FUT Division Rivals Guide for FIFA 19 Ultimate Team

FUT Division Rivals Guide for FIFA 19 Ultimate Team


FUT Division Rivals is the brand new game mode introduced in FIFA 19 Ultimate Team. On this guide, we will explain everything you should know about it, including how it works, the rewards and how it is related with the other game modes.



Starting with the competition that begins on March 28, there are new division rivals skill rating requirements.
Division 1 – 2400 >> 1900
Division 2 – 2200 >> 1700
Division 3 – 1900 >> 1500
Division 4 – 1600 >> 1250
Division 5 – 1200 >> 1000
Division 6 – 800 >> 750


FUT Division Rivals for FIFA 19 Ultimate Team

What is FUT Division Rivals?

FUT Division Rivals Guide for FIFA 19 Ultimate Team


As we’ve already said, FUT Division Rivals is a brand new game mode within FIFA 19 Ultimate Team. Compete and earn rewards in this all-new online player mode. Here are five things you should know before start playing it:

FUT Division Rivals replaces the old Seasons mode that no longer exists.

Compete against players of your level in one of 10 skill-based divisions.

Just like in Squad Battles, every week there is a fresh start.

Rank up your weekly rewards, get promoted to a higher division and qualify for the Weekend League.

FUT Division Rivals replaces the old Daily Knockout Tournaments that no longer exist.


To start playing FUT Division Rivals, go into your Ultimate Team and select Division Rivals in the Online section. Here’s an image that shows you where to go.

FUT Division Rivals Guide for FIFA 19 Ultimate Team


FUT Division Rivals vs Squad Battles

What is the difference between FUT Division Rivals and Squad Battles

FUT Division Rivals Guide for FIFA 19 Ultimate Team


FUT Division Rivals is being called the new online Squad Battles, because these two have a few things in common: you don’t have to qualify for any of these modes; both have a ranking system that rewards every player in a weekly basis, when the competition is refreshed; they have similar layouts.

However, there are also some big differenced between them, and these will help you understand how this game mode works. Here are the five most important ones:

This is the most important one. Squad Battles can only be played in a single player mode, whilst Division Rivals can only be played online.

On Squad Battles you have 45 matches to play every week. On Division Rivals, you can play as many matches as you want. There is no limit.

In FUT 17, EA introduced FUT Champions and Weekend League, competitive game modes for the most experienced players. Last year, they released Squad Battles for casual players. This time, FUT Division Rivals was designed to be a middle-ground mode for everyone.

Whilst playing FUT Division Rivals, you also win points to reach a Weekend League qualification.

In Squad Battles you’re the one who picks an opponent and selects a difficulty level. In FUT Division Rivals, the games are more balanced because you’ll face opponents with a skill rating similar to yours.


How Does FUT Division Rivals Work?

A FAQ section with everything you need to know

FUT Division Rivals Guide for FIFA 19 Ultimate Team


Since this is a brand new game mode, it’s natural to see many people with questions about how it works. To make the things as simple as possible, here’s our FAQ section:


What’s a Division in Division Rivals?
A Division is a group of FUT players playing online in Division Rivals. The higher the division, the higher the Skill Rating of the players in that Division.

How many divisions are there in FUT Division Rivals?
Such as in the former Seasons mode, there are ten divisions. Division 1 is played by the best players, whilst division 10 is where you can find the less experienced ones. You can see in-game what the Skill Rating requirements are for each Division at the start of each weekly competition.

Do I start in division 10?
No. The first time you open FUT Division Rivals, you will be asked to play a series of placement matches, in order for the game determine your Skill Rating. The division you’ll start your campaign in depends on the skill rating you get. The goal of the placement matches is to ensure that you face the correct level of competition and reduce the amount of time you spend facing significantly weaker or stronger opponents. There are five placement matches in Division Rivals, and each one is used to calibrate your skill rating to determine a starting Division that is appropriate based on your results. The end of placements isn’t the end of your skill evaluation, though; every game you play in Rivals will continue to calibrate your skill rating and Division.

How can I get promoted to a higher division?
Everytime the weekly campaign ends, your division is updated. You will get promoted or relegated depending on how much Skill Rating you acquired throughout the week. Your Skill Rating determines which Division you’ll be competing in every week, while your Division defines what range of rewards will be available to you that week, as well as the rate at which you earn FUT Champions Points. It’s important to note that your Skill Rating isn’t set in stone after your placement matches. It changes after each Rivals game based on who you played and the result of your match. If you win, your Skill Rating is going to go up; if you lose, it’s going to go down. Your opponent is also a key part of the equation: if you beat someone with a higher skill Rating than yourself, you will earn a larger Skill Rating increase than if you beat someone with a lower Skill Rating. Similarly, when you’re on the losing end of a match, your Skill Rating decreases more when it’s a lower-rated player rather than a higher-rated player.

Can I move down Divisions?
Yes, you can. If your Skill Rating drops below the range for your current Division, you can be relegated down into a lower Division. In addition, there is a relegation zone in all Divisions except for Division 10. This provides a safe zone below the range of your current Division where you won’t get relegated down unless you drop below that range. For example, if the Skill Rating range for Division 5 was 1000 Skill Rating to 1250 Skill Rating, there may be a buffer of 100 Skill rating. That means you won’t be relegated into Division 6 until your Skill Rating drops below 900. If that did happen, you would need to grow your Skill Rating back up to 1000 to get back to Division 5.

Can I get promoted or relegated at the middle of the week?
Although EA has initially reported that this wouldn’t be possible, the truth is that you can indeed move to a higher or lower division during the week. However, the rewards you receive at the end of the week refer to division in which you have started your weekly campaign. Once the week is over, you can skip (or fall) multiple divisions depending on the points you have earned.

Do I need to play the placement matches every week?
No, just on the first time you play FUT Division Rivals. On the following weeks, your division depends exclusively on your Skill Rating.

How many points do I have to get in order to be promoted?
FUT Division Rivals doesn’t work like Seasons. You do not necessarily have to win x games to have access to the next division or remain in the one you are in. You acquire Skill Rating and your division shift will come as soon as the new week starts.

How can I win the title of the Division I’m in?
There is no such thing as a tile in FUT Division Rivals.


What’s Skill Rating?
It’s exactly what it sounds like—a way to rate your skills, or performance, in Division Rivals overall. With every match you play, your Skill Rating will change. It will increase or decrease based on how you do in your matches.

What does the Skill Rating do?
Your Skill Rating determines which Division you’ll compete in each week within Division Rivals and is part of the matchmaking system in Division Rivals.

How does my Skill Rating change?
Every match you play in Division Rivals will determine any changes to your Skill Rating. Win a match and your Skill rating will probably go up; lose a match and it will probably go down. The amount that it changes depends on both your Skill Rating as well as your opponent’s. If you win a match with someone that has a higher Skill Rating than you, yours will go up more than if you won against someone with a similar or lower Skill Rating. If you draw, your Skill Rating could go up, down, or not change at all. That’s because if your opponent has a lower Skill Rating, then yours will drop. If their Skill Rating is about the same as yours, it might stay right where it is. If their Skill Rating is higher than yours, your Skill Rating could go up.


What is Weekly Score?
Weekly Score is just what it sounds like—it’s the score you’ve gotten in a weekly competition of FUT Division Rivals. It’s used to determine your Rank in your Division as well as what rewards you can choose from at the end of the weekly competition.

How do I improve my Weekly Score?
You can improve your Weekly Score in two ways: from playing, and doing well, in a FUT Division Rivals match; from playing matches in the FUT Champions Weekend League.

How can I reach higher ranks?
For each match you play, your skill rating is increased but you also receive Weekly Points. These points are used to determine your rank within the Division, and a higher rank means a better choice of rewards when the competition ends.

How many weekly points do I need in order to reach the highest rank?
The criteria for each rank is based on the results of all of the players who are taking part in the FUT Division Rivals event. This means your rank could constantly change throughout the week since the criteria for each rank adjust as the players around the world are playing. For example, if you played several matches just as the week started, you probably will rank very well but as soon as other players start playing, you will drop to a lower tier. To get an idea of how many points you will need, you can check in-game the percentage of players for each rank.

How does my Weekly Score influence my Rank in my Division?
Each Rank can only hold a certain percentage of the players competing in that Division during a current weekly competition. To get the highest rank, you will need to earn more towards your Weekly Score than most of the other players in your Division. The percentage breakdown of each Rank can be seen in-game.

Does that mean I can change Ranks in my Division even if I haven’t done anything?
Yes, you can. If you start off playing a bunch of Division Rivals matches early in the week and earn a lot of Points towards your Weekly Score, you might initially be in a top Rank. But if you don’t continue playing matches throughout the rest of the week, other players could still be playing and growing their Weekly Score. That means your Rank could drop, if they out-earn you and move up. On the flip side, you could also move up a Rank if players don’t out-earn you.

How do I know how many points do I have?
At the end of each match, a screen with your Division Rivals progress is displayed: weekly score, skill rating and Weekend League points.


How do rewards work in Division Rivals?
Each weekly competition will have a set of rewards available for each Division, with different rewards available for each Rank within the Division. Once the weekly competition ends, and assuming that you had a Weekly Score for that week, you will have earned a reward.

Are rewards affected by the division I’m in?
Yes, the higher your rank is, the better your rewards will be. Naturally, the higher your division, the better your rewards will be, too.

How can I get better rewards?
Once you have completed your placement matches, you start your first Weekly Competition, a leaderboard of players in your Division that is split into Ranks. If you’re familiar with the Squad Battles ranking system, you’ll quickly feel at home in Division Rivals. Each game that you play during the week will contribute to your Weekly Score and determine which Rank you finish in for your Division at the end of the week. The higher your Rank, the better rewards you will receive at the end of each week’s competition. Your Rank in your Division isn’t directly tied to your Skill Rating; it’s based on a weekly score earned only from the matches you played that week. Winning is worth more points than losing, but every result still affects your weekly score. Inside each division, you have five ranks to cross (Rank I, Rank II, Rank III, Rank IV and Rank V). The higher your rank is at the end of the week, the better your reward will be.

When are the weekly rewards delivered?
The rewards are delivered every Thursday, at 6:55 am (UTC+0).

How do I get my rewards?
Once the weekly competition ends, you will be able to claim your rewards shortly after the competition ends, either in-game or on FUT Web and the Companion App. In some cases, you will get to choose between different reward options. Rewards could be FUT Coins, FUT Packs (either tradeable or untradeable), or FUT Champions Points to help you qualify for FUT Weekend League.

Can I win monthly rewards in FUT Division Rivals?
No, you can’t. The only rewards in this game mode are delivered weekly.

How good are the rewards?
Generally, they are worse than Weekend League rewards but slightly better than Squad Battles ones.

Which rewards can I win?
For each rank, there are different reward options. It’s up to you to decide which reward you’re gonna take. It can be different types of packs, coins or even FUT Champions qualifier points.

Are the rewards always the same?
No. The FUT Division Rivals rewards are dynamic and will change on a consistent basis.

What happens if I can’t play in a certain week?
You will not receive any reward for that week.

FUT Division Rivals Guide for FIFA 19 Ultimate Team


When does a new campaign start?
The competition refreshes every Thursday, at 6:45 am (UTC+0).

How many games can I play a week?
There is no limit as to how many games you can play such as in Weekend League or Squad Battles. Play as many games as you want.

When can I play FUT Division Rivals?
This game mode will be available since day 1. It can be played at any time, seven days a week.

Can it be played while Weekend League is open?
Yes, WL and Division Rivals can be played at the same time.

How can I play Division Rivals on the weekend if I have a Weekend League to play?
If you are qualified for the Weekend League, play it. Its games also count to your Rivals progress so you don’t have to play both on the weekend.


I can’t find the Daily Knockout Tournaments. Why?
They were replaced by FUT Division Rivals. You can now qualify for the Weekend League through this new game mode.

What do I have to do to qualify for the Weekend League?
For each Division Rivals match you play, you win FUT Champions qualifier points. As soon as you reach 2,000 points, you win a token to qualify directly to the Weekend League. The unused points do carry over to the following week.

Is FUT Division Rivals the only way to qualify for the Weekend League?
In the previous years, it was possible to reach the qualification via three ways: online division 1, DKT and Weekend League performance. The first two no longer exist. In FIFA 19, you need to reach 2,000 FUT Champions points which can be collected in both FUT Division Rivals and Weekend League.

How many wins do I need to get in Weekend League to reach an automatic qualification?
There isn’t a number of wins because it is now reached through FUT Champions points. You can stack up the points you won in FUT Rivals with the ones you got in the Weekend League to reach the qualification. The unused points always carry over to the next week.

Do the Weekend League tokens expire?
No. You don’t have to use it in the following Weekend League. You can save the token to use it later. You can continue collecting more points even if you already have one token stored.

How many tokens can I keep for later?
Only one at once.

Do I need to be in the Division 1 in order to qualify for the Weekend League?
No. In previous years, you needed to be in the Seasons division 1 to win the qualification. This year, all you have to do is reach the 2,000 points, no matter which division you are in. However, each division has a multiplier associated to it, making it more difficult for you to accumulate enough points if you’re in the lower divisions since they have easier opponents.


Will I play against players of the same division as me?
Yes. Different to what happened in Seasons, you will play most of the times against players of the same division as you, and therefore players of the same level. If you’re in good form, you will be promoted to a higher division at the end of the week and you will face more skilled players, having also the chance to win better rewards. However, since Division Rivals will always try to match you with a player of a similar Skill Rating who is close to you geographically to provide you with the best matchmaking experience possible, if you are on the cusp of promotion or relegation in Rivals, then you could potentially play against an opponent in a higher or lower Division than your current Division.

Can I still play Seasons online?
No, you can’t. Seasons online and DKT were replaced by FUT Division Rivals.

Can I still play Squad Battles?
Yes, Squad Battles is still available.

Is it possible to add a friend in FUT Division Rivals?
Yes, it is.

Are FUT Rivals played on a dedicated server or P2P?
FUT Champions and Division Rivals are played on a dedicated server, whilst FUT Draft matches use peer-to-peer connections.


FUT Division Rivals Progress

How ranking/leaderboards work and more details about FUT Division Rivals for FIFA 19 Ultimate Team

As you already know, on FUT Division Rivals you compete and earn rewards in the new FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) online mode. But how do you do it? We will explain it now.

The first thing you should know is that, at the end of each match, you increase your skill rating, weekly score and Weekend League points, each one with a different goal.

When you start Division Rivals for the first time, you’ll play a set of placement matches to see how you measure up against other players. You’ll be assigned a Skill Rating based on your performance in those matches, which determines your Division. The result of each match you play in your Division during the week impacts your Skill Rating; build up a high Skill Rating in order to move to a higher Division.

FUT Division Rivals Guide for FIFA 19 Ultimate Team


Each week in Division Rivals is an entirely different competition, and you can earn rewards at the end of it. Your weekly score determines your rank within the Division, and a higher rank means a better choice of rewards when the competition ends.

FUT Division Rivals Guide for FIFA 19 Ultimate Team


Every win in Division Rivals not only gets you closer to the next Division, but also takes you one step closer to the Weekend League. An overhauled FUT Champions qualification system awards you with points to use for qualification into the Weekend League. When you have earned enough points, you can redeem them to enter the current Weekend League, or hold onto them to use for a future qualification, so you can decide which weekend you want to play in. Re-qualification to the Weekend League also works differently; each Weekend League win also earns you points that can be used to enter into future Weekend Leagues.

FUT Division Rivals Guide for FIFA 19 Ultimate Team


FUT Division Rivals Points

How are skill rating, weekly score and FUT Champions points calculated?

FUT Division Rivals Guide for FIFA 19 Ultimate Team


There are three types of points in FUT Division Rivals:




Depending on the Division you’re in, each match has what’s called a K-Factor. That’s the most your Skill Rating can go up or down from playing a single match. The K-Factor is determined separately for each match participant, based on that participant’s current Division, since it’s possible that players can be matched up with each other even if they’re in different Divisions.

30 50 60 60 60 60 60 60 50 30

Here’s an example: If you were in Division 6, the most Skill Rating that you could gain or lose from a match would be 60 since that’s your K-Factor. If you were playing a match against someone that’s also in Division 6 and you have the same exact Skill Rating, the winning player will gain 30 Skill Rating and the losing player will lose 30 Skill Rating. If the match ended in a draw, you’d both stay at the same Skill Rating.

The further apart two players’ Skill Ratings are, the gain/loss changes accordingly. Up to a maximum of 60 Skill Rating points can be gained or lost between the two players.



Your rank is determined by the total of points you get in a single week. This depends on the results of the match and how many goals were scored.

300 150 90* 400

The previous table, shows you how many weekly points you can make. It is important to notice you will not win more points if you score more than 5 goals.

You should also know, that the amount you earn towards your Weekly Score that you get from a FUT Weekend League match is a fixed value for each match you play to completion. You’ll get 400 Points toward your Division Rivals Weekly Score for each match played, whether you win the Weekend League match or not.

That means that if a match ended with a 4-2 score, with Player 1 winning the match, then: player 1 would get 860 towards their Weekly Score and Player 2 would get 330.



As soon as you reach 2,000 points, you win a token to qualify directly to the Weekend League. In FUT Rivals, there are two ways to win FUT Champions points: playing matches and at the end of the week.

For each Division Rivals match you play, you win FUT Champions qualifier points. You can see in the following table how many points you get for each match.

25.0 12.5 6.2 4.0 3.2 2.5 2.0 1.5 1.2 1.0
500 250 124 80 64 50 50 30 24 20
200 100 50 32 26 20 16 12 10 8
100 50 24 16 14 9 8 6 6 4


When the competition refreshes, every Thursday, you win FUT Champions points based on your rank and division. You can see in the following table how many points you get at the end of the round.

RANK I 0 750 375 240 195 100 80 60 25 20
RANK II 0 500 250 160 130 50 40 30 0 0
RANK III 500 250 125 80 65 0 0 0 0 0
RANK IV 250 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0



FUT Division Rivals Rewards

What can you win in FIFA 19 Division Rivals?

FUT Division Rivals Guide for FIFA 19 Ultimate Team

Every Thursday, you will receive rewards based on your Rank in your Division. For the first time in FIFA Ultimate Team, you will have a choice regarding the types of rewards you want to receive so that you can build the club you want. The better your Rank, the more options are open to you; if you’re looking for Coins to purchase a player on the Transfer Market, you can choose to go that way. But if you’re more interested in player content that is in the game and want to select packs as rewards, there will be options for that as well. The choice of rewards give you greater control over how you want to craft your club in FUT 19.

FUT Division Rivals rewards are released a couple of minutes after the competition closes, upon which the leaderboards. A list of the rewards available can be checked here.


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    1. Hi. That information was provided by EA when the game was released. In fact, it is possible to move to a higher or lower division at the middle of the week, but the rewards you will get are the ones of the division in which you have started your weekly campaign. We have updated the guide. Thank you.

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    for weekend league but unfortunately I can’t play it …. Can I keep the points for next one?

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    1. Thank you. According to EA, it doesn’t matter if you have a gold or a silver team. You will be matched against players from the same division you are, with similar skill rating and based on your location and proximity to EA’s dedicated game servers

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  12. “During the week, you will be playing always in the same division.”

    “However, since Division Rivals will always try to match you with a player of a similar Skill Rating who is close to you geographically to provide you with the best matchmaking experience possible, if you are on the cusp of promotion or relegation in Rivals, then you could potentially play against an opponent in a higher or lower Division than your current Division.”

    So, which one is it, are we always playing the players from the same division or we can play players from different divisions?

    1. “During the week, you will be playing always in the same division.” It means that you will not be relegated or promoted before the end of the campaign, on Thursdays.
      About your opponents, you will be facing players from the same division you are, except in the few rare cases as described in the article.

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    I’m currently losing all my games in division 5 and can’t see how I can get relegated as I keep points even when I lose..I feel like I’m stuck in this division?

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    1. Hi. Even when you lose, you get points. Correct. However, don’t forget that other players in your division are playing and winning. They are getting more points than you. It means that you will be relegated to a lower rank and eventually a lower division. There is not a fixed amount of points. It’s a %.

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    So this is intentional? Your division is “set” right when the week starts? So for this next week I’m “set” in division 5 and will receive division 5 rewards even if I drop to division 6? But then there is relegation at 1100 points division 6. Thanks

    1. Hi Justin. I think the problem here may be the calendar. For FUT Rivals players, the ‘week’ ends every Thursday at 7:45 am (UK time). You probably were playing on division 6 and were promoted to division 5 when the competition refreshed. In that time you received the division 6 rewards because it was the division you played. Right now you probably can see the division 5 rewards screen because it is the division you are in. At the end of the week (Thursday), you will receive the rewards of that division even if you got relegated or reach a promotion to a higher division. Cheers

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    1. Yes, the rank resets each week, so your last rank doesn’t have any impact on your new campaign. However, you (and everyone!) don’t start from rank 5. If you win your first match just before the round refresh, you will go straight to rank 1. You are not playing against you. You are playing against all other players.

  17. I’m currently on 458/2000 for fut champ points, but do they reset or do I keep going to the 2000 mark? I’m confused lol

  18. do you have a rough estimate of how many points i will need to score to get rank 1 div 5?

    1. No, we have not since this is the first week that almost everyone is playing it.
      The best you can do is to go to the FUT Rivals screen in-game and press the button to see last week scores.

  19. Hi Rodrigo
    If I start a week in say Division 6 but move to division 5 because of an improved skill rating, will thank change my division rank from say Rank 1 in division 6 to some lower rank in division 5 after I get promoted?

    1. Your weekly score determines your rank within the Division, and a higher rank means a better choice of rewards when the competition ends. When you start a new week, potentially in a new division, you will start in a lower rank because you haven’t played yet and don’t have any point. As soon as you start playing, you will climb to upper ranks.

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    Are Rank V rewards of Division 5 for example BETTER than Rank I rewards from Division 4? Or do they overlap in quality?

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    100 FUT Champ Pts
    1x Prime Gold Players Pack
    1x Mega Pack


    100 FUT Champ Pts
    52000 Coins

    How does this equate to Rank V in Division 5?

      1. Hi Rodrigo, thx for your work on this page, it’s really appreciated! 😉 any updates about the different rewards for each rank and division? Thanks a lot mate.

        1. Hi. Thank you.
          Yes, we believe that we have published the final list of FUT Rivals rewards for divisions 1 to 7 (no one is playing a lower division).
          It makes sense to have better rewards for rank I div 6 when compared to rank V div 5, for example. To reach rank I, you have to play a lot of matches while you just need to play one match to get the rank 5. It would be unfair if it wasn’t this way. For the same rank, the best rewards should be assigned to the higher division.

  21. Hey, I have something I’m not sure about. I’m currently in div 6 rank 1 with 16k points. However, my skill rating is just 1 match off earning promotion, would I start from rank 5 in div 5 or the rank on level with my weekly score?

    1. Hi. First, the week only ends on Thursday morning. So, you don’t know if you will be relegated or not before that. Secondly, it doesn’t mean you go for div 5 rank 5. Your weekly score determines your rank within the Division. When you start a new week, potentially in a new division, you will start in a lower rank because you haven’t played yet and don’t have any point. As soon as you start playing, you will climb to upper ranks. It is exactly like Squad battles.

  22. Each day players and gameplay feels unlike the day before. If to speculate a little bit, I would say that in order to make the game more fun and to reward each game style, EA decided to rotate teammates AI capacity during the week.
    Does this theory have a right to live?
    Do you have the same experience?

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    I play for fun, and the constant stream of opposition goals is certainly not fun.

    Presuming I just don’t play and get relegated that way?

    1. Hi. No, it is not possible. You will have to wait until the end of the week, which I believe it will be tonight.
      As soon as the game gets released, you will find more opponents of your level. Right now they are all compressed in 3 or 4 divisions.

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    I don’t play 10 games every day and its not so fun if that’s what you need if you want good rewards..

  27. David Wolverson

    Thanks for the quick reply Rodrigo, much appreciated. Wow 40 wins, I probably will not play 40 games in a week, never mind about 40 wins! 🙂 I am only an average FIFA player but I did play quite a bit of weekend league towards the end of it in FIFA 18 and got silver 1 monthly in my last outing. I found that once i managed to qualify for the weekend league once (found it very hard to win the DKT), i got to silver 2 relatively easily and re-qualified for each next weekend league. This sounds like I might find it harder and certainly more time consuming to get to the weekend league.

  28. David Wolverson

    Great work on the manual and thanks for doing it.
    I know there is a multiplier depending on which division you are in but how many fut champs weekend league qualification points do you get for each game won (before the multiplier as applied) as I am trying to work out how many games I would have to win! Seems like it could need a lot of wins in some of the lower divisions.

    1. Thank you. Yes, you will need to win a lot. It depends on your division but most likely you will always need more than 40 wins. We believe EA may change it so that’s why we haven’t published more details until the game goes out. The qualification will be much easier if you play the Weekend League.

  29. So for example if you play 150 games a week and you lose all of them you can still get promoted for playing so many games?

  30. I have a question. If for example you play five matches and you win all of them, can you get relegated for just playing five matches a week?

  31. Thank you for the article.
    I have a question: Can your skill rating to go down? Let’s say you played your placements games and you get 1700 Rating points and then you lose like 15 games in a row and then win 1. Will you still have 1700+ ? or it will go down when you lose?

    1. Hi Andrei. That’s a good question.
      We are still making a few tests but we believe it cannot go down.
      As soon as we know more details about how skill rating, FUT Champions points and weekly points are calculated, we will add them to this page.

  32. I am not sure. I could play between 5-10 seasons a week as not to keen on playing bots. In those seasons your making around 17k per ten games. X10 seasons 170k but on this you only get 11k no matter how many games you have played. This seems like a ploy to decrease coins and force weekend league play. I will need convincing but the more I think about it the more gutted I am.

    1. Rodrigo what do you think about my comment ? Could you currently make more coins playing seasons ?

  33. Thanks fifauteam.com team for doing good job with writing this manual. I have some questions, could you please clarify:
    1. if eg. in week 1 I don’t qualify to WL, will I keep ‘qualification points’ I gained for the next one, making it easier to qualify in week 2, or are those reset and I will start with 0 pts again?

    2. you say that a player can only have 1 WL token at same time, but that we can still collect WL points even if having a token; so, does this practically mean that we can in fact secure two WL’s in advance?

    1. THank you!
      1) That’s a great question. So good that we will add that information to the guide. You will keep with your Weekend League qualification points from one week to the next one.
      2) Exactly. You can store one token and almost 1,200 points.

  34. im currently playing fifa 19 beta and i am rank 1, the rewards are showing in options 1 and 2 that rank 2 will be getting better rewards than ran 1 are the options the actual prizes you are offered or are you offered completely different rewards on the monday?

    1. If you are seeing the rewards for your division, then they are the rewards you will get on Monday. For the same division, rank 2 rewards are supposed to be worse than rank 1 rewards.

      1. Nawan Peixoto

        Is there something that motivates me to continue playing in rank I knowing that I have already secured the best rewards?

        1. First, let me update an information: the rewards are delivered on Wednesday nights.
          You never know if you got rank 1 before the week is over because other players are still playing and you can be relegated.

          1. You can be relegated to a lower division at the end of the week (Thursday) depending on how many skill points you made.
            You can be relegated to a lower tier at any time depending on how many weekly points you have.

    2. Sorry to go on your reply but it won’t let me comment normally . Does any one know if your points reset on rivals or will it carry on untill I get 2000 as i don’t have enough time to get to 2000 In one week to qualify I.e I’ve played 50 games winning more than lost/drawn and still didn’t make it

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