Guide On How To Make Coins Consistently on FIFA 17

Detailed Guide On How To Make Coins Consistently on FIFA 17


We are proud to announce that we’ve teamed up with OTW Trading & Tips, a top FUT trader who will help you to achieve your goals. Enjoy this detailed guide on how to make coins consistently on FIFA 17 Ultimate Team.

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Detailed Guide On How To Make Coins Consistently


Hi guys, I’m OTW Trading & Tips, a FUT player, trader and investor since FUT 13. I’m know for my Twitter account in which I help my followers out with making coins and regularly providing them with market analysis and investment tips. This is gonna be my first article in which I’ll be explaining certain patterns and methods you can use in this year’s FUT to make coins week in week out. So, let’s get things rolling!

In this detailed guide about how to make coins on FIFA 17, I will cover five big topics. If you stick to them, you’re guaranteed to make lots of coins sooner or later. Happy investing!

Quick Access

Learning how to use FUTBin
Ones to Watch (OTW)
New Team of the Weak
Big Events



Create an account on Futbin and start adding players to your list. You’re probably asking why should I do that? Well, the answer is quite simple. It gives you much needed organisation and ease of access to an already stacked environment which is FUT. You want to use your lists to add certain types of players to them (always categorize your investments), these players are usually your investments (or future investments) and the lists will help you keep tracks of multiple players at the same time and help you learn patterns (when a player is at their lowest, average and highest during the week). Start off with one category/list i.e. Non-In Forms, then move onto In Forms, then OTW’s etc. You start off with one list and one category, then when you feel comfortable with keeping track of the players from one category you move onto the other one and so forth. Trust me, give it a couple of weeks and you’ll start to see more and more patterns and everything will seem much more simple and easier to understand to you.

An example of how that looks:


Learning how to use FUTBin

Learning how to use futbin and the player price graphs is probably one of the most important steps you need to learn before you can start trading independently. At first, it might look like a jumbled mess of dates and prices going up and down, but when you open up your calendar and recognise that there are patterns which repeat themselves week in week out you’ll start putting two and two together. I’ll provide you with an example:

As we can see on the graph, this player has been steady for quite some time at about 13-14k, but what happened on the 17th of March that caused him to drop by roughly 30% on a Friday when people are building their WL squads? St. Patricks SBC happened coupled with Promo Packs and he tanked. And look at that, as soon as the initial hype regarding the St. Patrick’s SBC died down he quickly recovered his price to what he was before the event due to him being in high demand for the WL.


Ones to Watch (OTW)

Let’s talk about other way to make coins on FIFA 17. OTW trading is probably one of the safest trading methods out there at the moment. All that it requires is that you know when to buy the card. Some might say that that’s pretty vague and that knowing when to buy a card is one of the hardest things to know in trading, but this is pretty simple as these cards follow an almost strict pattern every week. This is how the prices behave in 90% of the situations every week.

    • Player X is not a first team regular
    • Player X is announced to be starting → price goes up
    • Player X is not announced to be starting → his price goes down
    • Player X contributed to the scoreline
    • Player X has multiple In Forms → price stays the same
    • Player X has no In Forms → price goes up
    • Player X’s game has ended
    • Player X contributed to the scoreline → price goes down
    • Player X has not contributed to the scoreline → price goes down
    • Player X is in the TOTW Prediction → price goes back up and continues to rise
    • Player X is not in the TOTW Prediction → price goes down, slightly recovers
    • Player X is not in the TOTW → price tanks hard, goes below market value
    • Player X is in the TOTW → price goes down as everyone sells and undercuts

Now that we know we know how the prices react at any given time, we need to identify when the best moments are to buy them.
You want to buy your OTW cards a couple of hours after their game has finished as they’ll be at their lowest point due to people offloading them in bulk and undercutting each other in the process.

If you missed out on investing in the player before, NEVER panic buy, simply wait after the game has finished and for his price to drop. You’ll know that the price has reached it’s lowest point when it becomes stagnant. A price becomes stagnant when the lowest BIN item is on the market for 10 or so minutes without anyone undercutting or buying the item, that’s when you start buying.

After you bought your cards, and if you have a feeling that he’s not gonna get into any of the TOTW Predictions or even the actual TOTW best bet is to sell it before the first TOTW Prediction comes, which is usually on Monday (on rare occasions Sunday evening).

That can also be applied to the guaranteed TOTW candidates, because there’s always going to be loads of undercutting and keeping the cards the extra couple of days until the official TOTW is in most cases not worth it, because the increase in price isn’t really all that big.

Now I’ll post two examples, one is a player X who got into the TOTW Prediction AND the actual TOTW. The other is player Y. Player Y didn’t get into the TOTW Prediction nor did he get into the actual TOTW. Both players scored and have been amongst the teams best performers that game.

Player X, played his game on the 12th of March

Player Y, played his game on the 11th of March


New Team of the Week

Before we start explaining this trading method that will help you to make coins on FIFA 17, you need to understand the term “flipping” as it’s a key part of this method.

Flipping – is a term used in the trading community when you’re looking to buy a card and then quickly offload it. Sometimes it’s a matter of hours, sometimes it’s a day or two. Also, flipping is best used on more expensive players, discard players generally always rise over time.

Now that you’re familiar with what flipping is, it’s time to put it into good use.

Flipping is best used on Thursdays during WL Rewards, which is 6 PM GMT. What happens here, is that players receive all those Mega Packs, Gold Rare Packs, Jumbo’s etc. and they flood the market with numerous IF’s. Due to the massive amount of supply, there is undercutting because everyone wants to get rid of their cards as soon as possible to generate coins which pushes the prices of IF’s really low. Generally, IF’s reach their lowest point around 3-4 hours after WL Rewards have been released, which is roughly between 9 – 10 PM GMT, this is where we come in and start buying cards. If we take this week’s TOTW as an example you could’ve these players at these prices and offload them in the next 24 hours for a higher price*.

    86 SIF Loic Perrin 53k → 63k
    86 IF David Villa 25k → 34k
    85 IF Medhi Benatia 22k → 28,5k
    85 SIF Fernando Quintero 12k → 15k
    85 SIF Bas Dost 12k → 15,5k
    85 IF Alan Dzagoev 12k → 15,5k
    84 IF Nicolai Jørgensen 11k → 14,5k
    Prices are from the PS4 Market

This method is pretty much straight forward. What happens here is that if a player already has an In Form and then performs well and is a prime candidate for another In Form, his price starts to gradually decrease over time as more and more people start offloading his 1st In Form as the information about the players good performance starts becoming mainstream.

This is how the price reacts, there’s couple of stages:

    • first drop is after the game in which the player performed is finished
    • next drop comes after the totw predictions start circulating the internet
    • the following drop is when EA officially announce the totw
    • in between the announce and the release the price recovers a bit
    • after release the price tanks the most usually and is the best time to invest
    • price starts to recover to roughly what it was before the initial drop

As always I’ll provide you with a couple of examples. For these examples, we’ll use 1st MOTM Heung Min Son and TIF Mauro Icardi.

1st MOTM Heung Son

In this graph we see that 1st MOTM Son was roughly between 290-300k, release day was on the 15th and he reached his lowest point in between the announcement of his 2nd MOTM card and the actual release. What happened next, is that people quickly started to realise that the 2nd MOTM card isn’t actually such a big improvement over the 1st MOTM which cause the initial rise in price. Now that wasn’t the only reason why his price went back up to his original price. the other reason is that his price tanked so hard that it was simply too good to pass up and people started mass buying the card for personal use lowering the actual supply of the card on the market. The last and final reason, is that the following day was a Thursday, when people receive their WL Rewards and receive huge amounts of coins which give them more buying power further lowering the supply on the market and Thursday is usually the day when people start building their WL squads and Son is amongst the most sought after strikers in the game.
The conclusion is, that on Wednesday, before and during the release you could’ve gotten 1st MOTM Son for around 230k and sell 24-48 hours later for 285k making around 40k profit per card after tax.

TIF Mauro Icardi

This is the price graph of TIF Mauro Icardi, the same reasoning applies to him as it did with 1st MOTM Son.


Big Events

There are a couple of Big Events each year in FUT. These events are:

What is important about these dates, is that EA this year has always made big SBC’s around these events (which were pretty rewarding) and the people and the market go crazy about them. It’s a good way to make coins on FIFA 17.

On Black Friday for the first time we’ve seen a Squad Building Challenge which gave you upon completion a pack which guarantees a Team of the Week player. Requirements for that SBC were 2 TOTW Players and an 84 OVR Rated squad. This resulted in cheap InForms and 83/84/85 players to skyrocket in price.

Next event was FUTMas, here we got every day a different SBC for an improved version of a certain player, which was still pretty expensive most of the time and it required 83/84/85 players once again.

St. Patty’s is a staple in FUT, one of the oldest events in the game. It always required you to stock up on Irish players, be it for a tournament which gave you really awesome rewards or either a big pot of gold like this year. All in all, you always had to stock up on Irish players and if you did you were making quite the profit.

Now, the upcoming event is FUT Birthday which is bound to happen sometime this week. What we’ve learned so far, is that if there was an SBC, 83/84/85 rated players were always somehow required and they rose up in price quite a lot. Rumours are that there will be once again Guaranteed Team of the Week Packs which means that there will be quite the demand for those 83/84/85 rated players. I’m gonna show you now how to best prepare for them.

The best way to invest without clogging up your Transfer Pile is to simply buy EVERY 83/84/85 rated player and store them in your club. Yeah i know, it’s a tedious and boring task, but it’s also the most effective one without putting too much effort into brainstorming which player will actually be the most profitable to invest in without losing out on undercutting (which is bound to happen).

I suggest you do the following:

    83’s: buy every 83 under the price of 2k
    84’s: buy every 84 under the price of 3,5
    85’s: buy every 85 under the price of 7k

Cards which rise the most out of the 83/84/85’s are usually wingers (LM/LW/RM/RW) because they’re a bit rarer. But also this time cause of upgrades and downgrades we have 83/84/85’s which are out of packs so they’ll be good investments if you really wanna buy more than one of them. And those are:

– Kagawa
– Glik
– Medel
– Bruno
– Subasic
– Oscar
– Carvajal

– Bacca
– Reina
– Schweinsteiger
– Andre Gomes
– Sommer
– Sokratis
– Krychowiak
– Javi Martinez
– Xabi Alonso
– Thiago
– Terry

– Pastore
– Bravo
– Mandanda
– Mascherano
– Otamendi

Now you’re probably gonna ask: “But why not invest in In Forms?!” – well, in my opinion, In Form investing for the Guaranteed TOTW SBC’s died off immediately after the first SBC of it’s kind back on Black Friday. The discard IF’s increase in price a couple of K tops, so that’s from like 11k to 13-14k. Sure that’s still profit, but with those 11k invested for a potential return of 3k you could have bought 11 discard 83’s and walked away with at least 1,5k profit on each, so 16k profit compared to the measly 3k from the IF.

What is also important, is that you don’t get caught into the undercutting which happens immediately after the SBC is announced. These SBC’s last for a whole week, yes, 7 days. You want to keep hold of your 83/84/85 investments and gradually start to sell them off after 3-4 days. That way you’ll avoid the undercutting the prices will actually rise and you’ll be making decent profit if not doubling your invested coins.


So guys, that’s was about it regarding my investing guide and trading methods for this years FUT. Hope that you liked the article and that you learned something out of it. Stay tuned until my next guide and happy investing!

* prices stated are on Playstation 4
Detailed Guide On How To Make Coins Consistently

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