Green iMOTM cards are coming to FIFA 14 Ultimate Team

Green iMOTM cards are coming to FIFA 14 Ultimate Team


Green iMOTM cards will be introduced in FIFA 14 Ultimate Team with the World Cup.


    June 15th 2014
    You can check all the iMOTM cards here.


FIFA 14 Ultimate Team green iMOTM cards


Q: What iMOTM means ?
A: It means ‘International Man of the Match’.

Q: What are iMOTM cards ?
A: They are like MOTM cards but to international matches.

Q: iMOTM cards are In Form cards ?
A: Yes. Like it happens to the TOTW, TOTY, TOTS and MOTM cards, iMOTM cards are IF cards.

Q: How can I get an iMOTM card ?
A: Like any other card: in packs from the store or from rewards, and in the transfer market.

Q: In which pack can I get one of these cards ?
A: You can get an iMOTM card in any pack with rare players cards.

Q: How the iMOTM cards looks like ?
A: They are green. Check the following image to see how the iMOTM cards look like.


Green iMOTM cards are coming to FIFA 14 Ultimate Team

In FIFA 14 Ultimate Team, iMOTM are green


Q: When the first green card was released ?
A: In World Cup first day, at June 12th.

Q: How often these cards will be released ?
A: These cards will be released during the World Cup. It is not official, but probably one per match.

Q: How long iMOTM cards will be available in packs ?
A: 24 hours, like it happens with orange MOTM cards.

Q: How these cards will be chosen ?
A: The Man of the Match will be rewarded with a green card.

Q: Are these cards better than TOTS and TOTY cards ?
A: No. The ratings of the iMOTM cards are better than the ones of the TOTW cards, but worse than the ratings of the TOTY / TOTS cards.

Q: Are these cards expensive ?
A: Yes, because they are available in packs only for 24 hours which makes them very rare.

Q: What is the discard price of these cards ?
A: The same of the others In Form cards.

Q: It is the first time that a green card is released in FIFA Ultimate Team ?
A: Yes. But iMOTM cards already were released during Euro 2012. There were purple at that time. You can check them here.

Q: What happens to the FUT 14 market with the release of the iMOTM cards ?
A: Probably there will be more people buying packs to get one of these cards. Prices should have a slightly decrease.

Q: The iMOTM cards will be released in FUT World Cup ?
A: No. It will be better than that. Every time a player gets an international man of the match card in FUT 14, the ratings and attributes of that player are automatically upgraded in FUT World Cup. Even for those who already own a card of that player.


Green iMOTM cards are coming to FIFA 14 Ultimate Team

The iMOTM cards are back to FIFA Ultimate Team


Q: And what about other colours ?
A: Check them here.

Q: I have another question about iMOTM cards. Can you help me ?
A: If you have a question about something else, feel free to use the comments to ask us.


43 thoughts on “Green iMOTM cards are coming to FIFA 14 Ultimate Team”

  1. Hi there, Today, I put a 15 million bid on TOTY NEUER and I thought that won it because that’s the max bid, but an hour or so later, I was out bidded by 15,001,000. When I try and bid even more, the bid button is totally grayed out, not allowing me to bid on him. So my questions is how do people bid more than 15 million on a player? TOTS Ronaldo has a bid of 45 million, so I have no clue how they can bid so high. Also how much coins your account can hold? Please help me here.

    1. Hi.
      It is not possible to bid any card for more than 15M. It is the maximum limit. That’s why you see a grey button. However, there are people using thid pary software (cheat engine for example) that allow to bid any price. They probably will be banned soon.

  2. hello rodrigo

    i have 2 questions

    how i can make a green or red players?
    these cards only for fifa world cup 2014?

    very very thanks

  3. Hey Rodrigo
    I play FUT on my iPad and two of the players in my squad are in the TOTK squad but have not been upgraded. Just wanting to know why that might be so?

  4. Hey Rodrigo your website is great for fifa news and also very intresting. I have pulled a iMotm card;navas he is a goalie with an overall of 79 and he has 90 dive. What do u think I should sell him for? And wen should I sell him? Thanks.

    1. Thank you.
      He is a brilliant goalkeeper. And he was really unbelievable in the World Cup.
      If you don’t want him, sell him now. Unless you believe that he will be transferred to a top European team.
      He already has another 4 IF cards, so you will not get more than 12k by him, depending of your platform.

  5. Will they be released again in a totw at the end of a week or only within those 24 hours?

  6. Hello,
    I have TOTS Suarez on my PS4 FIFA Ultimate Team. He is predicted to have a iMOTM tommorrow. Will his TOTS price decrease or increase tommorrow?

  7. Can the same player get more than one motm. For instance, becaue Robben played well could he get an upgrade on his already upgraded 91 card?

    1. Hi.
      A player can get more than one iMOTM. However, since it is EA Sports who is making the choice (FIFA MOTM are different – it was Robben), we believe that they will avoid it. If a player gets a second iMOTM the stats and rating should be the same of the first one.

  8. Hi there, was curious what ea will do for team of the week for the up coming weeks. Will all the imotm cards be all released together? Thanks

  9. i play FUT 14 on my iphone, every day i finish Ultimate cup once. but i didn’t receive any green card yet.
    should i play something else?? or i should buy packages and try my luck??
    thank you

  10. I got a question, can you confirm that the iMotm card will definitely worse than TOTS card? in Robben’s case, what if he scored 3 goals in the next game. What would EA do?
    1. give the card to another player?
    2. give the 91 imotm card again but with position he played in that game (st/rm)?
    3. your thoughts?


  11. If a player gets a imotm like Neymar and gets upgraded:
    1) can he be packed in the World Cup ultimate team packs for the 24 hours?
    2) when he is not in packs after the 24 hours is he still the upgraded rating in the fifa World Cup ultimate team to be packed.? When he is not in packs in normal ultimate team.

    1. Hi.
      1) In that case all Neymar FUT WC cards would be automatically upgraded. The old ones and the new ones. Permanent. As always, you may get him in a pack.
      2) He will be the upgraded rating version in FUT WC no matters when it happens.
      If you still have questions, feel free to ask.

  12. Hi ,
    Just wanted to ask should I buy players now or wait for them to go down a bit because of wc imotm cards?

  13. Hello Rodrigo, it says in the article that the cards are expensive. But FUT World Cup has no market. So does that mean that if, say I have WC Messi and he gets a MOTM, his iMOTM will go to my regular Ultimate Team?


    1. Hi. How do you do ?
      The green iMOTM cards are released only for the regular FUT 14. These are the cards that I have classified as ‘expensive’. As you said, FUT WC has no market, so the cards have no value.
      If you have WC Messi and he gets an iMOTM version in regular FUT 14, your WC Messi will not go to you regular FUT 14. You will need to get his green card in a pack. The only thing that happens is that your WC Messi will get an automatic update to higher stats and rating.
      If you haven’t understood my point, please ask me again.

  14. Whats up Rodrigo,
    I’m a huge fan of your website bro,
    although I go on to Futhead for current price of players, but I have to say, you have the best tips and
    guides for the main events occuring on FUT world.
    my question is,
    1. do you think there will be another major market crash due to these cards being release? what is your prediction?
    2. I speak both english and korean fluently and I wonder if you have any plans for having Korean version of your threads like you did in Portugese. because i dont think it would take long for me to translate for you and there are a lot of korean players out there needs some help. ( I could do some advertising for you on major korean portal sites)

    once again thanks a bunch for aiding FUT players including myself.
    have a great weekend!

    1. Hi Ryan. You are very kind.
      We believe that our website have the best tips and guides. About databases, prices and squad builders we truly believe that there are others better than FUTHead: for prices and for database, for example. My dream is to add those features to FIFA U Team. Maybe in one or two years, who knows ?

      I think there will not be a major market crash just because these green cards. They should not be as good as TOTS cards and one card per day will not be enough to a huge crash.
      Until now everything is happening according to our prediction.
      Prices haven’t raise after TOTS because the FUT WC but after a couple of days they did it. They are now higher and they will continue to raise until the World Cup starts. Then, the prices will go down again (just a bit).

      About your second question I will answer you by email, OK ?
      Good weekend for you too.

      1. Thanks a lot Rodrigo,
        I guess it would be the good time to buy the players now before it gets too late..

  15. Hello Rodrigo, Last night I pulled Van Persie out of a pack! I guess that’s very lucky as I never buy coins or FIFA points ^^ I have two questions though…

    1. Will I ever be allowed to sell these world cup players in the market?
    2. So now I have Van Persie, If he receives man of the match for Holland, would FIFA would automatically update my card for me?


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