The Last Trading Technique for FIFA Ultimate Team

The Last Trading Technique for FIFA Ultimate Team

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In this new episode, “The Last Trading Technique for FIFA Ultimate Team”, the author explains to the community the last way to make coins on FIFA Ultimate Team.


Silvio Teixeira


The Last Trading Technique for FIFA Ultimate Team


For us used to writing on here there’s frequently the need of letting go of the techniques we created ourselves – and when I say created I don’t mean that no one else on this planet has never even thought about it or wasn’t currently using it, but they’re techniques that I’ve never read about somewhere else and we actually developed them ourselves, ran tests, verified the results and then published. However, with all the publication going on a big part of these techniques stop having the same results since we have an enormous number of friends and readers that will naturally go testing them out. This way we always have a few techniques that we like to keep to ourselves, but then sooner or later we end up making them public. With time all the techniques are being explored, and except if something changes (the way the chemistry system changed, for example), there had to be the moment for this to come, the moment when we’ll talk about the last trading technique!

Like most techniques this one is also very simple, but on the other hand it was one of those that really paid off the most in the history of Ultimate Team, and since it can also be used by anyone, having them many or few coins, and due to its low risk and high return it’s just adequate to everyone. So put your phone down for a minute and pay close attention because, trust me, this one’s good.

The thing that traders need to be looking for is the deal’s potential profit percentage. Buying a player for 700 and selling him for 1000 is good, it’s got profit percentage near 40% so it’s good. It would be better if you bought one for 70000 and sold him for 100000, it’s the same profit percentage and less hard work. However, a player costing 700 would be easily sold later for 1000, but one that costs 70K may never reach 100K, on the contrary, he might lose value, and that will hardly happen to a 700 coins player. That’s why some techniques like the Rain of Coins and the improved Rain of Coins make success, they require effort but they don’t offer risks.

The “Heavy Chemistry“, the name of this technique, works with profits over 100% and offers very low risks, and it’s got as a counterpoint the fact that it’s seasonal, which means it can’t be used all the time, but when it can it’s always worth the investment. Okay, I’ve said a lot but didn’t really say anything, let’s get to what really matters.

In terms of prices we can divide chemistry styles in three groups:

    – Hunter (extremely expensive, God knows why)
    – Shadow e Catalyst (expensive)
    – All the remaining (cheap)

In the “Rain” and “Overcoming the rain” articles we tell you to buy cards with any of the chemistry styles considered cheap. This one predicts buying someone with the Catalyst and Shadow chemistry styles for 1000 coins and then selling them for at least 2000 coins. Catalyst can’t be bought for less than 1500, shadow can’t even be found for less than 3K. This way it takes some money for you to apply any of those to your player, so when someone wants a player with one of those chemistry styles they’d rather buy the pre-built player instead because it’s cheaper. If De Bruyne can be found for 800 coins with Basic chemistry style, one with Shadow would end up costing 3800 if you applied it to him. And always that we have some minimum market crash, like 100K packs coming out or TOTW players available, many people set auction start prices of 150 for De Bruyne with Shadow or Catalyst, and guess how much I win them for? That’s right, I usually win them for 1000 or 1100. Take a look at my transfer targets at the moment:


The Last Trading Technique for FIFA Ultimate Team


You can easily buy them for 1K and then sell for 3K considering the buyer would still be saving coins, but it’s even better because most players that we were able to find are more expensive than De Bruyne, and in this case profit will be even greater. It’s interesting to point out that you can’t always find a Catalyst De Bruyne (could be anyone else) on the market, it’s not difficult for you to find one except when you want him right away for your team. People who want this kind of chemistry style for their player don’t usually care about extreme savings since they’re already saving both money and time by buying the pre-built player instead of the cards separately. Therefore it’s reeeally usual for me to I win a player for 1K and then sell him two minutes later for 2K. Others will take some more time, but they all go sooner or later, nobody is left. And I want to mention that you should ONLY buy players with these two strong chemistry styles that are RARE GOLD, I don’t take responsibility for any other type.

Even though this moment is generally considered “time to buy” I keep selling these cards pretty well. They don’t stop. Take a look at my transfer list full of sold cards, all of them are Catalyst or Shadow and were sold for 2 to 2.5K. This one Immobile that shows up there as “BAS” was actually sold as Catalyst, someone paid 2200 coins after all, what happens is that when you leave a card on your transfer list it updates according to what its new owner has done to it, so if the player runs out of contracts with the new owner you’ll see that 0 contracts symbol and so it goes. The current status displayed has to do with the new owner. Don’t ask me why his new owner applied a basic chemistry style to the card after he paid more for catalyst, to me that’s still a mystery, but I did sell him as Catalyst. 🙂 The rest remained as I sold them.


The Last Trading Technique for FIFA Ultimate Team


Another interesting behaviour is that sometimes your transfer list full of the most demanded players but the one that ends up being sold first is a certain Schafer, which is a good Bundesliga left-back but he isn’t one of those who you expect to sell fast. I buy all of them with bids so I have no problem on buying several cards of the same player. I’ve never had any problem buying many of the same player, they always go sooner or later. In moments like this current mini crash, I try to go buying and playing for the club in order to store as many players with strong chemistry styles as I can for when the market is considered “normal” again and so a great moment for me to sell them all. During all year I’ve been able to buy players of this form, although sometimes supply decreases and it does get more difficult, so it’s always worth it to buy as much as you can while you can, giving preference to buying always at least one of each to stay in your club so your transfer list isn’t affected much. You can maintain a stock of around 300 cards like this. A detail, always look for Shadow first, since they cost more than Catalyst they’ll always sell more easily.


Going Hunting


Do you think the story ends here? Do you? No… Hunter can be another great found for our business. It’s by far the most expensive chemistry style in the game costing around 6000-7000 (Xbox prices). Therefore if you find a player that costs 1K with Hunter chemistry style selling for 3K you can buy him with your eyes closed, certain profit. Below you can see I bought Hunter Javi Martinez for 2900. He used to cost that without chemistry style! Now I can sell him for 6K no problem, or even more if I’m feeling ambitious.


The Last Trading Technique for FIFA Ultimate Team


Buying Hunter cards at this moment is very simple, instead of using 1000 coins of maximum buy now price I told you to use for Catalyst and Shadow, here’s what I suggest. Set 2500 on maximum buy now price, at this exact moment I made a test, bought three Hunter players on buy now (image below), I got Felipe Santana, Garay and Leandro Castan. There were a few others, but I know these three are quite demanded, therefore I can sell them for 5K (looking for the 100% profit) or maybe even more if I’m not in a hurry. You have to be careful managing your unassigned list because you can only keep 5 cards bought with buy now in there, you should either send them to club or transfer list. If we found someone for 2500 on buy now we’ll surely find someone for less than that on bids, however I still do advise you to get those on buy now for the stock, especially if it’s a card that you don’t have in your club. It doesn’t matter if you get one bidding 2000 or paying 2500 with buy now, in the end profit will be 100% anyway. I won some good players like Farfán and Ramos bidding 2K. So there it is the last technique to fill your pockets!


The Last Trading Technique for FIFA Ultimate Team


The Sad Part…


Like I said, there’s nothing else I can share with you guys regarding trades. There have been several techniques for all kinds of tastes and finances but everything has an end, therefore this is my goodbye for now. I’ll be away from this series which has given me such an amazing time for an undetermined period. It doesn’t mean it won’t eventually come to light sometime, but it’ll depend on things changing because all that I know and was able to share is already here among these 64 articles. I’ll stay active on here, down the chat, answering to your questions and when something different emerges I might participate with a new tete a tete for some new idea, but until then I wish you all a good business, good trades and, more than anything, have fun!


See yoooou later!


13 thoughts on “The Last Trading Technique for FIFA Ultimate Team”

  1. i have 68000right know the highest i have gone is 86000 i can only get 10000 coins profit each day and this is in my good days is that a good profit or i can make more i have used this method and hardly find cards but when i do i make 1k profit if i get 10 i make 10k but how can i make more i want to get neymar and he is 600k!! how do iget there?????????

  2. I got if Sneijder for 20k sold with 200k three weeks later. Now I got the second if Sneijder I don’t know which price I should sell him

  3. Hi i have previously used hour overcoming the rain technique which i have found great as a start off trading method!

    However when i tried to use buy now for 1000 (shadow/catalyst) or 2500 (hunter) rarely anything will come up if so they wont be rare?


  4. I presume that importance of pace in this game makes hunter so expensive, 10,000 on PS4!

    Though I’ve just read that chemistry styles also affect the mentality and way a player plays. Maybe that explains why before TOTY crash when I sold Aguero I was getting 2 goals a game with him, and now I am getting 0.5 a game.

  5. The reason the sold card may show as having a BAS chem style when you sold it with a Catalyst or something, is because if the buyer has bought as a replacement for a player already in his club then ‘swaps’ them when he buys yours, the one showing in your transfer pile will reflect the one he has swapped it for, its the same when it shows 0 contracts pretty much straight after they’ve bought yours.

    1. roger marconi

      same thing actually happens when buyer quick sells it… i’ve noticed, that many of my sold rare gold players have this immediately after the sale and there was no way he played his 10 remaining games in about 3 mins.. since it became more often for me to see this happen, i realized that all of this trades were done for 600 max (i always start at 150) and quick sell for this kind of cards is 608-654 (my personal monitoring). if someone is hardworking enough to make profit out of this, there is literally no risk, but a lot of clicking for pennies

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