FUT United for FIFA 15 is Back !

FUT United for FIFA 15 is Back !


EA Sports is celebrating the sixth anniversary of Ultimate Team mode with more one edition of FUT United for FIFA 15. Check here all the details..


You can find details of FUT United for FIFA 16 here


FUT United for FIFA 15 is Back !


Q: What is FUT United for FIFA 15 ?
A: FUT United is an event that EA organizes for FIFA 15 Ultimate Team players.

Q: Why EA Sports is making a new edition of FUT United for FIFA 15 ?
A: To celebrate the sixth anniversary of Ultimate Team mode.

Q: When the second edition of FUT United will take place ?
A: Between February 6 5pm (UK time) and February 8 5pm (UK time), 2015.

Q: How the fifth anniversary of Ultimate Team was celebrated ?
A: With the ‘Five Years of FUT’ campaign. You can check all the details here.

Q: Which are the highlights of FUT United for FIFA 15 ?
A: FUT United is know by three main offers: the chance to get VIP tickets for a La Liga match or win 1 million coins; a special tournament; and special Happy Hours.

Q: Will EA Sports release free packs to everyone ?
A: Since they gave five free packs last year, it is likely to happen something similar again. However, it seems that EA will not do it.



Q: What exactly are the prizes ?
A: One package which includes includes round-trip airfare and accommodations for two people to see a La Liga match and unique ten winners of 1 million coin prize packs for use in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team.

Q: Which match are this one ?
A: Barcelona vs Real Madrid (March 22).

Q: How can I be eligible for these prizes ?
A: Play and win any FIFA Ultimate Team match (which includes the mode’s introductory match, seasons, tournaments and challenges, both online and off) in FIFA 15.

Q: This contest is valid for which countries ?
A: Austria, Bulgaria, Canada (excluding Quebec) Chile, France, Germany, New Zealand, Norway, South Africa, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, United Kingdom, the United States (including the District of Columbia and excluding Florida and New York).

Q: When do I need to win a match to get the chance to win these prizes ?
A: Between 7PM GMT on February 6, 2014 and 11:59PM GMT on February 8, 2015.

Q: These prizes are available for all platforms ?
A: Yes. Players of Playstation 3, Playstation 4, XBox 360, XBox One and PC can win it.

Q: How is the FUT United Tournament ?
A: It is a on line / single player tournament that takes place during the weekend and with good prizes. You can know more about it here.

Q: Which Happy Hours takes place during the FUT United for FIFA 15 weekend ?
A: Probbaly 15, 25k and 50k packs. Check here all the details.

Q: What will happen to the market due to the second edition of FUT United for FIFA 15 ?
A: Most of the prices will go down, especially during the best Happy Hours and gifts. Don’t expect a crash like happened with Black Friday and FUTMas.

Q: Where I can know more about FUT 15 United ?
A: Here.

Q: Where I can know more about FUT United for FIFA 15 (first edition), FIFA 14 and FIFA 13 ?
A: Here, here and here.


Click in the image to know the details about the first edition of FUT United for FIFA 15,


57 thoughts on “FUT United for FIFA 15 is Back !”

  1. It should be noted that not everyone is part of the event. Mobile players like most things FUT are severely prejudiced against although EA are very happy to take money 🙁

  2. ShnajiRonaldo

    I am considering buying James Rondriguez for my la liga team i was wondering if there were better replacements under 15k for toni kroos, or any better strikers than Giovanni dos santos and hernandes uner 20k

  3. Hi Rodrigo,
    I want to make a primera liga team.
    unlimited budget, whats your suggestion for formation and team?

  4. Hey Rodrigo, do you think players like SIF Pogba, SIF De Gea, and other IFs will their prices be low before the upgrades this Friday or after the upgrades?

  5. Hey Rodrigo! The price of SIF Benzema have gone down recently, can we expect a rise in his price in the coming days?

      1. Thanks for replying. Btw I have around 2 million coins so please tell me some good investments where I can get a fair amount of profit.

  6. this has been the shittest fut event in history, i opened all the special packs, 20x15k packs, 10x25k packs and 5x25k packs and the player was doumbia from roma… Omg EA

  7. daniel farias

    Poxa… só 3 packs em todo final de semana…

    triste isso..

    tomara que agora as 16: pm (brazil) saia algo… ou realmente esse fut foi um desastre!!!!

  8. Hey rodrigo. Currently there is only 25k packs up and they go till tomorrow at midnight uk time so is that it for packs? No 35 or 50k packs coming out Sunday? Seems like prices are going back up I assume that means there just going to continue to rise from here Won’t go down again between now and Monday? And lastly did ea release free packs like last year as you referenced in your article? If so I never got any lol

    1. They released last year, yes. But it was during ‘5 years of FUT’, not in ‘FUT United’.
      I still believe they will release something special because otherwise this was the worse FUT United ever.

  9. Also, will the prices increase during or after the winter upgrade for example SIF Pogba, SIF Greizman, SIF David De Gea on PS4? I want to buy them, but I’m hoping their prices don’t go up any higher right now.

  10. Hey Rodrigo,

    So the prices right now on PS4 for instance Ronaldo, messi, and etc. Will this be the lowest they will be until TOTS? Or would do they any lower before TOTS? Thanks.

  11. Hi rodrigo i got ronaldo again in a pack 2hrs ago and i sold him 11m… (25k pack) … Now im planning to buy messi and bale… But their price are still high… Would you know when will they card will drop…

  12. Giganticturtle

    When will prices drop? Do u think ronaldo will be under 4 mil on Xbox anytime soon

  13. Hi, I bought Nainggolan for 37k for some time ago, he was at 160k for some days ago and now up at 210k again. My question is: should I sell him now or wait? Thanks.

  14. when i sign in on my console it says to go to collect daily gift got to web app or companion but neither have the daily gift?

  15. John Goultas

    Hey Rodrigo, i live in Greece. Will this event be valid for me as well or not?

  16. hi. you wrote, that fut united will take place from feb13 to feb 15. are you sure about that? i think it is this weekend feb 6-8.

  17. Hi Rodrigo you keep us well informed with your articles and i always look forwards to them. Just to clarify thing there will be fut united this weekend,but will they release happy hour packs this weekend and what is the difference between this weekend and the second edition of fut on the 13-15 feb,will special packs be released during this time as well. many thanks

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