How to Make FUT 15 Coins without Trading

How to Make FUT 15 Coins without Trading


Trading is the best way to make FUT 15 coins. But there are other ways. In some of them, you can get them for free and very quickly.


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Playing Matches

How to Make FUT 15 Coins without Trading

Whatever match you play with your FUT 15 club, you will always receive some coins as a reward for participation and for your performance. This is true to offline and online matches, to tournaments, seasons or single matches.

The first step is to choose the match type: offline, online, season, single match or tournament. This decision affects the potential number of coins you may earn.

Play. Try to finish the match. Otherwise you may not receive the FUT 15 coins. At the end of the match you can access the Match Awards Menu and see how many coins you have received.

    How to Make FUT 15 Coins without Trading

    After the match, there are two menus that show you how many coins you earned.


    This method is fun but you will only get a few coins with it. It is therefore very important that you do everything you can to reduce the costs and to get the higher amount of coins possible.
    Basically there are three topics to keep in mind:

  • Minimize the cost of contracts
  • To play many matches does not mean earning lots of coins. There is a cost for every match you play: the cost of contracts. If this cost is higher than the prize you received for playing, then you are having a loss.
    To save on contracts you should buy enough managers to receive a 50% bonus when applying a contract card. You should also avoid making substitutions during matches because each time you do that, you are spending contracts. Finally, try to be smart when buying contract cards. If you have a gold team, it will be better to buy a gold card by 300 coins that will allow you to play 13 matches than to buy a bronze card by 150 coins that will allow you to play only one match.

  • Don’t Giving Up
  • Giving up from a match shows a huge lack of fair play. But worse than that are the penalties.
    Every time you finish a match you get 325 coins, which represents the largest portion of your match prize (participation + performance). If you give up during the match, you will receive a part of that value or may even not receive anything. It is a very large penalty, but it becomes even greater because you will be also penalized in the amount of coins you receive in the following matches. This is done by the modifying DNF (it means Did Not Finish). This coefficient measures the percentage of unfinished FUT 15 matches, on your own initiative, from always, and influences all the coins that you will get by playing matches.

  • Improve the Performance
  • Good performance is also rewarded in FUT 15. To get as much coins as possible, it is important that you use our coins calculator. With it you will learn, for example, that winning by 5-0 will give you more coins than winning by 8-1.
    Try to understand what contributes to the performance prize and optimize your game play in this direction: avoid making too many fouls, getting caught in offside, getting yellow or red cards; increase the number of corner kicks, shots on goal, percentage of ball possession and successfully passes.


    The amount of coins you can earn may vary. To know exactly how many FUT 15 coins you will be rewarded, please take a look to this article.

    This method is fun and easy to apply, but you will never be rich with it. The profits are so low that you will need to do maths to see if you really had profit after deducting the cost of contracts.


    Fun to Apply.

    Extremely small income.



    Winning a Tournament or Playing Seasons

    How to Make FUT 15 Coins without Trading

    Every time you finish a season, and even if things have not gone well, you are awarded a prize. That is, you get a prize for participation but also based on your performance. In tournaments, prizes are awarded only if you win them. You usually are paid in coins but sometimes you will receive some packs. Since FUT 15 you can also win specific cards.

    In general, Seasons is more profitable than Tournaments

    The first step is to choose the game type: offline, on line, season or tournament. This decision affects the potential amount of coins you may earn.

    Play. Try to finish the season or win the tournament. In both cases, if you don’t do it, you will not receive coins. At the end of the season you will receive the prize according to your performance. For tournaments, you only receive the prize if you win the final.


    FUT 15 Coins by Playing Seasons and Tournaments

    At the end of each season match, there is a menu that shows the goals of your division and the prizes.


    There is not much to do to earn more coins with this method. But you can try the following:

    • Don’t Give Up
    • Especially when you are playing a season, it makes no sense to quit and give up the prize. Even if you get relegated, you will always receive some coins.

    • Choose Seasons
    • In seasons you need to play more than the four tournament matches in order to get your prize. But the truth is that the seasons are more profitable. If you are a great player, you can make 15k coins in seven first division matches. Joining this to prize matches, means that you can earn almost 1.500 coins per match. Not bad at all. It is very difficult to find tournaments so well paid.

    • Play to achieve your goals
    • When we start a match is because we want to win it. However, excessive ambition can be dangerous. If you are in the last match and the tie is enough to achieve your goals, to put all your players in the attack may not be the best choice. Always keep in mind the goals of the season. Using training cards in the matches that can give you the title can also be a good decision.


    You can play seasons and tournaments any time you want. But you will never be rich on FUT 15 applying this method.

    To see a list of every tournament, its prizes and requirements, click here.
    If you like more to play Seasons, click here to check all the rewards.


    Fun to apply.
    It can be done as many times as you want.

    Small income.



    Winning TOTW / Legends Challenge

    How to Make FUT 15 Coins without Trading

    Earning coins with the TOTW Challenge is as simple as to win a match.

    Every week EA choose the players that played better in the real world and gather them in a single team called TOTW. If you play against the team of black cards and win, you get a prize that ranges between 150 and 1.000 coins. In the same way, if you play in Xbox, you can also challenge a team build by a legend and his team mates. The matches are always played in Single Player mode and you can only get the reward once for each active TOTW / Legend.


    You can study the other team carefully but the most important thing in the optimization of this method is knowing how to choose the difficulty level of the match.

    If you choose a level too easy, the prize will be very low. If you choose a level too difficult, you may never receive any prize. If you do not know your level, start by a lower one. If you actually check that you can win at the top level, give up and go back to play in the correct level. You should take this advice because if you win a match you no longer will be able to get the prize with that TOTW / Legend. This trick will not affect your DNF%.
    If you want to use the method well, you should try to win the TOTW every week.


    How to Make FUT 15 Coins without Trading

    You can challenge any TOTW or Legend you want but you only will get the prize if you win against the active one


    The amount of coins that you can earn depends exclusively on the difficulty level selected for the match:

    • Amateur – 150 coins
    • Semi-professional – 250 coins
    • Professional – 400 coins
    • Word Class – 600 coins
    • Legendary – 750 coins
    • Ultimate – 1.000 coins


    If you are really good with FIFA, playing against the TOTW could be fun and you could get a weekly wage. The profits are low but it is a easy method to earn coins.


    Fun to apply.
    It can be done one time every week.

    Small income.



    Discarding Cards

    How to Make FUT 15 Coins without Trading

    In FIFA 15 Ultimate Team, club’s assets are represented by cards. These cards may mean the possession of players, technical staff, property or even the ability to change the positioning, the chemistry style, the physical condition or the manager’s league. None of these cards have a fixed price. All of them are ruled by the FIFA 15 Ultimate Team market. The only way to acquire them is buying them, either by exchanging for coins and / or other items, either by purchasing packs.
    The reverse process can be made through the sale / exchange, its use in the case of consumables or through the more direct way of all: the discard. This last method is based on the item elimination through the use of a function called ‘quick sell’. You stop being the owners of the discarded cards but you receive some coins as compensation. If you know what you are doing, you can earn a lot of coins discarding cards.

    In FIFA 15 Ultimate Team, every time you discard an item, you get some coins. However, in the most of cases, such compensation is much lower than the market value of that card. But not always. By ignorance, some people put items on sale at a lower price than the compensation of a quick sell. The loss of some is the gain of others.


    There is no risk in discarding method

    The first step is to search for items on the market which price is lower than the compensation of a quick sell. Use the search filters in order to be easier to find what you want.
    Buy the item as cheaply as you can but do not get overtaken by other players who may be trying to do the same. If you found something really great, you can use the option ‘Buy now’: by a predetermined value set by the seller, you can purchase the item before the auction ends.
    Once you have the card in your possession, discard it making a quick sell. Unlike the sales made in the market, you do not pay taxes when using quick sell.


    OK. I already know how to apply the method. But where should I start? The question is legitimate and we are here to guide you. The truth is that it is not easy to find good opportunities with high profit margins. When it happens, there is a greater chance of having a larger profit in the market than at discarding it. It is therefore very important to know what to search for.

    First, you must know perfectly the quick sell values. These values ​​are only available to the cards’ owners. When you are searching for an item, you do not have access to this information. The only solution is to use our calculator.

    You should search for any card whose price that seller asks is less than the value of the quick sell. Enter on the market and bid all the cards that meet this requirement. Most of them will not be for you, but the winning bids will mean profit 100% secure.

    If you want to earn lots of FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Coins with this method, then you must be smarter than the competition. If you have a full wallet, you should look for players In Form (IF). Why? Because most of people do not know that the quick sell of these cards may reach more than ten thousand coins.

    If you are patient and if you do not mind getting several small profits, gold level players can be a good choice. Filter by BIN’s (Buy It Now) 200 or even 300 coins and buy everything you find. Do not forget to check the quick sell values to make sure that you are making a good deal.

    This method has two main advantages. Firstly, if the player apply the method well, there is no risk. There is no chance of losing coins with this method because we know in advance how much we will pay and how much we will receive. That’s why this is the safest method of all and the success rate is 100%. It also has the advantage that there are no taxes in quick sells.

    But not everything is good. Discard cards also has its disadvantages. Be able to find items that are being sold at the lower price of its discarding value is not easy. It consumes too much time to reveal itself as an effective method. Another problem is the fact that the profits are very low. In the few cases where the selling price can guarantee us a high margin, it is preferable to put the item on the market to have an higher profit. This method makes sense only for relatively low income.

    No risk.
    High success rate.

    Time consuming.
    Small profits.



    Buying Packs

    How to Make FUT 15 Coins without Trading

    There are two ways to buy packs in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team: with real money (FIFA Points) or with FUT coins.
    Buying packs with real money is the same thing as buying coins. You will always have some value when placing packs content on the market.
    Buying packs with coins is an investment that may work or not, depending if the cards value are higher or lower than the coins spent to buy it.


    This method depends almost exclusively on luck but there are some things you should do to ensure a higher success rate:

    • Know How to Buy
    • There are better and worse times to buy packs.
      Try to make the purchase when Happy Hour is active, because the cost per card is usually lower. If possible, try to do it in Happy Hours advertised as “2x Chance”. It means that the probability of opening a pack with a IF card is twice higher than usually.
      Another precaution you may take is to buy packs in weeks which TOTW have top players. It is no coincidence that EA sells much more packs in the TOTY or TOTS weeks.
      You should try to buy the packs with higher number of rare cards. They are more valuable. Have you ever seen an IF card that is not rare?
      There are also those who try to increase their chances of success joining with other players. They spend the coins together and share the respective prizes.


    How to Make FUT 15 Coins without Trading

    Knowing how to choose the right pack is important to the success of this method


    • Know How to Sell
    • When you buy coins you are violating the terms of service

      Who buys many packs, must sell a lot of cards. As it is impossible to know the market value of all of them, it is very common to sell cards below the price they are worth.
      The best way to receive the maximum possible for each card is to consult a FIFA 15 Ultimate Team database.


    Buying cards is a matter of luck. The truth is that you may reach bankruptcy or even make a few million. Everything depends on the cards assigned to you and the value that you receive by selling them.

    Within this method, there are some techniques, such as the Bronze packs, that promise to be rewarding. However, the risk remains very high. If you want to know more about this, click here.


    The success of this method is independent of other players.

    Low success rate.
    It may cost money eventually.



    Buying Coins with Real Money

    How to Make FUT 15 Coins without Trading

    With an unlimited budget, you can build the club of your dreams: an unbeatable squad, stocked with all the human resources possible, and full of upgrade cards that improve the performance of your athletes. We can say that, in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team, Coins buy everything, except wins. But they do give a great help towards wins.
    There are several methods to make coins in FUT 15, but the fastest and most effective is to use real money to buy them. However, this is against FIFA’s ToS and if they caught you you will be banned.

    There are some special cautions that you should take when applying this method:

    • Know how many coins you will buy
    • Before you buy something, you need to know what you really want. If you buy too many coins, you will be spending money. If you do not buy enough, you will need to buy it again but you will lose the usually discount of larger quantities. Consider also if you want to buy all the coins now or not. Prices tend to fall throughout the year.

    • Find an Honest Seller
    • Be careful because in most of the cases the sellers are not honest and just want to keep your money. We advise you to buy at friends, to whom has already sold you or seek feedback on new sellers. Alternatively, you can also use a middleman or ask us. Remember that you are doing a transaction that has nothing to do with the game and so, if something goes wrong, you can not complain to anyone.

    • Avoid Sellers that you do not Trust
    • When searching for a seller, you will surely find those who promise miracles. You do not have to pay anything and you will get the coins in your account. It is not true. There is nothing like that. Never give your details. Follow the safety recommendations.

    • Buy at a Fair Price
    • You can find a huge range of FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Coins’ prices. In order to save your wallet, please check our market research and get to know the reference values​​. If you find prices far below those indicated in our article, you should rethink. If you find prices too high, you should continue to search.

    • Complete the Transaction Safely
    • Any online purchase involves risks. If the seller is not a well known and if the item is virtual, these risks are even greater. Follow the usual safety precautions: avoid using a credit card, when possible pay with PayPal, check the reputation of the seller, do not provide personal information, etc …

    • Choose the way you want to receive the Coins
    • There are several ways to transfer the Coins to your account. Choose one that makes you comfortable. With the most popular one, you put on sale a card by a BIN (Buy It Now) which corresponds to the coins agreed. Be warned that the rule is: you transfer the money first and then the seller sends you the coins.


    You want to buy coins as quickly as possible in order to create your dream club. But how many coins should you buy? You should start by choosing the cards that you will buy. The sum of the partial prices is the amount you should ask.
    The higher the amount of coins you want to buy, the bigger the discount will be and consequently the lower the price per unit. The usual process followed is to sell multiples of 100,000 Coins, but this is not always the defined amount. You may agree with the seller a different amount. Note that when you ask an amount of coins, it is that amount that is supposed to enter in your account. Why we say that? Because, if the delivery of coins is made by selling a card, there is a place to tax. Many sellers think that buyers should pay that 5% tax. Stay alert!

    When you finish the deal, do it with a secure payment. PayPal, for example, allows you to claim your money back if something goes wrong.


    The main advantage of this method is that, virtually, you can accumulate all the coins that you want. The limit is your wallet. If you have money and if there are sellers with stock (which always exist), you can increase your account with more coins and buy everything you want.
    The efficacy of the method is absolute: you pay in cash and you get coins. No other method will guarantee a great success. You get the coins immediately, which means that at the same time that you decide to buy it, you can also invest in your club. It is a method extremely simple to understand and to apply.

    There are also reasons for not applying this method. The main factor is the money. Putting the method into practice means to spend real money and this is one of the things that people do not like to do. To build a team of stars, you may have to spend tens of pounds, dollars or Euros.
    There is also the safety factor. It’s easy to find sellers on the internet who sell FUT 15 Coins (websites, forums, facebook, etc …). But beware: most of them are not honest and may just want your money. With some caution you can overcome this problem.
    Finally, there is a moral issue. Is it fair to gain advantage over other players just because you have paid for it ? Somehow, buying FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Coins is distorting the fairness of the game. For that reason you may be banned. EA does not allow it but they do something similar: sell packs in exchange for real money. It is up to you.


    Effective, fast, simple and easy.
    Theoretically, you can accumulate a amount of coins almost endless.

    Costs real money.
    It is not easy to find honest sellers.
    Risk of ban
    Low morally acceptable



    Buying Ultimate Edition

    How to Make FUT 15 Coins without Trading

    There are more and more players playing FUT. EA Sports knows that and has released a special edition designed for these players: the Ultimate Edition. Besides the cover and the higher price, the only difference to the main FIFA 15 version is the offer of a gold pack in each of the 24 weeks after the registration of your club.
    The Ultimate Edition doesn’t offer you coins. This special edition gives you packs. You can sell the cards on the market and convert them into coins. As you get one pack every week, then you can turn those packs in an extra weekly income.


    The first step is to buy the Ultimate Edition of FIFA 15. You will pay a bit more but, if you usually buy packs, the money will be well spent because the price per pack will be much lower than normal.
    Once you get into FIFA 15 Ultimate Team for the first time, they will give you a pack. You do not have to do anything except to get into the store to open it. You will receive the remaining 23 gold packs the same way during the 23 weeks, always on the same day of the week. Every time you receive a pack, open it and put the cards for sale on the market. When the auctions finish, you will receive some coins. If you have luck, you will get a lot of coins.


    There isn’t a lot to improve in this method in order to make more profit because it depends on the cards you get.
    There is only one concern that you should have. As you know, if you have the Ultimate Edition, you will receive one pack every week. However, if you do not get into FIFA 15 Ultimate Team for one week, the pack for that week will expire and you will never receive it. Getting less packs means receiving fewer coins…


    This method of earning FIFA 15 Ultimate Team coins thanks to the Ultimate Edition has two major advantages. Firstly, the income is guaranteed. Since you go into FIFA 15 Ultimate Team every week, you will receive the packs that you will transform into coins. Secondly, it is easy and simple. You almost do not have to do anything because the packs are credited to your account automatically. You just have to sell them.

    The main problem with this method is that it costs real money. As in the method of buying packs, you are investing your money hoping to get lucky in packs. In most cases you will be disappointed with the coins you will earn thanks to this method. Still, buying the Ultimate Edition is a good choice compared to buying packs because the price per unit is lower. Receiving one pack every week and not when you want can be a negative point. Furthermore, this method can not be repeated.


    Guaranteed income.
    Easy and Simple.

    Costs real money.
    Income generally small.



    Using the EASFC Catalogue

    How to Make FUT 15 Coins without Trading

    The EA Sports Football Club Catalogue is a kind of store where you can trade the FCC (Football Club Credits) you earned by hundreds of items. The higher your progress, more items you will have available.
    To access to the catalogue menu, select EAS FC from the main menu of FIFA 15 and choose the first option. There you will be able to trade your FC Credits by coins bonus. By applying this EAS FC item, you will get some additional FUT Coins for each match while the item is active. You can even lose. Since you finish the matches you will receive the promised coins. The bonus is added at the end of each match, along with the performance coins.


    How to Make FUT 15 Coins without Trading«


    The only optimization you can do with this method is to get all the coins as soon as possible.
    You should use all the FUT 15 coins bonuses that your level allows you. However, only one bonus will be active at a time. You can buy them all at once and the game does the rest: every time a bonus expires, it will enable another one.


    One of the first things you should do in FUT 15 is redeem these items

    The amount of coins that are available to you depends of your XP Level. At best, if you have the maximum level of experience, you can earn up to 90k coins to spend on your FIFA 15 Ultimate Team club.
    If you really want to know how many coins you can earn, search for your XP Level on the following table:


    1 150 FC C 200×10
    8 350 FC C 200×5
    14 600 FC C 200×10
    20 1,000 FC C 1000×10
    28 1,500 FC C 200×15
    32 800 FC C 1000×5
    36 750 FC C 200×5
    45 2,000 FC C 1000×15
    51 2,000 FC C 1000×10
    56 2,250 FC C 1000×10
    61 1,750 FC C 1000×5
    73 3,500 FC C 1000×10
    95 5,000 FC C 1000×15
    113 6,000 FC C 200×15


    Unfortunately, the feature that allows you to send and receive this boost for your friends is still disabled.

    To apply this method you just need to pay with some FC credits and play some matches. It is extremely simple, there is no risk and the amount of credits you have to pay is very low.
    But do not expect to get rich. Income is limited and generally small. If your XP level is low, you may not receive many FUT 15 coins. But for free you can not ask for more …


    No Risk.
    Easy and Simple.
    Chance to get higher profits with friends.

    Income generally small and limited.
    Depends on your level of experience.



    Swapping Coins with other Platforms and Versions

    How to Make FUT 15 Coins without Trading

    When a new FIFA is released, most of the players migrate to the newer version. But not everybody. If you, for example, are still playing FUT 14 when almost everyone is playing FUT 15, then you can monetize this situation. In the beginning there will be very few coins in the new version while the value of the coins from the old version will be very low because there were many people who gave up playing it. If you can gather some FIFA 15 Ultimate Team coins, you can exchange them for FUT 14 coins at a very good ratio.
    The opposite is also true. If you migrated to the newer version of FUT, then you no longer need the coins of the old version. Try to find someone who wants to make a deal. Obviously the ratio will be very low but at least you will earn a few coins.

    You can also earn some coins when you migrate from a platform to another one. If you, for example, stopped playing FIFA 15 Ultimate Team on Playstation 3 and started to do it on XBox 360, then try to find someone who is in the opposite situation. Both can profit with a swap of something that had become worthless.

    Remember that, for FIFA 15, if you moved from XBox 360 to XBox One or from Playstation 3 to Playstation 4, you can use the same coins because the market is shared.


    The first step is to find someone willing to swap. Make sure that they are trustworthy. Check their feedback and, if in doubt, propose a middle man.
    Suggest a exchange ratio. Remember that it is better to get some coins for something that has no value to you than to keep with nothing.
    Now is the time to make the exchange. In FIFA 15 Ultimate Team it is not possible to give coins to anyone directly. Both should put a card at sale with a BIN equal to the agreed value.


    The hardest thing in this method of earning coins is to find someone willing to make business with you. If you have migrated to the latest version of FIFA Ultimate Team, this task is very complicated. But, if you continue to play the old version, then surely there are many people willing to swap the coins that have become obsolete for them. In that case, even if you have not bought the last FIFA, you can access it from FUT Web App, redeem the coins that are there waiting for you and even increase your balance. Every few coins you can gather will be worth much when you swap them for coins of older version.

    Knowing in advance ratios applied to the different FUT versions and different platforms can bring you some more coins.
    The amount of coins that you can earn with this method depends of the amount of coins that you have to exchange and your negotiation skills.
    Just as reference, the usual ratios are:

      1 FUT 15 coins = 20 FUT 14 coins
      1 Playstation coin = 1.2 XBox coins


    Unless you have coins of the latest FUT version and want to swap for coins from an older version, the main difficulty of this method is to find who wants to swap with you. It is worth making a search because the benefits of making the exchange are huge. Firstly, the only investment you are making is something that has no value to you. Also, the ratios can be extremely high. With good ratios or not, you will always win.


    Eventual good exchange ratios.
    Chance to earn with something that you no longer use.

    Difficulty to find players to swap.



    Receiving Coins as a Gift

    How to Make FUT 15 Coins without Trading

    It is possible to receive FUT 15 coins as a gift. You just need to stay alert or to search a bit.

    Basically four are three main ways of doing this:

    • By EA Sports
    • Daily gifts are gifts assigned by EA Sports to FIFA 15 Ultimate Team players during specific and limited periods of time. It can be packs or coins.
      If you receive packs, you can always convert them into coins. These offers take place in holiday seasons or when the EA Sports try to compensate their followers for servers problems or other game errors. Some of these Daily Gifts are available only in FUT Web App.

    • By Give aways
    • Give aways for FIFA 15 Ultimate Team are everywhere on the Internet. They are a kind of contest in which the winner gets coins as a prize. Many times the participant only has to make an application, while in other he has to answer questions, make some sort of registration or other kind of task.

      • By Offer of Other Players
      • Unlike give aways where coins are disputed by several people, in the offer of other players the coins are assigned directly to a person. This type of situation is very common when launching a new FIFA game series. Players no longer need the coins of the old version and offer them to those who continue to play it. There are also those who earn coins by appealing to the solidarity of the richest or making use of loans.

      • As a Payment
      • There are services that can be paid with coins instead of real money.


      Receiving coins as a gift is something often overlooked by gamers. There is not any risk of loss in this method because there is no investment.
      The only danger that exists is to be cheated. There are hundreds of people who claim to offer coins but they only want what you have. Do not give your account details to anyone, not follow suspicious links and respect the safety recommendations.


      Simple and easy.
      No risk.

      Difficulty in finding those who make offers.
      Risk of being cheated.




      How to Make FUT 15 Coins without Trading

      The first thing you should know is that there is not any secret or glitch that will make you rich. The greatest fortunes on FIFA 15 Ultimate Team are made thanks to phishing tactics. They take advantage of people who believe in things like Cards Duplicators and Coins Generators. There are also small cheats that may help you to become rich.

      As we do not agree with this method, we will not approach it further.


      Very good profits.

      Morally very reprehensible.
      Lack of fair play.
      Chance of being banned.



      How to Make FUT 15 Coins without Trading – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


      Q: Besides trading, what is the best way to earn coins in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team ?
      A: It depends on you. Every method has advantages and disadvantages.

      Q: I played a match but I have not received any coins. What should I do ?
      A: Sometimes it can happen. Try to contact EA Support Center and ask them.

      Q: Why should not give up from a match ?
      A: First of all it is a lack of fair play. Then, since your %DNF will be lower, you will receive less coins in the following matches.

      Q: Is it easier to win more coins with seasons or with tournaments ?
      A: With Seasons. In tournaments, you have to win in order to get coins. In seasons, you are rewarded every time you play.

      Q: Where can I see the seasons prizes ?
      A: In FIFA 15 Ultimate Team, you can only see the prizes of the season you are. If you want to know all the seasons prizes, click here.

      Q: I won the TOTW Challenge but I have not received any coin. What should I do ?
      A: You only get a prize if you win the active TOTW and if you do it for the first time. If it has happened, try to contact EA Support Center and ask them.

      Q: How can I discard a card ? Can I do it with other cards besides players cards ?
      A: Just click on the card you want to discard and select “quick sell”. You can do it with any card you have, except with active items in your club.

      Q: There is any trick to get better cards in packs ?
      A: Just buy it in Happy Hours, specially in “2x chance” HH, and choose packs with more rare cards.

      Q: How can I know when it will be the next Happy Hour ?
      A: Check it on the EA FIFA twitter page. After it begins, you can check it here, on your FUT Web App or in your console.

      Q: It is true that it is easier to get an IF card in the first hour of its release ?
      A: Some people say that it is true but we really don’t know.

      Q: Where can I buy coins in safety ?
      A: Just click here and ask us, please.

      Q: Should I buy the Ultimate Edition ?
      A: If you usually buy packs, we think that you should buy the Ultimate Edition.

      Q: What should I do to get the Ultimate Edition packs ?
      A: Almost nothing. You just need to go to the store once a week.

      Q: How do I know if the coin boost item from the EAS FC Catalogue is working ?
      A: At the end of each match, check the screen of the coins you have received.

      Q: Do I need to wait until the active EAS FC item expires to buy another one ?
      A: No. But only one bonus will be active at a time.


13 thoughts on “How to Make FUT 15 Coins without Trading”

  1. My instangram name: kunkli_ricsi_19
    Please write me a private messages is urgently please,,,,,thanks guys❤️??

  2. Hi Rodrigo, I like the site and your articles and the fact that you started playing on a zx spectrum like me!
    I have a tip for fut coins…
    My tip for getting a lot of coins fairly easily I call “yo-yo-ing” after the toy yo-yo which goes up and down.
    Your ability = must be able to beat computer on World Class difficulty setting.
    Play offline seasons in Ultimate Team, make sure you are in division 2. Enter the Turkish Super Lig season. Why? Because it has the highest payout for winning the title (8200 coins) and no restrictions on what type of team you enter.
    Win all the games 5-0 if you can to get maximum coin rewards per game (500+), EXCEPT the penultimate game. Why? Because 26 points wins you the title, so 9 straight wins will end the season and you want to play that 10th game to squeeze out a few more coins. So in game 9 (or earlier if you prefer a bit of pressure) race into a lead of however many goals. Ideally 5-0 again if you are good enough. Then when it gets to 75 minutes score an own goal, and from kick off go and score another own goal and repeat to make it 5-5 or whatever you need to draw and then keep the ball until the end of the match. Why score the own goals instead of letting them score? You want MOTM as it gives you some coins in rewards breakdown, if their players score they *might* get MOTM. So eliminate that possibility.
    Now this draw plus your 8 wins gives you 25 points, therefore you have to play 1 more game (which you only need a draw) to win the title. Play that and win 5-0 if you can and get the title.
    Part 2! You are in division 1, enter the ultimate league division. If you can make sure your team is full of players you never normally play (bronze or poor silver/gold untradeables). Why? Because you are going to forfeit the first 6 matches in division 1 and that ‘spends’ the contract points of your players. The ultimate league pays out 3500 coins if you get relegated. The only league in division to do so. Forfeit the matches as soon as you can to save time and then parachute back into division 2 to repeat with Super Lig again!
    And repeat. Hence term “yo-yo”.
    The maths: 8200 (title) + 5000 (approx for 10 matches) + 3500 (relegation)
    = 16700 coins
    I play about 2 hours a day and a bit more at weekends, it takes 4 hours max to do this yo-yo, so let’s say I play 2 hours a day for six days as conservative estimate. 6 x 2 hours = 12 hours. 12 / 4 = 3 yo-yo’s
    So 3 x 16700 = 51000 a week. So 200k a month easy.
    Extra tips: when winning matches try to race into a 5-0 lead early and then keep the ball (pass round at the back) to cut down on time (no throw-ins, subs, free kicks, etc).
    If you can’t win 5-0 don’t worry as long as you win you should be able to get 16k coins for less than 4 hours play, and joy of beating the computer!
    Hope this makes sense?
    Thanks, enjoy.

  3. Hey Rodrigo,
    Can you tell me whether I will get silver Inform Players in Silver or Gold packs ? Also if I can get it in both which one has a higher possibility ?
    Thanks in Advance Cheers !

  4. what do you think is the best option for an average to make coins? I can maintain myself in division 3. Sometimes reach div 2 or 1 and then come back to 3 or 4

    1. You need to open FIFA several times a day, play every day, etc… There is a daily limit of 2,000
      According with a few sources, open FUT 15 mobile with teh same Origin and set the skill level to World Class and play penalty shoot outs. While, it matters less whether players win or not since they can just get 125 XP from a win and 95 XP from a loss.

  5. Hey Rodrigo

    When is the best time to but upgraded player cards? Like Koscielny, Costa etc

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