FUT 16 Web App Most Common Problems

FUT 16 Web App Most Common Problems


There are many people asking us for help about FUT 16 Web App. But there are many more who still have problems. As always, we are here to try to help you and we have compiled some suggestions to the FUT 16 Web App Most Common Problems.


FUT 16 Web App Most Common Problems


I am registered in Origin but I can’t get into the FUT 16 Web App.

The FUT 16 Web App early access is only for who have created a security question/answer before August 1st 2015. If you are a new player, you will need to play in the console first before you can access to the Apps.

FUT 16 Web App Most Common Problems


I don’t know how to enter in FUT 16 Web App.

Follow these simple steps:
1) Type “https://www.easports.com/fifa/ultimate-team/web-app” in the address bar of your internet browser.
2) Choose the main console where you will play.

FUT 16 Web App Most Common Problems

3) Enter the answer to the security question.

FUT 16 Web App Most Common Problems

4) Confirm the club name and its abbreviation.

FUT 16 Web App Most Common Problems

5) You are ready to go !


I can’t get into the FUT 16 Web App. It’s says to try later.

Clean the cache of your browser and try other browsers (best results are being reported to us with Firefox). If it doesn’t work, that’s because the servers are overloaded and you will have to wait.


I can access to the FUT 16 Web App but the market is unavailable.

If you haven’t played FUT 15 in the console where you plan to play FUT 16, the Apps will not make available the market’s earlier access. You need to validate your FIFA 16 account in the new console to unlock the market.


I can’t see the full screen of FUT 16 Web App.

Use CTRL- to zoom out until you see the whole window.


I can’t get into the FUT 16 Web App on my mobile.

The App to mobile devices is the Companion App and it will be available only after you access the FUT 16 Web App.


I can’t buy FIFA Points in the Web App

FIFA Points are only available before the game release in the early access of EA Access subscribers.


Where is my daily gift ?

Daily Gifts are available in the FUT 16 Web App starting on September 15th. It is limited to one per day. In the days you don’t open the Web App, you will loose the daily gift of that day. Pick yours up each day at 12am UK.


I no longer can access the FUT 16 Web App.

If you had access to the FUT 16 Web App but no longer have, even if you haven’t made any change, you should know that EA Sports is blocking App access to all players that haven’t played FIFA 16 in the console until midnight of October 1st (UK time). To keep using this App, you will need to buy the game.


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  1. I’m not able to access the FIFA 17 Ultimate Team Web App of the mobile FUT app, anyone else had this problem and found a solution? I’ve gone onto the EA forums and none of the advice they give has helped.

    It says…”Early mobile start has ended….” and then on the desktop web app it says I need to purchase a copy of the game (I have and I’ve been playing for weeks!!) but I can’t get into the trading app.

    I really enjoy Ultimate Team but if I can’t trade on the app I’m becoming disillusioned with it, can anyone help?

  2. Why when my son tries to sub an injured player does it keep coming up with you must substitute the inured player before resuming the game. Which he has done

  3. “Sorry, Fut Web Access is no longer available”” What does this mean, I was able to use it yesterday.

  4. I forgot what my FUT security question was on Fifa 15 and I got locked out. How do I change my Fifa 15 FUT security question.

  5. The web app signed onto my 2nd account and I want it to work on my main, is there anyway I can switch the web app accounts?

  6. In my case: the web app says: “loading” but it’s stuck like that forever, and it’s like that for 3 MONTHS! WHAT CAN I DO?! PLEASE HELP ME

      1. Every time I try to create a squad on fifa 16 it says that “this action could not be completed because the item specified could not be found” Then deletes all my progress on the squad. and then disconnects me from ultimate team after i leave the squads screen.

  7. Hi Fifa I am not on Facebook and I can’t log into my ultimate team on the Fifa 16 app what do I do

  8. Jeroen Minheere

    When I try to sell players, it gives me this: “Cannot move item” with a whole story, or I get: “This item cannot be sold because you don’t own it”, while they’re in my club! I’ve already logged out and in again, refreshed the browser and I’ve cleared my cache memory. Can you help me?

  9. It shows 3 slides that I can slide about then it just says learn more in the bottom right, how do you actually get on the app !

  10. i was able to use the market before but since toty i cant, it also logs out of the app everytime i try, same thing happens with putting players in a squad

  11. help please fifa 16 fut draft problems i lost my fut draft but i can not get my prize
    i can play more games with the team but it dose not matter if i win or lose because nether will count and i can not draft anymore

  12. Andrew Verdi

    When I log into my account for EA Sports online, I sign in, then it asks for a security code. Where can I find the security code. I checked my phone, my email, and there is no code to be found.

  13. Hello i have a problem.
    I cant connect to FIFA 16 ultimate team on my xbox360.
    Please help me,
    Thanks in advance 🙂

  14. App won’t let me sell players I go to list them on the market and it keeps saying they don’t exists ? Any help ?

  15. I still can’t get on the webb app or my FUT, but my brother can acces his account. How do I solve this problem?

  16. gabriel fisher

    hoe do i unloack the fifa 16 auction house i have log onto the fifa 16 web app still didn’t help.

  17. Carlos Rodriguez

    Hello Rodrigo,

    I have Fifa 14 for my Ipad 2. During 2014, I have accessed the web app to view my Ultimate Team, and it worked fine. Now, I want to access my Ultimate team for Fifa 14 once again via Web app. I logged on to my account for origin, which worked fine. Now, all I can do is use Fifa 16 UT, which is not what I want at all! Is there any way I can view my origin Fifa 14 Ultimate Team through the web app today? Or is it outdated?


  18. when I log in to web app, they say “It looks like you don’t have a FUT Club.” … what is the problem with EA ???

      1. yes .. I used to login successfully till the day the outage happened … after this i can’t login to PS3 console, the web app nor the companion app.
        is my club deleted or what ?? and when will the server be fixed ??

        1. Hi.
          EA has identified a coin glitch on PS3 and they are trying to fix it. Many accounts are now full functional, but not all. Until they check your account, the game will be unavailable to you

  19. I just bought fifa points off the PSN, how long until I can view it in the FIFA Companion app?

  20. On the Companion App, I am trying to sell my team, but it say that the action can’t be done because this card doesn’t exist, do you know how to fix it?

  21. I Cant use the transfer market on FUT 16 web app! Its says to continue laying o unlock it? When will it be unlocked?

  22. Anthony Tibbetts

    While using the app to open the free packs I had. The app froze after the screen where you see the animation of the pack opening to see the best player. I had IF Coutinho 85CF, I am very happy at this time…….But then I click continue. Only to see the player has changed to NULL -1/0 or something and was in my duplicates.. I took the screen shot. I tried to contact EA through help but got stuck on a blank screen. Any advice you can give would be great.

      1. Anthony Tibbetts

        Great stuff, thanks.

        I contacted them….now i’m being investigated lol……. nice!!! You can’t just say you’ve lost something and get help anymore. But they are just doing their jobs.

  23. Is there any way to see what a player is injured with whilst on the web app?

  24. Michael woolfe

    When I want to play a match in FUT the team doesn’t load up its just comes up wit a football pitch! Anyone had this sort of problem or can advice me in anyway to try and sort this problem out

  25. Dries Van Hoye

    it just says play beutifull ans stuff in the web app on ios what can i do to fix it help?

  26. Hi
    When I go onto my mobile Webb app and try to swap a player in my team or try to move a player it says ” This action cannot be performed because the item specified could not be found”
    Please tell me what i should do!
    Kind regards

  27. Rodrigo,

    I used to play FUT 15 on PS3, and had acessed the Web App daily during last years, getting my gifts normally. Although, I changed for the PS4 on the FUT 16, and made another account (I used to have an american acc, now I got a brazilian one). I mixed the accounts on Origin, but since then the Web App don’t give me the daily prizes anymore. Everyday I enter the app both by smartphone ou PC, but never got a simple gift. Do you figure what happened?


  28. when i go on the web app in chrome I go on web app login and do everything it shows my gamer tag but it doesnt
    show anything in ultimate team its just a black screen in the middle
    pls help

  29. everytime I buy contracts they go straight to my club but don’t appear when I go to apply consumables but when I search for them in ‘my club’ they are their. I tried sending them to the transfer list and then going into ‘actions’ and selecting place on consumables, but this didn’t work either. the only contracts I can use are the ones from packs, am I doing something wrong or is this a glitch?

    1. This is basic but I have to ask: you are applying players contracts on players, right? Because managers contracts can not be applied to players.
      Have you tried to go to ‘my club’ and apply the contract from there?

  30. Resolved, I haven’t answered the back up question on FUT on the console with fifa16.

  31. On the FUT16 companion android after i login there are only 3 slides to scroll and a ling to a wb page. I can’t do nothing and I don’t know why. Can you help me?

  32. I have PS4, Fifa 16. Got the iOS companion. Can’t swap any players on squad builder. Says I don’t have that item in my club although I have the players it won’t let me add them or swap them around. The same with managers etc. Anyone else have same issue

  33. hai i have fifa16 on my mobile.when i touch ultimate team on screen it isn’t going in what is the problem.i have mobile with 3gb ram,lollipop os .can u reply it to my email as soon as possible?

  34. It is only loading the backround picture and not the log in details or that help please…

  35. Hi i can’t user my transfer market on the companion app. It says i have to continue to play to unlock the transfer market. Do you know how i can fix it

      1. I have been playing fifa 16 on ps4 since 1 week, i created a new PSN but using same ea account that was for fifa 14 and fifa 15, on webapp i can change persona but for my new psn i cant access market same on mobile app, its been more than 8 days.played around 40 games. Help is needed

  36. Everything goes fine but when i want to enter my account it keeps loading and loading i’ve tried everything

  37. I have a problem with FUT16 and can’t fix it.
    I got an Ultimate Team on PS4 in FIFA 16 and have played FUT15 also in PS4 (FIFA15) but after the 1th August.
    The website says everytime that i haven’t a FUT TEAM what isn’t true:

    “It looks like you don’t have a FUT Club.
    Join the community of millions by purchasing FIFA 16 and creating your first Ultimate Team.”

    Could somebody help?


  38. Ahmed Mo'men

    when i log in, i receive a message says “Early access to the FUT Web App for returning FUT 15 users has ended”. and “To continue using FUT Web, you need to purchase a copy of FIFA 16 and login to Ultimate Team”. the problem is that i live in KSA and FIFA 16 is not available here till now. Can i continue logging in till i buy he CD ?

  39. Jack Manifold

    I have been playing FUT on xbox one on fifa 16 for three days now when will I be able access the transfer market?

  40. Leonardo Guedes

    Rodrigo, desde cedo, estou com o mesmo problema.

    A procura de jogadores não acontece no mercado via webAPP. “Sorry, it looks like something went wrong and an unknown error has occured. Please refresh your browser to restart FUT Web.”

    O que faço? Já limpei cache, já conectei em outros navegadores, outros computadores, e nada.

    O que pode ser isso? Tenho o jogo no Xbox ONE. É impressionante a quantidade de bugs no Fifa 16 até agora

  41. Dear: I can make a connection with the web app, but it says i haven’t played any game, have no coins, have no team … when i entered the first time i had to fill in the secret question but the secret question i used (nickname) wasn’t available on the web app… so i think there must be the problem? Can i do this again?
    this is the first time i want to use the app, before i played FIFA 14 and 15

  42. I can not access the web app due to me changing my number, when it ask’s me to confirm my old one, how can I resolve this?

  43. Hey my issue is that i have the game and i have been playing on ps4 but it still says that i dont have a fut team nor the game and that i need to buy it. All this when i try to log on the web app

  44. I just got a PS4 today, and have played like 10 games now, but I can’t enter the wep App at all, why is that?

    1. EA Sports have announced that they need to check the new accounts. In other words, after you play FIFA 16 in your new console, you will have to wait a few more days until they release Apps for you.

  45. Hi i Have played fifa 15 and 16 on my account but i still cant access the market on the web app any ideas?

    1. EA Sports have announced that they need to check the new accounts. In other words, after you play FIFA 16 in your new console, you will have to wait a few more days until they release Apps for you.

  46. Hey umm I downloaded the companion app and entered my name and posword then answerd the security question then the asked about fut security qustion?? I don’t remember it what should I do ?

  47. Mine keeps saying ‘Continue playing FUT on PS4 to unlock access to the transfer market’ but I played a multiple times on ps4 already but it still doesnt work. Pls reply this really sucks.

    1. EA Sports have announced that they need to check the new accounts. In other words, after you play FIFA 16 in your new console, you will have to wait a few more days until they release Apps for you.

  48. I have been able to use the transfer market to trade on the web app before but now every time I search the market an error message pops up saying to refresh the page. I do this and it still doesn’t work. Is there something I can do to get it working again?

  49. So now fifa 16 has come out already and i need help.

    i LOVE trading when im at school but i can’t do that cause my web app / companion app isn’t allowing me to get on the transfer market it tells me to “continue playing FUT 16 on PlayStation 4 to unlock the acces to transfer market.” i had fifa 15 on ps3 and now 16 on ps4 what could i do to get the market to work on my phone/ computer

  50. José Furtado

    Boas Rodrigo, antes de mais quero te felicitar pelo excelente post. Estou com um problema que alguns que estão aqui também estão a ter, eu consigo usar a web fut e tenho acesso ao meu plantel, e eo meu clube mas quando vou ver o mercado aparece uma frase “continue playng FUT on ps4 to unlock access to the transfer market”, é verdade que é a primeira vez que jogo FUT na ps4 e tive

    1. Olá. Antes de mais obrigado.
      Se já jogou FIFA 16 na sua PS4, então só tem de aguardar para que as funcionalidades do mercado da Web App sejam liberadas. A EA leva alguns dias para confirmar as novas contas.

  51. On the companion app i have players on my transfer list and transfer targets saying processing at the end of the auction. Been like it for ages, dont know if theyve sold or not and havent got any coins from them

  52. I have played FIFA 16 on my ps4, but it still says ‘continue playing FIFA 16 on your ps4 to unlock the transfer market’, why?

  53. I have played fifa 16 in my PS4 but it says transfer market will be unlocked once I keep playing it? How long do I need to play it for?

  54. I have an xbox one and im trying to trade on the web app but it says keep playing FUT 16 on xbox one to unlock access to the transfer market what do I do

    1. You started playing FIFA 16 on your XBox One, one or two days ago, right ? Then, if you are using the right account, wait a few days more. EA say that they need a few days to check each account.

  55. Webapp keeps telling me I have no FUT Team. I already played several matches on my PS4. The webapp shows my correct origin ID but no experience or anything.

    1. EA Sports have announced that they need to check the new accounts. In other words, after you play FIFA 16 in your new console, you will have to wait a few more days until they release Apps for you.

  56. Chris Cousans

    Hi Rodrigo,

    I am having a problem activating the transfer market on both the web app and companion app and wondered if you may be able to help. I up until recently had a PS3 and played FIFA 15 on this console. Having planned upgrading to the PS4 for a while, when the web app became available again I selected the PS4 as the console I’d be using. I have now purchased a PS4 with FIFA 16, moved my account over and spent until the early hours of this morning playing. Having returned to the web app, I’m still presented with the same message. Is there something I need to do or should be doing?

    Kind Regards

    1. Hi Chris. EA Sports have announced that they need to check the new accounts. In other words, after you play FIFA 16 in your new console, you will have to wait a few more days until they release Apps for you.

  57. Hi, why when i open the app it says i have 7000 credits but when i click on market the counter says 1700?

  58. I bought fifa 16 at gamestop and want to use the web app because its not letting me create a club on ultimate team. It says that I have a censored word when ive tried many different words. I go on the web app and says that I have to buy the game online. I already have the game and is telling me to buy it online. what do I do? I just want to play ultimate team.

    1. According to EA Sports: “New FUT users are receiving a censored word error message when they try to create a FUT Club name. FUT Club names that should not be blocked are still receiving this error message. We are working to resolve this issue.

  59. I don’t have a console but an android phone. how can I play fifa on the companion app.

    1. You can’t play FIFA on the Companion App without having the game for a console.
      However, you can play FIFA 16 Ultimate Team for Android that should be released very soon.

  60. I can’t sell players when I try to quick list them. I get an error. Plus I can’t quick sell either it says I don’t own the player. Please help.

  61. Hi, I have played several games and used transfer market on PS4, but still, I cannot get into transfer market on web app

  62. wayne warnock

    hi i have fut team but it is saying that i dont have a team why is this so i cant get on fifa 16 web app for ps4

  63. Trying to access webapp via my laptop but it keeps telling me I haven’t downloaded flash player, but I have? Several times through the link it provides but still no joy

  64. Jacob Figueroa

    So when I go on the transfer market for my Xbox One persona it shows I have to play Fifa 16 on the One but when I select my persona to 360 it shows the market is there.

    Also my players on the One are different from the 360? I’m planning on playing it on the One so what will happen to the players on the 360 persona?

  65. When I try to get switch persona to my account on the web app it says, sorry, ea access trial users do not have access to the fut web app. Can you help me with this please? Thanks

  66. I try to put players on my transfer list but it says to me to “clear my cache” and “log in and out my console but when i do that it does’nt work. Could anyone help me out

  67. every time i log in it tells me i have been sent a code on my phone. But the code is for my old number and i cant get the code to put in to log in to ea. I also cant go to account management and change my number to my new one as when i try logging it says enter the code we sent to ur phone which is my old number. So i cant log in or change my old number to my new one. This means i cant use fifa 16 web app:( please help.

  68. Web app is stuck on loading screen forever. How do i solve this? Tried everything from clearing cache, cookies to trying a new browser and updating flash player. Also disabled ad blocker. None of it works. Can you help?

  69. Hey Rodrigo, i cant open the transfer market, i played fut15 on playstation 4 and i still cant open the transfer market, when i want to change my account i clicked on ok (so they load my new account in the game) and its not changed, help!

  70. Martin Pinter

    Hello…my Web App says:

    Login Unavailable
    Sorry, there was an error logging into the FUT Web Application. We were not able to verify your FUT 16 data. Please wait a while and try again by refreshing your browser. For help, please go to EA Answers HQ.

    Help pls 🙁

  71. I didn’t buy Fifa 15 but I do have an origin account from fut14. Does that mean I can’t login?

  72. I played fifa 15 on ps3 but now i have ps4 so i changed it on the web app. My friend lent me his fifa 15 on ps4 so i can log onto my account so EA would register me as a Ps4 player so i would have access to the transfer market, but even after going on fifa 15 Ps4, i still cant use the transfer market

  73. Hi Rodrigo,

    I played fut 15 on my ps3 but just bought a ps4, so I am unable to access the transfer market on the web app. I went and played fut 15 on my new ps4 to try and unlock the transfer market but it didnt work. Am I right in thinking that it should have worked? I played a few games on fut 15 on the ps4 so I should now have access to the transfer market on the web app. Is there anything I can do?

  74. After going through the 3 steps it said that i don’t have a fut team yet. But that’s not true.. I’m playing fut for 3 years now.. How can i fix this ??

  75. Yoo guys,

    Im playing fut sinds fifa 2012. I tried to use the web app 2016 today but after going through the 3 steps it said that i never had an fut team and that i have to play 2012 again and make one. But i have one already ….
    I don’t unsderstand this..
    Can somebody help me ?

  76. Hi Rodrigo, i just found this page and it looks nice.. GJ…

    I have played FUT since 2010, in FUT 15 i started playing on PS3, then i bought a PS4 in May i think, and i played FUT 15 then on PS4. I can log on just fine to FUT15 on my PS4 and play. But still it says unlock transfer market by playing the PS4 on the wen app.
    Do you know why?

  77. yes i have mr rodrigo i have a question about fifa points so i cant purchase any and open packs until the game comes out? thank u in advance

  78. My account was created before first august. But i still cant’ play fut16webapp
    Its show up that i haven’t created club before.

  79. Hi Rodrigo,

    Appreciate the post as always.
    I understand you need to first access the web app via a desktop in order to be able to use the companion app on a device? For me, the desktop version won’t load properly on my desktop (I can log in, but it just shows a background picture of a stadium). I guess this has to do with my pc settings, I had the same issue on FIFA15.
    So was wondering if there is any way to access the desktop version of the site via a mobile device in order to activate the companion app? I’ve tried but keep getting the screen instructing me to install the companion app. (I’ve selected “show desktop version of site’in the browser).

    Any tips?

    1. Hi.
      I tried in my mobile devices and I was redirected too to Companion App page. I think it is not possible.
      Don’t you have another computer or someone that let’s you use one, just to login in the Web App once ?
      You can also try to change the resolution screen, clean the cache of the browser, open it in another browser, reduce the size of the screen and download the last version of Flash Player.

  80. I went to load up the web app and I entered my details as I should. But when I came to my security question I was blanked, I couldn’t think of it. So I clicked “lock account and sign into a trusted console”. So I loaded up my Xbox 1 and ultimate team came on straight away without asking for a new security question. So I can’t access the web app. What do I do?

      1. Hey Rodrigo, I hvae the same problem. want to switch from pc to ps4 but nothing happens my origin acc is connected to psn… can you help me ? I have no idea..

  81. i cant change the account on the web app from the xbox to the playstation. when i try it and change the persona nothing happens and im still on the xbox account:( how can i fix the problem?? please help !

      1. i have the same problem, everytime i tried logging into my ps4 account it would keep saying error and that i should try again so i gave my xbox 360 account a shot and it worked straight away. unfortunately, i dont intent on playing fifa 16 on my xbox so when i tried to change my account from the top right corner i would select the ps4 account, the app would reload and stay on the xbox account. Theres no point of me enjoying the web app because im not getting fifaon xbox. i have added everything into origin(which has both xbox and psn accounts) and i still cant change. Any help?

  82. i get passed the security question but then i get a blank screen, it recognises my team but once i type my security answer i get nothing

  83. I have been playing on PS4 since Christmas on Fifa 15 and even got the Fifa 16 beta but it says I don’t have a club,
    please don’t tell me I have to wait until it comes out on console because I need to get ahead with the daily gifts and my team.HELP?

  84. Hi Rodrigo, I created a new fifa 15 account a few days ago and bought some fifa points! My question is seeing that I cant access the web app being a new player will I be able to access it on the 17th and will I be able to transfer my points to fut 16 being a “new player”?

    1. To transfer your FIFA Points you will need to access FIFA 16 through a console. If you have EA Access you can do it now. Otherwise, you will need to wait until 22/24 September.

      1. I know it can only be on the console, what I want to know is can I still transfer if I created my account now?

        1. By the way I get the error saying I don’t have a fut club, that’s why I want to know if I still will be able to transfer points

        2. Hi.
          It is not possible to carry over FIFA Points to other accounts. Your FP will be transferred in the account where you bought them, from FUT 15 to FUT 16 when you play it in the console. However, if you create a new FUT 15 account now and buy FIFA Points from there, you will be able to transfer FP to FIFA 16 from that account only.

  85. Rodrigo, it says NO SECURITY QUESTION – I had to get it changed as my FUT account got locked. I don’t know what is going on – Answer please

  86. I recently bought an Xbox One so changed my console on the web app to xbox one but now its saying I cant use the transfer market and I need to validate my Fifa 16 account on the console. Can I do this early or do I need to wait until the game comes out?

  87. Hi Rodrigo,

    I’ve been reading all the guides and build up to Fifa 16 UT. I managed to sign up and get in with a new account, all is looking good.

    You may not remember, but I posted on Fifa 15 a few times, I use this site and still find it excellent for guidance and help/tips.
    (I mentioned a ZX Spectrum and Alan Shearer amongst a few other bits – after playing over 1000 games of Fifa 15 UT I managed to get my man and played about 20 games with Shearer, was fun while it lasted).

    I did make a comment on another article but it didn’t get posted/published, I am not sure why. I will happily e-mail you the content if you are about.
    (I think a lot of my last post I refer to wasn’t all related to the topic I posted it to, but hey… I do like essays! :))

    This part of Fifa UT is very exciting, the first time I have ever managed to get ‘early access’ through the web app.

    I’ve managed to pack Benzema and have no idea what to do with him, I’ve been making a bit of gold and had 1000 gold as my first daily gift (I missed the first one! 🙁 )

    I am still not sure what team to do this year, on Fifa 14 I did German/Bundesliga team. Fifa 15 I did a BPL team and this year not sure, may end up going with Liga BBVA (just down to Benzema), but am unsure of their defence and doubt I will ever afford Ronaldo or Messi.

    Reading your top 50 players in Fifa guide, I realise Benzema is one of the better strikers you can find.

    Anyway, thanks again for all the support.
    I love the fact Brazilians are included in this version 🙂

    I look forward to playing draft mode very much.

    Kind Regards.


    1. Hi Edward. I think I remember you. Nice to see you here again.
      About your previous comment I have no idea what happened but we do not delete messages unless they are offensive, which I’m sure it was not the case. The last published message from you was at February 9.
      You should keep with Benzema because his price will raise in a few days unless you think you can sell him for a good amount and you know what to do with those coins.
      We will publish the usual squads guides. Until there, try to make a lower level team.

      1. Many thanks for the reply, maybe the message didn’t get through, I have included it at the bottom of this post in case you fancied reading it.

        I think so far with the Ultimate Team Web App for Fifa 16, it seems smooth and pretty reliable, I lost connection a few times but I am throwing a lot of searches at it.
        As you said, coins are scarce so the market isn’t particularly great, I have found a few ways to make tiny profit, usually 100 coin each time at most (minus the ‘EA Tax’).

        I am enjoying it very much though so far.

        I think EA have been kind to new users as so far as you cannot put anything on the market for less than you could ‘quick sell’ it (as far as I can see?!). This makes it difficult to gain profit from players easily in previous versions when players are up for the minimum 150 coins.

        I know the market will be tough at the moment anyway as it is only experienced UT players who can even ‘get’ access to it.

        I’ve ended up trying to put together a good English Bronze Team to hopefully play the lower leagues with, as the chemistry will be good and I find 1 player seasons (especially the first few divisions) is easy coins and can be completed with bronze players.

        I don’t think the market is really interested in bronze players at the moment so this could be cheap little squad.

        I am interested though in what will happen when tons of players start playing, if they want to sell their cards quickly there will be a huge influx of cards onto the market and could be a great time to start investing some coin, on the launch/release day.
        (I wonder if this will happen with contracts too, as some players won’t realise they need them – I also assume a lot of players who buy ‘Deluxe Edition’ generally have an easy ride for contracts, I remember getting ‘Ultimate Edition’ last year for close to the normal price and contracts from these packs were invaluable).

        Kind Regards.


        Previous post mentioned:

        Hi Guys,

        Great guide and information there, I love the opinions – I enjoyed many articles last season and Rodrigo may remember my comment about ZX Spectrum, playing against Samir Nasri in the game and Alan Shearer (I ended up getting Shearer [in the end] for Fifa15, hurrah!).

        The early ‘playing guide’ for Fifa 16 that has already been put together is great too.

        Anyway, I am not particularly great at Fifa and managed to get to ‘Online Seasons Division 2’ last season (with a fairly decent squad I put together after playing well over 1000 matches) – BPL squad. I used my fair share of pace players but did look at various strategies and teams, the game was obviously not particularly balanced ‘to say the least’.

        Anyway, I have a slight suspicion that EA felt attacking was ‘too easy’ last year and pace (we all know) was too effective, I think to counter this, EA have lowered some stats on players that were ‘too high’ or ‘overpowered’. This explains why they get the same rating, but are technically worse through ‘core stats’. It is an attempt to balance the game more. In theory, this should stop players doing successful ‘over the top’ through balls and just running past players all the time with pace. If passing stats have suffered, the passes shouldn’t be as successful every time and players shouldn’t be able to just run onto them as defending awareness should be better (depending on ‘positional skill/rating of course).

        Hopefully EA have actually come up with a good way to improve the game, I look forward to playing it very much.

        I don’t buy Fifa points, I ended up stopping buying packs halfway through last season with coins.

        I played a lot of the tournaments that gave free packs away when I could, I packed a few decent players by the end…. Neymar, Suarez, Di Maria, Rooney and Neuer (Shame I collected Bundesliga last year in Fifa14!!).

        My final Fifa15 squads consisted of:


        LLoris (IF) – 86
        Azpilicueta (SOTS) – 86
        Komany – 86
        Koscielny (UP) – 82
        Clyne (TOTS) – 81
        Hazard – 88
        Toure (MOTM) – 87
        Di Maria – 86
        Walcott / Sanchez (UP) – 81/85 – Walcott always seemed way too good, especially considering his injury record.
        Aguero (UP) – 87
        Costa (TOTS) – 93 (went from Costa UP, to Costa SIF, to Costa TOTS, I felt Costa SIF was my most successful out of them to be honest, not sure why – whether competition improved, I played over 20 games with TOTS).

        Backup/Fitness squad (mainly out of ‘packed players’ from playing tournaments offline).

        LLoris (IF) – 86 (as GK never need rotating and I Bundesliga didn’t fit the players I packed except Neuer).
        Luis – 92
        Cahill – 81
        Mangala – 80
        Debuchy – 80
        Neymar – 87
        Vidal – 85
        Pogba (UP) – 84
        Cabella (IF) – 80
        Suarez – 89
        Benzema – 85

        I tried Alexis Sanchez in the 2nd team but Cabella had far better chemistry.

        I found that the ‘fitness squad’ struggled to cope with fast attackers due to their speed, and the defending wasn’t great from them either.

        I cannot decide who to collect this year, but will probably base it on the usual ‘if I get a great player in a pack’ (which has never happened early on).

        The ‘high attacking work rates’ on some defenders and the fact Kompany has taken a dip (as expected) in rating and stats means I may shy away from BPL and hopefully will do some form of ‘1st team hybrid’ – I like the look of Chellini (obviously? Lol) this year, and wonder if he’ll be a realistic aim to get before Christmas. Still, have no clue how I would base a defence or Hybrid side around him.

        I ended up selling my Costa TOTS and MOTM Toure and buying Shearer, along with SIF Wilshere and TOTS Henderson, with Walcott on the right.
        Up front with Shearer I play Strurridge or Rooney usually. Haven’t played much with Shearer considering, but want to try out Kane and maybe Rooney in midfield.

        Shearer isn’t quite as effective as I’d hoped, but he’s still pretty good for what he is, I’d like to end up with Lineker up front with him to make the MOTD commentary partnership in legends lol (someone else mentioned this on a separate forum somewhere) – Maybe Owen instead, but as Fifa 15 time has almost run out, I probably won’t manage this now.

        One question, does the ‘WebApp’ for Fifa16 open on 14th September, or is it later, I have seen different dates in different places.

        Sorry if the post has been long, bad habit, just wanted to share my findings and opinions and thanks again for all the information on this site!!! 🙂



  88. Well hi,

    “Login Unavailable
    Sorry, there was an error logging into the FUT Web Application. We were not able to verify your FUT 16 data. Please wait a while and try again by refreshing your browser. For help, please go to EA Answers HQ.”

    I get this when logging in. I have tried with both PS3 and PS4. And i have both console.

    Thanks for reading!

    1. Hi Marcus. There are hundreds of people complaining about this problem. According to EA Sports, the FUT 16 Web App is not working at full capacity yet. Only tomorrow. It can be that too.

  89. She tells me that my account in FUT closed, after an error in the answer to the security question. I want an answer please

    Thank you

      1. The same has happened to me, I played before August 1st but the web app still doesn’t let me log in

  90. I have another problem. It says I don’t have a FUT club. The thing is I played Fifa 15 Ultimate Team but I have the same screen as the 2nd screenshot on this page.

  91. hello
    when i try to login it says loading…
    this stays for a long time
    what do i need to do?

    1. Try in a different time. Try in a different browser. Try in a different computer. Try with a different ISP. Use the latest version of Adobe Flash Player, Firefox, Chrome, or Safari.

  92. Hi Rodrigo,

    My Web App says: Continue playing FUT on PS4 to unlock access to the transfer market..
    But I don’t understand why, because i’m playing Ultimate Team on PS4 since FIFA 14?
    Is there a chance to unlock the market?

    Thank you for your help

  93. Hi Rodrigo.

    I made an account today and can’t access the web app. I’m guessing that the account was made too late as being the reason why.

    Also, I’m still happy to help edit your articles. No doubt you feel the English is improving but I can really help you take the quality of English to the next level.

  94. rodrigo can you clarify a few things for me.
    1. you were suggesting that we sell the players we dont need and accumulate coins – all the players i have packed are completely useless and dont plan to use them in the future. Should i try to sell them all? then i will left with untradeable players. Wont it be difficult to play matches with these players.

    2. also i did not understand about your concept of buying managers? what managers are you talking about? and where is it shown that they will increase the contract percentages?

    3. also i will be getting the game on around 25th sept. When should i plan to buy the contracts and players i wish to play with?

    1. Hi Bruce.
      Let’s see:
      1) You will not play until next week, unless you have early access. If you sold them now, you have time to make more coins and build a better team before you play.
      2) Take a look here
      3) If possible before 22nd, because then they are supposed to be more expensive.

  95. I didn’t have played fifa 16 yet but i have done fifa 15 on my xbox 360, am i a new fut player?

  96. I get the welcome back screen, choose my xbox one version enter my security code and then all i get is the back drop of the stadium nothing else loads up.

  97. The below link cannot be accessed, it comes up with page cannot display the web page:


  98. And I’ve already got 7k. 5k from daily gift plus 2k boost from pack. So I have many coins to trade already

  99. I’ve packed Sagna and McCarthy should I sell them now or wait till some time later

  100. Sorry, there was an error logging into the FUT Web Application. We were not able to verify your FUT 16 data. Please wait a while and try again by refreshing your browser. For help, please go to EA Answers HQ. thats all i keep getting when i try log in

      1. yeh maybe but everyone my mates have managed log into it straight away ive even tryed diffrent times of logging on 5am,10am,2pm,4pm and 10pm no change

  101. Mine says ‘Continue playing FUT on PS4 to unlock access to the transfer market’, I have been playing on PS3 and am getting a PS4 this week. Is there any chance I could use the transfer market on the Web app for PS4?

    1. No. We will update this post with that important question. If you have not played the previous FIFA in the new console, you will need to validate FIFA 16 first. Only then you will have access to the market.

      1. Sorry, What do you mean by “validating” FIFA 16? I get the same message although i didn’t switch console…

        1. EA Sports have announced that they need to check the new accounts to see if they are bos or not.. In other words, after you play FIFA 16 in your new console, you will have to wait a few more days until they release Apps for you.

          1. Validation a new acount??!! R u kidding me?? I play fifa since 98… Since fifa 09 i play Fut on ps3… All the time on same acount (hadlej2). The one and only break was at fifa15(1st lack of money then its just payoff to wait for 16)… But its not mean that i wasnt playing i was but on fifa14… And again after all those years u guys treat me like a f… Booot coz i didnt play f15???!!! Whats going on i saw myself as good fair client and this what i get?? I feel bad with that and i demand immedately all function that is composed with payimg for the game…. If not … After 17 years adventure whit fifa and 7years adventure with fifa Fut on ps3 ill stop being your client!! Theres always PES i can start buy….. and again… I understad that u worried about ur bussines… And for new accounts is ok… But i dobt like u treaten me like that when my account is 7 or 8 yo…..its just not fair

          2. Hi. We are not EA. We are just trying to help the community. In this case, we are explaining you how it works. Apologies accepted.
            To EA Sports, if you stop playing by a single year, you are not a return player for them, no matters how many FIFA you have played in the past.

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