Improve Your Penalties in FIFA 13

Improve Your Penalties in FIFA 13


You can find here some tips about how to take penalties in FIFA 13 matches.


Improve Your Penalties in FIFA 13


Here are some of the tips that you should try in order to improve your penalties in FIFA 13 matches:

  • Win More Penalties
  • Be unpredictable in the box and use a combination of face up dribbling (hold LT + RT on your XBox360 controller or L2 + R2 on your PS3 controller) and skill moves and you may win more penalties as a result of defenders making rash challenges.

  • The Right Player
  • When taking penalties, always choose a player on the pitch with the highest ‘PEN’ rating. Hold down RT on your XBox controller or R2 on your Playstation 3 controller to view and select the best player for the job. It may be obvious but most of gamers forget to do it.

  • The Right Power
  • Begin powering up when the cursor is over the green area of the accuracy bar. Don’t over-power your shot or you will slip or hit the ball high and wide. Aim the ball with LS centrally into the roof of the net. People rarely hold ‘up’ when attempting to save a penalty and you should score even if the keeper does not dive to the left or the right.

  • More Shots
  • You can chip the ball into the net by holding LB or L1 or use finesse by holding RB or R1 when shooting. Stutter your run by tapping shoot whilst running onto the ball to make the keeper dive early and kick the ball into a gaping net. Practice penalties in skill games to see how your power and LS movement effects your accuracy.

  • Save Penalties
  • When trying to save a penalty, either go early and hope you dive the correct way or wait until the ball is kicked before you dive to save it. Hold RS up if deciding not to move and you will save the ball at whatever height it is hit if the penalty taker decides to kick the ball down the middle.


Improve Your Penalties in FIFA 13 Video


This week tips on The Boot Room, Darren Cross from Match Magazine shares tips to penalties in FIFA 13.



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