Gamescom FIFA 14 Trailer – The New Season is Coming…

Gamescom FIFA 14 Trailer - The New Season is Coming...


It was unveiled the Gamescom FIFA 14 trailer. What it here.


Gamescom FIFA 14 Trailer


A new FIFA 14 official gameplay trailer was unveiled by EA Sports.

In this minute and 45 seconds, you can see some of the most popular players as Lloris, Gerrard, Hulk, El Shaarawy, Ronaldinho, Lewandowski and… Messi, of course. But EA Sports knows that we want to play with the players on their new clubs. That’s why Falcão, Isco, Neymar and others also make their appearance.

This Gamescom FIFA 14 Trailer also shows the new stadiums, like Camp Nou, Donbass Arena and the La Bombonera, and new celebrations, like The Wave.

Here is the Gamescom FIFA 14 Trailer:



It is important to remind that this trailer is from FIFA 14 current-gen version. Another important thing about this Gamescom FIFA 14 Trailer is announced on the begginong of the video: “All footages captured from actual game play: Playstation 3 and XBox 360”. It is a really good thing. When the Next-gen FIFA 14 video was introduced in the E3, may gamers didn’t like it because it used lots of pre-rendered movies. In this Gamescom FIFA 14 Trailer it didn’t happen. True videos to show how the game really is.


The worldwide FIFA 14 release date will be September 27th (Friday). It includes the Europe, obviously. On the North America, the game will available to play at September 24th (Tuesday). If you really love FIFA as we do, mark these days on your calendar: FIFA 14 will be arriving on store shelves for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC.

FIFA 14, also known as FIFA Soccer 14 in North America, is the upcoming edition of Electronic Arts’ FIFA video game series. It is being developed by EA Canada.

You can find more about the game HERE.