FUTMas Guide for FIFA 16 Ultimate Team

FUTMas Guide for FIFA 16 Ultimate Team


FIFA 16 Ultimate Team is celebrating FUTmas with new offers every day. From December 18, 2015 to January 2, 2016, check out all the exciting offers in-game available for a limited time only. Whether it’s a tournament or pack offer, there is something for everyone!

Read our short guide to know the complete program and how FUTMas works.


FUTMas Program for FIFA 16


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  1. Vijay Lohitsa

    Hi Rodrigo,

    I am frustrated by the sluggishness of the market. Nothing is selling, no one is buying, prices are dirt cheap low. I have more than 100k sunk in players which are not moving – Benzema, Skrtel, Darmian, Mangala, Cazorla etc. I follow the market but I see that even lowest priced high quality players are not selling. Or am I doing something wrong. What is your reading of the market.



  2. Good Afternoon,

    I play on Xbox One.
    The plot thickens with the FUT transfer market… It seems prices have already fallen.
    I just cannot figure out how much they could potentially fall by during TOTY.

    I have done a quick bit of looking around but cannot find out how much prices fell with FIFA15 after TOTY came out.
    (I know there was also the implementation of ‘Price Ranges’ so this could be false/not relevant figures anyway).

    Can you give any advice on what happened last year?

    My thoughts:

    FIFA16 FUT players seem to be more aware than ever and this year, it feels like there is a huge ‘panic sale’ of cards leading up to key events… e.g. FUT United, Black Friday, FUTMAS and now TOTY.

    Do you feel it is possible the ‘panic lead up’ to the event could make prices cheaper now than they will actually be during TOTY?

    Also, assuming Ronaldo and Messi both get TOTY cards (surely they will), will that mean their usual ‘Gold Cards’ may go up in price for TOTY?

    Effectively, if I cannot afford TOTY Ronaldo (I don’t even know what the price would typically be, are we talking 2 million+?) – I will buy Ronald NIF gold card.

    The Ronaldo NIF gold card has been between 900,000 and 1million coins for most of the game, but now it is going for 700,000.

    In your opinion, is the price actually likely to drop below 700k?

    I am thinking I could probably buy most of the team I want now and ‘be done with it’ and just play with the team for months, but if I can get a much better team in 13 days time or so, then it could be worth waiting.

    Then again, because of the way TOTY players are released, most of the players will buy packs when the midfielders/forwards (and all players) are available, so it wll be more like 16/18 days?

    I am driving myself mad here 🙂

    Also, I assume today is the last pack offer until TOTY, so effectively players purchased today could go up in price before TOTY? Or is this very unlikely because of the ‘panic sales’ which will now probably go on…..

    I’ve been struggling to make the right decisions recently, I lost around 150k on paulo Maldini (amazing player, I just couldn’t afford to invest my whole budget in one player and am probably not good enough defensively to fully utlize him).

    I have also invested 260k in KDB 3rd IF (RM player) but his price now seems to be around 200k!

    Any comments would be much appreciated.


    1. Last year there was a pre-crash two days before the TOTY announcement but the prices were slightly lower during the last TOTY day, when all TOTY cards are on packs. I believe that this year, pre-crash may be as big or similar to TOTY crash.
      Messi and Ronaldo NIF cards may keep with their currently prices but we never know.
      700k is an awesome price for Ronaldo so…
      Maybe you should make coins during TOTY and then buy your team. If you have experience, buy now to sell during next week (12-15) and then buy again in the TOTY weekend.
      Yes, EA should stop releasing packs until TOTY.

  3. Hi Rodrigo,

    I need an advice. I bought FIFA on christmas because of the low prices. I chose the Deluxe edition which featured 3000 FIFA Points (3$ more than standard edition). So I’m wondering what is the best way to invest them? I think it is the 50k RPP. So today is a good day for this. Also is it not better to open like 20 – 7,5 packs and the chance to pull something good bigger? Last year I opened a loooot of packs.. I made like 250k coins two times and waisted them on packs 😀 and my best pull was van Persie in november whom I sold for 80k… so in the end I think.. its luck and whatever I do it will depend on my luck..

    Thanks and sorry for the long post 🙂

    1. Hi.
      In my opinion, the best way to invest them is buying 50k and 100k packs because the chances of getting a rare gold card is higher. If possible, do it when all TOTY cards are being released in packs (probably Jan 17)

  4. Hello Rodrigo

    I want to buy a Robben, is now in 230k PC, agree to buy now or wait out the totys?

    Hola Rodrigo

    Quiero comprar un Robben, esta ahora en 230k en PC, convienen comprar ahora o esperar a que salgan los totys?

  5. Hi Rodrigo why were prices lower on 25th than 26th? Playing on ps4 if that makes a difference

  6. Will the players prices be at an all time low starting 4pm PT OR will the prices go up and down depending on what kind of pack is in the store at that hour?

    And when should I sell my players?

  7. Do you think it would be smart to invest in some players tonight (friday 25), and sell them in like 2/3/4 days? Or do you think prices will only drop from now on?

  8. Are prices dropping at christmas (24 and 25)? Is it worth to wait a little to buy a team at these days?

  9. free packs and daily gifts.. are they the same? or do we get it separately ? what happend last year during futmas??

  10. Hi Rodrigo,

    I am a PS3 player and have quite a few TOTGS cards as investments, bought them during the 100k packs last monday, and they already rised by like 20%, a nice bit of profit, but what would you recommend, hold on for them a couple days longer (Till like the first 100k packs of futmas) or sell them now before FUTMas?


  11. Hi Rodrigo, I will more than likely be able to access my console at this time! is it possible to receive free packs from the companion app?

  12. Hi there , i found out many prices of the player are dropping now, should i buy them now of i should buy during futmas period? coz do u think the prices will ven more decreases, thanks

  13. In your experience, is there any benefit to selling players such as Messi or Ronaldo or are they less likely to decrease in value? What about the next level of players (Neymar, Bale, Modric, etc.).

  14. Will the players prices during this decrease, increase, or stay the same?
    And is during TOTY the best time to get players for cheapest prices possible the whole year?

  15. Hi,

    I am an ios fifa mobile user,

    will FUTMAS also be happening on it?? Like the tournaments and free packs and lightning rounds?

    thanks a lot,

  16. Hi Rodrigo,

    i am a PS4 player, the price on general is much lower than the pre-FUT United price though it slowly recovers after cyber Monday.

    Do you anticipate the price will go back to the pre-FUT United level? or anywhere close to that?

    I have quite a number of un-use cards which packed / bought in the last couple of months and considering when to cash them out


    1. No. That why we published “nothing remains the same after FUT United
      Only prices of IF cards and best players cards can go back. 99% of the prices will be go down even more so now it’s time to sell.

      1. Gracias Rodrigo. A vender todo entonces 😀

        Saludos desde Argentina

        Thanks Rodrigo. It’s time to sell 😀

        Regards from Argentina.

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