team I am about to make and who for striker and center forward it is a 4231
    xabi alonso-toure
    ozil/xavi-david silva

    plz tell me bpl strikers and center forwards it will be a great help and ozil or xavi and by the way I like pacey strikers and center forwards

    1. It depends of your play style and preferences. Since you like pacey ST and CF’s maybe you can try Aguero and Tevez. They will keep your chemistry very high.
      Usually we prefer Xavi but Ozil will be OK too.

      1. thanks could I use balotelli as I prefer him over tevez and who would I put at st balo/tevez or aguero

  12. This team
    GK Reina
    LB Clichy
    CB Terry
    CB Dawson
    RB Ivanovic
    CDM Essien
    LM Young
    CAM David Silva
    RM Valencia
    ST Suarez
    ST Adebayor
    And the info at the top is really helpful

  13. Hi can you please recommend a 70k or below bpl (or hybrid) team with any formation. Thanks

  14. Is this a good team? and Is there anything i should change?
    GK – Hart
    RB – Maicon
    CB – Vermaelen
    CB – Kompany
    LB – Cole
    CDM – Van Persie
    CDM – Toure
    CF – Suarez
    CAM – Wayne Rooney
    CAM – David Silva
    ST – Aguero

    1. It’s a great team. With regular players you can not improve it much more.
      We don’t think that RVP has the right skills to play as CDM. Also, there are better players than Suarez: Tévez, for example. Or placing Mata as CAm e Rooney as CF.

  15. How are Adebayor and Ba upfront because some of the better strikers sell for money I really don’t have

  16. Hi wat do you guys think of my squad and how can i improve it?
    Cb-david luiz
    Cb- kaboul
    I have 75k to spend.

      1. Hi its me again i bought kompany and toure and i still have 50k so im planing on changing kaboul any good ideas on who?

  17. What do you think of my team and how can i improve it?i have 75k to use.
    Cb:david luiz
    Cb: kaboul

    1. Hi.
      You have a very attacking team. Are you concending many goals ? If yes, maybe you should choose a more defensive player to CM position (as Touré).
      With 75k you can try Kompany and with a bit more, Aguero too.

  18. Hey guys currently my squad is 4.4.2 style play

    I play a quick passing game with plenty of 1-2 movement also have a high rate of % with through balls and lobbed passes which I love too use any suggestions would be great ,ta brad..

  19. Thoughts on my hybrid team 4 5 1. 100 chem

    Julio cesar
    Sagna Kaboul David luiz cole
    Di Maria ozil. Ramires. Lucas lavezzi

    1. It is a nice team.
      Just pay attention to one thing: having squad chemistry 100 is not the most important. Having a individual chemistry higher than 7 to all your players is more important. Lavezzi, for example, doesn’t have it.

  20. Hi there. i have 3-5-2 formation with the following players:
    GK Lloris;
    CB IF Koscienly, Kompany and Kaboul
    CDM Toure and IF Luiz
    LM Bale CAM Nasri and RM Navas
    ST Aguero and Tevez.

    Any tips for this squad? What do you think about Cazorla IF instead of Nasri?


    1. Hi.
      It depends of your play style, preferences and budget.
      We believe that Nasri is your weakest players. For most of gamers, Silva is the best player to that position. Better than Cazorla IF.
      We also think that Tevez is a good player but we still prefer Rooney (not so fast but a great player).

  21. do you mean tots jagielka because that is his only IF? Thank you by the way that team looks really good!

    1. Hi Daniel.
      With +1.250 comments we will easily find the answer to your question there.
      We will build a special one just for you: Lloris, Luiz, Kompany, Phil Jagielka IF1, Touré, Ramires, Navas, Bale, Silva, Rooney and Aguero.
      You can choose the subs yourself by other comments.

  22. How is my team and what changes should I make? 3 5 2
    Kaboul David luiz Vermaelan
    Valencia Ramires fellaini Young
    Van Persie
    Suarez Tevez

  23. I have a new formation 3-5-2. I tested it with a cheap team and it is much better for me because of the 5 midfielders.

    GK lloris
    CBLuiz Kompany Kaboul
    LM Bale
    CDM Toure en Ramires
    RM Valencia
    CAM Nasri
    ST if Walcott and Aquero.

    What do you think?

    1. Small extra question; is Bale on RM and Hazard on LM an good option or is Valencia better on RM.

      1. It is a small etra question with a difficult answer.
        We believe that most of the community agree with us if we say that you will be better with Bale as RM. But you can also try Navas.

  24. Hello! I have 90k spare in my fut. my team at the minute is: (41212)
    Aguero balotelli
    Bale hazard
    Javi garcia
    Cole vertonghen vermalen Sagna
    What do you think I could do to make it better?

  25. please can you suggest me a team (including subs) in 3-5-2 with a budget of 200k. I am on Xbox and basically want a team i am almost guaranteed to win with. Thanks 🙂

  26. For a 3-5-2 formation, what players would yo suggest? Particularly the back three…thanks

  27. Valeriano Gamarra

    O que acha?



    Lucas Leiva(Mikel ou Allou Diarra)

    Chicharito Hernandez

    Outros: Milner, Gutierrez, Diaby

  28. Hi There,

    Because of the pace i really like Walcott. What is your opinion about the in form Walcott? The price is 150K (ST). Is that wurth his quality? Or is it to much for him, in form? His finnishing is 89. Not that bad right?

    1. Hi.
      In our opinion IF players are all overpriced. They are too expensive. Not good value for money. If you have two identical players, always choose the regular one. We will explain why in a future article.
      Why wasting so many coins with Walcot when you can get NIF Aguero for less tha half price ?! Ok…pace.
      After this advice, we must to recognize that Walcott IF is a really nice card. Sure.

      1. I have aguero with Walcott IF next to him :).
        I agree that it is a lot of coins but it is worth it. I just played 6 matches with him and he scored / shoot a lot better than the regular card.

        I use 4-3-1-2 formation. Is it better to put Walcott left or right on ST? i think Aguero is stronger with his weak foot…

  29. Robson Dias da Silva

    Ola eu quero uma sugestão de time da liga Barclays pl no preço máximo de 40,000 Coins

  30. I got an 4-2-2-2 formation
    ST:Bent and Podolski
    CAM:Couthinio and Taarabt
    CDM:Ramirez and Fellaini
    CB:Davíd luis and Kaboul

    What do you think,help me find out which i MUST by?

  31. What do you think about this team?
    Richards David luiz Cahill
    Walcott lampard mata schurlle
    Podolski torres

    1. Hi.
      It is a nice team with a low-medium budget. You should pay attention to the individual chemistry of Richards.
      One final note: did you tried Tévez in this team? He is our suggestion.

  32. How about my team: GK=Lloris CB= Terry, Vidic, Kompany LM=Nani CM=Silva, Mata RM= Ben Arfa CF= Suarez ST= Rooney, RVP.
    I also have Alex Ferguson as a manager. Just wanted to point that out.
    Anything I need to fix?

    1. Hi.
      Only you can say if you need to fix something or not. It depends of how the matches are going.
      We believe that you have a extremely attacking style. In our opinion, it is too dangerous to have 2 slow CB’s in a formation with only 3 defenders. You should try change Terry by David Luiz, Kaboul or other fast CB.

      1. Ahh. Yes, I put David Luiz instead of Terry and Aguero instead of Rooney. I have Maicon ( Rb) Which i Don’t need. So Should I sell him and save up for Jesus Navas ( RM)?. One last thing.. Should I put Hazard instead of Nani?


  33. Hi everyone, my team right now is:

    Gk de gea
    Lb cole
    Cb Luiz
    Cb kompany
    Rb Richards
    CDM toure
    Lm young
    Rm Valencia
    Cam cazorla
    St aguero
    St van persie

    I have about 55k to spend where do u think
    I should spend this? Also would u consider in form
    Mirralas on rm instead of Valencia or TOTS michu
    as a striker? What would you recommend being my next
    few purchases given that my play style is quite quick
    and defending Is my weak point
    Thanks a lot, Nathan

    1. Hi.
      Defending is the weak point of almost everybody.
      You have a great balanced team. Valencia is your weakest player but it is like this with almost every BPL squad.
      We do not agree with IF players. Usually they are too expensive. Not good value for money.
      We think that the best thing you can do is to buy Tevez to RM and Silva to CAM. Tevez will have hyper link with Aguero and strong links with Touré and Silva. Also, Nani would be a great signing.
      What do you think?

      1. Thanks ill give Nani and silva a go. One issue though is that I find van Persie scores more on the right side so therefore tevez will not hyperlink with aguero. Is this ok? Or would you put aguero on the right and maybe swap vannpersie for Rooney? Thanks again

        1. Since Tevez will be out of position, it is important to link with Aguero. Of course that if it means that RVP will play worse, then maybe you will need to find another solution. If you will buy Tévez to place him as RM (assuming that you are playing in a 41212) maybe it is a good idea to find a CM one (probably cheaper).

  34. Hi, I have built a premier league team but the chemistry is only 91, how can i improve it (eg. get chemistry to 99 or 100)? I use formation 4-4-2. My team is…

    GK = De Gea
    LB = Gibbs CB = Vermaelen CB = Vertonghen RB = Rafael
    LM = Young CM = Fellaini CM = Ramires RM = Valencia
    ST = Hernandez ST= Remy

    And i got Trapattoni as manager.

    1. Hi.
      If you have 10 minutes you can become a Chemistry expert reading our Guide.
      It seems that you don’t have a 442 manager. If it is true, buy a 442 manager card and apply it to Trapattoni. It will give you 10 extra points, enough to reach the chemistry 100.
      If you have some problem doing this, please ask us.

      1. i have a Trapattoni card with 442 but still chemistry is only 91, what should i do?

        1. If you have a low chemistry with players of the same league it is because you don’t have them in the right formation. You can buy formation card 442 to some of them but it will cost you a couple of thousands of coins. If you do not want to spend so much coins, you can buy formation cards of a similar formation (4411, for example). See the guide to understand it better.
          A gold Belgium 442 manager will give you 3 extra chemistry points.

  35. Hi there.
    I have a really nice BL squad. BUT there is a problem and that is that i loose a lot. i use formation 4-3-3. I think that is my problem but i dont really know what a good formation for me is.

    My players: gk LLORIS

    So, my squad is not that bad but, loose a lot. Im not a player that do a lot of tricks, more a passing player than tricks. Any tips instead of my player or is is better to sell this team and buy another team/formation?

      1. Thank you! i decided to change the formation because my play style is not that skilled that 4-3-3 is good for me.

        I made it with 2 strikers: 4-3-1-2.
        Now my CF is podolski because of his pace and shot power.
        ST are Remy and RVP.
        I sold gerard for Silva.

        Your oppinion? Thanks for the great help every time!

          1. 150k? You can make some great improvements with that coins!
            Aguero is a must buy in our opinion. Also, there are better players as CF than Podolski. Tévez, for example, works very well in that position. Rooney is not so fast but plays very well too. Of course, that everybody is different and maybe Podolski is the one you need.

          2. Oke, thanks for the tip! I just purchaise Aguero and sold Remy, who is very light wheighted 😉

            But Tevez is beter than Podolsky? Podolsky is has mor pace right? Wich is very important in FUT?

          3. Yes, pace is the most important attribute in FUT 13. But it is not everything. Maybe you should buy him, try him and if you don’t like sell him. For us he is better than Podolski but there are players with different opinion. It depends of our play style and preferences.

  36. Hi! I have a 4-4-2 low budget squad and I was curious to know if I should make some improvements:

    GK- Petr Cech
    CB- Thomas Vermaelen
    CB- David Luiz
    RB- Micah Richards
    LB- Kieran Gibbs
    CM- Frank Lampard
    CM- Ramires
    RM- Aaron Lennon
    LM- Ashley Young
    ST- Javier Hernandez
    ST- Danny Welbeck

    Subs- Tom Cleverly, Gallas, Loic Remy, and Lindegaard as well as some extras from other leagues.

    Any tips?

  37. i think i’ve done a good job

    gk HART
    zom TAARABT

  38. What do you think of this team so far, 3-4-3 formation;
    GK: TOTS Čech-89
    LCB: TOTS Vertonghen-87
    CB: Vidić-89
    RCB: TOTS Ferdinand-88
    RM: IF Mata-87
    RCM: IF Rooney-90
    LCM: TOTS Suárez-91
    LM: IF David Silva-89
    LW: TOTS Bale-93
    ST: TOTS Van Persie-93
    RW: TOTS Hazard-91
    Have about 250k to make a decent subs team!
    So proud of myself!

    And also, this is a 89 rated squad with 100 chem, it cost around 4.7 million coins, 🙂

  39. Hi, my BPL team is in a 4-1-2-1-2 formation and I would like to know if it is a good team

    GK-Cech, Sub-De Gea
    LB-Cole, Sub-Evra
    CB- Vermaelan and Kompany, Subs-David Luiz, Ferdinand, K. Toure
    RB-Sagna, Sub-Walker
    CDM-Toure, Sub-Tiote
    LM-Juan Mata, Sub-Young
    CAM-Nasri, Sub-Gerrard
    RM-Valencia, Sub-Ben Arfa
    ST-Rvp and Suarez, Sub-Torres and either Rooney or Agüero

    1. Hi.
      It is a great squad! You have good players on the starting eleven and good players as subs.
      The weakest position is RM but the truth is that there are no good players for that position on the BPL. Valencia and Ben Arfa are good players but not as good as the rest of your squad. Maybe you should look to Navas when his new card out.

        1. We think that you got Mata because he is cheaper than Hazard and Bale. If his individual chemistry is not great, you may try Nani.
          About your ST you have Aguero and Rooney. So, it is the best possible on BPL.

  40. This is my current team – 4-1-2-1-2
    Richards Luiz Koscielny Gibbs

    Miyachi is probably the most fun player I’ve played with, (TOTS Lamela comes close) He is just rapid, bursts past players. His stats are misleading aswell, his finishing is excellent and he’s a good crosser aswell. Only Cazorla has created more goals for me. Easily the best wide mid for your BPL team. Looking to get more depth now, im getting Nani, either Gerrard(IF-DM) or TOTS Yacob? And TOTS Williams, or Kompany?

  41. hey any tips for this 41212 squad’
    GK- CECH
    CAM – NASRI/ taraabt
    any tips im saving for a nani because im was new 2 ultimate team so i was not aware of the whole goal ,,,,, im thinking for a better better CB duo and St- duo any tips other than aguero rooney and RVP

    1. Hi.
      Your team seems fine to us.
      To improve it you will need more coins.
      On the defence, only Kompany may make the difference. But he is too expensive for your wallet. So, you are fine as you are.
      On the midfield, Nani is a good sign. You can think in Silva as CAM and in Touré as CDM for the future.
      On the attack, Tévez is the one you are looking for. Remy is a good player for the bench if you need it.

  42. hey, my team :
    4 5 1
    gk reina
    cb terry, ferdinand
    rb sagna
    lb evra
    cm ramires
    cam carzola
    cam kagawa/gerrard
    rm valencia
    lm young
    st ba/remy

    first how do you like it ? and where would you change something?
    i mean i want to change but i don’t know where to start, i thought about mata for kagawa or maybe teves or suarez for ba what do you think?

    1. Hi.
      The team is OK but with some more coins you can make it better.
      You are thinking well. Mata and Tévez are perfect to play on Kagawa and Ba positions.
      Then, you should pay attention to your CB’s. They are both great but also slow. Maybe you should by someone faster as Kaboul, David Luiz or Vermaelen.

  43. Rooney or aguero in st position? In a 442 formation I have remy up there and won’t either one of these two to go up there with him?

  44. Hi
    I play in the 4-1-2-1-2 formation.

    Gk scesney
    Lb evra
    Cb company and terry
    Rb walker
    Cdm parker
    Lm young (i would a better one hazard, bale or nani)
    Rm valencia (i would a better one hazard, bale or nani)
    Cam kagawaga
    St rvp hernandez
    How can i make it better, and who i must choose :hazard, bale or nani?

  45. With the team4-1-2-1-2 formation you have got valencia but why you don’t do there nani or bale? I know your chemistery is declining but nani and bale are better.

    1. Hi.
      When we built this team, our goal was to build a squad in which all the players have individual chemistry 9. For us, it makes sense to show a team in which all the players are in their natural position.
      You are right about what you said. Bale as RM with individual chemistry 7 is better than Valencia with 9. But it is a decision that each one should take. That’s the same thing as saying why not putting Maicon as CB.

  46. I have a 4-1-2-1-2 team

    K:Cech Rb: walker Cbs:Kompany and vermaelen Lb:evra Cdm:Tourè
    Lm:Hazard Rm: Nasri (i Tryed valencia walcott and ben arfa but i didn’t like them) Cam: Silva Sts: RVP and aguero

    any suggestions?

    1. Hi.
      You can not improve this team much more without buying IF cards and, in our opinion, they are too expensive. We may suggest you Hart or even Lloris but we can guess that the GK is not your priority.
      The only position that it not so good is the RM. On the BPL the regular RM cards are not great thing, as you noticed. Next year Navas will give a little help… Our suggestion for this position is to try CM Tévez card. He is probably better than Nasri and connects much better with Tévez, Touré and Silva, which means that he will probably get a 9.

  47. Patrick Perry

    I have a silver team:
    Gk sorenson
    Rb Whittaker
    Cb: Caulker and willliamson
    LB: Rose
    Rm Mcmanaman motm
    Cm Whelan and Noble
    Lm Mclean
    Cf Maloney
    St Rodallega

  48. thank you, but i dont have enough coins for rvp, who is best tevez or torres?

    or some st for less than 10k

  49. Hi, could you please possible tell me what could be the best 4-5-1 squad with a 60 k budget (ps3) specially what stricker to buy and what 2 cams, i play with that formation in bundesliga and i have lewandowski – reus – gotze – shaquiri – afellay – swesteinger – hummels – boateng – picztek – alaba – adler. i would like something of that magnitude
    the squad i´ll like you to tell would be a BPL squad, i know i must have yaya, but i can not decide between him and david silva

  50. Guytfvfvtvtvtvtvgggfv

    What do u think is the best 2 leagues or nation in fifa 13 to base my squad and sub squad on
    Plz say 2

    1. It depends of your budget. We love BBVA and BPL but we are rich 🙂 The brazilians is the best nationality.
      If you want to make a cheap good squad, you can try Serie A and Bundesliga.

  51. Hi, i use a 4-4-1-1 with

    Sagna – Kaboul – David Luiz – Evra
    Ben Arfa – Milner – Fellaini – N’ zogbia

    Also i waste on a good bench with Szceny, Koscielny, Gibbs, Glen Johnson, Darren bent, valencia

    I’m winning a lot of matches, but i don’t know what to improve on my team. I don’t like Ramirez and Ashley Young, i tried them and they were very bad for me.
    Which offensive CM can i use? I think the weakest player of my team is Milner. I tried with wilshere and i didn’t like him.

    I have like 12k now on ps3, but i’m constantly earning more money.

    1. Hi.
      You have a good cheap team.
      If you are winning, we think that you shouldn’t change many things. Maybe only one good player to your weakest position. We also agree that Milder is probbly your weakest player. You can try Mata on his place. Tevez would be perfect but it is too expensive to turn him onto a CM.
      With time, you can also think in Júlio César, Nani, and Valencia.

      1. Thanks for the answer.

        Mata is almost at the same price than Nasri, is he worth the 20k? (Mata)

        i’m well with Fellaini for now so i guess Yaya toure can wait. (I hate ramirez)

        Also i can’t do well with Valencia, i don’t know why but the skills of Ben arfa makes me feel very comfortable.

        And is Julio cesar good? for me Vorm is okay, but i’m reading Julio cesar’s reviews on futhead and i don’t know..

        What about Santi Cazorla?

        Great site btw, is very helpful.

        1. Hi.
          The most important is how you feel with the players. If you are fine with Ben Arfa, Vorm and Fellini, you don’t need to change. Yaya is one of our favourites players. For us, Mata is better than Nasri and Cazorla.

          1. Okay, i bought Mata and i gave another chance to Ramirez. The team seems very good, what do you think?

            GK: Vorm, sub Sczeny
            LB: Sagna, sub Glen Johnson
            CB: David Luiz, Kaboul sub Koscielny
            RB: Evra sub Gibbs
            RM: Ben arfa sub Valencia
            LM: Ashley young sub N zogbia
            CM: Juan Mata, Ramirez (i gave him another chance and it’s good) sub Fellaini
            CF: Sessegnon sub Kagawa
            ST: Remy sub Darren bent

            But first division is going pretty hard for me. In my first chance i keept the division and now i have 3/2/2 5 matches left and i believe i’m not going to win it again 🙁

            Also i’m thinking in buying Tevez for CF, he is very cheap in that position, is he good in there? what do u think?

  52. Hi
    who do you think is better hazard bale or nani for my Barclays premier league team

  53. My team is :-
    walker david luiz felipe santana baines

    Milner fellaini lucas

    Sturridge Eto’o Lavezzi

    What should be improved?

    1. Hi.
      Our first concerned is about your chemistry. Do you have, at least, individual chemistry 7 to all your players? You should.
      If you don’t have much coins we suggest Ramires to Fellaini place.

      1. everyone’s chemistry is 7+
        but i want to improve my squad i have about 40k coins

  54. I’ve got a 4-5-1 team with
    GK – TOTS mignolet
    LB – IF baines
    CB – TOTS jagielka / kompany
    RB – TOTS Zabaleta
    CM- TOTS carrick
    LM – Hazard
    RM – IF Mirallas
    CAM – Suarez, Rooney
    ST – Aguero

    Subs: De gea/A.cole/ TOTS Williams / IF skrtel/ ivanovic/yaya/silva/cazorla/ young/ valencia/remy

    Any suggestions for improvement?

  55. Ive got a 433 team with:
    johnson terry ferdinand chlichy
    valencia podolski nani
    wallcot van persie bale

    as subs among others: willshere, hernandez, agger and gibbs

    I have about 70 k for improvement.

    Which players would you sell/change and which ones would you buy?
    Or shoulf I maybe change the formation?

    I apriciate you help very much

    1. Hi.
      We only suggest to change your formation if you are not going well. If you are winning most of the matches, don’t change it.
      In our opinion, you have a problem in your team: you built that team thinking only on scoring goals. Your CB’s are both slow and in the midfield there is not any player to help the back four.
      Our suggestion is to buy a good fast CB, as Kompany and someone to the center of midfield. We think that Touré would be perfect since he has good defensive skills and high defensive work rate. He is a box to box man that will help your attack as you like but also give more security to your defence. With the rest of money you can try Hart.

  56. Hi I am playing 3412 my defence is kompany vidic and ferdinand team of the season, my midfields are cms: silva and mata or yaya? lm is hazard and rm is bale
    my cf is rooney and strikers are aguero and podolski (i dont like rvp) and my gk is hart any improvments?

    1. Hi.
      First of all, you have a nice team. You should check if your CB’s are faster enough to you play style. Usually, in a 3-4-1-2 the slowest CB play in the middle and the other two should be fast players to cover the back of the slower one.
      We also think that Touré is a better choice than Mata, since je will help your defence much more that the Spanish player.
      Finaly, in a team like you have, you should have a better player than Podolski as ST. If you don’t have much coins, you can try Tévez.

      1. Thanks the problem with tevez is that he is always pulled out of position with his work rates I tried balotelli but his weak foot on the left side isn’t great, rooney is like tevez often pulled out of position is there anyway I can stop this ? also should i swap ferdinand for vertongen tots? thanks

  57. Hi
    I have a 352 Squad and I was looking for improvements:
    Gk: Cech (I tried Lloris and I didn’t like him)
    Cbs: David Luiz,Kaboul,Kompany
    CDM: Toure, Tiote (I also tried IF Fellaini but I saw that Tiote was much better)
    Rm:Bale LM: Hazrad
    Cam: Nasri (I also tried David Silva but I saw that Nasri was much better)
    Strikers: Podolski, Aguero( I tried Rooney but Podolski was much better)

    1. Hi.
      You are making the things well: you try the players and see which one you like more.
      We, for example, prefer David Silva but everyone is different. To your play style, it seems that Nasri is better.
      So, we can suggest you some improvements but it is only our opinion:
      Hart on the goal
      CB’s are perfect
      Ramires as CDM
      Check if Bale has, at least individual chemistry 7
      Tévez in the place of Podolski

  58. thekieranasaur

    hi, my team goes
    Gk Reina
    Rb Sagna/Johnson
    cb Agger/ Luiz
    cb Terry/ Skrtel
    Lb Cole/ Evra
    Cm Cazorla/ Arteta
    Cm Coutinho/ Milner
    Cm Gerrard/ Scholes
    Lw A.Young/ Gervinho
    St Suarez/ sturridge
    Rw Walcott/ Dyer

    could u rate it for me? i find suarez way too slow, so any idea for a good 15k premier league striker?

    1. Hi.
      Two good players to ech position seems to us a really good start.
      In our opinion you have a nice balanced team. But you can improe it with just few coins.
      In the defence, we think that Vermaelen or Kaboul could replace Agger or Skrtel.
      In the midfield, we think that you need a better box to box man, with good defensive attributes. Ramires would be perfect.
      The striker that you asked have a name: Tévez. For that budget it is the better you can have. And he is really good.

  59. ok great 🙂
    thx for the fast answer.

    I thought about buying mata or tevez for cam but don’t know which one i should buy

    greetings from Germany 🙂

  60. Hey guys i just wanted u to take a look at my squad

    my formation is 4-2-3-1
    I also have got some good players on my bench like: Lampard, Chicharito, Bent, Remy, Ramires, hart, clichy, david luiz, rio ferdinand, rafael, kagawa, podolski.
    thanks 🙂

    1. Hi. Nice squad.
      There is no much to change. It looks great as it is. Excepting if you have coins to invest in more expensive players as Rooney. Tévez is also great playing as CAM.

  61. Nick Trevennen

    Also should I build a second team for fitness so when my Bpl teams fitness goes down i rest them?
    Also when I get enough Money should I replace tevez with someone like .

  62. Nick Trevennen

    Hi I have this team but I need a striker but I only have 10k who should I get
    Cole vidic kompany Maicon
    Sif bale if hazard
    Aguaro. _______
    Who should I get?

    1. Woooo!!!
      You have a squad that worths more than 1 million coins but you don’t have money to buy a ST? 🙂
      You have a fantastic team, probably the best you can have (except some IF cards). You can try to get some more coins to buy Rooney, for example (changing Lloris by Hart, for example).
      If you really want to spend 10k coins on a ST, we suggest to try Tévez. He is really great. Maybe not as the rest of your team, but we like him very much.


  63. Hi, what would you say is the best 4-1-2-1-2 squad you can make for 500k? please can you include the subs within the budget as well, and list the team below. I would highly appreciate it, thanks 🙂 XBox360

  64. 4-1-2-1-2 Formation and I got:
    GK – Lloris
    LB – Ashley Cole
    CB – David Luiz & Kompany
    RB – Maicone
    LM – Bale
    CDM – Yaya Toure
    RM – Hazard
    CAM – RVP
    ST – Aguero and Tevez.

    Anything else i can do to make this team better?

  65. hi,
    im going to make a bpl with 60k! i play 4-2-3-1. Can you recommend me any players that are good that i can afford, is tevez good as a cf? thanks!

    1. hello again, ive changed my formation to 4-4-1-1 This is my team!
      Cbs-vermalen and richards, richards for the defending heading and pace
      Rm- Ben arfa
      Cms- cazorla and yaya toure
      Lm- Ox Chambelin
      who is the next players i should save up for? Im thinking van persie, nasri, david silva! Are those the right players i should save up for!
      By the way great website!!

      1. Hi.
        RVP, Silva and Nasri are for sure great players that will fit very well in your team. But we still think that Kaboul, for example, would be a great addition to your defence.
        Also, in our opinion, Ox Chambelin is not the best player to play as LM. If you don’t have enough coins to Bale or Hazard, try Nani.

        1. ok, thanks.
          I brought Kaboul for my team, i still havent got enough coins for nani! So before i get nani,bale or hazard who should i get at left midfield
          Thanks once again!:)

  66. I have 420 and a brilliant 87 rated team 100 chemistry so what shall I do with the money can u give me a underrated 20 k as well plz
    Kind regards

  67. Hey I know this is out of place but do you have a recommendation for making a bundasliga team & formation? Thanks again

    1. Sorry. We can not recommend teams from leagues we didn’t test it. We can only provide quality information about Serie A, BPL, BBVA and Brazilians.
      In FUT 14 we will try to analyze much more leagues.

  68. Danny Cutting

    How’s my 4:4:2 team?

    Gk Lloris
    RB Sagna
    CB Kompany
    CB Vidic
    LB cole
    Rm Valencia
    CM David silva
    CM Yaya Toure
    LM hazard
    St van Persie
    St Aguero

  69. Hey, I wonder what squad should I build with 1.5kk coins. The question is, what are some INFORM players in this league that i should buy to create an ass kicking squad. btw I play 4-4-2. Thanks!!

  70. Hi this is my squad and I was hoping you’d have some advice on who to buy to strengthen my squad, I have around 20k at the moment, and willing to save up, so thanks in advance. I play 4-4-3 and this is who I have to choose from,
    GB – Julio Cesar
    LB – Clichy
    CB – Terry, Ferdinand, Luiz
    RB – Johnson, Walker
    CM – Toure, Mata, Nasri, Kagawa, Ramires, Dembélé
    LW – Young, Gervinho
    ST – Tevez, Podolski
    RW – Valencia, Walcott

      1. After I play out my division I’ll have enough for Silva, I’ll also grab Kaboul and I’ve had my eye on Nani for a while so I think he’ll be an addition soon, thanks for the help

  71. Hi this is my team and I was wondering if I could get any opinions on players who I should buy to strengthen the squad, thanks. I play 4-3-3 and these are the players I have to choose from.
    GK- J. Cesar, LB- Clichy, CB- Luiz, Terry, Ferdinand, RB- Walker, Johnson, CM- Mata, Toure, Nasri, Kagawa, Ramires, Dembélé, LW- Young, Gervinho, ST- Tevez, Podilski, LW- Walcott, Valencia

    1. Hi.
      We don’t know how much coins you have to invest. Hazard, for ecample, is great but probably too expensive.
      You should start to look to Silva. He seems to fit very well in this squad. To the bench, Kaboul would be great.

  72. manuel lamedica

    hi, me 3-4-1-2 team includes cech- vermaleen, kompany and m’bia- toure and wilshere- valencia and young- podolski- remy and hernandez. what shall be mi next incorporation

  73. Hey, my current team in 41212 is-

    TOTS Begovich
    Ashley Cole
    TOTS WIlliams
    TOTS Zabaleta
    Yaya Toure
    Di Maria
    Aguero and Suarez

    I wanted to ask who i should buy to improve and if I should get RVP/Rooney or TOTS Michu and for CB Vidic and also lloris in place of TOTS Begovich? Thanks

    1. Hi.
      1) TOTS Begovich is a really good card but Lloris is still the better. His reflexes and dinving, the two most important goalkeepeing attributes, are amazing.
      2) If you often attack don’t buy Vidic. When your opponents counter attack, he will be out of play since he is very slow. Fantastic defender but too slow.
      3) Usually, by the same price, regular cards are better than IF cards. It is what happens to RVP/Rooney and IF Michu.
      Your team will be great with these changes.

  74. i have a full team of the season squad and have 7 million coins left over who should i buy

  75. Hey long time no see – I’m back to fifa u team.
    I still have my 4-4-2 team with all the best players – selling them currently. Can you help me make a good 4-3-3 BPL team. I was thinking maybe Aguero ST, Bale LW – thats what I got so far.. Also can you list subs for each position that you recommend – not sure how much money I’ll have by the end but I guess a general idea of a good team would be great Thanks!

      1. Sounds good – before you replied I finished selling most of my old 4-4-2 dream team bpl ( sadly the prices dropped heavily…. lost probably 300k )

        Anyway here is what I have atm: 4-3-3 (subs in ( ) )
        ST: Aguero (RVP)
        LW: Bale (Nani)
        RW: Valencia (Ben Arfa)
        3 CM: Mata/Carrick TOTS/Silva (Ramires/Toure)
        LB: Cole (Clichy)
        2 CB: Vermael/Kompany (Luiz/Kaboul)
        RB: Maicon ( I WAS THINKING OF RAFAEL IF? (80))
        GK: IF De Gea (not sure who to have as sub)

          1. Hey I sold the TOTS carrick – wasn’t working well with the 3 cms.
            So my cms are mata/silva/ toure – ramires on the bench. Who else should I have on the bench to sub in when I have to rest them?
            midfield subs: I have ramires atm – would podolski/feliani/tevez/nasri ( be good )? 2 of them since I already have ramires on the bench

          2. Sorry for the triple reply… So I sold Michael Carrick TOTS (100k), bought Hart as my back up keeper. Nani for LW.

            I just need to 3 subs for the cm? or would do be fine?
            my cm is mainly Silva/Mata/Toure – subs atm Nasri/Ramires. I have 45k left, should I get anyone or am I fine?

  76. I have a 3-4-1-2 team which is on preparation,
    Remy. Hermandez.
    Young. Tiote. Ramires. Valencia

    Which 3 CBs should i buy and which Gk?
    On a budget of 8k
    And on a 15 k?
    Thank you in advance

    1. Hi.
      It is a very low budget.
      With only 3 defenders, you need fast CB’s. You can try Vermaelen, Kaboul and David Luiz. You can also try Laurent Koscielny. To the goal, our choice is Júlio César.
      With the budget of 15k you can keep with the same players but with Cech on the goal.

  77. Hello im planning to make an barclays team and have a budget of 220k what are your first 11 and sub suggestions? Thank you

  78. My squad is: GK- De Gea; RB- Johnson, CB- Kompany and Agger, LB- Cole; RM-Valencia, CDM- Parker, CAM- Silva, LM- Young; ST- Van Persie and Remy. What improvements would you suggest that I make to my team? Thanks.. (PS: I play a free flowing game, mostly possession but I try to hit fast on the counter attack.)

      1. Thanks. I got Toure. Working on Nani and I got Joe Hart as my goalie. The team looking ok now?

  79. hi, i play 4-2-3-1
    Walker-Vermaleen-David Luiz-Clichy
    Ramires– Toure
    Mata– Nasri– Silva

    subs: Hernandez, cazorla, sessegnon, fellaini, taarabat, m’bia, jose enrique

    any suggestion?


  80. My team 4-4-2
    Sagna (rb) vermaelen (cb) David luiz(cb) A.cole (lb)
    Walcott (rm) David silva (cm) nasri (cm) hazard (lm)
    Podolski (st) Torres (st)

    Subs: mattA (cm
    Santi carzorla (cm)
    RVP (st)
    Ramirez (cm)
    Clichy (lb)
    Hulk (rm)
    Dzeko (st)
    Reserves: ba (st)
    Lennon (rm)
    Oscar (cm)
    Marin (cm)
    Malouda (lm)

    Is it really worth buying bale in a lm possition ?? I want him but not sure if he will be as good as hazard (who is fantastic). I was told by a few mates to buy RVP but he is slow an loses the ball quite often.im gutted to be keeping him on the bench but I believe that podolski is the best left footed striker for a EPL team. Are there any players you recommend to add to my team ? What do you think ?

    1. Hi. Nice to meet you.
      You have a good team. In our opinion, the stikers are your weakest players. We don’t know what is your play style and how much money you have to spend but probably you should try Tévez. We like RVP but we also know that he is not a good player for everyone.
      About Bale, the FIFA community seems to have a good opinion about him: as LM he is better than Hazard; as LW/LF Hazard is better. But, if you really are loving Hazard why whould you try another one? Keep with him and save that coins to other players. For example: we notice that your CM’s don’t have good defensive skills. In a 4-4-2, we recommend to use one CM with good defensive skills. Maybe Touré could replace Nasri.

  81. hello now i am confused i sell my 4312 and get 352 then i didn’t like it now if i go to 4312 with
    gk Hart
    2 cb daivid luiz and kaboul
    RB sanga , LB cole
    3 cm toure ,mate , nasri
    cf suarez
    2 st tevez and RVP or balotilee or RVP

    is it a good team or do u have any ideas for a formation ?? and if i play 4312 do u think that the 3 CM i play with will be not good ?? best site 😀

      1. i will get silva insted of juan mata or samir nasri what i choose ?

        and last question balotilee or tevez ? which 1 play better with rvp ?

      2. sry i forget put silva on the right or the left and mata on the right or left and nasri on right or left ?? thank best site iam sorry for to much questions 😀

        1. It makes no big difference since you probably already have individual chemistry 9 for all players. Touré must be on the middle. Then, maybe Silva on the right and Mata on the left since Silva has high attacking wr and low defensive wr, mata has medium/medium, Cole, high/medium and Sagna medium/high.

  82. hi it is me again
    today i just sold my squad and i am left with 20k
    pls tell me a gr8 squad and formation

      1. It is very hard to build good hybrid squads with only 20k coins.
        You can try (4-2-2-2): Diego, Miranda, David Luiz, Kaboul, Clichy, João Pereira, Luis Enrique, Busquets, Ramires, Kaká, Óscar, Vela and Hernandez.

        1. i was tellin abt the players that i sold were from liga bbva and barclays
          i want a bpl team with 20 k

  83. What do u think of my team and recommend me adjustments?
    Formation : 4-3-2-1
    GK: Hart
    CB: Kompany and David Luiz
    LB: Clichey
    CM: Mata , Ramires , Sissoko
    ST: Aguero
    LF: Bale
    RF: Walcott

    1. Hi.
      It depends of your play style, preferences and budget.
      In our opinion you have a nice team and the midfield is the only place that maybe needs some improvements.
      We don’t know how many coins you have but Touré and Silva (or Nasri) are very cheap right now.. They could be the men you need.

      1. Ok so heres my updated team:
        I switched to 4-1-2-1-2
        ST: Aguero And Podolski
        LM: Bale
        RM: Walcott
        CAM: Mata
        CDM: Ramires
        LB: Clichy
        CB: Kompany, David Luiz
        RB: Walker
        GK: Hart

        P.S : I have about 80k right now so i can almost buy any player you recommend

        1. Hi.
          You already have a very nice team. In our opinion, you may think in one of these changes: Ramires by Touré; Mata by Silva; Rooney (or Tévez) by Podolski. We know that you love fast players but we believe that these changes could improve your team.

  84. Michalis Ioannidis

    I am new at Fifa game( i play pro before) i am in game since Feb’13 and your site help me with your advinces
    I play 4-1-2-1-2 and my team is:
    GK Hart-Lloris
    CB Kaboul-David Luiz
    CB Kompany-Vermaelen
    RB Maicon-Sagna
    LB A.Cole-Clichy
    CDM Y.Toure-Ramires
    RM Valencia-Ben Arfa
    LM Hazard-Bale
    CAM D.Silva-J.Mata
    ST Aguero-Balotelli
    ST Van Persie-Tevez

    What is the next move to improve my team?
    Every game i use custom tactics and players work rates. Your opinion about this? any advices?
    Thank again very usefull guide!!!
    Sorry for my English i need practice

    1. Hi!
      Thanks for being with us.
      About your team, is seems very nice. You have all the players for each positions. Except maybe Rooney who is probably better than Balotelli for example.
      You are going very fine. We don’t have any advice for you. On FUT you can’t change wr players.

  85. Hi, I currently have a 4-2-3-1 BPL squad, and it consists of:
    CDM-Yaya Toure
    CDM-IF Jack Wilshere

    I was wondering if you could suggest any improvements too my squad, I have about 25k to spend on the improvements, btw I have cole as a sub LB but didn’t know if he would be as good as Clichy? Your help would be much appreciated 🙂

    1. Hi.
      Clichy is fastest but Cole is better balanced player.
      You have a very nice team. In our opinion, CF is the weakest positions that could be improved. Do you rally like Suarez? Tevez is cheap and play very well as CF too. You also have David Silva that can be a great choice depending of your play style.

      1. Hi, thanks for the feedback, I was wondering if RVP would be a good cf? if not I will buy Tevez or convert David Silva as I currently have him in CAM

          1. If you are not happy with him, it is a good option. In our opinion, Sagna as RB is better to our play style. We don’t need a player with good heading on the right back as Walker is.

        1. RVP is a good player that can play as CF. We use him as CM. If you like to shoot outside the box, he may be the right guy to you. Otherwise, you can try Tévez (the cheap solution) or David Silva.

  86. 4-1-2-1-2

    de gea
    sagna komapny davidluiz evra
    valencia nani
    suarez rvp

    j cesar, lescott, walker, parker, mata, young, remy

    i have 100k, maicon or lloris?

  87. Hi guys. I was wondering about your 30k-35k EPL team. Can u please make one for me in the comments. I was thinking of:
    De Gea
    Subs: GK?
    CB Touré
    CB Mertsacker (i want a faster CB option)
    CAM: Kagawa
    CM: Arteta/Oscar
    ST: Dzeko
    ST: Chicharito
    I didnt build this team yet im waiting for your reply

    1. Hi.
      Thanks for your comment.
      It seems to us that you will need some more coins to build that team.
      It is a really good team with that budget. We think you don’t need to change anything.
      You have Kaboul or Vermaelen as a faster CB option to Mertsacker.

  88. Hi guys,
    Thanks for the great article!
    Do you have any improvements for this team? (Not too expensive)
    GK: Reina
    RB: Walker
    CB: Kaboul & Luiz
    LB: Clichy
    RM: Ben Arfa
    CM: Ramires
    LM: Gervinho
    CAM: Lampard & Gerrard
    ST: Podolski

    Thanks in advance!

  89. My team is
    GK- De Gea
    CB- Lescott
    CB- Terry
    CB- Ferdinand
    LM- Young
    CM- Milner
    CM- Wilshere
    RM- Lennon/ Valencia
    CF- Podolski
    ST- MIrallas( Everton striker)
    ST- Bent

    Could u give me suggestion 4 my team
    Have 15000 coins to spare

    1. Hi.
      It depends of your play style and preferences. But we will try.
      With 15k coins you can make some adjustments.
      On a formation with only 3 defenders, you should choose faster CB’s. Maybe you can try Kaboul or Vermaelen.
      On the midfield, our suggestion is Ramires.
      If you love fast strikers, maybe you can buy Remy.
      You have enough coins to these changes.

  90. hello what do you think about geting aguero to cam and RVP to PL?

    i got rooney aguero
    david silva
    hazard valecia(tryed gervinho IF but dont like it)
    yaya(ofc) 🙂
    marcelo vidic kompany maicon
    hugo lloris

    got 100k to spend what do you tink?
    thx for the time 🙂

    1. Hi.
      First of all, you have a name that seem portuguese to us. If so, you can check our portuguese version HERE.
      About Aguero, we never tried him as CAM. Tévez can play very well as ST, CF, CAM and CM but Aguero we really don’t know. In our opinion he is the best ST of BPL. Placing as CAM seems a waste. You don’t need to do that. You already have an almost perfect team.
      We just can’t understand why you have Marcelo. He does not link with anyone. Cole is a really good LB.

      1. ye im portugues 😀
        marcelo is faster then cole for my style is better i think
        im getting a eye on evra IF what do you think?

        1. and rooney IF im rly vry close of buying him is a moster and on IF uld be vry cool to

        2. Olá.
          We understand why you prefer Marcelo. He fits better on your play style. We agree that he is probably the best LB in the game.
          However, you should pay attention to his individual chemistry. We do not recommend to use players with less than 7. And, in your team, Marcelo is.
          We love Clichy but Cole is more balanced. Evra IF is a bit expensive but if you have enough coins, he seems to us a great choice.
          Cumprimentos / Regards

  91. Hi. What do you think of my squad ? Give some help and comments please… I play with a 4-3-3 formation
    (From lef to right )
    David Luiz
    Santi Cazorla
    Luis Suarez
    David Villa
    Fernando Torres
    Jesus Navas
    On the bench I have some players like :
    Ronaldihno (Freekicks)
    Agger etc…
    Please give me advice of which players should I buy! Thamks

    1. Hi.
      As you know, it depends of your play style, preferences and budget.
      We think that you have a nice team. Your defence is oK and you have a good midfield. Personally we don’t like of Torres but if you replace him, Navas chemistry would be affected.
      The only thing that we have to say is that in your midfield you do not have players that help the defence. Usually, the CM of the middle has that kind of attributes. Ramires, Touré and Xabi are examples of players that can take that position.