FUT 13 WishList – 13 Critical Improvements

FIFA 13 brings another FIFA Ultimate Team version. The gamers community discuss what they would like to see changed in FUT13. We made ​​a wishlist and show to you the 13 most critical FUT 13 improvements.


FUT 13 WishList

We bring to you thirteen improvements suggestions. Read the whole article to understand what we suggest.


  • Cheaters Removal
  • Improvement of  Servers
  • Allow Bets
  • Allow Dropouts by Mutual Agreement
  • Refurbishment of Tournaments
  • Players’ Ratings Review
  • Better Management of Players’ Training Cards
  • Refurbishment of Happy Hour
  • Improvement of Search Filters
  • More Club Customization
  • Improvement of Player Statistics
  • Handicap Removal
  • Improvement of Squad Menu


FUT 13 WishList – Number One


The integrity of FIFA Ultimate Team is one of its strengths. Its robustness against cheating contributes greatly to this. By being the first improvement that we suggest in our list, it does not mean that FUT12 has been poor in this aspect. We just do not want that cheaters start to proliferate, which would mean the giving up of many honest players. FIFA Ultimate Team is just a game and so it should be played with fair play and according to the rules.

Besides reinforcing the usual actions against scammers, it was important that the EA prevented definitely the two most common ways of cheating: multiplication of accounts and auto-buyers software. Some people do not consider this cheating but, for us, everything that gives advantage to some players should be eliminated. It is a topic for another article.

 FUT 13 WishList - Cheaters


FUT 13 WishList – Number Two


Everyone who has played FIFA Ultimate Team, know that the servers could and should be better. Who never lost a game because of this?

Throughout the various FUT versions  there has been no improvement in one of the biggest requested made by the players community. If EA wants to improve something really important in FIFA Ultimate Team, this is definitely one of them.

 FUT 13 WishList - Servers


FUT 13 WishList – Number Three


Allow bets on matches it would be a great addition that would bring more competitiveness to FIFA Ultimate Team. Two players should be able to agree that whoever won a match, or a pre-defined number of matches, would receive from the loser a  pre-set amount of Coins.

EA may not be interested in implementing this feature, for safety reasons, but it could bypass the problem by setting a maximum limit for bets.


FUT 13 WishList – Number Four


Sometimes it is almost impossible to play some matches due to EA Servers lag. This happens also before the match starts, when the menu with the opponent team is displayed. There are also cases such as that both teams use very similar kits. It’s painful not to give up of these games just to not increase DNF% or hurt our ranking W-D-L.

There should be an option that would allow both teams giving up by mutual agreement. The game ended immediately and the players were not harmed (or benefited) for the prize, the DNF% or ranking.

 FUT 13 WishList - Quitters


FUT 13 WishList – Number Five


Our view is that tournaments should undergo a refurbishment. Firstly, the prizes for the winners should be higher. There would be more people playing tournaments than betting on the market. Secondly, there should be more permanent tournaments. There are two reasons for not having more tournaments like this: economic matter (forces players to buy packs to comply with the requirements of non-permanent tournaments) and logistics issue (more tournaments means worst pairing). Still, a permanent tournament without any requirement would be important to add to the three that currently exist (gold, silver and bronze).

Finally, there should be more diversity. It would be interesting to introduce special requirements, such as the players’ age, or tournaments with one more round.


FUT 13 WishList – Number Six


In each version of FIFA Ultimate Team, players will getting better and better ratings. There are more upgrades than downgrades ratings. We got to the ridiculous to be released a player’s card in which most of his attributes reached the maximum, as  it happened with the Special Card Messi 99. A review of the players’ ratings could bring more variety and truth to the game.

The best players should be released in less quantity, making them more rare and more expensive. Thus, the gaming community would be forced to experience a larger number of players before they equip with the best. More licensed leagues and more players is also one of the most common requests and that EA could try to satisfy.

FUT 13 WishList - Ratings


FUT 13 WishList – Number Seven


Generally speaking, most of the players believes that is unfair to play against a team which the players’ attributes were inflated. We believe that EA should reduce the number of players’ training cards released in order to raise its price. Thus, there would be less people improving their players and who wanted to do would have to pay well for it.

FUT 13 WishList - Training Cards


FUT 13 WishList – Number Eight


Many FUT players do not know what Happy Hour is or when it happens. This type of information seems to be hidden in the FIFA Twitter and FIFA Facebook pages. It should be accessible to all from their own platforms (PS3, PC or XBox). And be consistent. There should be a fixed space reserved to show when would be the next Happy Hour and if it would be ‘2x Chance‘.


FUT 13 WishList – Number Nine


Sometimes it takes work to find what we want in the market. The FIFA Ultimate Team filter system is not very complete but it has its reason for being like that. Add filters as to search by name or by player’s card class (regular or IF), would become the market too balanced and the good business opportunities, which give so much pleasure to find, would disappear.

Still, we believe that there is room for improving the FUT search engine, keeping the market attractive. Increase the number of filters for the position training cards and for the formation training cards are good examples.

FUT 13 WishList - Search Filters


FUT 13 WishList – Number Ten


If FIFA Ultimate Team is based in building OUR club, then we should be able to customize our kits, badges and stadiums. In that case, these three types of cards should be removed. However, we understand that implementing these improvements might be too complicated, both technically and economically (they can not waste the licenses that are already paid!).

We think that would be more reasonable to add a third kit and allow the assignment of kits numbers of our players.


FUT 13 WishList – Number Eleven


The FUT Players love statistics and need them to better manage their teams and to set new goals. In our view, each player’s card should contain the overall statistics of that player and also those relating to the period in which he played for our club.

In addition, new information should be added to the players’ cards, such as the number of assists they made or the number of tournaments they won.

FUT 13 WishList - Statistics


FUT 13 WishList – Number Twelve


Let us suppose that there is Handicap. It should be eliminated. With Handicap, EA intends to prevent large imbalances and increase competitiveness. But maybe they are thinking wrong.

It is more important to keep the players’ community satisfied and they are unanimous in not wanting the Handicap. If it continues, many people will give up FIFA Ultimate Team, because they lose the motivation to invest in better players, like the IF.


FUT 13 WishList – Number Thirteen


A lot of people have a squad of players who form two teams: one used for important matches and other used for less important  matches. If this is your case, then you know how annoying is having to drag card to card to the positions that we want. There should be an option from the squad menu that allowed us to save and load configurations, saving us the trouble.

It would also be interesting to add the option of choosing the captain, who could have a slight influence on the team chemistry. And, to finish, in the menu before the match, it was also good if we could see the bench of the opposing team.

FUT 13 WishList - Squad Menu


Know also some of the improvements most requested by the FUT players’ community, of which we disagree, including the chemistry refurbishment, the end of the tax system and the change of positions cards.

EA will keep FUT 13 similar to FUT 12. Still, it was good if they implement some improvements of our wishlist. The remaining could stay for FUT 14.


You can agree or disagree with us. What do you think? Do you have other suggestions for improvement that you want to share? We are waiting for your comments!


19 thoughts on “FUT 13 WishList – 13 Critical Improvements”

  1. Great points I totally agree with 100 percent only thing you missed out was the worst thing about fut ,TROLLS keeping the ball with thier goalkeeper and centre halfs near on impossible to do anything about its made me give up fut all together

  2. Paul Chappell

    Things I wish for everyday playing FUT:

    Why does my home kit and away kit have to be home and away kits? Why Can’t my two kits be Barcelona’s Away top and LA Galaxy’s Away Kit?

    Being able to pre-set attacks based on my keeper catching the ball, like the free kick build mode, if every-time your keeper caught the ball your designated attackers instantly set off on a run you’ve pre-set it would make the game quicker and more life-like

    The ability to change players positions, or maybe offer joint position cards, Making a RB into a RM should be fine, offering RM/LM Cards so players can play in both positions is also ok. Allowing a Striker to be turned into a CDM is Crazy! I can name you ten players who have gone from RB/LB to RM/LM but only one Striker who has become a defensive midfielder (Ruud Gullit).

    Limitations on how many cards you can stock should be widened, if you’re allowed 12 teams of 23 players, in theory thats 276 different players yet only 75 items at once! It actually stops me buying packs!

    There should be a fail-safe built into the game where if a player just decides to put there controller down and not play (THE most annoying tactic) then you should be able to pause the game, and then press an option to make the other player reply, if they don’t in 15 seconds they automatically lose, although people will still answer and then not move it should hopefully cut this out.

    International Strips, Badges?? Why can’t I wear the England Top?

    Free Kicks, when you roll a ball to another player to strike they have to take a touch otherwise their shot is the weakest EVER!! This is not like real life.

  3. Danial Timmermann

    I have learn some good stuff here. Certainly worth bookmarking for revisiting. I wonder how so much effort you put to create such a wonderful informative site.

  4. Very good list!

    I would like to add that I, personally, miss detailed player ratings. I want to examine long pass and volley stats for instance. These are not easily viewed inside FUT, and cannot to my knowledge be viewed before purchase.
    I also want to view traits and skills like ‘flair’, etc. as it gives a more nuanced picture of a player.

    Also I miss a greater choice of formations. I am undecided on custom formations, but at least give us all the formations that are available for choice in other modes.
    Some of the formations seem bugged: A CF and ST might spawn in the same spot and collide.
    Some formations have positions for LF and RF while these positions can’t be achieved on players. This makes it harder to achieve a chemistry rating of 100.

    1. Hi. Thanks for your comment.
      I totally agree with you. Player stats should be visible to all. The six basic attributes do not make a player. We need more information. Maybe on the Bio screen…
      And yes. Formations have some bugs…
      Nice to have you here.

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  6. I think most important is servers, but another thing I think should be thought about is why online games against mates don’t count an you earn no coins but if you play the comp on amateur it still counts sum people have 500 wins with no loses doin it this way also I think teams names should be in two colours one for people who buy their way to a top team using real money (don’t get the point of this my self think you shut just play normal mode an choose barca or real) and one for real gamers who enjoy achieving things more than buying things. Also read sum where their stopping single match does this mean you can never play your mates?

    1. Hi. Thanks for your comment. Iy’s true. No more single match on FUT. Just Seasons mode and Tournament mode, online and offline. In FUT 13 you will have EASFC Catalogue to buy things like you said.

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