Introduction to FIFA 13 EASFC Catalogue

FIFA 13 EASFC Catalogue is one of the FIFA 13 news features and that will also bring benefits to FUT 13 players. We show you what it is.


Introduction to FIFA 13 EASFC Catalogue

EASFC means Electronic Arts Sports Football Club. It is a social fan hub. It connects you to your friends, to your favourite club and even to the real football world.

With FIFA 13, also arrives the EASFC Catalogue. It is a store where you can trade the credits that you earned or the 10,000 credits that you received when you bought the game with us by hundreds of items, including kits, boots and boost’s.


EASFC Catalogue
You can buy Boost Coins to FUT 13 on EASFC Catalogue


In the previous years, your progression could be tracked by your level XP. But you were not rewarded in any way. With FIFA 13, your progress is reflected in the EASFC Catalogue. The higher your progress, more items you have at your disposal.


FIFA 13 EASFC Catalogue Video Introduction

You can watch a introduction to EASFC Catalogue on the following video:


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  1. Will you need xbox live connection for EASFC because I brought a banned xbox and now can’t go on it.
    I can connect it to internet but can’t get into xbox live,will I be able to use EASFC

  2. I’d like to know if items purchased in the catalogue (balls, boots, and kits), are those items available while offline?

  3. Can you only use the International manger offer once? If so this seems ridiculous, particularly for those who focus on career mode, and there is no warning of this in the game.

  4. Hi is there a way of resetting the ea catalogue as I don’t get a coin boost, and when I try to buy it, it says I already have it.???

  5. Hey m8s

    How do I earn coins easiest – (NOT coins in FUT), but those coins I can use in the catalogue?

  6. On FUT in my trade pile there are stuff and players I quick sold like a week ago. I cant remove them and if I quick sell it it says you will recieve 0 coins..?? Also if I do sell them they say ” Oops! It looks like something went wrong blah blah” Then he is still there and I cant list him or store in club!?!? HELLLPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I bought two pairs of boots in the catalogue and the won’t appear when I try to use them on a player or anything.

  8. Hi lads. I just got Fifa there on Christmas and I absolutely love the game. I am not a member of Xbox Live, however, so I am unable to access the online features of the game. Is it possible to access the catalogue without an online account, or would it be possible to set up a short-term account and be able to access the catalogue from then on?
    Anyway, isn’t it a bit ridiculous that you’re only able to access a fraction of the game without an online account?
    Thanks, Peadar

    1. Hi. It was a good Christmas for you!
      In order to access catalogue you need to have internet access and a XBox Live account.
      If it is ridiculous? Yes, we think so. That’s why we play FUT on PS3.

  9. Anyone know why when i buy boots i can not apply them to a player or to my pro? the player still wear the same boots. any help?

  10. Paul Carruthers

    I purchased a season win 3 points in the catalogue. How do I use it in my career mode?

    1. U can only use the season win in Season mode (online) NOT in your Career Mode (Offline)

  11. hello
    i can not play on line as keeps saying updating easfc catalogue,been over a hour and still says that on screen!!!!why?surely should not take over hour to update?

    1. There are many people with the same problem. There is not an official fix but you can try something that we found on the web:
      “Basically, go to Dashboard > Settings > Storage etc. and transfer all your FIFA13 saves to Cloud Storage, you cant move the marketplace stuff but that doesnt matter, as long as the personal settings etc are moved. Then load the game up, it’ll act like when you first started it and install all updates quickly. Then go back to dashboard, move all saves back to hard drive and load up the game, there will be a few things that act alike when you first got the game, your game settings will need changing if you edited them, but your Online Pro, FUT etc. will be fine and the issue will be gone.”

  12. hi i was wondering can u buy coin boost ect more than 1 time? if nt aint it a bit crazy you have to last on that for 1 year ????>>>>>

  13. I don’t understand the +1 in physical/passing/shooting/mental. Where does the +1 go to and does your online pro get it as well? Thanks

  14. I was playing Ultimate Team and I’m level 61 I used the bonus coins that i brought in the catalog, I think it was 10 x 1000 coins but now I used it and it’s finished I want to buy it again but it says I can’t, Is there certain period of time this resets so i can buy it again or what? I am confused

    1. Hi. We will publish very soon an article about the EASFC Catalogue items that exist to FUT 13 and that clarify the subject of your question. You can only use the items you bought once. After that, the items should be listed in ‘acquired’ filter and marked in green. You can not buy these items again. You can always buy other coins boost of lower levels. Thanks for your message.

  15. I bought the takeover and when I next went on my manager mode it came up with the notification saying it had applied but it gave me no extra money. Any idea why?

  16. Jordy Burridge

    can you please reply? i am not able to buy a financial takeover again yet i am 2 seasons further of the first season in my career when i bought it once..

  17. hi, i noticed the catalogue was updated. two new puma boots were added, my question is, does EA plan on updating it frequently? maybe more nike boots?

  18. Jordy Burridge

    I got this qeustion: financial takeover says: ONLY ONCE PER SEASON,
    well i played an season. and at the next season i tried to buy it again but it doesnt allow me to buy it.. why? will i ever be able to buy it again?

    1. Jordy Burridge

      Thanks for the answer but what do you mean by second season?
      Cause im already in the third season of my career, still it says, that I already bought it once?

  19. why cant I get Financial Takeover when i start a new game I have the credits but it wont let me it says that I all ready have it is there a way round it thanks

  20. Eggs_Diamond

    My question regarding the EASFC Catalogue (A wonderfull adition to the game btw) is why there are more expensive ‘versions’ of certain items. For example, there is a ‘Financial Takeover’ option availble for 1500 credits at Level 13, and one for 2000 credits at Level 26. Seeing as these items are repurchaseable every season, I assume the difference lies in the size of their effect. For example, the 2000 credits one will give you more money than the 1500 one. Confirmation please? (Excuse the grammar. I suck at typing on an iPad 😛 )

      1. Wow. You answered quicker than the hundred thousands of people on the official EA Forums… 😀 Massive thanks!

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