How Good Were the FUT 15’s New Features

How Good Were the FUT 15’s New Features

CENTRAL POINT is the fortnightly column of FIFA U Team website, written by Hugo Versiani.

You will find here the most hot Ultimate Team topics but also old stuff, described in a very objective and special way.

In this ninth episode, “How Good Were the FUT 15’s New Features”, the author analyses the new features now that the game is coming to the end.


How Good Were the FUT 15’s New Features

How Good Were the FUT 15’s New Features


FIFA 15 is in times of goodbyes. For some people, this year’s edition has been over since EA decided to implement price ranges for the “sake” of the game mode. But today we won’t debate what’s already been exhaustively debated on previous articles here. Just as we speak, in these last months that precede the release of FIFA 16, EA announce the new features and promises to bring some excitement to the FUT community.

To make sure we don’t repeat ourselves talking about FIFA 16’s new features, today’s Central Point will be about revising the main new features of FUT 15. Do you remember what was promised in the late 2014? Which new features turned out all right and which ones didn’t? Why? If I forgot about something, feel free to express your opinion.


EASFC Catalogue

Practicality is what EA aimed at for the new catalogue molding and mechanisms. The social network kind of idea didn’t quite work as expected. Sharing and commenting, a.k.a. interacting didn’t really attract the users that much. The easy access to catalogue items due to optimization seemed efficient, that until the point where you were supposed to actually receive the item. Depending on EA’s mood, you could either get what you paid for or simply not. Summarizing: zero points on this.


How Good Were the FUT 15’s New Features

EA Catalogue


Player Loans

Another catalogue option. Getting to play with the most famous players of the football world and also some less knowns ones through loans is an excellent alternative to earn coins indirectly (by using FC credits). Neymar, Lewandowski and Pogba are some examples for being available in the EASFC catalogue. All the updates that were supposed to add a few other players in there worked normally, however, not as much for me. The idea of building squads with accessible players just by opening packs with FIFA points or achieving that in the middle of the season didn’t work at all, at least for my club. This is another failed topic. I spent FC credits, but as of today I still haven’t received the loan players. Dirty move, EA!


How Good Were the FUT 15’s New Features

Player Loans in FUT


Gift items

Remember all the millionaires in FUT 14? This functionality was deactivated after a coin glitch was discovered. Although it came back in FUT 15, the same breach occurred for player loans and history repeated itself. I’m about to think that the problem isn’t with EA, it’s with my FIFA 15. Anyone else in this team? I think you deserve a red card after that one, EA!


How Good Were the FUT 15’s New Features

Coins para presentes


Concept Squads

My notebook appreciates the new complement. Using the two most famous databases for FUT is still a pretty common thing. I still do it, although much less often than I used to in FUT 14, for example. Quick access to the database and to the market at the same time made squad building much easier for my club, and it even became a little pastime in this game mode, since it was also implemented in the web and companion apps. What a goal from EA! Magnificent free kick!


How Good Were the FUT 15’s New Features

Squad Building in FUT 15



This was a great addition for PC users. Whether it’s one of those complex words with the simplest meanings or not, I don’t know, the fact is that it turned out all right on FIFA 15. The “engine” brought FUT 15 some more realistic movements, however, the players’ intelligence still has room for improvement. It often compromises the game play and the team’s tactical composition.


How Good Were the FUT 15’s New Features

Ignite in FIFA 15


Player instructions

For the most fascinated by tactical discipline on the pitch, this new feature turned out fantastic. Combined with custom tactics, at least in theory, your team would be ready to enter the pitch tactically. Even though this feature respects several other factors (position, work rates, formation and attributes) the players’ performance in several games wasn’t quite as expected. I hope that in FUT 16 this feature faces some improvement, after all, I’m tired of watching my centre-backs play as strikers.


How Good Were the FUT 15’s New Features

Player Instructions in FUT 15


Turkish League

The league of a single club, Silvio said in one of his articles. In FIFA 15 the Turkish Super Lig joined the game entirely licensed. Fenerbahçe and Galatasaray were, in short, the only eventual good thing you’d come across. I approved this license and hope that over the years it is also done to the remaining leagues, contributing to the game’s expansion in other countries and, mainly, the consolidation of the Brasileirão in all editions to come.


How Good Were the FUT 15’s New Features

Turkish League in FIFA 15


BPL Stadiums

The inclusion of 12 stadiums of the main English league was a great idea. The “Feel the game” vibe within the most popular English clubs’ arenas was a success among the FUT users. The dirty kits and frayed-looking pitch according to the game situation, the publicity, the linesman, the illumination and the supporters made this a great new feature. To those who defend PES, the graphics in FIFA are being improved every year. Imagine how cool it would be to have all the stadiums of the Brasileirão. I dreamed, went too far right there. Better just wait for the league to come back first.


How Good Were the FUT 15’s New Features

Old Trafford


Goal line technology

The use of vanishing spray seems to me as a good sequence for referee technologies on FIFA 16. I found this new feature very interesting and even had a bit of a laugh with the bugs that came within the mechanism. Will FIFA 17’s new feature be communication between referees? What do you think?


How Good Were the FUT 15’s New Features

Goal line technology


Online friendlies

This was a nostalgic new feature. It reminded me of my childhood when I’d join my cousins and friends to play one on one knock-out tournaments. It also made me not get tired of FUT easily, especially in such difficult times of market and gameplay. How easily I managed to connect with the opponent and had access to our match history made this topic fundamental for my stay in the game. EA scores with a chip!


How Good Were the FUT 15’s New Features

Online friendlies


Physicality attribute

If you’re new to Ultimate Team, you’re from the pace generation. FUT 14 was marked by the crucial header goals, which were influenced by the “heading” attribute. Fortunately, in the current edition this flaw was corrected. Along with the correction, “heading” was substituted by “physicality”. This new basic attribute stands for strength, resistance and jumping. The community predicted a slower game, with the presence of “stamina” along the match. Certainly the players’ resistance seemed effective during the 90 minutes, except for Doumbia, Ibarbo etc.


How Good Were the FUT 15’s New Features

New Physicality attribute



My gaming platform is PC. Unfortunately, this possibility to play with the best players of several nationalities from the past is exclusive for Xbox users. The new feature paid off and for FUT 15 the exclusivity contract was renewed. Every year I like to build one Brazilian squad, but the current edition didn’t really thrill me with Hulk (ST). I even tested it out, but it didn’t work. The lack of natural strikers, such as Ronaldo and Romário made me envy those who had Pelé for the spot. Roberto Carlos was the new Brazilian face this year. Even if they were available for my platform, I still wouldn’t be able to assimilate the idea of playing with a squad that joins players of different times together. Which Brazilian do you think should join the legends in FUT 16? Ronaldo and Rivaldo is the double I’d like to see in action, if possible, actually.


How Good Were the FUT 15’s New Features

Roberto Carlos FUT Card


These were the main changes in the current edition of the game. I haven’t forgotten about the most memorable fact of the year: Price Ranges. The remarkable alteration on the transfer market happened during the game and not in the beginning, just like the introduction of new types of cards. Leave your comment and let’s try to understand the reasons why these new features did or did not work. See you on the next Central Point!


2 thoughts on “How Good Were the FUT 15’s New Features”

  1. Prince O Farah

    Nice Hugo, quite a few things that could do with talking about from that list.

    The catalogue needs remodelling in my opinion, it is very inconsistent as to when it works and I think the lack of organisation of the catalogue is unhelpful – have it in categories on a full screen, not off to the side in a list.

    I loved the Ultimate Team vs friend seasons! Easily one of the best things they added to the game that year. The Physical stat needs a bit more weighting to be more based on strength and stamina than things like jumping.

    I want the Brazilian League back too. Let’s hope they can pull it off. Also, it would be nice to have more European stadiums, and i’d hope they would do that.

    But all in all, a nice summary. Looking forward to the next article, and roll on FIFA 16!

    1. Rodrigo Lopes (Admin)

      I agree with you about EASFC catalogue. It’s too confuse like it is right now.
      More stadiums will be added, for sure.

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