In Form Glitch – Super Players Forever

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The cheats for FIFA Ultimate Team are more and more limited, but the truth is that there is a glitch that you can take advantage to build a squad even better.

We unveil one of the best kept secrets of FUT.


What is the In Form Glitch ?


The In Form Glitch is a glitch that FIFA 12 Ultimate Team and its earlier versions have and where we can transform our players in Super In Form players forever. We have made some tests in FIFA 13 Ultimate Team and (un)fortunately the glitch has been fixed.

Basically, the glitch makes the effect of the training card applied to a IF or UP player become permanent if the player begins the match on the bench.


How to Take Advantage of the In Form Glitch ?


We will explain, step by step, how to take advantage from the In Form Glitch.


  • Step 1 – What you need to have

Firstly, you must have in your squad In Form players (black, blue, orange or purple cards). Besides IF players, this method also works with UP players, which are those whose attributes and rating are reviewed at mid-season due to good performance IRL.

Besides the players, you may need training and development cards. To take full advantage of the In Form Glitch, we recommend you to buy three rare gold training cards +10 to all attributes. If your players have the moral and the fitness high, you do not need any more card.

In Form Glitch
Any one of the first five cards are In Form cards and thus can be used, such as Ugrade cards, on this glitch.
The card on the right is the one that we recommend to apply for the maximum advantage of this glitch.


  • Step 2 – How to apply the Development Cards

Even before applying the training cards, the first thing you should check is the physical and the psychic condition of the players you want to improve. Their conditions when you apply them the training card, will be those who they will have forever. Unless the fitness is already at 99% and the moral isn’t high, it is recommended that you apply them a fitness card and a team talk card. Also contracts will remain the same forever, which means you will no more spend contracts with these players.


  • Step 3 – How to apply the Training Cards

Before starting a match, apply the training cards to a maximum of three IF or UP players. These players with attributes improved must start the match on the bench. Once the match starts, you can pause it and make them take to the field. At the end of the match, these players will continue with improved attributes, with the same moral, number of contracts and fitness that started the match. It will always be like this, since you respect the rule of starting the match on the bench.


IF Glitch
The effect of training card becomes permanent if fulfilled the premises of this glitch.


In Form Glitch – Frequent Asked Questions

Q: The In Form Glitch really works ?
A: Yes. Our team test it several times and always with success. 100% tested.
Q: The In Form Glitch works on FIFA 13 Ultimate Team ?
A: No. This glitch only works on FUT 12 and earlier versions.
Q: If I have several IF/UP players, can use this glitch on all of them ?
A: We can only make three substitutions in a game. So this glitch is only valid for a maximum of three players.
Q: Can I apply other training cards ?
A: Yes, you can. However, the card +10 for all attributes include the effect of any other card and is therefore a better choice.
Q: I made a mistake applying the steps explained. What should I do?
A: You can always start over again. Reapply the training cards to a IF/UP players and make them start the match on the bench. The glitch will result.
Q: The glitch will works on bronze, silver and gold players ?
A: Yes. As long as they are IF or UP cards.
Q: Is this cheating ?
A: We do not encourage the use of this trick. It’s up to you to decide.