FC 25 Loan players are limited-use items that can boost the overall performance of your team.
FC 25 Loan Players

Loan Items

Introduced by Electronic Arts in FUT 15, loan players are items designed for a limited number of games. They can infuse a temporary boost in quality to your squad for a few matches, proving crucial in key fixtures. Due to their effectiveness, an increasing number of players are incorporating them into their teams.

Loan player items are recognizable by a blue circle in the bottom right corner. The number within the circle indicates the remaining matches the player can participate in before their contracts expire, rendering the card obsolete.

Loan Item

You might wonder about the purpose of these cards when you can possess the final version. Well, firstly, they are typically free, and using them does not deplete the contracts of your regular cards. Additionally, they provide an opportunity to test new items before making a purchase.

There are some specific aspects about how these cards function that you should be aware of:

  • Duplicates
    If you acquire a loan player item you already have in your club, there’s no need to discard any of them. You can merge them into a single card, combining the contracts and preserving the stats from the initial one.

  • Squad
    You can field multiple loan players simultaneously. It’s also possible to have both a loan player and their regular card in your squad, but only one can be used at a time.

  • Transfer Market
    Loan player items cannot be sold on the transfer market. Attempting to discard them yields 0 coins. Furthermore, they cannot be used in squad building challenges.

  • Contracts
    Similar to other player cards, except in Friendlies and Moments modes, using a loan player consumes one contract. If the player remains on the bench or reserves, their loan duration remains unchanged. However, you cannot apply contracts to extend the loan; once the contracts run out, the card becomes unusable.

  • Consumables
    With the exception of contracts, all other consumables function normally on loan players, though it may be somewhat wasteful considering their limited availability.
FC 25 Loan Players

How to Get Loan Player Items

There are several ways to get FC 25 loan players:

  • Season Rewards;
  • FC Editions;
  • Starting Squad;
  • Ultimate Team packs;

You can exchange your UT XP by players on loan. The list is published on our Seasons dedicated page.

FC Editions
Football Club 25 has two editions. Each one has different offers, but both include the same loan players.
Standard and
Ultimate Edition
Loan Cover Star Item
(10 matches)
Standard and
Ultimate Edition
Loan Ambassador Player Pick Item
(5 matches)
Ultimate Edition
Loan Mad Ready Item
(24 matches)

Starting Team
When you start Ultimate Team 25 for the very first time, right after opening your starter pack, the game requests you to select a player on your squad to replace with a high-rated loan player. It is a one-time chance to improve your squad with a top-quality player. Like on Draft, it will show five players to pick one, according to your selected position. The better is the card, the fewer games you can play with him.

You can also receive loan players when opening specific packs. They are not available for sale on the store, but you can get them as a reward on Squad Battles, a special event, or even by completing an objective.
Loan Player Reward PackIncludes a player
rated 75-80 on loan
Premium Loan Player PackIncludes a player
rated 81-85 on loan
Ultimate Loan Player PackIncludes a player
rated 86-90 on loan
Loan Prime Icon PackIncludes a Prime
Icon on loan
Frequently Asked Questions
With the Loan Players feature, you’ll be able to try out some of Ultimate Team’s most sought-after players for a limited amount of matches.
No. Football Club 25 loan players are unavailable on the transfer market. However, you can find them in specific packs or by exchanging your XP.
You cannot extend the contracts of loan player items. Once expired, they become obsolete, and it’s up to you to discard them for free or keep them in your club.