Last Minute Method on FIFA 13 Ultimate Team


Earning FIFA 13 Ultimate Team Coins is not difficult.
The last minute method is one of the easiest to apply and for that reason the most used.

Find out what you must do to earn coins with this method and how to maximize the gain.


What is the Last Minute Method on FIFA 13 Ultimate Team


In the Last Minute Method, you try to take advantage of some good opportunities in the last minute of auction.

If you pay attention to the auctions that are ending and if you have a good knowledge of the FIFA 13 Ultimate Team market, you can filter and bid the most attractive cards.


Why there are Cards with Prices so low ?


This method only works if there are cards with very attractive prices on the last minute of the auctions. And yes, there are.

Many times the prices remain low until the end because, consciously or not, most of the people apply this method. They know that if they bid long before the end of the auction, they will eventually be overcome. That’s why they wait for the last few seconds to try to buy the cards they want.

There are three main reasons for sellers place cards with prices below the actual market value.
The first one is by not knowing the market. The second is by mistake. And the third is by strategy. The truth is that it is proven that the cards with lower initial prices ​​are those that end up being sold at higher prices. This often happens because these cards call attention to several players who start a contest, exceeding the amount that they would normally offer by an identical cards.


How to earn coins with the Last Minute Method


Most of the FIFA 13 Ultimate Team players does not need an article that explains how to earn coins with this method. It’s so intuitive that we only do as a matter of gather all the ways to earn coins in FUT 13.

Its application is as simple as going to an auction that is ending and bid cards that are undervalued.
It’s almost the opposite of the famous 59th minute method.


The 3-Step Method


Here are the steps to apply the Last Minute Method on FIFA 13 Ultimate Team:

  • Step 1 – Find

The first step is to identify cards, among those whose auction is ending, which might interest us. Any card with a lower price than normally practiced are potentially a good buy.

  • Step 2 – Bid

The second step is the bidding. We will try to buy the cards whose price remains lower than normally practised, discounted 5% tax.

  • Step 3 – Sell

The cards that we can buy in the circumstances described will be sold later. Only then we will transform our work into profit.

FIFA 13 Ultimate Team - Last Minute

There are good opportunities in the last minute of the auctions


Optimize the Last Minute Method


There are two important things to be successful in this method: to know how to filter and understanding the FIFA 13 Ultimate Team market very well

Firstly you should know that trying to find opportunities amidst all the players cards is almost an impossible task. There are too many cards, so you will not be able to follow them all and also will not know the fair price for all of them. The trick is to filter the cards, focusing only on a specific niche. Choose a league, a nationality or even a club, and try to find the cards whose auction is ending and that have a good price.

Applying a filter will help you to detect better the good opportunities. You should study the filtered cards market very well. Make it through a database or through your watchlist. Knowing well the prices that the cards are usually sold will allow you to be quick and without hesitation in the last seconds of the auction.

There are other minor optimization tactics but with small expression.
When a card have no bids, it is better to do it at 15 seconds from the end. Bidding as late as possible will draw less attention, without turning the clock back.
When a card have multiple bids, it is better to bid over and over at the last second to try to exhaust the patience of competition.


How many coins can I earn with this Method ?


In FIFA 13 Ultimate Team, the amount of coins you can win with this method is virtually infinite.


Advantages and Disadvantages of the Last Minute Method


This method is easy to apply and virtually inexhaustible. But it only works if the player have a deep knowledge of the FIFA 13 Ultimate Team market. The profits will arise but always in small doses. You will have to spend a lot of time to collect coins in interesting amounts.

This method has another disadvantage: the danger of bid jacking. You must be careful to make sure that the price that you will bid is actually the one that you are willing to pay.

Easy to apply.
Virtually infinite.
Requires a very deep knowledge of the market
Time consuming.
Danger of bid jacking.

Should I use the Last Minute Method ?


In general, yes.

Unlike the 59th minute method, you do not need to spend time browsing between pages and the cards don’t need to have a BIN set. The profits will be smaller but the opportunities will come much more frequently.

In FIFA 13 Ultimate Team, the results of this method are much better if applied in low traffic hours.


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