FUT 13 iPhone App was Launched

Manage your FUT 14 for Consoles on your iOS or Android Device


You can manage your FIFA 13 Ultimate Team club wherever you are. FUT 13 iPhone app was launched and you can download it from iTunes store.


What does the FUT 13 iPhone App


It was long-awaited. And finally arrived. FIFA 13 Ultimate Team Enthusiasts who have an iPhone are now privileged: they can download the application FUT 13 for this device.

Here is what is possible to do with the new FUT 13 iPhone App:

  • Access to the EASFC feed and keep up to date with friends;
  • Search and bid on the auction house;
  • Access and manage the watchlist;
  • Access and manage the trade pile;
  • Access and manage the unassigned items.


It’s currently only available on iOS with no plans yet for an Android app. It will take som time, for sure.


How to install the FUT 13 iPhone App


It’s easy to install the FUT 13 iPhone App.

If you want to do it, follow these steps:


Step 1 – Check if the app is available in your country/region

Search for “EA Sports Football Club” on iTunes installed on your computer or on App Store of your iPhone.

If you can’t find the App on either iTunes or the App Store, try the following link, replacing “YOURCOUNTRYCODE” by the code of your country (for example: ca – canada):


If it doesn’t work, probably Apple didn’t launched the app in your country. In that case, change the iTunes region for one that exists (Canada, for example). After finish the instalation, you can back to the original region.


FUT 13 iPhone App - Instalation

FUT 13 iPhone App – Instalation

Step 2 – Install

Once found the FIFA 13 Ultimate Team application for iPhone, called FUT Companion App, simply click install and start using it.


FUT 13 iPhone App Screenshots


FUT 13 iPhone App - Welcome Screen

FUT 13 iPhone App – Welcome Screen

FUT 13 iPhone App - Welcome Screen

FUT 13 iPhone App – Market

FUT 13 iPhone App - Watch list

FUT 13 iPhone App – Watch list


FUT 13 iPhone App - Search Menu

FUT 13 iPhone App – Search Menu


29 thoughts on “FUT 13 iPhone App was Launched”

  1. Can you please release an update which allows you to buy Fifa Points like an in app purchase and Packs through the iOS version of the web app!

  2. Rian Williamson

    Do they plan on releasing an update that let’s you actually view your team?

  3. I have downloaded the app but cannot log on using my email or password, however it is the same one as on the play station! Any help would be great….

    1. The iOS version of FUT is single-player only – unlike the console or PC versions, you cannot play against other players. The iOS version of FUT is also exclusive to the iOS platform, meaning that actions such as Trading, selling and multiplayer matches will only occur between those who are using iOS to play FIFA 13.
      The FUT 13 iOS App is a different thing. It is a program that allow you to manage your club, like you already do on console or on FUT Web App. You can play online with your ultimate squad but only on your console/PC.

  4. when will be a update ready for iPhone, where we can see our team and put the players on the trade pile?

    1. Hi Telmo. First of all, if you want you can access to the Portuguese version of FIFA U Team Website here.
      About your question, the version in use is 1.0.2. and it was updated on 27 November 2012. We have no more informations about the next update.

  5. I can’t use it? I have downloaded it but keeps taking me straight to the getting started menu?

      1. How would I go about Doing this. Because I’ve been getting the same problem for the past 9 days.

          1. Having to same problem I’ve tried contacting ea over and over again phone,letter,email done them all no reply. I have had missing players and I want them back get your self sorted out ea

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