More FIFA News

More FIFA News


Do you want more FIFA news ? We will give you that!

We are proud to announce a partnership with the FIFA Game News website that allow us to bring you even more FIFA news. If you want to get more FIFA news, you are on the right place.


More FIFA News


  • Polish Ekstraklasa League may be included in FIFA 14
  • It is not confirmed yet, but it seems that there is a good chance to Polish Ekstraklasa League be included in FIFA 14. Click HERE to know why this league may be included.

  • EA Sports Released FIFA 14 Wallpapers
  • Do you want to customize your desktop ? Use THESE that EA Sports has released.

    More FIFA News

    • FIFA 14 Will Be the Last PS2 Game Ever
    • Gamers will say goodbye to Playstation 2 with FIFA 14. If you want to know more about it, click HERE.

    • FGN Published a FIFA 14 Calendar
    • It is very common to find gamers asking us in which months TOTS or TOTY will be released. To answer to this kind of questions FGN has built a FIFA 14 CALENDAR.

    • First FIFA 14 Details for iOS Devices
    • The most obvious changes were in the gesture based control scheme thanks to the implementation of contextual touch controls. But there’s more. Just click HERE to know what will change.

    • EA Online Pass is Over
    • EA have decide to do away with Online Pass after listening the feedback from the players. Their goal is that, eliminating the Online Pass, allow more people to play and enjoy EA games for a long time to come. Click HERE to read more about it.

    • FIFA 14 Prizes and Nominations on the E3 2013
    • FIFA 14 was, by far, the one with more prizes and nominations among the EA Sports titles that were introduced at E3 2013. You can find which prizes and nominations it gets HERE.

    • Revealed the Platforms in Which Will Be Possible to Play FIFA 14
    • Everybody knows that FIFA 14 will be released, as always, for Playstation 3 and XBox 360. Most of the gamers also knows that this game will be released, some months later, for next-generation consoles Playstation 4 and XBox One. But FIFA 14 will be released also for other platforms. Do you want to know which ones ? Click HERE.

    • Camp Nou Stadium is Back to FIFA 14
    • After one year without Camp Nou, this stadium is back to FIFA 14. EA Sports got the license to include the Camp Nou Stadium into FIFA 14 and they are willing to do it the better they can. You can learn more about it or know which stadiums will be included clicking HERE.

    More FIFA News

    • Published the PS4 and XBox One FIFA 14 Fact Sheet
    • If you want to know how exactly next-gen FIFA 14 will be, you can read the fact sheet of this game for PS4 and XBox One HERE.

    • New Update for FIFA 13
    • On the end of May and beginning of June, EA Sports has released a new FIFA 13 Update for PC and consoles version. The new update is aimed to “increase stability in order to improve the FIFA 13 experience”. If you want to know more about it, click HERE.

    • Who won the FIFA Interactive World Cup 2013 ?
    • The FIFA Interactive World Cup 2013 has wrapped up in dramatic fashion with Bruce Grannec of France claiming a second world title after beating Mexico’s Andrei Torres Vivero 1-0 in Madrid. If you want to know more about it, click HERE.

    More FIFA News

    • FIFA 14 Will Not Be Released to Wii U
    • The speculation is over: FIFA 14 Will Not Be Released to Wii U. If you want to know more about it, click HERE.

    • EA Renews FIFA Licensing Until 2022
    • EA have announced that they have renewed the FIFA license until December the 31st, 2022. If you want to know more about it, click HERE.

    • Turkish League can be included in FIFA 14
    • EA didn’t say nothing about it but it seems that Turkish League can be included in FIFA 14. If you want to know more about it, click HERE.

    • Women will not be included in FIFA 14
    • Even with more than 10,000 signatures asking it, women will not be included in FIFA 14. If you want to know more about it, click HERE.

    • Virgin Gaming Xbox Tournaments App Launched
    • We have a good news for XBox gamers. Now they can play in tournaments and earn money without ever having to leave their console. If you want to know more about it, click HERE.

    More FIFA News

    • FIFA 14 is Coming…
    • In FIFA U Team website we believe that FIFA 13 is a great game and it is too early to think about FIFA 14. But there are many gamers that want to know right now how will be the new FIFA game.
      Those gamers can read HERE the FIFA 14 rumours and news. They will know, for example, that Blue Square Premier League will probably be included on FIFA 14. The same will happen with Fenerbahce, Diadora boots and many Brazilian clubs, including Figueirense Futebol Clube and Criciúma Esporte Clube from Serie B. FIFA 14 will be available on September. Find more about it HERE.

    • EA is the Worst Company In America
    • The Consumerist readers chose Electronic Arts as the worst company in America for the second time in a row. That is a very bad news for FIFA franchise producer company. You can read the full article HERE.

    • FIFA Ultimate Team Contributor Challenge was launched
    • Do you live on UK, have more than 18 years old and want to win some great prizes as PlayStation 3, box art signed by cover star Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, EA Sports titles and tickets to a Premier League game? You just need to enter on the FIFA Ultimate Team Contributor Challenge. Learn more about it HERE.

    • It is possible to know the FIFA Dev Team
    • Kantcho Doskov, Santiago Jaramillo and Chukwuma Morah. Are these names familiar to you? You can know their faces HERE.


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