FUT Web App for EA Sports FIFA 17 is now live !

FUT Web App Details for FIFA 17 - Release Date, Access and More


EA Sports announced the FUT Web App for Thursday 22nd but it is already online. Take two minutes to read our short advices about what is expecting you. The FIFA 17 season is starting.


The FUT Web App for FIFA 17 is live since September 20th (6:45pm UK)

If you have any problem with the FUT 17 Web App, click here


FUT Web App for FIFA 17 is now live !


Now you can access https://www.easports.com/fifa/ultimate-team/web-app and start your FIFA 17 season. Before you do it, we suggest you to take a look to our advices about what is expecting you. It doesn’t take more than 2 minutes and it will be important to you be more prepared, especially if it is your first FUT Web App early access.


Where is the Web App ?

    If you are one of those that can’t get in the FUT Web App for FIFA 17, check the URL again, try to use another browser, clean the cache of the one you are using, check if you have the Flash up to date and turn off the browser extensions. Remember that many thousands of gamers are trying to access the app. If you can’t enter, try later.


Turn on Login Verification

    Login Verification is a mandatory step before you can access the FUT Web App for FIFA 17. It is very easy to do it. Just enter on your Origin account here and enable it. Then, just confirm the email or sms they have sent to you, verify your FIFA Ultimate Team Secret question and answer and store your codes in a safe place.


I’m new to FUT !

    Sorry but if you are new to Ultimate Team, FUT Web App early access is not for you. Only gamers who have created a security question/answer on their consoles before August 1st 2016, are eligible to start the Web App now. You will need to start first in the console.


How many packs?

    Besides the starter pack, you will get at least one welcome back pack. The amount of packs you get depends of your FUT 16 activity, and not for your antiquity as it happened in the past.


Bad luck?

    No, it is not bad luck. It is like this with every one. To pull a Ronaldo or any other great player in the starter pack is virtually impossible. Don’t dream with great cards because you will be disappointed. Welcome back packs are a slightly better but keep your expectations low.


FUT Web App for EA Sports FIFA 17 is now live !


More packs

    If you want to buy packs you will need to use your few coins. You can only transfer FIFA Points on a console with early access or the retail version of FIFA 17. If you have EA Access or origin Access, you will be able to transfer your FIFA 16 Points to FIFA 17 Points during the early access period (*)


I can’t make profit !

    Buy low, sell higher is more difficult in the first days than in the rest of the game because the cash flow in the market is very low. Be patient. As soon as the game is launched everything will change. We will publish several trading guides to help you in this journey.


Need help !

    If you feel lost, follow our guides to start FUT 17, like this and this one.


It’s in the game!

    Don’t forget that it is just a game. Eat, drink and sleep as you usually do in any other day. There are other things more important in life.


Share with us your first impressions of the game. Did you got a decent player? Are you going fine?

Most important than everything, have fun!


FUT Web App for FIFA 17 is upClick in the image to be redirected to our FUT 17 starting guide

(*) Subject to official confirmation

7 thoughts on “FUT Web App for EA Sports FIFA 17 is now live !”

  1. I am not new to FUT. However,when I try to log in to web app, I receive this message “Sorry you were not invited to participate in early web start in FUT 17. You will be able to use the Web App once FIFA 17 is released”. does this mean that I have to wait until the release date of FIFA 17 ?!

    1. another question 🙂
      if I start web app for ps3 and the upgraded to ps4, will my team be transferred to ps4 ?

  2. i am using Ultimate team web app every year and have entered a security question/answer before August 1st 2016 but can’t get in the Web App. I get the same screen as people who never used Ultimate Team before. Who can help me?

  3. The web app is working for me, but I cant reach the transfer market. It says I have to continue playing FUT 17 on my PS4 console, but I cant play of course. You cant do anything usefull now in the web app…

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