Mher’s Corner: FUT 14 TOTS Cards Review

Mher's Corner: FUT 14 TOTS Cards Review


Welcome to the Mher’s Corner, the column of Mher Ginosyan, that we are proud to include in our website. Know him better at the end of the article.

In this new episode, “FUT 14 TOTS Cards Review“, the author analyse a selection of the blue cards.


FUT 14 TOTS Cards Review


Hello my friends.

Today, I would like to go over some cards from Team Of The Season. By the way, if you don’t know what is TOTS, you can read our article about that HERE.
Of course, all cards of TOTS are wonderful and very nice cards; however, I would like to just go over the ones that are more useful and interesting. Since I think the silver and bronze cards are overprices for their stats, I will talk only about the gold cards.


Mher's Corner: FUT 14 TOTS Cards Review


I think the best card from Community TOTS is Wayne Rooney. His new card is CAM with 92 overall, which makes him probably the best CAM in the UT. His all attributes got better and probably his weakest point is his pace. However, 81 pace with 92 ball control will make him a beast CAM. In addition to his powerful shooting, it got even better. His overall shooting is 93 and 90 passing is just another awesome thing about him. I think this card will be the best CAM in Fifa Ultimate Team.


Mher's Corner: FUT 14 TOTS Cards Review


The next card that I like from Community TOTS is Danny. His card’s overall is 88 with 90 pace. Why I think this card is good? Because the price is okay; it can be found for around 100k. If we compare this card with Robben’s or Ribery’s card, in most attributes it is even better. So I think it is logical to buy this card it is worth it for sure. However, his league ( Russian League) is not that useful and that is one of the main reasons that makes his card cheaper. But if you have a Portuguese squad, he is a very good alternative for Ronaldo.


Mher's Corner: FUT 14 TOTS Cards Review


The last two cards from Community TOTS that I would go through in a short will be De Gea and De Rossi. David De Gea is a wonderful goalkeeper in real life and his card in TOTS was very fair. His card has 90 diving and 93 reflexes which, I think, are the most important stats for the GK. His card is around 150k coins. I think it is a bit overprices, however, if you can afford to buy him, you won’t regret.


Mher's Corner: FUT 14 TOTS Cards Review


Daniel De Rossi was the most useful CDM in Seria A. Now, when his card got much better, we will see he card a lot in UT. He has 99 stamina, 95 strength, 90 long shots, 94 shot power, 94 heading accuracy, and this list can go longer….I think he will be a perfect CDM.

As I said, all other cards of TOTS are also perfect, just I think there are cards that are very overpriced and they have perfect alternatives. For example, Cahil , Matic, Motta, Castan, and others are overpriced. Kompany, Yaya Toure, Matuidi, and Chiellini, are perfect alternatives respectively.


Mher's Corner: FUT 14 TOTS Cards Review


Now, I will go over some cards that were released in BPL TOTS. At first, I would like to mention one thing. In my opinion, there is one mistake in that team. Can you guess which defender I am talking about? It is Martin Skrtel. He not only was brilliant in defending, but also in attacking. During 2013-2014 season, he has scored 7 goals from 14 shots and he has also one assist. I think it is outstanding performance by a defender and he was worthy to be in TOTS. That is just my opinion.

Now, let’s go over some other cards that are in TOTS. I think, Luis Suarez’s TOTS card is the most expected card. Also, it might be the best card in UT for its price. His stats are similar to TOTY Ronaldo’s stats but Cristiano is worth more than 4 million coins; meanwhile, Suarez’s TOTS card is around 1.5 million coins. When I am looking on his stats, I mostly see 99. He has 99 ball control, curve, dribbling, finishing, FK accuracy, long shots, penalties, shot power, volleys, reactions, and stamina. I think that he will be better than TOTS Aguero.

Since I am an Arsenal fan, you can guess which card will be the next in my list.


Mher's Corner: FUT 14 TOTS Cards Review


I think that the only card that made me really happy was Aaron Ramsey’s card. Not only because I am a Gooner, but also because people will be able to afford him. His card is around 170k coins. I think his card is better at CM and not at CDM. Why? Because he has amazing shooting stats as well as defending and passing. Personally, I like using CM players. Let’s go over CM/CDM/CAM players just a bit more. CDM players have better defending stats than the other two. CAM has better shooting and pace but not defending. However, CM has all of them. Maybe defending is not as good as CDM or attacking rating is not as good as CAM, but I like to use it. That is my personal thought. So I would definitely try to get him because his card will be insane. He has 99 stamina and penalties, 98 long shots with 96 shot power,92 volleys, dribbling, FK accuracy, and long passing. He also has very nice defending stats. I think the worst stat that he has is his pace which is 78. However, I am very happy to see his card here because his 77 non-rare gold card was just a big mistake.


Mher's Corner: FUT 14 TOTS Cards Review


Finally, I reached to the card that I think is the most useful considering the price of it. I am talking about Leighton Baines. I think his card can be the most wing defender card in UT. He has 80+ on all main attributes in his card. As a defender, he has just amazing shooting stats. Let’s start from finishing which is probably the least important stat for LB. He has 84 finishing which is more than Sturridge’s normal card (83). He has 90 long shots and curve, 99 FK accuracy and penalties, 97 crossing, 88 ball control, 85 sprint speed and acceleration, and this list can go more… Now defending; he has 98 standing tackle and 81 sliding tackle, 93 interceptions and 83 aggression. His card costs around 170k coins which makes it affordable for more players.

Overall, I tried to touch the players that were more useful and in some ways, more affordable. Without any doubt, all other cards of BPL TOTS are just beast cards like Aguero, Hazard, Toure, Cech, and others…However, I tried to be more original and go over the less known ones.

Thank you very much for reading, and if you have any questions, feel free to comment below.


Author: Mher Ginosyan

Mher is a 20 years old guy from Armenia. Now, he is in USA studying business. Football is his first priority, so FIFA is his hobby. He is also an amateur photographer and a Gooner.


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  1. Hey there,

    a bit surprised you included De Gea in your list. He’s very good in the two key stats but handling and positioning are sub-par for that kind of spend, especially as he is 86 rated in game. No doubt he had a great season And as a writer I respect your opinion but if I had that kind of cash, I’d go for Cech.

    1. Sorry for the late reply. Thank you for your reply. I have included De Gea because of his almost equal diving and reflexes to Cech.

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