10 Common FIFA 13 Ultimate Team Mistakes


Unlike what many people believe, FIFA 13 Ultimate Team is not a difficult game. The problem is that for your club achieve success, you must take the right decisions. Most of players adopt strategies that harm the performance of their club. Know which are the 10 most common mistakes among FIFA 13 Ultimate Team players:


  • Searching for coins generators and cards duplicators
  • Buying Packs
  • Ignoring the Chemistry
  • Quitting from a Match
  • Picking the wrong Formation
  • Do not Betting on a Squad
  • Do not Watching the Opposite Formation
  • Having Bad Connections
  • Not Knowing the Market
  • Not Knowing the Game Rules


The 10 Most Common FIFA 13 Ultimate Team Mistakes



Everyday we meet people who lost all their coins and their valuable cards because they believed that there was a quick and easy way to earn many coins in FIFA 13 Ultimate Team. There is not. Some of these phishing schemes seem real and have such beautiful names as cards duplicators or coins generators. Thousands of players are taken by temptation and lose everything they have. Learn more about this subject here.


FIFA 13 Ultimate Team Cheaters



You collected thousands of coins and decided to invest in packs. Once you open them, the more likely it is that you do not receive items valuable enough to cover half of what you spent. Again, the temptation is a bad counselor.

It is not easy to prove that buying packs is a bad strategy because we would have to analyze a sample extremely large. Many players have already spent millions of coins and they can corroborate what we stand for. Even without being able to prove irrefutably trust us: investing in packs is a very bad investment.

It’s like playing the lottery. We pay the price of being able to dream. It’s almost a certainty that we will not receive any good card, but that “almost” is often enough to make us move.


Buying FIFA 13 Ultimate Team Packs



EA Sports has already announced in the early FUT’s that a bronze team with chemistry 100 can win without great difficulties a gold team without chemistry. Still, many players insist on investing in the squad and forget that chemistry plays an important role in the success of their clubs. With a chemistry below 90, the players will make many more mistakes.

If you have trouble connecting your players, at least try to apply them formation and positioning cards. And do not forget that the manager must also have the formation of the squad and the nationality of the largest possible number of players. The next time you play, pay attention to see how many gamers follow this last requirement and you will understand why it is the third most common mistake.



You are losing 5-0 at half-time and you are afraid that the it continues until reaches the two digits? Whatever you do, do not give up. Firstly because it is an extreme lack of fair play with the opponent. Secondly because, besides not receive the coins of that match, you will be harmed in your DNF%, the index that measures the number of matches you have not finished. Players who quit are penalized in the amount of coins they receive as a prize at the end of matches. And not just at the end of the next game.

If it is the only solution, place the control and come back once the match has finished.


FUT 13 Quitters



It is known that the formation should be chosen as soon as possible, so that we can optimize the chemistry of our squad. However, most of FIFA 13 Ultimate Team players makes that decision without trying other formations. If they had done, they would discover that there is probably one formation more adaptable to their style of play. As in real football, the formation has a tremendous influence on the performance of your squad. Learn more about it here.



Many players think that should not exist suspensions, injuries or physical fatigue in FIFA 13 Ultimate Team. Those players belong to the group who do not realized that FUT is based on building a club with a balanced squad and not building a group of eleven good players. The rotation of our squad is one of the keys to success. Try always have two players for each position.


FUT 13 Red Card



In FIFA 13 Ultimate Team, before the start of any match we can view the formation of the opponent. Many players merely check what is the rating of theirs opponents or if there is any superstar. However, collect all the information about the opponent may be enough for the difference between winning or losing the match.

Try to imagine the weaknesses of the opposite formation (eg if he only has 3 defenders, try to attack on the wings), predict the weaknesses of his players (if one side of the defense is much weaker than the other, insist on that side) or identify the player who is the key (if your opponent plays a 4-3-1-2, make an appointment to his strong CF).


FUT 13 Oponent Squad



Having a bad connection to the server can be harmful to your club. If your connection is only restricted, you will have more difficulty pairing, you will play always in the opposite stadium with the camera chosen by him, your game may suffer constant breaks and, worst of all, the connection may fall sometimes damaging your DNF% and consequently the financial health of your club.
Try to connect by wire, change the firewall settings, open ports on your router or play on NAT1. Whatever you do, your FIFA 13 Ultimate Team connection should be the best possible.


FUT 13 Server Connection



Making good business depends on the knowledge of the market. Many players discard cards or put them at auction at prices much lower than the prices they are worth on the market. The most common example is with the rare silver cards. If you want to avoid making this mistake, consult a database with the prices that are being practiced.


FUT 13 - Discarding David Silva



This is a subject very overlooked by players: do not knowing the FIFA 13 Ultimate Team rules is very harmful for your club. For example, why to buy all the staff cards if you are not thinking applying the corresponding training cards? If you want to know more about FUT 13 rules, read our articles where we try to explain them.


Do you make some of these mistakes? Follow our tips and improve your FIFA 13 Ultimate Team club.


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  1. Iam phill from south Africa Iam looking for real players,i think my standard of football it’s quiet good now,testing,add me drphinyonyo.
    Greatingz from Zimbabwe

  2. Hello i am from Holland And i like this website
    But I want to ask something that really annoys me and that is that I want to delete my club but it says I have a active auction but I am not
    So what could I do ??
    Ps this is the first time that I want to delete

    1. Hi.
      Thank you for your words.
      If it is the first time you are trying to delete it, there is no reason to happen it.
      If you are sure that you don’t have any item in ‘unassigned’ list, transfer list or preference list, you should contact EA.
      It is not the first time that someone reports us this issue. It may be a bug due to the servers problems.

  3. Does lt matter having a few managers? I mean do they all effect the team in the same time? I know coaches do.

  4. Some gold player cards are bright with some are not. Also some are black inside:s Why is that? Which is better to buy in the market? Its confusing..

    1. The bright cards are rare cards. It may be a bit confusing but you can check THIS and THIS article to get clarify (it is about FUT 12 but it is the same thing).
      We will explain it even better in a article that we expect to release this month.

  5. Hi,

    Can I ask why are the silver players more expensive then the gold players?


    1. Not all. Just few of them. It depends of many things.
      For example: to play a silver tournament everyone want 74 rated players. They will be more expensive than gold 75 rated ones. It is the Market rule.

  6. Hi again long time mo see! Well I’ve got a problem on fifa 13career mode not sure if you can help me but here goes: I recently started career mode and chose Chelsea and One of my players(sturridge)asked for a raise to up his wage but I don’t know how to do it so over time he was moved to the trade list because I didn’t raise his wage and is not happy ,how do I get him back on my team and off the transfer list and also then up his wage. Same with others players aswell how do I edit one of my players contracts??????

  7. hey fellas, I’ve been having a problem with trying to run a game on FIFA 13 fut iOS. The problem is that as soon as I’m about to start a game, it says “Your squad’s line-up and subs bench is below minimum required number of players to play a match. Add more players from your club, or acquire more by purchasing a pack from the store or by trading in the auction marker”
    I understand what this is trying to tell me but I’m not completely sure on how to do it. Please help

  8. Hi you might not have a real answer for my question but thats ok. I have pretty much finished my squad and i don’t wanna upgrade it anymore so i have started making other squads and things to spend my money. I don’t have much money at the moment and i wanna make a new squad. Any ideas of players or items that make lots of profit that you know of?

    1. It depends of the time you have and your budget. For example: buying and selling formation cards you can make lots of profit. Most of gamers are bored of their teams and want to make new ones. So, they will need formation cards to keep with a good chemistry. Most of them, don’t have time to search for the best prices. So, you have the chance to sell at a higher price than the one you bought.

  9. Hi I was playing fifa 12 when I bought assaidi for 2230 coins while it was loading to directly add him into my squad the electricity went out .when it came back assaidi was not in my squad or the club and I had lost 2230 coins any suggestions

  10. Bit of a concern, I decided today to check how many of my fut matches are played home and away and I am a bit shocked to say the least! In my div 1 season I played 9 games and ALL of them were away!! Now in div 2 played 5 and 4 of them have been away!!! 1 home game in 14 fut games what is going on? So 13 of my opponents all get the morale boost from stadium and I’m left with 11 defeats away in 14 games!!! A 10 game season should be 5 home games and 5 away!! Data will continue to be collected on this ridiculous game. We all know its harder to win away but if I only getting 1 home game in 14 matches how is that fair??

    1. EA never confirmed that but it seems that they choose the home team by the connection that the gamer has. Who’s got the better connection plays at home.
      Check if your online status in FIFA 13 is Open or not. If not, try to connect by cable, open the router ports or get NAT1.

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    Hey I know this is off topic but I was wondering if you knew of any widgets
    I could add to my blog that automatically tweet my newest twitter updates.

    I’ve been looking for a plug-in like this for quite some time and was hoping maybe you would have some experience with something like this. Please let me know if you run into anything. I truly enjoy reading your blog and I look forward to your new updates.

    1. Just buy contracts to them.
      Go to the auction house, filter by “development” – “contracts” and buy a contract card to the player that needs it. Then, go to your active squad, select that player and click on “apply a consumable”. You will be able to apply him a contract.
      It works to managers too.
      There are people that sell the expired players and buy new one with contracts.

  12. I’ve around 250k coins. Can you recommend me a team? (with names, formation, etc) I would really appreciate it.
    (sorry for the bad English)

  13. hello guys…finally got the forum..
    this also my first years in fut13 online..my players have good chem good morale n health…despite of all that they dont run …or in other word they run like old men and cant even beat a defender whose pace is 75..the attributes that are given to players …do they really work?
    secondly does it matter if some one plays on a large 46′ inch tv..

  14. I have 2 simple questions. Since this is my first year of fifa online gaming, i guess i am entitled to silly questions.
    1) what happens to our club & players when we move onto fifa 14?
    2) there is an option of DELETE CLUB, what does that actually do? Do we lose all our players and money?

    Thanks in Advance.

    1. There is no silly questions here.
      In fact, the first one are in our FIFA Ultimate Team FAQ:
      “P: Will I be able to keep my team in the next FIFA Ultimate Team version or I’ll have to start all over again?
      R: Each version of FIFA Ultimate Team is a different game. As such, you can not import your team and your coins from the previous FUT version . The only things that can move are the name of the team and the level of EXP. For example, even if you have a super team in FUT13, you will have to start from scratch in FUT14.”
      About deleting a club, it means that you lose everything: all your players, cards, coins and trophies. You can start a fresh Ultimate team with a welcome pack of bronze players.

      1. Thank you for the answer. So I guess there is no point in spending real money to buy super players like Ronado etc.. That sucks. And all the time and effort put to create an ultimate team is in vein.
        I think I’m going on with seasons. No point in FUT.

  15. Nat 1 or nat 2 are good. 2 doesnt mean your nat type is bad, it means that you are using router as your internet connection.

    Good advice on selling players, i always saw peoples auctioning their gold players way below than their quick sell value lol! Why auctioning while you can get more by quick sell it?

    For chemistry, you can search for same country players, all england players could give you almost 100 without searching for players that using the same kind of formation or clubs or leagues. My silver team can trash 5 star team in legendaey lol.

  16. One of the best Bronze LB’s in the game, Zoumana Bakayogo! From the Ivory Coast, he plays for Tranmere Rovers, in npower League One. He’s been going for around 20K in the last few days, but is a must buy for a Bronze team!!! I got mine for about 16K, best 16K I’ve ever spent!

  17. How would you get 100 chemistry in a 41212 formation without buying the players in the correct formation and that they are amber instead of green?

  18. Hey
    I enjoy the game but I don’t really follow the sport. I was wondering if u could give me a link to a website with tips on how much players are worth?
    Also sorry can u give me any tips on how chemistry is calculated?

  19. Hey how do I play with a guest on fut 13 online? Have been looking every where for the answer but can’t find it.

  20. Hi, my team has 84 chemistry and when I add a manager it becomes 96. Shouldn’t the chemistry be 94 because I have a manager in the right formation? The manager gave me a +12 to my chemistry shouldn’t it be +10?

    1. No. The managers can increase up to 21 points. You probably have 2 players of the same nationality of your manager.
      Check how Manager Chemistry (MC) is calculated:
      MC = F x L + N
      F = 0 if the manager’s preferred formation and the squad’s do not match
      F = 1 if the manager’s preferred formation and the squad’s match
      L = 2 if he’s a bronze manager
      L = 5 if he’s a silver manager
      L = 10 if he’s a gold manager
      N is the number of the starting eleven that have the same nationality as the manager.

      Find more details on our exclusive chemistry guide.

  21. Can i know how can i get a black or blue card in a different place from the trade pile
    Can they apear in a pack for example?

    1. Hi.
      IF cards (blue, black, purple) are limited special editions. It means, that you can find them in packs only in specific schedules.
      MOTM (purple) only for one day and TOTY/TOTS (blue) usually only in 2 or 3 days. You can get a TOTW card (black) any time but only from the current week, which means that a specific black card is only in packs for a week after its released.

  22. hi umm why do I always get beaten by silver teams? I feel like my players lose pace and and just play horrible in overall. it’s very upsetting.

  23. Hi I’m trying to get a trade offer but the other persons player in the trade is not showing up what do I do do I trust him

  24. Quick question. I know the benefit of having two squads is not having to worry about fitness. However, whenever i play with one squad, the other does not get rested. Please help!!!

  25. Lee llewellyn

    Hi my I need three contracts 2 of the players that need a contract are on the sub but when I try 2 put them on the reserv my ea keeps going off do u know why

      1. Lee llewellyn

        On the sub I have Valencia but needs a contract so I swap him for cabey and it says ea server has disconnect

  26. Hi, i was just wondering if you could help me get my team back? Around 1 week ago i deleted my FUT club with an accident, i was trying to make another team, so i could quick sell all bronze players, and be rich, but when i realised it didn’t work i was trying to delete the team that i made, but instead i deleted my club and i really want my team back, because i dont play FUT anymore cause i only got three gold players and the rest is bronze! My PSN is: stianovic1

    My earlier team: 3421

    David De Gea
    Lecott, Rio Ferdinand, Vermalen
    Arronn Lennon, Mikel Arteta, Ramires, Charles NZogbia
    AntonioValencia, Mario Balotelli, Ashley Young

    Bench: (I dont remember it fully, but ill write what i remember)

    Demba Ba, Javier Hernandez, David Luiz, (dont remember the rest)

    Please help me get my team back! I’ll be so happy if u help :)))

    1. hey, im on playstation too, i might be able to help you, i have extra gold players

      add me on psn: theonefrenchy69

  27. hi i just bought nasri for 18.000 now the money has gone but no.sign of nasri anywere not even in my won pile

  28. I can understand your point, however I won division 1 nine times with a bronze team with only Callejon and Abumeyang as rotating strikers. My team being lower than opposition fights like their life depend on it. I once had full Real Madrid with Ronaldo, Ramos and Casillas the works, guess what happened? We got relegated with 100% chemistry… To me its clear. It exists…

  29. Sure the handicapping scripts are for real. Try it.. Get a red card in a game you’re losing and see what happens.

    1. We don’t know if we agree with you, Michael. We are not saying that you are wrong but it is a bit difficult to show that handicapping scripts exists. We played many matches in which the opponent get a red card and nothing strange happened.

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  31. hello everyone,
    i need some help with an annoying problem i’ve been having in Fifa ultimate team: i cant create a new squad.
    my recent squad is a 5221 formation but when i try to create a new one with different formation, what it does is that duplicates my original: same players and same formation and it don’t let me erase them…..does anyone knows how to fix the problem? much thanks in advance

    1. Hi Josh.
      Something is wrong. It is the first time that someone complains about this problem.
      When you go to your FUT Web App – Squads – Squad Selector – Create what happens? you can’t change the formation of the new squad ? if you click over a player card the “swap” option doesn’t exist? if you click over a empty card the “add” option doesn’t exist? did you tried to change your active squad?

      1. everything goes well after i do all these steps you mentioned, the squad is created with all new players and new formation, but once i go back to select
        squad the just created one turns into the original that i had and when i try to
        delete it a message pops out and says: “oops, it looks like something went wrong. refresh you browser” and after i do so, i go back to select squad where i find my original squad and the duplicates because i have done 5 times, so i have the same squad 5 times but can’t delete them.

          1. yes, many times but in this case freezes when i try to erase them

            im afraid it may be some kind of virus

  32. Hi do you know what is the right time to buy players at a low price and sell them at a high price?

  33. hey im back! got a quick question, is it good to have two strikers with the same traits? for example, im making an Italian serie a squad and I have if Balotelli who has “tries to beat the offside trap trait” and I didn’t know if di Natalie would play well next to him because he also has the same trait?

  34. I am sorry for being a grump but I wanted to share my general feeling of disappointment with FUT.
    The staff or whoever is in charge, made these ridiculous decisions to create players, that in real life are horrid, as the geniuses of soccer.
    For instance someone like Welliton who is better than Van Persie. Or someone like David Luiz who is better than Kompany. I have seen people (that weren’t even that good) score insane goals with garbage players like Vagner Love who plays for CSKA for crying out loud…and on the other side Tevez has a worst first touch than Emenike.
    I am sorry but this has been so disappointing. I understand that the players I mention may have great potential…but let’s be real, as for right now there is a reason why RVP plays for a team like Manchester United and Welliton plays for Gremio.
    Long rant…my apologies, but it had to be said.

  35. I have a question do you know what happens when you dont have manager but have 99 chemistry. Is that affect anything? And What would happen if i have a player with 7 chemistry but 100 chem with manager does that players stats goes down
    Sorry for long post 🙂

    1. It was not a long post.
      1) You don’t need to have a manager if you get team chemistry 100. Which is impossible. 99 is the higher, as you said. It is almost the same as getting 100.
      2) The player stats will go down, yes.
      You can check our Chemistry Guide where everything about chemistry is explained.

  36. I’m very pleased to discover this site. I wanted to thank you for your time for this particularly fantastic read!! I definitely loved every part of it and i also have you saved as a favorite to check out new stuff on your website.

  37. I have been playing FUT for over 200 matches now and every game I play is an away match(except offline games), I’ve never played in my own stadium before. My connection is fine, it is wired and I have opened ports.

    1. Sometimes is says moderate or sometimes it says open, but I never get home games, it’s really weird.

  38. hi, do you have any tips of getting some TOTW or TOTY players because ive bought about 20 packs and nothing good has come.

  39. Could anyone help me with trading players as I don’t really know the market I play ps3 if you wanna add me tell me your name and ill add you thanks guys really appreciate if someone could help me trade players

  40. Thanks. That’s great because if things weren’t going your way you could sub in some beast player that you couldn’t start because of his chemistry. Thanks for quick response.

  41. Hey guys I have a question(s). Say I had a full Barclays team with 100 chemistry and say I had Doumbia on the bench. (doumbia isn’t in Barclays). If I was to sub him in mid game would he still play well even though he isn’t in Barclays? Also should subs have the sand formation or does it not matter?

    1. True. If you sub him in mid game, he would play as well as the player that are leaving the match. The chemistry on the start of the match is the same of the end of the match, no matter what you do. Doesn’t mater the subs’ formations.
      We explain it better in our chemistry guide. Check it.

  42. Its absolutely hilarious how people refuse to see whats obvious or are afraid to admit or acknowledge the truth they experience. Fifa UT is scripted garbage, im not here to stir up bad, I love Fifa, but im discus-ted at what EA did to Fifa 13, sounds like Antoilette is experiencing this “no matter what you do, you are not allowed to win” phenomenon of such scripted game, other symptoms include PK’s with no replays, not being allowed to play home matches, players running into each other, stabbing at the ball without you pressing anything, its ridiculous, what is EA trying to accomplish with this $hit, seriously very sad the cheap crap they turned this game into, why don’t they re;ease fifa 14 with no controllers I mean if they are going to play the game for you, no need for remote control.

    1. Tony,
      I just read your Feb comment re: FIFA 13 “scripting” matches.
      You could have not been more to the point.
      Once you get the hang of the game it becomes glaringly obvious there is an imposed background plot supported by fake penalties, GK handouts to opponents, easy passes going wrong, sudden godly capabilities of the opposite team, etc. that lead to a predetermined match result. It’s totally frustrating to feel you are in an inescapable plot. This takes out the beauty of an otherwise well-put-together product.
      I’ve tried what was suggested earlier, built a bronze team which cost 4k coins and entered the DIV3 championship achieving same/better results than with the whole of Real Madrid (which cost 500k on full chemistry, morale, fitness, etc). Many people pay real money (in the form of packs) aiming to get better players and are misled into thinking this will reflect on results. As suggested, within the scripting weak teams are encouraged and more invested-into teams are punished, making spending money wasteful.
      I hope at some point EA will realize that power users, who are the opinion leaders, are moving away as a result of this game scripting approach and this will have negative impact on the credibility and popularity of the FIFA product in the long term.
      Shame, because to be fair, most aspects of the product are put together with professionalism and attention to detail… no good though, if you’re not in control of your destiny..!

  43. I have to disagree with chemistry comment. Simple fact is if your team has Ronaldo, messi etc. You will sure lose to a team with lower rating due to handicapping scripts of FUT. Many experienced players know this and act accordingly. My rating 83 team was losing 4 to 0 first half to a 79 rating team. I knew handicapping was in action so I got red card on purpose. All of a sudden my rating goes down I become the underdog and win 5 to 6 second half. In reality this wouldn’t happen but in FUT happens all the time. It’s their way of keeping bad players interested in the game while pushing losing team to spend money and buy better players.

    1. Hi.
      Thanks for your opinion.
      You talked about handicapping scripts. We can say that we agree with you or not since we don’t know if it exist. No one has proved yet. Even those experienced players can’t say that they believe at 100% that it exist.
      We are not saying that you are not right. But we can not publish content that we have not sure. We believe that chemistry affects performance like we wrote.

  44. I am new to Ultimate team, and I am a little confused about the contracts. Does a player lose one of their matches if they are a sub, or even a reserve?

    1. It is not a noobie question. There are many players that don’t know the answer to this one.
      Every player that plays a match lose a contract (not the contract card, just one of their matches). Which means that, if you make a substitution that player will loose a contract.
      In other words, if a player stays on the bench all match or if a player remains on the reserve, he will not loose a contract.

  45. Doesn’t matter how good your team is, it all depends on whether you’re a good player and fifa feels like handicapping you. Just by a good bronze team, it will handicap anyone who has a better rating than you.

  46. Hi i have a Xbox 360 is there a orange and blue player cards in the auction house I only see black and what does squad training do?

    1. Hi.
      It’s easy to find blue and orange cards. Just use the filters. For example: did you try to filter by LW, portuguese and Real Madrid? You will find blue cards for sure. Find here what THIS colours means.
      About the training card which card are you asking about ? Player, GK, position, formation or manager ?

  47. Hi well I’m suffering from mistake 8 and I have a Ethernet cable into my Xbox why do I still loose connection and It badly affects my DNF it’s happened soo many times that I only earn the amount by completing the game

  48. Hi I’ve just started career mode on fifa 13 and I picked manager mode and the team I picked was Chelsea basically I’ve been offered a bid for my player David luiz cb should I sell him and get a better Brazilian cb or is he the best there is in brazil

    1. Thanks and another question while I’m playing a game and this has happened to me loads of times my connection goes off so when I connect it back it sais DNF and apparently that reduces my money which bit does it reduce and how do I raise the amount I earn back up again

      1. The DNF modifier down 0.25 per each incomplete match.
        The DNF modifier rises 0.02 per each complete match up to 1.25.
        When the DNF is greater or equal to 1, it takes the value 1 on the skill award math. That is, the DNF only penalizes.

        You can learn more about this in our Calculator article.

  49. I deleted my club on ultimate team butt for some reason I still have everything I had before I deleted it, what do I do ?

  50. hi everyone… i’ve been playing fifa13 for a while now, played seasons online (old head to head), and played FUT quite a lot and i managed to win in first division plenty of times in both FUT seasons and seasons head to head.. the question is, why sometimes it is really really easy to win and some other times it is almost impossible?? playing a lot i realized that one team always performs much better than the other, no matter chemistry team rating or morale.. why does that happen?

    1. Hi. There are so many factors that affects how the team play.
      It isn’t easy to answer to your question but we noticed that you write “chemistry team rating”. Do you know that individual chemistry is more important than team chemistry? Are you sure that in both cases the players have the same individual chemistry? Regards.

      1. thanks for the quick reply! and yeh all my players have individual chem 9, im aware of that.. and ive been keeping high morale and fitness but still sometimes the 10 players of my team that i dont control just do everything wrong.. and its also almost impossible to dribble and really difficult to score.. this doesnt happen for all the games but lately i would say it has been happening for at least 3 games out of 5.. before to start a game i always check the opposite team and even if they have a really low chem or/and low player ratings it still happens.. i was just wondering if u know how to help me in any way… cheers!

  51. Hi, i just wanna start off by saying that your website is great, and very helpful! So here is my question. I have played FUT for about 2 years now, and i know almost everything about it. I have 2 100 chemistry teams and every player has 9 chem. I had just won division 1, but one day my team started playing like crap, no passes went to the players they were supposed to, etc. It feels like a 60 chemistry team, and im getting pretty scared 🙁 do you have any ideas, please help!

    1. Hi. Thanks for your support.
      You are not the first one to complain about this. If you were noobie we would ask you about morale, fitness and things like that. Since you already are playing FUT for 2 years, it is more difficult to help you.
      If you are having difficult playing with the exactly same team that you had success, it is a bit strange. If not, it may be the answer to your question.

      1. Actually, it started when i switched Muriel and Marchisio in instead of my Pato and Sneijder, and it hasn´t been good ever since. I know this is hard for you to help me with, but it is so frustrating!

  52. Is there a way you can change players positions? if so how? because i have iniesta as a LW but i play him as a CAM or CM… so is there i way i could change his position from LW to CAM or CM?

    1. Yes and no.
      Let’s see. Is there a way you can change players positions: applying position training cards that you can find on packs or on the auction market. But you can not change for any position you want. There is no way to turn a LW on a CM or on a CAM.
      The changes that you can make are: RB-RWB, LB-LWB, RM-RW-RF, LM-LW-LF, CDM-CM-CAM-CF-ST.
      If you are using a player in a wrong position his individual chemistry will be damage and he will not play at his best. You should try to have all players with, ate least, individual chemistry 7.
      Take a look to our article to find out where a player can play.

  53. Daniel: great tip. We forgot to include that tip on our articles.
    It works. Of course, you just should use them if, as you say, you cant afford contracts. Buying/Selling players/managers all the time is a bit tiring and you loose the players bio registry (goals, matches, etc…).
    Thank you Daniel.

  54. Please who are asking about contracts and they cant afford them. I have a great tip for you. When your player contract goes to 1 game left then put him up for auction and once he has sold then buy the same player(or different if you want) but with a higher number of contracts. This way you wont ever need to buy contracts again. Same with managers as well.

    Hope that helps. 😀

  55. i cant play on my home stadium…..in the begining i played some matches but now i have 30 mathces to play at my stadium

  56. I won every game up to division 1 and then won the league losing only twice. From then on I keep on losing, hair staying in the division every time. It’s so annoying. I am getting beaten by people much worse than me! Whenever I attack they have all but 3 players behind the ball and I can’t get through, they then win the ball and counter. When I am defending I only ever seem to have 4 or 5 behind the ball! So annoying. Also my keeper keeps palming it straight to their players. Any advice? Thanks

    1. Hi.
      Every match is different. You need to adjust your style of play to each opponent. Try to be smarter than them.
      It happens many times: we are better but we lose. Why? There are many factors. Mental factors are also important.
      One final note: pay attention to the morale of your players. If you loose some matches, the morale can be low and it affects how they play.

  57. Is there different skill-levels in the 1st division? A friend of mine and I have played on each others account several times, and we are both 100% sure that he¨s meeting much more skilled-apponentes then I am. How come?

  58. Where can I find the database of the market value of the players etc?

    In one of your articles it is recommended that we should sell most of the items in the starting pack, but how much we should sell them (players, consumables, etc)?

  59. hey man can u help me i have the formation 4-1-2-1-2 and its costing me alot of money i have a full team with 100 chem but i have 5 players in the wrong formation they are in a 3-4-1-2 even though i have 100chem will i play different if i have 6 players out of formation or will they plas as a 3-4-1-2?

    1. Hi.
      Yes, they will if their individual chemistry is under 9.
      The chemistry affects the players attributes in-game. It is the weighted average of team chemistry (25%) and individual chemistry (75%). As you can see, inidivdual chemistry is more important than team chemistry. If your players are in wrong formation and their individual chemistry is under 9, you should buy formation cards.

  60. hi again i know I’ve asked this before but could you give me some really good trading techniques please

  61. Hi. Thanks for writing such a helpful thread. Currently, I have a five-star team (rating 82) but with a very low chemistry. Let’s say that I want to get 100 chemistry. Would it be possible by getting all players from one league (even if they are from different nations and play in different clubs)?

    1. Hi Omar.
      You will love the biggest and better article that we will publish very soon. It’s a complete chemistry guide.
      The connections between players of same league are weak links. But it is enough to get team chemistry 100. Don’t forget to put a gold manager with the same formation.

      1. Thanks. Oh one more thing – in reply to another comment, you said that you can get more than one manager at the same time. What about the manager in the active squad? Does it make a difference (instead of the preferred formation)? What about the the managers stored in the club – do they need new contracts, or is this only for the manager in the active squad?

        1. Hi.
          The manager of the avtive squad is the more important. He is the only one that spend contracts and the only one that improves the team chemistry. He should be gold, from the same formation and with the nationality of most od players.

  62. hi I’ve played fifa since fifa11 but I’m new to ultimate team and I’ve noticed that all my friends have more than 100k and i have about 2.5k all my friends say that they get all their coins by trading but when i trade I’m never successful are there any good players to trade with or is there a trading secret i don’t know about? thanks

    1. Trading is a very large subject. We are planning to publish some articles about it.
      Very briefly, you need to study the market, select a target and buy cards on good hours (night) and sell them on good hours (day). Put every auctions on one hour and renew them.

  63. His what is relagation on fut online seasons what does it mean and what does it do (fifa13)

    1. Hi. In FUT Seasons there are 5 divisions. In each one you can get a prize for one of the following scenarios: 1) you won the title; 2) you got promoted; you stand on the same division; 4) you got relegated (when you drop to the lower division).

  64. I play fut alot so I finally got enough coins to get messi Casillas and Ronaldo so i bid on them and I won them but I went to add them to my team and they just disappeared but now in out 455,000 coins is there a way for me to get them back

  65. Hello. My name is Laust and my contract with my manager ran out and i haven’t got any manager contracts. How do i get a new manager?
    -Laust from Denmark

    1. It is not serious. You can get a new one. Go to the auction house and choose staff – managers.
      When your manager ran out of contracts, you can buy contracts to him instead buying a new one. Just go to auction house – development – contract and buy a manager contract card.

  66. hey, how can i improve my connection? most of the matches i play are wit 2 bars. i have a wireless connection and a speed of 1 mb. would connecting the ps3 with a ethernet cable help?

    1. Hi.
      To improve your connection you can try to connect your PS3 with a ethernet cable, you can try to open the router ports, you can try to get NAT1 and, if nothing results, you can try to change your ISP.

      1. Thanks . I appreciate the help.
        I’ll get a wired connection and hope for a better connection

  67. hi im from the uk. i was wondering if there was any sort of filter to play people just from uk in ultimate team? my problem is when it gets to about 11pm every player i play is from USA, Mexico, Brazil, even South Africa and the connection is shocking. the latency still has 3 green bars tho. i know the whole of the uk playing fifa does not go to bed at 11pm. i have fibre optic broadband so my connection is not a problem. any advice would be appreciated.

    1. Hi. In Ultimate Team it isn’t possible. You can play with everyone…
      Just to be sure if it isn’t your connection you can try to find if you have a red, yellow or green connection on your FIFA 13 Menu. You can have a fibre broadband but your router can block FIFA. In that case, you need to open the router ports.

  68. I have some new questions which is somewhat related.
    I have no problems with my squad. I have Messi and Ronaldo and other good players.
    But my Win-Draw-Losses are 320-40-411.
    I was continuously losing for around 2 weeks. I was suspicious and discovered my controller was not working properly.
    With my new controller now I win almost 60% of the time. I am thinking of deleting my club and make a new one. But I have over 1000 players in the club. Will they be deleted too?

    I cannot afford to lose Messi and Ronaldo..



    1. More than 1.000 players ??? We did not know anyone with so many players.
      About your question: If you delete your club, you will loose everything. Coins, W-D-L records, players, items. Everything except your XP experience and your club name. With a such fantastic team we do not recommend to delete your club.

      1. I open packs every now and then. I only sell/quick sell duplicate players. Not interested in trading because I have consumables anyway.
        Just surviving by playing games. I already have the dream team.
        thanks for the advice, I will never delete my club…

  69. Hey my squad has 99 chemistry without a manager. It’s a 442 formation and the right side is Serie A and the left side is Bundusleiga. Every link down the middle (Strikers, CMs, and CBs) is red because of the league and nation differences and i was wondering, do players pass or play worse with players they have red links with, even though they all have 9 individual chemistry?

    1. Very good question. It’s good to have so clever questions. This helps all the community. And we know the answer.
      We are finishing an article about chemistry, so it is a recent subject to us.
      The red link between players are only graphic representative. They will play with these players on the same way they do with others. All that matters is to have 9 at individual chemistry and 100 to team chemistry.

  70. i am trying to raise money to make a good team but i keep running out of contracts and my team is composed of mostly gold players so their contracts are pretty expensive and i only have 1,800 coins any advice you could give me would be much appreciated

    1. The contracts are a common problem for many gamers. You should save to buy rare managers in order to boost the contract cards up to 50%. It is very important to do that because you will earn more coins playing matches than the amount of coins that you spend in contracts for each match. Read more about it here.

  71. Last question for now lol I haven’t got a brilliant team chemistry is 62 and star rating is 3 and a half stars and the most I win every match on ultimate team is 500 hundred coins I want to win more i need to win more how do I increase the amount of coins I earn thanks 🙂

  72. Hia I don’t have money my players have ran out of contracts so I don’t have a full team to play a ultimate match which means I can’t earn coins I don’t have many players basically I can never play a ultimat match online coz I don’t have contract consumables what do I do plzzzz helping begging anyone I just want to play online with my own squad but can’t how do I start fresh HELP!!!!!!!
    How do I make a ultimate team squad from scratch only starting with 2000 to 2500 coins and how do I keep their contract from not running out

    1. Hi. If you have a good squad the better thing is to sell some players and buy some cheaper ones.
      The better thing to do it’s to start all over again. You can delete your club (chose “delete” on club menu) and start a new club again. You can do it up to 5 times.
      You will get a new welcome pack and you will be able to play it online again.
      Playing matches isn’t the best way to earn coins. There other ways that we explained on our website and that we will explore in January. Trading is the best one.
      About the consumables, the best thing is not use it. They are too expensive. Try to follow our tips, like buying rare managers to boost contract cards. You can learn more here.

      1. Thank you very much for your advice and yes I have started a new squad but I did not get a starter pack I made 2800 coins by selling all my players

        1. Hi again. Starting a new club is different from starting a new squad. If you delete your club, you will receive a welcome pack for sure when starting a new club. If you delete your squad after selling your players, you remains with the same club.

  73. I have a BPL squad and I was wondering how much it would affect my players if I added Piqué to my cb position and he had no links to the surrounding players. If I have him in the right position/formation and I have a manager to boost chemistry would it affect how they play that much?

  74. Thanks for your reply, yes I check morale, I’m all high or very high, but sometimes it just doesn’t work I’m sure it’s the mecanics, passes don’t go to person aimed for, controls are bad, positioning is bad, playing my best games ever I can barely end up with a draw.

    1. Happens to me as well. Maybe it has something to do with the stadium.
      Does anyone know if it is worth buying all the stadiums. Does playing in a stadium you do not own lose morale?
      I have a suspicion that players do not well in away games.

      1. Hi. Stadium has a small interference on morale. If you play at home you will get the bonus morale written on the card that you have as your own stadium. Since you can only have one card assigned as your stadium, it makes no sense to buy more than one.

      2. i think its to do with connection. im from the uk and when i play someone from the uk everythings fine. but everytime i play someone from usa or mexico my players are so slow and unresponsive. there seems to be a button delay. my team has a 85 rating and 100 chemistry and im getting beat off bronze teams with 50 chemistry and im not a bad player. maybe check where your opponent is from before starting the game.

    2. I know exactly what your saying. The same happens to me all the time. I have a mediocre team with soldado n higuin up front and other not expensive players then I have a A-team with ageuro and Di natalie plus benzema, lavenzi, Danny alves etc. And sometime I wipe the floor with teams with the soldado team and win the highest league then other times I get relegated twice with the ageuro team. No matter what I do. Gets me mad as hell

  75. Why do we have winning or losing streak? Seems I win all my games easily then suddenly I loose all of them, even against weaker players. It’s not because of stamina because I even applied cards, indeed the guys play better but it seems all luch positioning goal opportunities all go the other way. 15 shots on target and 0 goal, they try 3 shots from anywhere and they go in. It’s boring as hell I want to stop ultimate team like this.

    1. Have you checked your morale? It’s harder to win matches when we got some losses in row.
      Other thing that we already talked about it on MY FUT 13 is that when you’re in a wave of losses the best thing to do is to stop and to try in another day. There are time to win but there are also time to lose. To play well we need to be calm.

    1. You can trade with them. Since FUT 12 you can only trade with friends. Be sure that you already added your friends to your list.
      First, put the player card that you want to trade on the auction market. Then, ask to your friend to find that card and click on “trade” button. He will be able to make you an offer for that player card. The offer could be coins + up to 3 cards.

      1. My friend and I we’re tryin to send each other players but my frined couldn’t find my player I had put on the auction so than he put his player on the auction and I couldn’t find his. What should I do

        1. Hi.
          First of all, it is important to know that you can only trade with friends that you added to your list.
          Secondly, you have to be sure that you and your friend play on the same platform.
          Finally, if you can’t find his player and he can’t find yours, both should use all the filters you can.

        1. Probably yes. But we don’t know when.
          That option was disable for security reasons. They are trying to fix the security problem. As soon as they fix that, the guess option should be back.

  76. Hello,
    How can I change the formation of my entire team. I have looked at the formation cards to purchase in an auction and some have the darker gold color, are those it? Some people sell these cards for 2 or 3k. Or do I just have to individually change the position of every player? Thanks.

    1. Miguel, we think that you are talking about rare gold cards. The only thing that you need is to buy individually change formation for all your players. For example: if your formation is 4-4-2, you need to buy several 4-4-2 players cards. In that case, the cards are rare gold because 4-4-2 are like this. But if your formation is 3-5-2, the cards are normal. It depends of your formation. The rare gold formations are more expensive (4-1-2-1-2 is very very expensive, for example).

      1. Sometimes, it is better to buy a new player with the correct formation and sell your current one.

        For example, I sold
        Zarate 442 for 850 and bought Zarate41212 for 1200.
        But formation modifier normally was costing me 5-6k.

  77. Junior Garcia

    Hi, I just started fifa ultimate team and my starter pack team doesnt have the enough chemistry to play a tournament. What do I do?

  78. Sorry is there a website that has the prices of players especially that updates its sites as the market crash will inflict a lot of players value do yeah is there a websit thank you and goodbye

  79. I have been playing fifa for some time and I can tell that Fifa 13 very scripted results of matches seem to be predetermined, while playing the game it is very clear to me that the game/CPU heavily favors one player over the other, (even the ref cheats for one team over the other) the fact is you can only control 1 player at a time, and the behavior, actions/reactions of the other 10 players that are not currently being controlled speaks volumes..

  80. Hi, i play fut 13 on a dongle, i live in Australia. Every time i verse the computer on ultimate team, i constantly lose connection to the ea servers and when I log back on 4 or 5 of players are out of contract, as well as a lose of fatigue :(. My only choice is to play online and it takes about 1 or 2 minutes to find a player, it also lags a lot in the game. I play with one of those USB broadband internet thingos plugged into my laptop, then my laptop connected to my xbox with an Ethernet cable. Any suggestions to fix this?

      1. ok thanks. im also wondering how do people get so many coins (not hacking). Like i’ve seen so many people with 500,000 coins etc. I’ve tried trading techniques, playing matches but what seems to stop me is buying fitness cards and contracts. Basically every player in my ultimate team have a fitness level of 40-50. A currently have about 480 coins in my account, im trying to save up to buy a quality goalkeeper, but its hard for me to even get up to 2000 coins because of buying cards everytime.

        1. Hi. We will publish lots of articles explaining everything about earning coins. Soon. Stop wasting your money on contracts and fitness cards. You need to buy some rare managers to boost your contracts up to 50% and you need to put everyone playing. While some rest, the others play. Read some articles that we wrote about this common problem.

          1. Boost your contracts by 50%?
            I think you mean 5% because I don’t think there is any manager 50%. If yes. Who is it?

          2. Boost your contracts cards up to 50%. You can have more than one manager stored on your club. Gold rare managers gives you 3%, silver rare 2% and bronze rare 1%. If you buy, for example, 10 gold rare and 10 silver rare managers, you will get 50% when applying a contract card. Read more here.

    1. I know it’s been a few months however I thought I’d share what’s worked for me. When you load a game and the skill challange appears don’t press any button until the game is ready to play then push the start button.

      Hopefully you’ve already found this fix but if not enjoy

  81. Hello, There’s something i don’t actually understand and I been searching around and I alredy read your chemistry articule and I couldnt fing the answer…. I’ll try to make myself understandable because I barely speak english.
    I have a chemistry of 94 or so, I’ve seen people with 100 chemistry but with players of different nations or leagues and even with a player or two with a red shoe meaning that hes not good at that certain position, well…. my question is… If i hit 100 chemistry would it matter if I still have players with yellow/red link between them or even players with orange/red shoes? I ask this beacause i have like 3 days playing FUT and I alredy have a gold team with 94 chemistry and I feel like if I get 1 or 2 more players from the same country or league I’ll hit 100 chemistry. At the end… just wondering, improving my players and buying formation cards and all that AFTER I hit 100 chemistry is worth it? does it keeps improving the performance of my club?.

    By the way, this website is incredible, you and your staff have done an incredible work, congratulations. I been reading around for the last 4 hours LOL :p its extremly helpfull. a Big congratulation.
    Sorry for the long post. 🙂
    Greetings from Mexico.

    1. Hi Sergio. We miss Mexico. Thanks for everything. We hope to get you here again soon.
      We are writing an Chemistry Guide that we will publish next month.
      There is team chemistry and player chemistry. The important is the first one. If you have chemistry 100 even with players in wrong positions, your team will be fine. But not 100%. If you have players chemistry below 9, these players will not play the best they can do. But again: the important is the team chemistry.

      1. Thanks! Im looking forward to see ur guide. I bet it will be excellent as the others.
        Have a nice day.

          1. I’m trying to figure out how to open the gold pack I got from doing the manger tasks and I don’t know how to open it. Please tell me how to

      2. FIFA 14 Do your subs have the same chemistry as the players you put them in for? I want to sub in Biabiany after 60 minutes because he’s so fast, but i’m not sure if his hunter card will be working or not.

  82. If your good at fifa it doesn’t matter. I won division 1 multiple times with 50 chemistry and silver players only

      1. I agree. My Messi and Ronaldo team lost to a Bronze team with good chemistry.
        I did not notice my Morale was around 75 for each player.

  83. Hi, I’m from South Africa, so the internet speeds here in general aren’t great. The fastest speed you can get without paying half your salary on it is a 4mb line.

    I’m currently using a 1mb line, but I find that I often lag or sometimes even lose my connection. This is especially annoying when I’m leading 3-0. Is there any way to optimize your internet speed? (Like you said with firewalls and ports forwarded) What exactly are the best things to do in order to get the optimum internet performance in FUT?

    1. Hi Charl. Thanks for your contact. There are two things that work very well.
      The first one is to open the firewall doors. I can’t help you with this because it depends of your modem.
      The second is to turn your connection in NAT1. The only problem is that when you have NAT1, you will only have internet access to FIFA 13. To do it, create a custom connection with your PPPoE information. If you still need help, please ask me again.

    2. hey charl im also from south africa , add me : email me your username so i can add you, no scam.

      i am using 8ta internet with the huawei router, i bought from them for R1800 and i bought the 60plus60gig pack, for a year and i only use it for fifa, = no lag and no disconections

    3. Hi Hassan and charl. I am also from South africa. I agree with Hossan, in my case I am using 8ta contract called internet 5promo I pay R200 for 10Gig everymonth. and am using the wireless Huawei mordem for R1000 also got it at 8ta. I used to cry from DNF% match especially when wining.now things are better and if it does not work u call them and they will send a technicial to analyse your place. hope this will help.

    4. hi im a big fifa fan i have many arguments about this game 1 the main parts that are wrong with this game are that bk when fifa u t on the 09 was better because the gold players were allways stronger which was more realistic 2 the dfn is completely a load off bullshit because why should we suffer when your ea server packs up and punishes the players when its not our fault 3 why is the cards full of crap players 4 when winning the cup or league why cnt u show your team walking up wembly steps to lift that trophy 5 the passing and control of the players r crap

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