FUT Champions Channel Guide for FIFA 19 Ultimate Team

FUT Champions Channel Guide for FIFA 19 Ultimate Team


Discover in our FUT Champions Channel Guide for FIFA 19 Ultimate Team, what is this feature, how you can use it to watch the best Weekend League players in action and what is new this year.


FUT Champions Channel Guide for FIFA 19

Watch the best FIFA players playing Weekend League

The FUT Champions Channel is a FIFA 19 feature, that lets you watch full match replays from the top players in the world competing in the weekend league. Control playback and cameras through matches of your favourite pro players to learn how they play and raise your game!

Anyone can access Play > Ultimate Team > FUT Central > (R) > FUT Champions Channel to watch some of the matches that are happening in Weekend League. As soon as the rounds finishes, fans are able to watch the highlights of a selection of the best matches, and also pause and play, change the camera, change play speed and hide the menu.

Below the controlled options, a timeline will appear featuring pitch graphics created exclusively for FUT Champions. This map will indicate when highlights, goals, and cards from the provided match occurred, allowing viewers to jump back and forth between the game’s best moments.

This year, three new features were added to the FUT Champions Channel:

1 Unique controller input overlays
2 Instant replay
3 Option to skip to important moments in each match

EA has introduced the Champions Channel for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC versions of FUT 18 and continue to make improvements in FUT 19 to help you learn from the Top 100 finishers every weekend in FUT Champions. One of the major changes they made to Champions Channel is the addition of controller inputs, which allows you to see buttons the top players are pressing in every scenario of play, including during instant replays. On top of button inputs, they’ve also included the ability to skip between stoppages in play in a replay and jump ahead / backwards on the timeline, allowing you to have greater control over the replays you want to watch.


FUT Champions Channel Guide for FIFA 19


If still got some questions about the FUT Champions Channel, take a look to the followig FAQ.


Q: When are replays available?
A: As soon as the Weekend League begins.

Q: Are there any rewards?
A: No.

Q: Can EA remove the replay of my match?
A: EA can’t remove replays from the channel.

Q: My replay was hot fire. Can EA upload it to the channel?
A: EA can’t upload replays to the channel.

Q: How do EA choose replays?
A: It’s an algorithm. This means a computer selects the matches. If your replay didn’t get selected this time, keep playing. It may get chosen later. If you participated in the Weekend League, you’re eligible to have your match replayed.

Q: I don’t see replays or I’m having trouble watching them. What’s up?
A: You can see new replays as soon as the upcoming Weekend League starts.

Q: Can I rewind the replay?
A: No.

Q: If I play on Xbox, can I view PlayStation replays or vice versa?
A: Nope. If you play on Xbox, you can only watch Xbox replays. If you play on PlayStation, you can only watch PlayStation replays.


FUT Champions Channel Guide for FIFA 19

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  1. Hi…i know it’s not a big issue but in fifa 18 when we watch the champions channel we gt to see what formation and what squad the top 100 players that we watch have in their team..wif that also we cn see what our favourite players or friends use when they are winning and when they are losing what changes they made thru subs and what formation do they switch into..but i see in fifa 19 that option somehow have been disabled or locked.


    in my pc when i watch the champions channel i don’t see the player’s controllers input, how do i turn it on?

  3. Actually I have a problem on xbox one , each time I try to enter into champion channels an error says : ” no replays avaiable”. How can I fix it?


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