In Form Method on FIFA 13 Ultimate Team

In Form Method on FIFA 13 Ultimate Team


The In Form Method is wide used by the most experienced FIFA 13 Ultimate Team players. It’s a good way to earn coins.

Find out what you must do to earn coins with this method and how to maximize the profit.


What is the In Form Method on FIFA 13 Ultimate Team


Who knows the FIFA 13 Ultimate Team market very well, can predict it and holds a knowledge that can be transformed into richness.

The In Form Method consists on taking advantage of the predictability of the IF cards prices behaviour.


How to earn coins with the In Form Method


The IF cards are special editions of the players’ cards who stood out in the real world for their good performances. These cards, of limited release on packages for up to a week, have improved players attributes and are therefore extremely valuable face to its normal version.
There are several kinds of In Form cards, depending of the competition in which the player stood out: TOTW, TOTY, MOTM or TOTS.
To learn more about IF cards, please read our articles about the several cards that exist in FUT 13 and its colours.

Who carefully study these cards will realize that the prices of all of them have a behaviour more or less predictable over time.
If you know when the price of an In Form card will be low and when it will be high, you can buy and then sell it with the guarantee that you will always profit.


The 3-Step Method


Here are the steps to apply the In Form Method on FIFA 13 Ultimate Team:

  • Step 1 – Choose

Start by selecting the In Form cards that have just been released, which are according to your budget and for which there are few secondary factors that can vary its price in a unpredictably way.

  • Step 2 – Buy

According to the pattern that you know, buy the card when its price reaches the minimum.

  • Step 3 – Sell

According to the pattern that you know, sell the card when its price reaches the maximum.


Optimize the In Form Method on FIFA 13 Ultimate Team


It is true that there is a pattern in the behavior of the In Form cards prices but you need a lot of attention to all the factors that can make it vary.
Examples of In Form players whose price may be inflated for other reasons:

  • Players with a great improvement on pace attribute;
  • Very popular players or players of very popular leagues;
  • Players whose rating increased to 74 (the higher of silver level)
  • Players whose positions were changed;
  • Players who already had a very high rating;
  • Players who already had another In Form card;
  • Players who do not have competition in a certain position for a particular league or nationality;

If you pay attention to the real world of football, you can guess some of the players that will be released in a IF version. This anticipation of knowledge can also be monetized in coins. NIF cards tend to get cheaper when the IF card of that player is launched. And it’s easy to see why: who wants to upgrade, sells the Not In Form card very cheap to have coins to invest on the In Form card.

The most important thing in this method is to know the pattern of the IF cards prices in FIFA 13 Ultimate Team.


What is the pattern of the In Form cards prices in FIFA 13 Ultimate Team ?


You finally came to the most important part of this article: the one that we tell you the right time to buy and the right time to sell.

We analyse the behaviour of hundreds In Form cards prices during the 12 days preceding its release. But we only found a very regular pattern on the TOTW cards.


FIFA 13 Ultimate Team - In Form Cards Method

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The image above is the result of an extensive study that we conducted. It shows the evolution of the TOTW cards average prices over the 12 days after its launch.
To better analyse, we split the evolution into four categories corresponding to the four colours.

  • Category 1 (orange)
    Day 1 to Day 2
  • Every time a new IF card is released, does not take long until someone put it on the auction market. As at that time there’s nobody selling it, the seller can set the price that wants for it. The prices of these cards at this time are unrealistically high.

  • Category 2 (yellow)
    Day 2 to Day 5
  • Over the TOTW week’s, more IF cards are released on packages and more IF cards come up on the auction market. The prices tend to decrease continuously, but more smoothly than from the first day to the second one.

  • Category 3 (green)
    Day 5 to Day 7
  • This is the right time to make business. Between the fifth and sixth day, the market is saturated of In Form cards and reaches the minimum price. It is the right time to buy.
    But, on the seventh day, the In Form cards stopped to be released on packages and the market feels it. The IF cards that were previously at low prices will no longer be available except in the market and in lower quantities. The players realize that and the prices of that cards increases again. It is the right time to sell.

  • Category 4 (blue)
    Day 7 to Day 12
  • After the seventh day, the In Form cards become rarer and rarer, because it do not go out in packages any more and because many players absorbed them for their teams. However, its price tends to decrease slowly as the generality of FIFA 13 Ultimate Team cards.
    Depending to the card in question, in the long term prices may go up. There are many players who make the investment and wait several weeks to monetize it.


How many coins can I earn with this method on FUT 13 ?


In FIFA 13 Ultimate Team, the amount of coins that you can earn with this method can be higher than 100k coins for each In Form cards.


Advantages and Disadvantages of the In Form Method


The major advantage of this method is to become possible to achieve profits that can not be reached with most of other methods. Since the IF cards are expensive, the profit margin of this method is high.

However, if you are a beginner in FIFA 13 Ultimate Team, you may experience some difficulties to apply it. You must have a good knowledge of the market and you should know how to defend from the unpredictability of prices behaviour. While there is a pattern, it is always subject to fluctuations that can ruin your business.

Chance of very high profits

It requires deep knowledge of the market.
Sensitive to price fluctuations.


Should I use the Hours Method ?



If you are an experienced trader, yes. You will work less and spend less time to achieve good profits.
If you are not very familiar with FIFA 13 Ultimate Team, start slowly.


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    For instance: I wanted to buy Sakho member of the TOTS ligue 1, his price was around 116 000€ (I couldn’t afford him at this moment!) the next few days after the release of the card and now i can see that people buy the card for 255 000 coins!!! Fortunately…I bought it for “only” 163000 coins.

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