FUT 15 Web App Most Common Problems

FUT 15 Web App Most Common Problems


There are many people asking us for help about FUT 15 Web App. But there are many more who still have problems. As always, we are here to try to help you and we have compiled some suggestions to the FUT 15 Web App Most Common Problems.


FUT 15 Web App Most Common Problems


I am registered in Origin but I can’t get into the FUT 15 Web App.

The FUT 15 Web App early access is only for who have created a security question/answer before August 1st 2014.


FUT 15 Web App Most Common Problems

I’m getting information about the companion app when I try to visit the FUT 15 Web App.

Right click over the desktop and select ‘screen resolution’. Then change it to a higher resolution (ideally the one it says is recommended). You can also change the Flash screen size.


I can’t get into the FUT 15 Web App. It’s says to try later.

Clean the cache of your browser and try other browsers (best results are being reported to us with Firefox). If it doesn’t work, that’s because the servers are overloaded and you will have to wait.

FUT 15 Web App Most Common Problems


I can’t see the full screen of FUT 15 Web App.

Use CTRL- to zoom out until you see the whole window.


I can’t get into the FUT 15 Web App on my mobile.

The Web App to mobile devices is the Companion App and it will be available only later in the month.


Since I activated FIFA in my EA Access, I can’t get into the FUT 15 Web App

Probably you got a message like this: “Sorry, EA Access Trial users do not have access to the FUT Web App. Purchase a full copy of FIFA 15 today in order to use the FUT Web App”. Unfortunately, you can’t do nothing about it. EA has disabled FUT 15 Web App early access to EA Access subscribers. However, they already have fixed it.


I can’t buy FIFA Points in the Web App

FIFA Points are only available before the game release to PC gamers (‘get more’ button) and in the early access of EA Access. It is also possible to transfer FIFA Points from FUT 14 to FUT 15 for EA Access and Season Ticket subscribers.


Where is my daily gift ?

Daily Gifts are available in the FUT 15 Web App between September 18 and September 29. It is limited to one per day. In the days you don’t open the Web App, you will loose the daily gift of that day. Pick yours up each day at 12am UK.


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  1. whenever i try to start fifa ut 15 …it shows that “FUT server is experiencing huge server traffic..” how can i fix this problem?? please help me

  2. Hi, i am losing every online match because of the “failed to’ syncronize with opponent ” problem. Playing with iPad, everything is updated… Thanks

  3. hi, I’ve recently been trying to access the fifa 15 web app on my computer but when i log in it says that a security code had been sent to my phone. but the problem is that it has been sent to my old phone. how can i change what phone number the security code sends to?

  4. I haven’t got a phone anymore and I cant get on origin due to its asking for a security code which has been sent to my old phone so I don’t have access to it so yh I cant get on

  5. When i try and get on the fut web app it says you must buy a copy of fifa 15 even though i already have a copy

  6. Every time I try to sign into the EA servers it says ” the EA servers are not available at this time . Please try again later” . Please answer back as it has been like this for nearly a week .

  7. When I go into companion it says I don’t have an account on my origin even though I do.

  8. Hi, i open 3,5 million in the web app and the 7,5 packs going block, i can open all the packs but the 7,5 packs not. In ps4 the same, is there any solution for this?

  9. I am playing on my iPad and I had a player sent off in a match and now it just shows my squad without the subs including the player sent off and I can’t change it

  10. when i want to sign in the web app the tell me
    No Ultimate Team
    It looks like you don’t have a FUT Club.
    Join the community of millions by purchasing FIFA 15 and creating your first Ultimate Team.

    but i have one and i play every day what can i do??

  11. Hi I have the web app linked to my fifa 15 ultimate team however when trying to sell, relist, bid or buy players it says servers are down. I can buy packs however, please can you help. I know the servers are working but don’t understand why it’s not working on the web app. :/

  12. I already asked you this on another article but I can’t find it:I got a player on my transfer targets who every time I want to assign writes something like,,there has been a problem with the servers,please try later”.It’s been like that for a week!It’s just 300 coins but it’s the principle(and its annoying).Another thing:will the market change (a lot?) f or example player prices will go up/drop?Glad if you would answer(again?)!

      1. Sorry,I meant this happens on the console(as I mentioned I wrote about this in another article).PS do you think EA would really help with this,I mean it’s 300 coins and as I follow this site(and I reed the feedback/comments)it doesn’t look like EA are helping the people that suffered many problems(loosing even thousands of coins,players missing etc.).To end this,do you thing it’s worth trying to contact EA ?

  13. cant access transfers, cant re list players, cant remove sold players, cant search for players, cant do anything

  14. i can’t log in into the Companion app and the Web App. it says i don’t have connected a FIFA 15 game. But I have?

  15. It keeps saying I’m logged on to my cosole when I’m blatantly not signed in it wont let me on the web app what can I do

  16. When I try to get on to the web app on my phone it says in logged onto the console when I’ve definetly logged out of the console and I jus lt want it to let me get logged in and trade

  17. Prajan Shetty

    Hey I Play FIFA 15 On My Android phone but when i log into my webapp for the first time today, it shows i do not have a FUT squad. Is there anyway i can link my FUT 15 On android to the webapp? Thanks 🙂

  18. When I try to open my Ultimate Team, asfter loading, it will go back to the main menu…
    Another thing is that every time I will play a match, it says, there’s a problem with loading the last update, try again later..

  19. When I try and sell players on the fifa 15 companion app for iPhone / iPad it won’t let me list players and says something along the lines off ” this player does not exist ” how do i fix this

  20. Whenever I go onto the web app it says “errormessage.loginfail.header” and then under it in smaller letters it says “errormessage.loginfail.body” and I don’t know why.

  21. I used the app and it came up with a security question I answered it and said it was wrong answer although I created it and typed it in correctly now won’t let me use my ultimate team app it’s blocked me. What do I do?

  22. When I used the origin client to link my console to my account, it asked me to sign into my microsoft account, I did that, then it just took me back to the home page, when I went to the companion app and the web app it said that I don’t have a copy of fifa 15. Do you know how to link them a different way?

  23. Hey, when I try to use the companion app It says that it looks like my account doesn’t have a copy of FIFA 15 with it, but I have FIFA 15 how can I fix this and use the app?

  24. whenever I try to go on the web app, this message keeps coming up. ” Sorry, there was an error logging into the FUT Web Application. We were not able to verify your FUT 15 data. Please wait a while and try again by refreshing your browser. For help, please go to EA Answers HQ.” I have tried refreshing the page many times and EA Answers HQ are no help either

  25. When im log in it says : It doesnt look like your account have a copy of Fifa 15 associated with it. What Can i do?

  26. I have a Ultimate team but when I logged in to the web app it says I don’t have a ultimate team…

  27. Can’t get on web app. i have the game and i have used the web app alot. now it says i need to buy a copy of fifa 15??

  28. I’ve been unable to access the web app on my PC over over a week. I can play games online, view and manage my team via the android app but the web app just displays a loading message. What do I do please!

  29. The app is working but it says that I’m logged in on my concise so I can’t use the app. But my console is off and had been for 2 hours. Any ideas

  30. Im on samsung i have forgotten the answer of the secret question so my account is locked how can i unlock it?

  31. I have one psn-account and one orgin account under the same emailadress. The problem is that i cant log in my fut-team (psn) in the companion app, only my origin account which are not connected. What should i do?

  32. I play FIFA15 on my iPad through the App Store. Tried to sign up with Facebook & now it tells me to go to my primary playing device & create a password before I can continue. My iPad is my primary playing device? What do I do? Thanks

  33. When I try to create the security question it says ‘Sorry your security question could not be created.’ Then leaves Ultimate Team pc

  34. Hey, i have got a pack for free by doping the goals. In the pack i got Jerome Boateng. I wanna sell him, but it doesnt work. What do i do to sell him?

  35. “O FUT 15 Web App acesso antecipado é apenas para que criaram uma questão de segurança / resposta antes de 01 de agosto de 2014.”

    Em relação a isso, eu jogava o fut 14 mas nunca acessei o web app, quando comprei o 15, no meio de setembro, ele pediu para cadastrar a pergunta e tal. Quando eu entro no web app ele acessa minha conta com o mesmo email que ta no fut mas aparece como se eu fosse lv.1 e nunca tivesse jogado o fifa. help aqui, como eu faço pra usar o web app?

  36. Hi there ,

    If I keep redeeming the daily bonuses, will I get bettet and better packs or is it just some random packs?


  37. Hey man, I use Fifa 2015 ultimate team app for iPad. Works great.
    Have a problem:
    I am selling player, Yaya Toure, but no one is buying it. I am checking the transfer list and there’s no my player (no player for the same starting price and time left till the end).
    I thought maybe I just cannot see my own players in the selling list, but as I guess I would cannot be true, cause my player is cheast, has done a lot of trainings and many contracs still left, still the price is lowest. All other same Yaya Toure are already bidden. Guess some technical issues?

  38. i cant put items onto the transfer list from my web app or the phone app what do i do

      1. the same for me. Have 10 players for sell, but when I visit transfer market they are not there – I cannot see it. Could be that I just cant see my own players?

  39. I have an ultimate team (account) but now when I want to sign it is loading and says tal to continue…but next it is not oppend my team it says to make another new (It says to choose a pack again)

  40. Hi Rodrigo, my transfer target is stuck at 30 on the web app…while in game i can have 50 transfer targets…what’s wrong.??

      1. that kinda sucks,,,,im losing out on the potential money i could be making from transfer..:(

  41. Not sure if my comment was posted But I have a issue that it keeps stop giving me money when I win matches, and its annoying because I am saving up buy loads of packs hope of getting my first ever inform in FIFA, I am on every day in division 1 got a full prem team,if it carries on much as I love this app its getting very annoying.

  42. The only issue I have that it stops giving me money when playing matches on my andriod and its very annoying specially when I am saving up to buy packs to try and find a inform player,PLEASE FIX THIS

  43. Rodrigo castaneda

    Cuando quiero vender jugadores me sale que no me pertenecen, osea como tengo algo que no me pertenece? Ayudaaaaa

  44. Rodrigo castaneda

    when i want to sell some of my players, yhere says error you can sell players that you dont own, and its weird ’cause those are my players

  45. I cannot complexity any transfers in FUT, it just says “completing…” And it has been like thatfor 6h, is there anything i can do?

  46. My ultimate team says error when i go play gold online tournament and i am in final. How i reset that tournament and start new?

  47. cant access fifa 15 ultimate team web app, keeps saying i need to buy a copy of fifa 15 when i already have one,i have already accessed my ps4 account but doesnt help or change anything on the web app. The full screen idea doesnt help it to work, so what do i do know to access my account on-line

    1. Please, check it your mail is properly linked:
      From the main FIFA 15 menu, scroll across to Customize > Online Settings. Then select Origin Account (EA) Settings. From there, you should be able to see the email address that is linked to your Origin account.

  48. In FUT15 on iPad ios8, the last weeks, the “daily reward” when it is “coins”, these coins are not getting added to my coins bank. This did not happen when I started the game. The “pack rewards” are working properly. Should I contact with them? What is the best way by email? Thanks!

  49. Everytime I change my players from my club to my subs it always says “we are sorry but there has been an error connecting to the ultimate servers” but my internet is fast. How can I resolve this problem?

  50. I just bought rondon on the web app and clicked back before it had updated successfully and I’ve lost the coins but I don’t have the player what can I do its so bloody annoying

  51. My app won’t sync and doesn’t recognise that I have an origin account even though I do on my ps4. How do I fix this?

  52. Hi there, is there any work around for ios devices and Android mobile devices to be able to use the web app.
    The companion app is decent but it doesnt let you buy fifa points.
    No access to a pc all week just phonee tablets etc etc.

  53. Help why can’t I continue my fifa 14 origin account with fifa 15
    And why setting up security question in fifa 15 says error status 461 called 109…

  54. i haven’t bought fifa 15 yet, but im on fifa web app. How can i see which console im using the app on. My fifa 14 was on pc. what if i buy fifa to ps4, will my money still be on pc or will it convert to ps4?

      1. I’m experiencing the same problem. I just bought 2015 for PS3 and when I open Ultimate, I am first prompted to either keep my 2014 UT name or change it. The old name is Dingleberry FC. When I change the name and click X, I get a popup message that the name I selected is censored, even if I change the name to something like Mt. Everest FC. What do I do?

  55. There are 2 items stuck in my transfer targets. They’re only 150 coins each so I don’t really care about the coins, but they take up 2 empty spaces in the list while I really like to use all of them for trading.
    I see them in the web app and also on my ps3. When I try to remove or quick sell it gives me the “oops…message”
    I had the same problem last year too, I guess it’s because I use the phone app, console and the web app…
    Any way I can remove them?

  56. I have duplicate players and FUT 15 won’t let me continue until I quick sell (my transfer list is full). I obviously don’t want to sell because I’ll lose a lot of coinage.

    I can delete some sold players, in my transfer list, to make space but the web app is saying I’m still logged into PS4.

    Help PLEASE!

  57. Hi, I am using Chrome as my browser, and when I start up the web app, it just stays on the loading screen, and nothing happens. I tried clearing my cache, but that didn’t help, any suggestions?

      1. Boris Paripović

        @Rodrigo Lopes: can you answer the question Daniel asked, please? Don’t make jokes… I have the same problem and i bet some other players too… Your answer “try on other computer” is rude… Doesn’t everyone has other computer or device… And also, it’s like you said: “have you tried to play some other game when this one doesn’t work?” Give us the answer… What to do when on startup nothing happens and the loading screen stays infinitely and all i can do is to turn off the game…?

        1. I understand your concern but my answers are based in the feedback of dozens of players. When I ask if he tried in another computer it is because it tests many of the potential problems: browsers, cache, screen resolution, etc… It is not a joke. It is probably the best answer we can give. For specific issues, like this one seems to be, you will need to ask help to EA specialized support team.
          You may not have another computer but probably you may ask to try in someone’s cpu, just to be sure if the problem is your account or your computer.

  58. i have fifa 15 on xbox one and i have a team and played many matches but when i go on web app its says i dont have a team???

  59. when i am in the web app i am not able to use the transfer market any suggestions why this is ?

  60. when i try to go into transfer market, it does not allow me to click it and it says ‘sorry, transfers are currently not available’. Anyone have any idea?

  61. I downloaded FIFA 15 . I played 2 games , now it’s not connecting to the server . what will be the cause of that connection prblm?

  62. On my son’s app laptop (xbox 360) the transfer market and transfer targets are unavailable? is there a reason for this?
    Many thanks

  63. I have had the same security question since fifa 13 but it has randomly changed my security question and i can’t access the web app because I’m locked out and the question is changed because i tried to unlock it by changing my security question but obviously i can’t because it has changed its self

  64. Hi Rodrigo

    I got some codes for 15 free gold packs, and 40 weeks 40 packs?

    why the codes doesn’t work? i don’t get the packs

      1. I have the same problem, I redeemed both packs at the Playstation Store, and then started Fifa 15, but I only received the Weekly pack and Messi (the Ultimate Team edition code), but I didnt received the packs of the other code. In the PS store they said I redeemed the code, but I don’t get the packs.

      2. I’m sorry if I posted this comment twice, but it seemed like it didnt got sent correctly.

        Anyway, I have the same problem, I redeemed both codes at the Playstation Store, 1 for Messi+40 weekly packs, the other for just free packs. The last code doesnt seem to work. In the PS store it says I redeemed the code succesfully, but in Ultimate Team I wont get the packs. I did receive Messi and a weekly pack, but the other code just doesnt seem to work on UT, namely I wont get the packs. So thats my problem 🙁

        1. If you are experiencing problems with Messi loan player, follow these steps first:

          Start your Ultimate Team
          Set your team name
          Go to the first loan player portion and select the desired loan player
          Open any Gold packs you have

          If your Messi loan player has not appeared, try these steps:

          Restart your console and re-connect to the FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) servers.
          Play two to three games of Ultimate Team

          Your Messi loan player should now appear in the New Items section.

  65. I can’t change my club name. I tried erasing the “My team” but the backspace does not erase the “My Team” but I can still type the letters after “My team”. Help.

  66. Manish shrestha

    I used to play FIFA 14 on android I used to have origin account. Now m going to play FIFA 15 on iPad so can I use the same origin account if yes I can’t see any way to log in do need your help.

  67. when i try to go into transfer market, it does not allow me to click it and it says ‘sorry, transfers are currently not available’. Anyone have any idea?

  68. Ismail Hossain Tausif

    1st time when I entered into Ultimate team it hadn’t ask me for security question. After that whenever I try to enter in ultimate team it ask to set security question but when I set it says ” Your security question could not be created ” . Its my own and trusted PC. Please help to fix it. PS – I haven’t played fifa 14 before …. Help me please

  69. Im playing fifa 14 in my mobile. From past 3weeks fut is not responding after completing the game it shows fifa couldn’t connect. Whats d problem???

  70. i downloaded fifa 15: ut on my nexus 5 yesterday morning , it was working fine but then when i tried to play it during the night it is asking me to set a security question and no matter what question or ans i choose it gives me the message ” your security question could not be created” and i get redirected to to page where i am asked to set the security question cant play the game.
    tried contacting the ea adviser but it just shows a long waiting time to talk to the advisor, please help.

  71. I downloaded fifa 15 ultimate team on my android but when the match starts the controls don’t show and I can’t play

  72. Just bought FIFA 15 for Xbox 360, however it asks me to make a security question but when I do, it says “security question could not be created” is there anything I can do apart from go on web app as only have xbox and iPad…

  73. I have alright pre ordered fifa but on the web app it says to buy it from there
    What should I do

  74. I am furious with ea right now. I got fifa 15 and played for a few days, got a decent team and today I decided to buy 50bucks worth of fifa points. To this point I had not registered through Facebook and as I opened packs I received a Vidal card and I was prompted to sign up through Facebook to secure my players and account… So I did and next thing I know it gives me a new starter team, lost all my players items and remaining 4000 fifa points I had… Suffice to say I am pissed off. Is their any way to get my account back that I had before or unlink my account to Facebook. Wondering if deleting the app would sign me out but I think I would permanently lose my first account if I did that. Please help me!

  75. why dont they fix there crap apps im sick of paying money for something that is always so bugged

  76. i cant buy fifa points everytime i go to buy them it just says find another way to pay can you help with this (xb1)

  77. Hi Rodri,
    Whenever I try to open FIFA FUT 15 app in my android. The security question page comes but does not accept any answer. The error response “your security question could not be created” comes. Please let me know whether I can get out of this irritating EA web error.

  78. i cant log into the web app as it requires me to pre order fifa15 before logging into web app?

  79. Matheus Magalhaes

    I have two accounts, but only one account is opening in my computer. The web app says that servers are temporarily down, but it has been like this for some days.

  80. Hi Rodrigo,

    I pre-ordered my Fifa 15 over Origin (PC), but when I go to the web app and sign in via my origin account, it tells me I do not have Fifa 15 and there’s an option of buy online. Is there something wrong that I am doing?

  81. when i sign in on the fifa 15 page and click on the web app button it comes up with a server error or that the website is not available

  82. I played FIFA 12 FUT on PS3 and FIFA 13 and 14 on XBOX 360. Now, I started playing FIFA 15 on PS4 and the game created another team to me, with different name and creation date from the one in FIFA 12. Is that normal?

  83. When I start the webappI get a screen with: you have no security question. I need to set up a security question but when i want to set up. it doesn’t work !! I haven’t play fifa 14 but i have fifa 13fut with security question! Help please!!!

    1. For security reasons, you need to have created a Security Question and Answer on FUT 14 console before August 1, 2014, and you need to have played the game too. That’s the reason.

  84. I can’t get into the FUT 15 Web App. It’s says to try later.

    I get this message.
    Tried clearing cache and it isnt working ive tried this everyday for the past week, what is wrong? everyone tells me they’re ok but i tried from multiple computers and same shit…

  85. I got past the compannion app thing but it says download flash player
    im on my laptop

  86. I have had fifa 14 ultimate team and web app so surely i can use fifa 15 web app without buying the game because its saying i have to buy the game now online but i want to buy the game later on from the store not from online How come this is happening because on all the previous fifas it has allowed me to use web app without the game to start off with (ive had all the fifas from 2011)

  87. I keep getting the mobile app add, and I have already pressed F11, but I still can’t get to the web app… HELP ME!!

  88. i own a samsung galaxy s3 phone, Every time i check my playstore for the fifa 15 web app it says not available in my country. i live in lebanon (middle east). when will it be available???plz reply quickly!

      1. I am in the US and it tells me the same comment, but when i go to google play online it tells me that it is not supported by my device. T-Mobile – US Samsung SGH-T999 do you know why i cant get it on my specific phone?

  89. hi sorry to disturb but was wondering if anyone can help me please i had the early access and now when i go onto the web app i cant sell players as it says i am out of sync any help would be great please

  90. ibarbo the BEAST

    When is the fifa 15 coming out on iOS
    And when is it coming out in Australia


  91. Ive used firefox, safari, google chrome, on three different computers cleared the cache on all of them and still it says that the web app is down while they make things better..

  92. Fifa 15 app
    basically i can see my players in my club that i have purchased or won in packs , but it will not allow me to sell some of them or place them into my active squad …

  93. ( web app ) i logged in and everything was fine then this came up
    No Ultimate Team
    It looks like you don’t have a FUT Club.
    Join the community of millions by purchasing FIFA 15 and creating your first Ultimate Team

    by the way i already pre-order fif15 ultimate team edition a week ago
    but i dont have fifa 14 ( dont have club )

    1. That’s the reason. Access into Web Start is based on a number of factors on how well you played within FUT 14. For security reasons, you need to have created a Security Question and Answer on FUT 14 console before August 1, 2014.

      1. I can’t use the companion app on my iPhone because it’s not working. Whenever i try logging in it pops up “Server Unavailable *popup.error.serverdown” any ideas on what might be wrong and is there anything i can do to fix this? Thanks

  94. I have the ea season ticket for xbox360 and i have 4600 fifa points but when i try to go on the web app it says the servers are down, i have tried clearing my cashe and other browsers but that doesn’t work??

  95. hoe kom ik langs het scherm bij FUT dat ik fifa 15 moet kopen?
    ik moet dit eerst kopen en daarna kan ik de fut app pas gebruiken, weet iemand hoe ik hier langs kom?

  96. if i have some fifa-points left on fifa 14 is it possible to get them to fifa15 whitout season ticket?

  97. I bought fifa points from the web app (playing on PC) and i used some of then but i have some left and it says that i cant use fifa points for this section

    1. same here it says you cant use points for this session

      this is a screen shot for the error message

      is there any way to use the points before release day ?

  98. I didn’t play FUT 14 at all but I had FIFA 14 on PS3 & so far I can’t get on the web app. Is that the reason?

  99. Im on firefox and it keeps saying the sorry servers are down, i dont have internet explorer so what should i do

  100. my webapp works for 1 account but not another account, both these accounts are 2 years old

  101. I have tried everything that you have suggested and extra, but everytime I try to go on the web app it still says “Sorry! Our servers are temporarily down…”. If you find any new information about fixing the issue could you please let us know.

  102. hey when i try to enter the fifa ultimate team web app it tell me that the servers are down come back later (i have not played fifa 14, and only have fifa 12) its that the problem? or its about my account

  103. I cannot log onto multiple accounts on the web app to open starter packs? Whenever I try to log onto a different account it comes up with the “our servers are temporarily down” screen, but then when I log back onto my original/main account it is all fine…

  104. i’ve been playing with the same ut for 3 years , created security question before 1 april 2014

    even though every time i click on the web app i cant login. there is no option to direct me to the website , only the Info about how to get in the web app.
    (the picture at: I am registered in Origin but I can’t get into the FUT 15 Web App.)

    all my friends are into the web app but iam the only one with the problems :/

  105. i have done everything you’ve said to do above but it keeps coming up with the companion app. now what should i do?

  106. First i got the App message. Screen resolution is at max. After ctrl – I could join web app.but the right and the bottom is cut. I pressed f 11 and ctrl -/+ nothing helped. What do I have to do?

  107. Rodrigo Almeida

    Poinst bought fifa, but can not use them, an error message appears while some youtubers are able to open packages, I’m leaving at a disadvantage

  108. Rodrigo Almeida

    Comprei fifa poinst, porém não posso usa- los, aparece uma mensagem de erro, enquanto alguns youtubers estão podendo abri pacotes, estou saindo em desvantagem

  109. I get all the time the message: Our servers are temporarily down while we work on making things beter.
    Please come back later.
    And I cleared my cache, has tried it on different PC’s and had activated the security code before 1 August.
    Still any ideas how I can fix it?
    much thanks

  110. is the reason it says”sorry, our servers are temporarily down while we work on making things better” and wont let me on because the security question was only set up on the 19 th September????

  111. i have tried all the suggestions for the server always being down and nothing has worked my friends one is working fine and when i try it on his laptop it also works fine the problem is on my laptop, any suggestions?

  112. I spoke to an EA rep who told me I was getting an error message because I did not play FUT 14. Silly considering that’s not the reason explained in the error message!

  113. I can’t get into the web app as it says “Sorry! Our servers are temporarily down while we work on making things better. Please come back later.” I’ve cleared my cache, history, used a different browser etc. Any other solutions? (I did not purchase fifa 14, but I did use the web app for ultimate team.)

  114. I have created a security question in origin before august 1st, used fire fox with cleared cache, zoomed out and have most recent flash player, put screen resolution on the highest refreshed the page over and over again but still says ea servers are currently down and heard of many others that have gained access. Have been trying for three days but nothing and have tried on 4 different computers on different internet connections, i’ve been using fut for 4 years and i’m missing out the daily gifts atm too, please help?

  115. I created my security question on the 31st of august does that mean i cannot access the web app?

  116. Hey. First the web app didnt worked and i got the “companion” message. The screen resolution was /is in (recommended) maximum. I tried CTRL – and it worked. I can use the web app. But i cant see the whole web app. the right and the bottom isnt there… I tried to zoom + and -. and i tried f11 . nothing helped. First thank u for the CTRL- tipp, but can u help me with my problem? I use chrome.

    PS: My english isnt good because im german. Sry 😉

  117. Hey. First I got the companion app messgae. The screenresolution at the (recommended) maximum! I tried CTRL – . After this i came into the web app… But I cant see the whole web app… i tried f11 but it doesnt helped. i cant see the right and i cant see the bottom of the app. Do you know what I can do?

  118. hey, ive played fifa 14 ultimate team and pre ordered fifa 15 and yet when i go on the web app with my origin account it just says : No Ultimate Team
    It looks like you don’t have a FUT Club.
    Join the community of millions by purchasing FIFA 15 and creating your first Ultimate Team.
    Create your FUT Club in FIFA 15 for Xbox One, Xbox 360™, PlayStation®4, PlayStation®3, or PC
    Set up a Security Question on a Trusted Console or PC
    Refresh your browser and play.
    yet i made my ut account this time last year. No one else seams to have this problem, any suggestions? Thanks

  119. I was able to purchase Fifa points (PC) and used some but then got an error: “Sorry we have tried to recover your lost Fifa points transaction without success..” and now I can’t use my points at all. Many are having the same problem in forums and no one knows how to fix it. Any ideas??! So frustrated

    Also, the points appear in Fifa 14 for some reason and this has been going on since Nov 18th

  120. when i log on to the fifa 15 web app i cant see the right side of the web app so where the unasigned items is

  121. Hi Rodrigo

    I have entered the fut app but my app is zoomed in too much. Nothing I try works. I am using Google Chrome as Firefox wouldn’t work.

  122. I cant on the web app, i have cleand my history etc

    i used firefox en cant on the web app en my friends well….

      1. yess i have, it says that i have to pick an security question but i already have one.

  123. hi Rodrigo, i recently purchased two players on the web app, and never received them. Do you have any idea what i should do?

  124. I can’t get one thing – FIFA points are not working now, but you can get it. Does it mean that after PC release , points won’t be available to get at all?

  125. Hi , i zoomed out of the web app on Google chrome but when i go on to my packs i cant open it because the screen is too small , you got a solution for this? Thanks

  126. Hi Rodrigo

    I have had only a message saying “An Exception was thrown while handling: Internal Server Error” for the last two days now; what might be the problem? I am really losing my patience little by little

  127. Hello Rodrigo,
    Everytime I try and log into my account on the web app this message comes up ‘An exception was thrown while handling internal server error’ .Even when my friends accounts work at the same time and I have even tried logging in on there computers but it always says the same thing it just seems to be my account .How do I fix this?thankyou

  128. I can’t click the open button because i don’t have full screen and I cant go over 100% because i wont be able to see the web app and when i zoom out it doesnt get any better.

  129. Hi Rodrigo

    I purchased Ea Access but have used the play time up. I tried accessing the web app and for 2 day i had the message shown at the top of this post. Now i just get a Server Error message? Can you shed any light on how i can sort this or is this something i will just have to sit and wait out?

  130. I’ve got the problem of the companion app showing up when i click on the fut web app but i didn’t understand the solution because when i right clicked on the desktop nothing worked

  131. When i zoom in over 100% i cant see the web app. I can’t open my packs because I can’t click the ‘yes I’m sure’ button when i click on a pack. Help :/

  132. Bonjour voila je narive pas a me connecter a fut 15 sur ordinateur qui peux maider? svp

  133. I’m trying to get on the web app but it says our services are down i went on my ps4 created an ultimate team and yer why wont it let me go on

  134. i have the companion app issue but my screen resolution is already on its highest and I still can not get on it?

  135. i cant get past the companion app, my pc is on its highest screen resolution setting

  136. cleared caches and cookies still can’t connect and says server down! this is the worst web app ever ive been trying for 2 days still got nothing

  137. dam mike oxbig

    i carnt get on keeps telling me to downlad the app for the phone im on laptop and my screen reserlutions are on high and i got the latest flash player