How to Make Coins with the Weekend League on FIFA 18

How to Make Coins with the Weekend League on FIFA 18


It is possible to make coins with the Weekend league on FIFA 18.


How to Make Coins with the Weekend League on FIFA 18

How the Weekend League could make you thousands!

When trying to make coins with the Weekend League on FIFA 18, you have three categories to focus on:

✔️ Consumables
✔️ Chemistry Styles
✔️ Players

Now this is really simple to do and the best part of this? They don’t take up space on your transfer list or transfer targets (Consumables/Chemistry styles). You can buy as many as you can afford to sell when that first weekend arrives, isn’t that great?



The price of consumables at launch (Full Release) are at rock bottom prices due to millions of people opening packs and trying to generate coins by selling these. You simply MUST take advantage of this. You can get them ridiculously cheap.

As we saw last year from the table below, I carried out my own research and tracked these prices to see how much they were going for. I knew with the hype around the weekend league and it being 40 games with high rewards that fitness and chemistry styles would have massive demand when the event started.

So you’re probably wondering? OK, but how did you know what to buy? Well simply I put my thoughts together and began applying ‘supply and demand’ principles.

supply and demand
səˌplʌɪ ən(d) dɪˈmɑːnd
phrase of supply
səˌplʌɪ ən(d) dɪˈmɑːnd/
1. the amount of a commodity, product, or service available and the desire of buyers for it, considered as factors regulating its price.
“by the law of supply and demand the cost of health care will plummet”

Realistically all people were playing at the time the game released was seasons and draft. Due to Seasons rewards not being high enough to justify continuously using fitness cards and draft not needing either fitness or chemistry styles, I spotted an opportunity to buy. As people built their squads I could predict that a lot of people would not want to run a fitness squad, in fear of it not performing as well as their main squad thus losing them games and winning worse prizes. A team started on 100 fitness, after two games you are down to -90 fitness and your players won’t perform at the standard needed to win games in this competitive game mode.

This means people then need to buy fitness cards and this is when we sell!

In the tables below you’ll see what their prices were when I bought them and how much I sold them for upon Weekend League starting.

Fitness Team Bronze 700-800 1400-1700
Fitness Team Silver 700-900 1600-1800
Fitness Team Gold Gold 900-1200 1800-2200
Gold All Attributes +10 Gold 1800-3000 3900- Max Bin (5000)
Silver All Attributes +6 Silver 1200-1600 2200-3500
Bronze All Attributes +3 Bronze 300-500 700-1000
Pace Gold +15 Gold 400-700 1200-1700


Hunter 2800-3700 4800-Extinct
Anchor 900-1300 1700-2900
Shadow 2700-3600 4500-Extinct
Engine 300-500 600-800
Catalyst 700-1100 1900-2700
Hawk 400-700 600-900


Due to the sheer amount of games people have to play throughout the weekend users are averaging one fitness card per two games. This on total is a fitness card cost of anywhere between 3600 and 4000 depending on how much demand for fitness cards there are over the weekend.

People want their best players, in the best shape to get them the best results. This is why they will buy yours and everyone else’s fitness cards should you have them listed up!


So why do people buy attribute cards?

To make their team as boosted as possible during Weekend League, they want to pay whatever it takes to win. You’ve probably played that dude who had 11 boosted cards before they brought in the limits. These are the kind of people we’re selling to.

Buy them as soon as you can for the prices listed above and hold them for the weekend league then sell! Easy money people, easy money! Pace and Gold + 10 cards are the biggest money makers, I’d advise you buy as many as you can.


Chemistry Styles

In FIFA 18, we saw it very often, Hunter and Shadow cards went extinct or near max bin many times. Their just wasn’t enough supply of these cards to meet the demand of the user base to put Hunter/Hawk on their wingers/strikers, Shadow/Anchor on their defenders and Engine/Catalyst on their midfielders.

People will be buying their new squads who don’t have a chem style on them the majority of the time and applying these. We buy the cards mentioned for cheap before the initial weekend league, we hold then we sell and rake in the profit.



Now this is where the biggest money can be made. I’m talking upwards of 2000 to anywhere to 10000 coins profit per card. What we want to be focusing on is the best players in their best positions in the best leagues. Barclays Premier League is the most popular league on the game so we will focus mainly on that.


Who are the best investments?

I would say your best investments are players who are some of the best in their positions where they don’t have many alternatives.

Goalkeeper – Lloris/Cech/Ederson/Handanovic/Leno/Navas/etc
Right Backs – Alex Sandro/Bellerin/Aurier/Piszczek/Walker/Dani Alves/Carvajal/etc
Left Backs – Marcos Alonso/Filipe Luis/Marcel Schmelzer/etc
CB- Smalling/Luiz/Rudiger/Koulibaly/Toprak/etc
CDM/CM/CAM- Alli/Bakayoko/Ascensio/Keita/Matic/etc
Wingers – Perisic/Martial/Lemar/Nani/Mane/etc
ST- Gomez/Gabriel Jesus/Rashford/Mertens/Mbappe/Werner

In summary you need players with these high attributes below.

Goalkeepers – Self explanatory
Defenders you want pace/defending/strength
Midfielders – Pace/Dribbling/Shooting
Wingers – Skills/Pace/Dribbling/Shooting
Forwards – Skills/Pace/Shooting/Strength


When to Buy?

If you have the coins, I would buy during EA Access at their lowest (Xbox) and for PS4 I would buy during 26th early release. Players will be selling their cards at rock bottom prices to generate coins without the forward planning to hold them until the market gains more coins.

Your second best time is during full release, but be aware if any of these cards get OTWs they WILL NOT be in packs and your time to invest has gone.

So buy early, be smart and any questions?
Good luck guys!



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