FUT 15 Web App Release Date was unveiled

FUT 15 Web App Release Date was unveiled


Ultimate Team fans all over the world are expecting to start the season. Now they know when it will be happen: the FUT 15 Web App Release Date was unveiled.



September 18, 2014
FUT 15 Web App was released at 8pm (UK time). More details here.

September 17, 2014
The FUT 15 Web App is still not up.
FUT 15 Web App should be released in mid afternoon (UK time)

September 16, 2014
There will be a maintenance this Wednesday. It doesn’t mean that FUT 15 Web App will not be launched this Tuesday, but if it happens only on 17th it will be after 3pm.

September 15, 2014
According to EA Sports, the Web App release date is September 17 at 10pm (GTM).
As soon as it happens, we will alert you here.


FUT 15 Web App Release Date was unveiled


EA Sports have unveiled today in their social networks that the FUT 15 season will start next Wednesday, on September 17.

According to them, the FUT 14 Web App will be turned off for maintenance on September 12 (Friday) 10pm, while they prepare the FUT 15 launch.

In this date you will have everything available in your Web App, except FIFA Points. You may know exactly what you will find clicking on the image bellow. Don’t miss the great tips we have for you there.

FIFA U Team suspects that FUT 15 Web app will be released before the date that EA Sports have announced. They don’t need five days to make the transition between FUT 14 and FUT 15. Besides that, Wednesday is too late, almost the same date as early access. Last year they have anticipated in two days the FUT Web App launch. They did it to avoid servers overloaded. They probably will do the same this year. If you really want to play FUT 15 as soon as possible, we suggest to take a look to the web app on Tuesday. It is very unlikely to see the Web App being released on the weekend. Almost unlikely as it happening at 17th.

EA Sports will not announce it before Wednesday but we do. Follow us on our social networks to be updated about the right date.


FUT 15 Web App Release Date was unveiled

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125 thoughts on “FUT 15 Web App Release Date was unveiled”

  1. Leather daddy

    Some potentially bad news here guys. A friend of mine has spoken with an EA employee who has apparently confirmed some sort of bug with the FUT 15 web app. Apparently EA are looking into the issue immediately but it may delay the web app release until September 18. There is a chance that my friend misunderstood but in any case fingers crossed.

  2. I brought a early access from amazon. it arrived so I downloaded it my xbox one. when I did this it added the 20 pounds to my Microsoft account does that mean I will have early access or do I need to do something now with the 20 pounds it added
    please help as this is the first year I have used early access so wondering what I need to do

  3. Hmm No web app as of yet. it is just past 4pm (GMT) Is it likely to be coming out around 10pm?

  4. Craig Bellamy

    Yeah they were originally saying the start of FUT web app would be at around 10am but i know they now have scheduled maintenance that day also, mid afternoon is looking likely.

  5. Hello FIFA-U,
    Is it true that you must now verify your account trough sms to be able to use the web-app?
    i saw it somewhere at twitter, it might not be true i dont know.
    if so : where ?

  6. It looks like because they gave us all false hope that it would be out before Wednesday they just ain’t bothering replying anymore. 🙁

  7. tillzeeMclovin

    if I play fifa 15 through ea early access I will have full access to the game for 6 hours. when I acutally get the physical copy if fifa 15 will I have to install it again ????

  8. Craig Bellamy

    It has been confirmed by EA representatives that the upcoming FUT web app will be released 17th and 17th only at approximately 10am (GMT). Loyalty pack offerings are no longer based on Antiquity but the status of play, its believed you have to have played at least a game in the last 3-4 weeks to be eligable. Season ticket packs will be given on day of web app release. EA can confirm this. Thanks, Great site buddy

  9. So when it says maintenance for Wednesday does that mean later on Wednesday then original or earlier??

    Thanks Rodrigo

  10. Hey Rodrigo,
    It never came out today so does that mean that it’s probably coming out on Wednesday or is there a chance for tomorrow?

  11. Rodrigo, when you think itll out? You said 10 earier..could it be out in the next 30 mins?

  12. hi do u know if the web app will be on today and if so what time as I really want to play it

  13. Hello Rodrigo Lopes,
    I want to thank you for your awesome web-site,verry helpfull guides and accurate answers.
    I have one last thing i was thinking about ; will the SeasonTicket holders recieve their first free season ticket pack the first time they log-in to the web-app allong side with the loyalty packs?
    if i remember correct that was the case last year.

  14. I read on the ea help website we had to verify our login and stuff before we can access the web app. Is this true?

  15. Hello FIFA-U i have a question.
    Now that the loyalty packs are based on FUT 14 activity only what can we expect?
    Like 1 pack per 100games? it aint clear at all. i have played around 1100matches in total and like 980k match earnings i really wonder what that will give me, 5 loyalty packs? that was last years max right?

      1. oh sorry, that might have been on another forum of yours.
        Thanks for both of your answers then rodrigo!

  16. Harrison jones

    I have around 10 accounts I used for the 5 year anniversary packs back in may I believe? I played 2 games on each account, how many reward packs do you think that equates to per account?

  17. I have FIFA points in FIFA14 will the points transfer to FIFA 15 on web app launch day Sept 17?

    , Thank you for your reply

  18. Created accounts before August 1st will receive loyalty packs. But accounts that are created after that date and played fut 14, set security question & answer. Those accounts are returned players and will be able to logg in fut 15 web app. What you think?

    1. In previous years, it was only accounts created before August 1st. A couple of weeks ago, I read something published by EA saying that this year it will be the same thing but they may change their ideas.

  19. Hi Rodrigo, really appreciate your comments btw. Do you know if I will be able to get early access on my xbox 360 because I have heard that you can only get it on the next gen consoles! Also, are there any updates about the web apps progress? Thanks

    1. Thank you.
      At this moment, there are no more details about the FUT Web App.
      About early access, you will be able to use it if you have a Season Ticket subscription. The exclusivity for XBox One is only in EA Access. We have published a guide that explains that very well.

  20. Hello,

    If i make a account now on fifa 14. I will be able to log in the FUT 15 web app right? Of course i will not receive those loyalty packs. But i will get the daily gifts on that account?

  21. Hi for some reason my fut is still working, earlier it asked me about the change over from
    Fut 13 to fut 14 when it was already fut 14. Is this what will happen when it changes to fut 15 and when will this happen exactly?

  22. Mr Cumberdale

    Site is currently beinge updated, hold your thumbs for it being the real deal and giving us access!

  23. Hey Rodrigo,

    I see you saying that you can’t transfer FIFA points until full release, is there any source to this as last year you could transfer FIFA points on the early access?

      1. at what time do think they will release the web app tonight. (if the release it today.)

  24. Harrison jones

    Hey when do you think is the moat likely time for the web app to be released?

  25. Ea said the FUT Web-App mainenace will take place at 10PM.
    Almost 3hours already and still up.. seems legit.
    I was thinking they maybe changed the URL to avoid even more overload?

  26. Hi Rodrigo,

    Do you have to have been on the web app before August or will playing it on the console still allow for access to the web app early and daily gift?

  27. Hey Rodrigo,
    I had a quick query. I read that you are only rewarded with the daily gift packs if your account on fut is made before August 2014. Is that true ? Is there any website that explaines which accounts will get reward packs ? Suppose a person makes 4 new accounts today on the fut webapp.. will they also get the daily gift packs or they wont ?

    Thanks in Advance.

    1. Yes, it is true.
      If there is any website, it will be this one.
      None of those 4 accounts will get rewards because they will not have access to the Web App before the game release.
      Take a look here, please.

  28. Hi Rodrigo.
    Why isn’t it possible to use our remaining FIFA points in the day of the web-app release and have to wait two more weeks? That means that we get a disadvantage against people that do not currently possess fifa points, but will buy when option is enabled (but before the launch of the game) Are you sure that the transfer can not take place in the web-app? Is there an official anouncment for this?

    1. Yes, I am sure. There is something official, yes. But there is a small detail that you are missing: people that do not currently possess fifa points will only be able to buy them when the game is launched.

  29. Hi Rodrigo.
    I have a question. If I have Fifa Points (unused of course) left from FIFA 14, will I be able to use them from day one of FIFA 15? Meaning this, from the first day the Web App becomes available?

    Thanks in advance.

      1. Ok. Thank you very much for the quick answer.
        The website is really, really awesome.
        Greetings from Venezuela!

  30. Is there a possibility that is tomorrow morning ? I can’t wait and i am going to buy fifa points.!

    1. Hi.
      Tomorrow morning is virtual impossible. In the best of scenarios tomorrow night. Unlikely, but possible.
      Another thing that you will not be able to do, besides playing FUT tomorrow morning, is to buy FIFA Points before the full game release.

  31. Last year, it was down on the 11th, supposed to come back up on the 15th, but was back on the 12th or 13th, right? Wouldn’t it be able to sneak back on Saturday or Sunday this year?

    1. I don’t think so.
      If you know how EA works, you should know that most of their employers doesn’t work on weekends. I believe that it will be Monday (last year was 13th). They need a support team in action to be sure that everything is working fine.

      1. Last year, they were protected by down on Wednesday and up on Friday so they didn’t have the weekend to worry about. Makes sense. It would still give us 2-3 days in the web app before EA Access. I can’t tell you how much I was rooting for your initial 9/12 prediction to come true. It made plenty of sense based on the past.

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