Hours Method on FIFA 13 Ultimate Team

Hours Method on FIFA 13 Ultimate Team


The Hours Method is one of the most effective ways to earn FIFA 13 Ultimate Team coins.

Find out what you must do to earn coins with this method and how to maximize the profit.


What is the Hours Method on FIFA 13 Ultimate Team


We can only make a profit if we buy cheaper than we sell.

The hours method consists on taking advantage of the best hours to buy and the best hours to sell.


How to earn coins with the Hours Method


If you analyse the FIFA 13 Ultimate Team market carefully, you will notice that prices fluctuate depending on several factors. Some are more or less predictable, others not.

The time at which we buy or sell a card is one of those factors that we can control. There are times in which the average prices of the cards are low (great to buy) and there are times in which the average prices of the cards are high (great to sell).

If you know exactly these hours, you can always buy cheap and you can always sell expensive. This is guaranteed profit.


The 3-Step Method


Here are the steps to apply the Hours Method on FIFA 13 Ultimate Team:

  • Step 1 – Choose

Firstly, you should study the market and choose a niche. You may want to know the prices for these cards to identify whether they are high or low.

  • Step 2 – Buy

At the hours in which average prices of the cards are low, buy.

  • Step 3 – Sell

At the hours in which average prices of the cards are high, sell.


Optimize the Hours Method on FIFA 13 Ultimate Team


One of the alerts that we do about this method has to do with the prices of the cards. Just because you are buying on the hours that we define as the low average prices, it does not mean that you’re doing a good purchase. Make sure that actually the price you are paying by the card is lower than the commonly practised. The opposite is true for sales.

The most important thing in this method is to know in which hours the average prices are lower in which hours the average prices are higher in FIFA 13 Ultimate Team.


Good Times to Sell and Good Times to Buy


You finally came to the most important part of this article: the one that shows the right times to buy and the right times to sell.

The information about this subject that circulate among the FIFA 13 Ultimate Team community, either in websites or in forums, is often imprecise. They simplify excessively saying that the times with low traffic are the best to buy and the times with high traffic are the best to sale. Not quite. There is actually a direct relationship between traffic and prices but is a bit more complex than usually players FIFA 13 Ultimate Team think.
Once again we differentiate ourselves: we study the behaviour of hundreds of prices in order to conclude what are really the best times to buy and the best times to sell.

It is important to start by explaining what we mean by traffic. Traffic is the number of players at any given time, that are actively in the FIFA 13 Ultimate Team market. That is, players that are buying or selling cards.
Do not confuse with the amount of cards that are being traded at any given time. The difference between one thing and another has to do with the fact that many players place, and well, their items for sale for a period of time corresponding to low traffic.

The largest markets for FIFA 13 Ultimate Team are who defines the peak traffic hours. Most players are from the UK. Even the reference time zone is London. With some expression also arise northern European countries, as Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway and the Netherlands. As their time zone is very similar, it is not surprising that there are fewer players in the FUT 13 market when it’s night-time in these countries.

The times of high and low traffic are graphically represented in the following figure.

FIFA 13 Ultimate Team - Hours Method

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The image above is the result of an extensive study that we conducted. It shows the evolution of the traffic on FUT 13 market over 24 hours a day (London time zone). The times with more players have three times more traffic than the times with less traffic.
To better analyse the good times and the best times to buy or sell cards, we split the traffic into five categories corresponding to the five colours.

  • Category 1 (orange)
    Hours of very low traffic (from 02 am to 09 am)
  • Time to Buy: Good
    Time to Sell: Bad
    As there are few active players in the market, it is extremely difficult to sell.
    There are also fewer cards to buy but, as competition is low, it is possible to find good opportunities.
    We suggest that, even if you are not active in the market during this period, you should bid in advance some items that you think are cheap. You will have some chances to earn them.

  • Category 2 (yellow)
    Hours of low traffic (from 09 am to 02 pm and from 00 am to 02 am)
  • Time to Buy: Medium
    Time to Sell: Bad
    At this time there are few buyers and sales are difficult to make.
    Compared with the category 1, there are more competition and therefore purchases are not as good.

  • Category 3 (light green)
    Hours of moderate traffic (from 02 pm to 4 pm and from 11 pm to 12 am)
  • Time to Buy: Bad
    Time to Sell: Medium
    At this time there is enough traffic to sell most of our cards.
    The competition is too big to good buys.

  • Category 4 (green)
    Hours of high traffic (from 4 pm to 6 pm and from 21 pm to 11 pm)
  • Time to Buy: Medium
    Time to Sell: Good
    Much traffic means sells.
    Despite the very large competition, it is possible to buy lots of cards at good prices since there are so many different cards to be sold that those who are buying can not see them all. That is, buyers can not refresh the page fast enough to see all the cards that are expiring and some eventually come to an end at very low prices.

  • Category 5 (dark green)
    Hours of very high traffic (from 6 pm to 9 pm)
  • Time to Buy: Good
    Time to Sell: Very Good
    With the traffic at its most, the sales increase dramatically.
    The phenomenon that happens in category 4 is even stronger this time. On top of that is when most inexperienced players come and therefore appear the greatest bargains.


How many coins can I earn with this method on FIFA 13 Ultimate Team ?


In FIFA 13 Ultimate Team, the amount of coins you can earn with this method is virtually unlimited as you can always buy endless cards with profit.


Advantages and Disadvantages of the Hours Method


The hours method is simple. You can apply it as often as you want, whenever you want, and it works very well in conjunction with other methods. Being rich is always an advantage but you do not need to be to earn coins with this method.

Even if you know the market well, which is a requirement, you may be harmed by sudden price fluctuations of the cards. You should always have caution when cards come at prices too low. The market may have changed, you do not have realized and you may think that low prices is the effect of the time that you are buying.

Virtually unlimited.
It does not require large budgets.

It requires deep knowledge of the market.
Sensitive to price fluctuations.


Should I use the Hours Method ?


Sure, you should.

If you are a good trader, you already use it.
If you want to be a good trader, it’s time to begin.


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    1. Hi.
      Good for sell is easy to understand since prices go up.
      About to be a good time for buy, we know that it is a bit more complex. But it happens. It’s true.
      In these times, the traffic is really really high. There are many experienced players and many beginners placing their cards in the auction. These players with less experience place cards at low prices. Since there are so many people in the auctions, you can’t refresh the pages fast enough to see all the cards. That’s why it is easy to find bargains in these times.

      1. Ive just bought wellition for 1.700 in the light green/green zone lol 😀 this is useful 😀

  1. Could you give me some recommendations of players you tend to see drop a lot in low traffic times, and elevate a lot in high traffic times. Thanks

  2. where are you living currently though? as the time zone i live in won’t be accurate to this article.

  3. Hi!
    Shouldnt we sell at times where there is little market activity as there would be less people selling cheaper cards?

    1. And should i seel them at buy now prices which are lower than the rest or at bidding prices?

      1. We will have another article that will explain it much better.
        For better results, and in our opinion, you should try to fix a BIN about 10% higher to the start price. And the start price should be similar to the bidding prices, depending of how fast do you want to sell.

    2. Sorry but we disagree with you.
      When market has less traffic, there is less people to buy what you want to sell.
      We made a huge research about it and the conclusions are the ones of this guide.

  4. Thanksfor the post! It is really nice and helpful! Since TOTS are almost out, I want to sell my whole squad but I am in India so the optimum time fir selling would be at midnight!

    Anyways, great post ad should I be selling all my players for the market crash so that I can buy them cheaper later?

      1. When (If) I sell my players I should be able to raise about 60k. From that, I will make my squad again and avoid the mistakes I made earlier (I ignored attributes and went by overalls). I only sold 2 players until now, Busquets and Albiol and made a profit of about 2500 on them alone 🙂

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