FUT 13 Ideas That We Disagree

FUT 13 will look something like FUT 12. Our WishList includes 13 improvements that we wish were implemented.

In this article we will explain why we do not agree with some suggestions that the community requests.


 FUT 13 Ideas That We Disagree

FUT 13 must remain simple and functional. Most things in FIFA Ultimate Team have a reason to be as they are: to regulate the market, to keep the game dynamics, to not increase the FUT complexity, for reasons of security, logistics and … economic, of course. We must understand this.

Here are some of the most popular changes suggested by players’ community and which we disagree:



The current system of team chemistry was well thought. It gives to the game a dynamic component. Ending with the team chemistry, as some suggest, would end with FIFA Ultimate Team.

Another idea is what they call progressive chemistry, in which players increased their chemistry as they played together. We think that this system would not be as good as the current one. The connection with the real world of football would be lost and the players would no longer have to plan their team as well. It would became a static game.

 FUT 13 Ideas



The 5% tax charged by EA on all transactions have the regulator effect of FUT market. Take it out would send it to the collapse.

 FUT 13 Ideas



Ending the position training cards would be like allowing that any player could play in any position. This is already possible, but hurting the team chemistry. What makes perfect sense.

There are also those who argue that new specific position training cards should be created. We disagree. Probably there are already too many. Allow Rooney to play as defensive midfielder as he does in the attack does not seem correct.

It would be enough to be created a CM-RM card or a CM-LM card and, basically, everyone would be able to play everywhere. Another example: if Dani Alves could move from RB to LB, it would not be necessary to make an effort to build a super team with super chemistry. Some of the enjoyment of playing FIFA Ultimate Team is to know how to manage the build of our squad. Who wants to put Dani Alves as Left Back, will need to earn chemistry points in other sector in order to keep it high.

 FUT 13 Ideas



The major claim relating to the pace has to do with the fact that it could be greater in an IF player’s card than in his regular card. We believe that, on a day when everything goes well, a player can overcome his usual pace.

What could be subject to review are the assigned paces, making them more balanced, and thus reducing the excessive importance they have.

 FUT 13 Ideas



The contracts are there to maintain the game balance. We can not just earn coins, we also have to spend them. It is up to EA to know how to manage the number of contract cards they issue to prevent the astronomical values ​​that sometimes these cards reach in the FUT market.

More questionable seems to us the situation of the substitutes. Many people do not use them because every time they come into play, they are spending contracts. If on one hand is annoying to have multiple breaks in the match to make substitutions, on the other hand makes no sense to having them there not to be used.

 FUT 13 Ideas



The IF players’ cards have Quick Sell Values​ much higher than the Regular players’ cards. For athletes with a rating greater than 82, this value exceeds the 10k coins.

There are many complaints about this subject, but we agree with the current situation. Keeping the values ​​as they are, EA is matching the discard values with the market values, promoting its balance.

FUT 13 Ideas


And you? Do you agree with these suggestions, or do you share of our opinion?


13 thoughts on “FUT 13 Ideas That We Disagree”

  1. I think they should add training packs containing only contracts, fitness and morale cards.

  2. Still happy to stick with fifa 12 until 14 is released here… why? 1) The market looks better to me (much more cheaper average/good players in auction) which makes it more fun to build squads. 2) Can’t help but get too annoyed at the “first touch” addition it should be balanced out better or have a more balanced formula to it. 3) Pace is a tiny bit less important in fifa 12 if you have a well balanced player (not too slow offcourse) which again makes it a bit more balanced and real, cause once again i don’t see hussain bolt becoming football player of the year :). All good points in your articles too guys :)!

  3. i understand your point about team chemistry, but you see, with the current system you are not creating a team that you want, instead you are just recreating an actual team which is far less interesting, its simple, i do not want to creat a pre-existing team, i want my own team, and yes, selection of captain and kit numbers should be down to us, i hated my Thierry Henry playing in the number 3 jersey -_- . and i agree with you on position cards and contracts, they should exist, as it is in real life, and playing players out of position should not only reflect adversely on team chemistry, but also on player moral, as we have seen in real life many players leave their clubs because they were not played in their desired position(off topic, but i think this should also be incorporated into manager mode).

    1. Thanks for your comment. And what a wonderful comment! We agree with you in everything. Our views about chemistry are not exactly the same but we understand your point. With the actual chemistry system we are restricted in the players that we choose. It’s true. It’s more difficult to build a original squad. Thanks again!

  4. I won’t even go into FUT on FIFA 13 if there are contracts. I’d rather just not even get FIFA or just play virtual pro. It’s not about making the game more and more realistic to the point that it is ridiculous. A game should be realistic but at the same time fun. These contacts ruin FUT. If we really wanted that level of realism then we would become football managers. Considering that we have to deal with contracts. I know many people agree with me. No one likes contracts, get that through your skull and you will be appreciated.

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