Exclusive Interview To… Rafael Ferreira, First FIFA U Team BiChampion

Exclusive Interview To... Rafael Ferreira, First FIFA U Team BiChampion


After the interview with João Costa, first winner of a FIFA U Team tournament, it is time to talk again with a champion. In this case, a FIFA U Team BiChampion. The first one.


Exclusive Interview To… Rafael Ferreira, First FIFA U Team BiChampion


In January 2014, Rafael Sant’Ana Ferreira signed again his name on the list of FIFA U Team Tournaments winners, becoming the first FIFA U Team BiChampion. And in a very special way: he won a FIFA 13 tournament and a FIFA 14 tournament.

We tried to know a little more about this Santos FC fan and FUT founder, and to learn some tips about how to have success in this kind of tournaments.


FIFAUTeam – Hi. You was the first player to win a FIFA U Team tournament twice. How do you feel about it ?
RF – I feel happy and honoured because these tournaments are very competitive, with strong players.

FIFAUTeam – Since when you play FIFA ?
RF – I play FIFA since FIFA 10. And I play Ultimate Edition since the first edition.

FIFAUTeam – How often do you play FIFA ?
RF – I play four matches per day. Every day.

FIFAUTeam – Which formation you usually use ?
RF – I like to use the 4231 (2) and the 41212. These two formations are very balanced. They work well on the attack and on the defence.

FIFAUTeam – How would you define your play style ?
RF – My play style can be described as ball control, passing and objectivity.

FIFAUTeam – Can you tell us with which team you won the tournament ?
RF – Sure. It was a BPL team in a 41212. Mignolet was the goalkeeper. As CB’s I had Kaboul and Okore. Richards and Baines were the fullbacks. Wanyama played as CDM and Ozil as CAM. On the right Townsend and on the left side Schurlle. Aguero and Agbonlahor were the strikers.

FIFAUTeam – Nice team. Which advices you give to who want to win a tournament ?
RF – Basically I think players have to trust in their play style. Be confident and calm. And build a good team, obviously.

FIFAUTeam – Do you have any superstition ?
RF – No. I don’t have any superstition when I play FIFA.

FIFAUTeam – What do you think that needs to be changed in FIFA U Team ?
RF – Nothing. This is the best website about FIFA. The content is very complete and it helps the players that are starting to become great FIFA players in the future.


Rafael Ferreira also said that he was extremely happy with his progress. He was defeated on the first tournament final, but he is now the first FIFA U Team Bichampion.

We want to thank him and give him our congratulations by having win the second and the fourth FIFA U Team Tournament for Playstation 3.


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