How to Make FIFA 15 Coins with In Form Cards

How to Make Coins with In Form Cards

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In this new episode, “How to Make FIFA 15 Coins with In Form Cards”, the author explains the most profitable strategy for trading with In Form cards.


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How to Make FIFA 15 Coins with In Form Cards


If you’ve been keeping up with us since FIFA 14 and you have time to make trades, then you’ve probably easily hit 1 million coins. By going beyond this value you start thinking about higher investments, now you don’t need to worry about small losses or gains that might happen, actually you invest more thinking about greater return. The problem is just that you have to do it the best way possible in order to at least minimize eventual losses, because let’s face it, these are absolutely impossible to avoid, after all we’re talking high risk investment. So today we’ll talk about business for grown ups, in which you can surely win a lot, but sometimes a lot can be lost, too. If you’re the conservative type of guy who just wants to keep distance from risks, if you’ve got few coins and can’t afford to lose some, the article isn’t for you, you might as well stop right here and today’s suggestion by me is that you go watch Fury starring Brad Pitt. Brilliant movie for “Private Ryan” style lovers!

Now let’s go. The first thing you need to know is that TOTW cards are always released on a Wednesday and they’re only available in packs for a week. Due to the fact that they’re cards that just came to existence, it’s up for the first people who got them in a pack to set an initial price and in this case we have two very different profiles: the rich kid and the greedy one.

The greedy one: He’s the guy who’s not used to pulling a card like that, and now that he hit the jackpot he wants to set the highest price possible, he doesn’t admit losing a single coin so he puts on a ridiculously high value for the card and then waits for whoever is crazy enough to make the bid. Once he doesn’t manage to sell it he’s forced to gradually lower the price. Buying an IF from a guy like that means simply throwing coins away.

The rich kid: He’s the kid who buys many packs, he does put money into it and keeps it going, and of course he’s always after special cards, an IF Ibra, a blue Messi but he’s not really willing to buy packs when there’s not much of a big name in the TOTW. He buys many packs and lists the cards on auctions with very low initial prices. Sometimes they’ll even set start price of 150 coins and let the market do the job knowing that the final price will end up being adequate, except if there’s a maintenance right on time to ruin everything, but they’re not really worried about that, they’re focusing mainly on the big stars.

Some articles out there tell you to buy the IF cards as soon as they’re released due to a supposed initial curve, that they’d be sold for a lower price, then the price would rise and then stabilize itself. I keep wondering if these people aren’t actually writing that to make the poor people who end up reading the article buy these cards that they listed in the first place, it’s the only explanation I find for that. The worst part is that they show these graphics that came out of nowhere in order to prove a point. People, don’t be so naive to fall for anything you read on the internet, run some tests yourselves using Futbin, Futfocus or Ultimate Team trader and you’ll see that none of this is true. Because it’ll depend on those profiles I mentioned above. This way, it’s very common for these cards to be initially very expensive rather than cheap.

Considering that these cards are released only during a week, their quantities are very limited. This way their price doesn’t follow the same tendency as the traditional player cards. The traditional ones end up being each time more common on the market, so good part of them end up having their price reduced, the famous law of supply and demand, which says the more supply there is, the more prices tend to fall. The IF cards, however, never have their quantities increased, therefore the tendency is not price falling, on the contrary, good part of their prices may increase for the fact that people start a new FIFA with zero coins, without many possibilities of making high bids, but as the months go by a bigger number of people are able to pay more to have IF cards. Paying 200K for one IF card in the beginning of FIFA 14 was something unthinkable for most players, but now it’s quite something ordinary, so prices keep on increasing.

Another thing to consider is an eventual market crash, when we have huge packs coming out, TOTY available or something like that. The crash rarely affects the IF market, so waiting for these moments won’t do you any good if you’re thinking about investing in IFs. There is never a massive supply of IF cards. You’ve probably already understood the reason for that but if you haven’t I’ll say it again. The only people who list these cards on the market at low prices are the “rich kid” kind of players, who eventually pull a weaker IF during the week (one that was just released in the TOTW) and sell them for whatever amount of coins the market offers. All the remaining IFs don’t get past this phase. The people who bought them know their value and won’t let go of them without a decent initial bid. Of course there are a few eventual bargains but the chances of that happening are not remotely close to what you have among the traditional cards.

If we select, at any moment, ten random IF cards and then verify their price curve, we’ll realise that, unlike what happens with the traditional cards that lose value with time, these tend to have their price increased. That happens because the more time passes, the more money players will have and since there are not new cards coming out, their prices have a natural rising tendency, so that’s why investing in IF can be a good alternative.

Life is not a bed of roses, there are IF cards that won’t gain value and end up having their price decreased until they hit something near the quick sell value, and so they remain like that for all eternity. We picked as an example the player Tranquillo Barnetta, who can be found at 10K on the market and his quick sell value is 9638. So you think, well, if I don’t manage to sell him, using discard won’t make me lose many coins. That’s true, but are you making trades in order to win and not to “not lose much”. Who wants a player like that in their squad? There will always be someone, but the demand is low, and that’s why his price won’t rise at all, he’s not a good deal for an IF (even for a cheap one).

So the first tip is: stay away from these petty IFs, the fact that they’re IF doesn’t mean they’ll gain value.

On the other hand, good IFs always gain value. They’ll keep rising with time, more and more. Many people get uneasy about buying an IF that has good chances of becoming a SIF. Nonsense! The IF and the SIF will follow an almost identical valorization. It’s obvious that the release of the player’s SIF card (a second IF of the same player) will lower the demand for the IF, because people with a lot of money will go for the highest one, but the IF does keep on rising. If you want to avoid getting an IF that has good chances of having a SIF, try going after some good defender, because goalkeepers and attackers are more likely to be the stars for a second IF card. It’s what happened with IF Miranda, for example, who instead of losing value at this latest Christmas crash, take a look at what happened:


How to Make FIFA 15 Coins with In Form Cards


That’s right, his price even increased. And since centre backs are less likely to be considered the major highlight, it’s less probable that they’ll receive a second IF other than a top scorer kind of player, or even a goalkeeper like De Gea (who, in fact, got a SIF).

So which IF cards should I invest in if I want some absurd kind of profit, Silvio? Well, once you understood this is high risk business, what we do is speculate the market. We need to verify which IF cards have the best cost x benefit relation: this means cards with unquestionable quality, preferably ones that won’t cost you a kidney. At this moment we could pick here cards such as Tevez, Benzema, Aubameyang, David Silva, Pogba, Matuidi, Welbeck and others. That plus the fact that they’re players that can receive an UP for their regular cards, which would make their IF attributes rise for a change. Investing in Tevez, for example, would be about monitoring his best moments, after all he’s always certain return! Getting the SIF would be even better!

For people that don’t have much to invest and still want to go for the low-cost IFs, just focus on those with good trading capaticies. Right now I would go for the following players:

    He’s cheap and less demanded at the moment but once some MLS-related tournament comes out his price will rise ridiculously, plus he’s got IF, SIF, and is on his way to having an UP for his regular card since he’s not even a rare gold. In certain moments we’re able to find him at 10K.

    Brazilian, pacey, can be used as LM or LW. Great alternative for people who can’t afford Neymar.

    Ivan Perisic
    Another player that has got two IF’s and his original card is a non-rare gold, therefore there are good chances he might get an UP. Can be found at around 11K. The fact that he plays at a strong league such as the Bundesliga makes the sale easier.

    Thierry Henry
    If you’re looking for an IF that will never ever get a SIF, this is the card. Thierry is a legend that retired this month of December, therefore there won’t be a new card of his. Follows the same tendency as Donovan’s since he used to play in the MLS. It’s possible he might get a Legend card on Xbox, but that won’t be this year.

    Going with the flow alongside the russian pace mafia (Doumbia, Musa and others), Salomon Rondon may be a good option because he’s very strong. I don’t recommend buying many of him, except if you’re thinking about a Price Fixing style investment, but always have one with you and keep using him until it’s the right time to sell.

Now that the web app allows you to directly search for IF you can make good use of it, select the concept player cards you wish to have in your team and then just use search on the market to go after your favourite IF.


How to Make FIFA 15 Coins with In Form Cards
How to Make FIFA 15 Coins with In Form Cards


Is everything clearer now? Are you still in doubt? Leave a comment asking, this is one of the most profitable trading techniques out there, and who knows how you might find great opportunities with all the price falling at this end of year, huh?

For now that’s it, excuse me while I head back to the beach because this year’s vacation is gonna be the best!!!
See yooou later!


57 thoughts on “How to Make FIFA 15 Coins with In Form Cards”

  1. with all the rampant coin buying by players.. IF cards are now way way overpriced..

    basically EA has let all these run off and its too late to do anything..

    even with trading techniques its impossible to buy the better / best IF cards..

  2. Hi Rodrigo,

    What IF would you buy with a budget of 160k in order to make profit? Do you think Wesley Schneider is a good choice?

    Thanks for your great article,


    1. Rodrigo Lopes (Admin)

      I prefer to buy under 10k players of popular leagues with good pace and attackers if possible.

  3. If I were to sell SIF Lacazette in the first hour or so, would his price be high for a bit?

    1. Rodrigo Lopes (Admin)

      First hour after the upgrade ? The first problem is that you don’t know when it will happen. Besides that, there will be many people thinking just like you. If you want to do it go ahead, the damage will not be as high as if you wait a few hours. However, if you sell him before the risk will be lower.

    1. Rodrigo Lopes (Admin)

      Depends. Since many people is buying him expecting an upgrade, there is a chance to be cheaper after the upgrade.

  4. I decided to get in on the fun and buy the 100K packs and I got IF Sanchez. Should I sell him now and buy Hazard and Di Maria or should I wait?

  5. So I made a big mistake I bought IF Oscar for 180k, but I didnt take into account that it was TOTY week so his price has droped to 90k, so my question is should I sell him now to a 90k price ? and cut my loses or do I wait and hope the price will rise?

    1. Hi dan,
      Eventually he will rise above 180k. Only that will take some time.
      I suggest you keep him in your club until he’s like 200k+

      1. Thanks a lot so Ill keep em, in my opinion he doesnt play that well, as a Cam his passing is ok at best and as a cm he doesnt have either the workrates as if rooney nor the defensive mindset as a 7k fernandinho jesus and i am not talking cdm just on a simple left cm position!!!!!
        Thanks for the advice

  6. After I read this post I’ve got a similar strategy to the Thierry Henry one. If a player injures right after he got IF. Buy him so you’re sure that there won’t be another IF for him for a period of time

  7. Hi,

    I’m new to Fifa and UT.

    The whole IF confuses me a little. Am I right in thinking you can only get IF players by either buying them (for high prices) or in packs for a week after the TOTW is announced?

    If so, what packs do these come in? I read somewhere that it’s not worth purchasing packs?


    1. Rodrigo Lopes (Admin)

      Hi! Welcome.
      You are right.
      Yes, it’s not worth purchasing packs.
      You can pull a IF card in any pack.

  8. A very informative article. Kudos to you guys.
    Which players do you think will get an UP this month? Or at least who are the favorites to get an UP according to you?

    1. Rodrigo Lopes (Admin)

      Everyone talks about Lacazette and De Gea. However, there are other players with good chances, like Tevez, Brahimi and Talisca.

  9. Hi rodrigo! I bought 3 lacazette IFyesterday, and today he is cheaper than yesterday. I dont know what to do whith them. If he gets an upgrade that will be good for me, but if he wont get it?
    What do you recomend me to do with them?

  10. Hey rodrigo, I have been reading all the replies, I understood that If a player get an UP, their IF cards and SIF cards will get an upgrade too. For example, I bought 2 Lacazette IF, they costed me 63k today. But what would happen if Lacazette wont get an upgrade? Am I going to loose money? Do you think that Lacazettes IF prices will going to be higher? And if the prices going to be cheaper? What do you recomend me to do?

  11. Hey rodrigo, I have been reading all the replies, I understood that If a player get an UP, their IF cards and SIF cards will get an upgrade too. For example, I bought 2 Lacazette IF, they costed me 63k today. But what would happen if Lacazette wont get an upgrade? Am I going to loose money? Do you think that Lacazettes IF prices will going to be higher? And if the prices going to be cheaper, what do you recomend me to do?

    1. Rodrigo Lopes (Admin)

      If Lacazette wont get an upgrade you will keep with his IF card but you will not make profit because at this moment his price is high because many people are thinking like you and are buying his card expecting to make a good deal. In that case, sell him as soon you know he won’t get an UP or wait a few weeks until his price is ‘normal’ again.

  12. Hi rodrigo, i am a little bit confused. If I buy a Lacazette IF and he gets an upgrade in his NIF card, my IF card will get an upgrade too? Thank you!

  13. Rodrigo I´ve got SIF Silva, IF Cazorla, IF Rooney and IF Sanchez…. I think all of them will get an upgrade on January specially the first 2 since the position change as CAM really helps them. They were not worth it as LM so should I stach more on those 2? what do you think?

    Second Question have you thought on replacing on the BPL post the players with IF cards it might be interesting to see what changes you would do to the BPL team specially when you can get Alexis as stricker or Silva as CAM instead of Di Maria

    Huge fan by the Way

    1. Rodrigo Lopes (Admin)

      To be honest, I think that probably none of these four players will get an upgrade.
      About your second question, you are absolutely right but we are not working on it yet. Maybe after the winter transfers season…

      1. Thanks Rodrigo for the reply, then should I sell all of them since you think they wont make me any money…. they play really well… and hope to see soon the changes to the IF cards

        1. Rodrigo Lopes (Admin)

          It is only my personal opinion. If they play well for you, keep with them. Keep in mind that just a few players get an UP card.

          1. Thanks a lot for your reply! is awsome talking FUT with you, I learn a lot, still not a very good trader but “Progress not perfection” right; some of this guys play really well. The one I didnt mention and doesnt play well for me is this years Toure Yaya, I dont know something I guess his pace, is off he keeps getting lost on my midfield….. Ive had good results with Paulinho and Fernandinho; on midfield I also tried Di Maria on MidField and sold it…… any recomendations besides Ramires which is awsome and Cabella for mids…. I like midfielders that play box to box…..

          2. Rodrigo Lopes (Admin)

            The problem with Yaya this year is his work rate. Everyone expected the Yaya of last years but he is worse.
            Ramires can play box to box very well but you also have Gerrard for example.

  14. just to clarify.. means IF & SIF will get an upgrade together as well?

    or is it only SIF? thanks Rodrigo

  15. Hi,
    I have invested my money in IF De Gea,SIF Lacazette and SIF Griezmann because they have a very good chance of being upgraded later this month?Are these investments good?And I have around 200k left…Is there another IF card under 200k which is likely to get upgraded?Thanks a lot

    1. Rodrigo Lopes (Admin)

      You are doing in the right way. Congratulations.
      Don’t know any other player for that price with good chances to get an UP.

  16. I got IF lacazette, should I sell him now or keep him, will his price rise? He’s going for around 130k

    1. Rodrigo Lopes (Admin)

      Keep with him. He may get an UP card and your IF may be automatically upgraded.

    1. Rodrigo Lopes (Admin)

      He has good chances. The upgrades will be released at the end of the month.

  17. Hello i got this question When a player get’s an IF does his normal card disappear or get’s reduced in packs that week?

  18. Hey I had a quick question. With this inform trading method, do you think it would be best to buy certain informs before TOTY or during TOTY? If I were to invest in say SIF Tevez, do you think it would be wise to buy him before TOTY? Second, how long would you wait to sell these players?


    1. Rodrigo Lopes (Admin)

      It is not easy to know but I think you should buy him as soon as possible because his prices is always going up.
      You don’t have to wait too long to sell them.

  19. Should we invest on Alexis his price has gone from 500k up to 1000k insane seems very high advice?

  20. Hi

    Great article; I usually invest on position changes ie Cazorla and Silva ; I have been wanting to trade on Alexis Sanchez IF but he started on 500k and now he is around 900k ; he seems a stretch on price should I buy or nei, maybe stick to Cazorlas?

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