FUTMAS: Christmas Gifts for your FUT 13 Club


With Christmas also comes FUTMAS: daily gifts and daily surprises for your FUT 13 club.


FUTMAS: FUT 13 Daily Gifts


As happened in previous years, EA Sports introduced the Daily Gifts in Christmas season.
Once a day, whenever you get into FUT Web App for the first time (the reference time is midnight in London), you automatically receive a gift for your club FUT 13. These gifts are not cumulative, ie if you do not enter into your account, you will lose the gift of that day.

The most common gifts are:

  • Mini bronze packs
  • Mini silver packs
  • Mini gold packs
  • 500 coins
  • 1.000 coins
  • 2.500 coins
    FUT 13 Daily Gift

    2.500 coins is the hardest prize to get in the Daily Gifts of Christmas


    FUTMAS: Other FUT 13 Surprises


    Besides Daily Gifts, there are other surprises that you can take advantage.
    In a style similar to Happy Hour, offers are available every day, only for one day. You can find cheaper packages, packages with more cards or even new special tournaments.

    Until now, the offers were:

  • December, 19th: Premium Gold Jumbos
  • December, 20th: Silver Players Premium
  • December, 21th: Gold 13 & Premium Gold 13
  • December, 22th: The Silver Balls Tournament
  • December, 23th: Messi IF 91 released in packs
  • December, 24th: Gold 13 & Premium Gold 13
  • December, 25th: Mega Pack with 30 items
  • December, 26th:
  • Gold Players Premium 25k
    Mega 35k Packs
    Rare Consumables 20K packs
    Jumbo Rare Players 100k

  • December, 27th: Gold 13 & Premium Gold 13
  • December, 28th: Gold Players Premium 25k
  • December, 29th: Confetti Cup
  • December, 30th: 15k Premium Gold Jumbo Packs
  • December, 31th: Consumable Pack
  • January, 01st: 100K Jumbo Rare Player Pack
  • January, 02nd: Gold 13 & Premium Gold 13

FUT 13 Special Offers

Almost all the offers can be accessed through the store in the “Special Offers” section


FUTMAS: Our opinion


Except for Daily Gifts, which justify we come into our account every day, all the other offers are more marketing strategies than actually something that EA is giving us. It only compensates for those who purchase packages with great regularity.

The Daily Gifts and the Special Offers are available everyday between December 19th 2012 and January 2nd 2013.


Happy Christmas