FUT 14 Web App Early Access is Available since September 13th

FUT 14 Web App Early Access is Available since September 13th


FUT 14 Web App Early Access is already available. What are you waiting for ?


FUT 14 Web App Early Access is Already Available


EA Sports have announced in late August that the FUT 14 Web App early access will take place in Sunday, September 15th. However, they have anticipated in two days this date. Which means that… you already can play FIFA 14 Ultimate Team now!

Obviously you can not play with your team against other opponents. For that you will need to have a copy of the game. But for who have played FUT 13, starting earlier it is a great chance to get an advantage over other players.

If you want to know what you should do first, don’t lose our guide about how to start FIFA 14 Ultimate Team with the right foot. Click HERE to read it.

Note that there are many thousands of players trying to connect it at the same time. You may have some problems to do it. If you have any problem with your security question try to login in your console first.

Now it is time to play. Do it in the same URL as usual. FUT 13 Web App is not available any more. If you don’t remember the URL to access the Web App, click HERE.

Good luck with your first packs!

Share with us in the comments what cards you got, what you think about the FUT14 Web App and the problems you found.


FUT 14 Web App Early Access is Available since September 13th


39 thoughts on “FUT 14 Web App Early Access is Available since September 13th”

  1. Hi, I have played FUT13 a lot on Xbox360, but shall only start FIFA14 when I purchase my PS4 when it gets released and have a couple of question I hope you can help me with:

    – If I would now go to the FUT14 web-app would I receive welcome back packs that are only usable on the 360 version of the game?
    – When I start FUT14 on the PS4 shall I receive the welcome back packs?
    – Will my EA level transfer from 360 to PS4?

    Thanks! I appreciate all the posts on this website.

    1. Hi. Thank you for your positive feedback.
      Let’s see if we can help you:
      1) If you go now to the FUT 14 Web App, you will receive the starter pack and the welcome back packs. These packs can only be used on XBox360 / XBox One.
      2) No. Since you are starting in a new platform, it is like you never have played FUT.
      3) With 99% sure, we can guarantee that your EA level doesn’t transfer from Playstation to XBox.


      1. Thanks for your quick reply and for clarifying. I would have thought (/hoped) the idea behind the EA Sports level was to connect you to EA, not to a specific platform. So that even when switching from Xbox to Playstation I would still continue with FIFA instead of possibly switching to Pro Evo.

        Oh well, guess it is back from level 40 to 1.
        And for the sake of curiosity I could check the web-app to claim my welcome back packs for xbox 360 without ever buying the game 🙂

        1. The main problem is that Sony and Microsoft have different servers and EA can’t do anything about it. But yes, you can check your welcome back packs even without buying the game.

          1. Hello Rodrigo,

            As I have finally got my PS4 and a copy of FIFA14 I have been able to check it. I can confirm that my EA level did transfer as this is separate from the platform (xbox/ps). So when starting FIFA14 I can continue at level 40. Of course there were no Welcome Back packs or anything I unlocked using the level on Xbox 360.

            But still a nice surprise.

  2. Hi 🙂

    I started up UT in FIFA 12 with my club founded in Oct. 12. I didn’t play FIFA 13, but now I started 14 and wanted to keep my club name and founding date. But when I started FUT 14 it didn’t ask me if I wanted to keep my club name or so! So I typed in my old name but now I started up a new club founded in September 13! Is there a possibility for me to get my old club name with founding date (Oct. 2012) back? Thanks for any help! 🙂

      1. so I can’t if I didn’t play FIFA 13, right?
        Just making sure so i don’t misunderstand anything 😀

  3. I have out the hawk card on my striker but none of his stats have changed. Do they only change in game?

  4. I clearly got hacked. Somebody bought Bohemians FC uniform for 7000 coins!! all I had!! I am so frustrated. You are welcome EA, i will still play your game.

  5. Hey Rodrigo!

    Thanks a ton for your guide. I’m doing everything right but the FUT 14 screen shows nothing. I mean, not even errors. I did get a proxy error at first attempt but after following ur advice i logged in to my console, started the game and even entered in FUT 13. I tried refreshing the webpage a several times but got no success.
    Can u help?


    1. You probably have done everything you could: changing computer, another broser, cleaning the cache, etc
      In that case, ask help to EA Support Center. See HERE how to do it.

  6. I currently have a Xbox 360 but preordered a PS4 with Fifa 14. Is there a way to keep my FUT Founder as well as the everything I’ve done with the FUT Web App so far for Fifa 14? Or am I going to have to start a new account from scratch?

  7. Excuse me but I was playing my fifa 14 web app casually today and went to play some soccer outside came back in and Guess what! apparently I don’t have a copy of fifa anymore and I am positive I am on the right account and tried on the companion app too please help!?!?!?!?!

  8. Hello, the players are the first packet with the value of 0, and can not put them in the auction, is this normal?

  9. I like FIFA very much, and i was very lucky with my first 3 packs.
    i got reuse, and his between 30k-48k.
    but i don’t know what to do, to sell him now or wait till fifa 14 comes and then sell him.

    1. Hi.
      Right now there is not much money on the market.
      Imagine that you sell him by that price. Do you think that you will be able to use that coins to make other good deals ? If you are extremely confident, do it. Otherwise, it will be better to wait since his price will raise a lot.

  10. Hi Rodrigo.
    First of all, your site is awesome. Congrats.
    I have a only a question. Why can’t I trade or sell the players of my starter pack? I know they have 45 contracts and that is REALLY important at the starting stages, but some of them are not good.
    The web app does not allow me to put them for sale. I’m hoping I can sell them when the game releases.
    Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi! Thank you.
      This year, EA Sports have changed how the starter pack works. All the cards of this pack are untradeable, including the players cards that have 45 contracts. If you read our starter guide, you will notice that we suggest to sell all your first cards to have coins to start trading. All the cards except the ones from the starter pack. We think that it will not possible to sell them even after the game release.

      1. Thanks for the reply!
        Then it seems I’m stuck with those players forever. I’m guessing this is a way to stop people with multiple accounts from using them. Otherwise, it makes no sense…

  11. I recently start playing FUT, and got totally addicted.
    You site always helps me a lot.
    Since I’m new at the game my EA gifts are really poor comparing to others that I see at You Tube. I got 2 times a 250 coins gift and a mini silver pack.
    If I buy some FIFA points at my FIFA 13 (XBOX360), do you know if I could use it at the web page of EA to buy packs at FIFA 14?
    The FIFA points will be linked at my EA account so I can use whenever and at any FIFA game or I’ll have to use it only at the game that I bought the points.
    Thanks for the wonderful site.

    1. Hi! Thank you for your kindly words.
      Let’s see:
      1) The daily gifts are pure matter of luck. It doesn’t have anything to do with how long you have been playing FUT (welcome back packs have).
      2) You will be able to make a one-time transfer from your FUT 13 FIFA Points to your FUT 14 but that feature is not active yet.
      Stay connected with us. We have several guides to be published soon.

  12. Hello,

    thanks for the news
    I hope you will relase a chemistry styles guide so we will know all about theses cards (example: what a wall card means, what attributes it will affects…)

    1. We will publish a consumables guide probably before the game release date. And it will include a chemistry styles guide for sure.
      Until there you can check the cards effect HERE and learn more about it here:

      The chemistry styles cards allow you to choose which stats are affected by chemistry. They do not change your chemistry numbers. These items can be applied to a player to change their style of play adjusting the players attributes to your squad needs. In the active squad menu, you have a visual indicator (little green arrow) next to the stats of each player showing which ones will be affected by the chemistry and how much will be the potential chemistry boost.
      When a player is released in a card his chemistry style is basic (BAS), the starter style. It means that all his attributes are improved in the same way (one point if chemistry is the higher possible). If you want to change it, you can apply chemistry style cards that you can find in the transfer market or in packs. They are consumables. This means that you can use it once. However, you can apply these cards to each player as many times you want but only one per player at a time. As it happens with positioning cards, its effects are permanent unless you use a new one. If you trade it, the buyer will keep the style. The Chemistry Styles allow you to let choose what stats are changed but not how much it will change. It depends of your chemistry. If you get individual chemistry 10, you will get the higher improvement possible in the stats you have chosen.


  13. My initial pack was awful! And I received just one pack, FUT club est Sept 2012. Some Dec 2012 formed players got 4 packs. May be I missed them, but now I cant find any. Were they a Opening day special sort?
    Trading is very difficult currently. Bought Laudraup for 250, sold for 500. But contracts arent getting sold 🙁 Got Gold contract for 200 and rare gold contract for 300, but not getting buyers for them. I’ve set 350 and 600 for them resp., with 400 and 750 BIN. :'( Coin balance now 11 🙁

      1. Thanks for the support Rodrigo! 🙂
        Just wanted to share, I formed my club in Sept 2012, but started playing FUT13 around a month back! All the time playing career mode, realised what I’ve been missing! In 2 weeks I got to Online Div 1, making money wasnt my main motto due to lack of time, but I managed to put together a very good squad!
        This time I’ll be there from the start, hoping for greater things!
        Let us know about your start of FUT14, and the next strategies 🙂

          1. I am making money….. but too slowly… 🙁
            Current balance just around 1.8k 🙁

          2. Hi.
            It is normal.
            The main problem is that there is less coins in the market. Everything will change when it will be possible to buy FIFA Points (consoles version). Until there, we need to try to sell the cards even by a lower price. We need coins to start trading and make more coins.
            Why the things are different ? Easy. First because all the cards of the starter pack are untradeable. Then, because the loyalty bonus were much worse this year. It’s not you that have less coins. It is everybody. It will take more time to sell our coins because no one have money.

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