MY FUT13 – Showing our FIFA 13 Ultimate Team From Inside

MY FUT13 - Showing our FIFA 13 Ultimate Team From Inside


MY FUT13 is a place that shows you the everyday of my FIFA 13 Ultimate Team Club.
Learn how to manage your FUT club to the success.


MY FUT13 Ep.12 (last one) – The End

August, 29th 2013

Yes, we know. The last episode was about Xmas and now we are almost in the end of the Summer. Half a year later we came here to say goodbye. Promised is promised.

In this latest episode we will do an overview of the players that played more matches with us. Nothing better than having an idea of the main team:


MY FUT 13 - FIFA U Team Squad

Click in the picture to maximize it


Who has followed us in the previous episodes, will not find big changes from the last hybrid BBVA/BPL team that we had shown. The truth is that this one was already a high quality team. As we are not big fans of IF cards, so there was not much to improve.

On the goal, we believe that Casillas is the best goalkeeper from this two leagues. We also tried the TOTY card but there was not a huge change. Diego Alves is for us, the best buy from the all FIFA 13 GK. Very good value for money.

On the defence, Ramos and TOTW Pepe are an amazing double. When one of them becomes unavailable, Thiago Silva is occupying the place connecting wel with Diego Alves / Marcelo and with Diego Alves / Dani Alves. On the right side, João Pereira is the shadow of the Brazilian and on the left Cole is covering Marcelo (TOTY version also not convinced us).

Touré (can we clone him?) and David Silva fill the midfield with quality. But to their positions there are very good alternatives: Xavi (connects well with Silva, Navas and Benzema), Mata and… Tévez. The Argentine player is great as CM, scoring an amazing average of goals for a player in this position. Furthermore, by having a hyper link with Aguero, he gets the maximum chemistry and allows greater variety of combinations in the rest of team. On the right side, Di Maria has always played well even having TOTS Navas to his position, while in the left side Hazard and Bale are very equal.

In the attack, the choice goes to Aguero and one more. Usually, the other player is Rooney. Unloved by many gamers, he still have a style of play that fits perfectly on this team. In his place sometimes plays Benzema. He was much better than Falcão.

The coins were enough to buy this team, to make a lot of experiences and it still left something like 2 million coins. The trick ? Trading and no wasting coins with packs. Easy.

An that’s all. The new season begins at September 15th. Are you ready ?


MY FUT13 Ep.11 – It’s Christmas !

December, 23th 2012


Christmas is the time of gifts.
Many new players will start playing FUT 13 for the first time during the coming days. There will be great business opportunities, since the errors and the players at bargain prices will proliferate, but the entry of such a large number of players has another implication: the beginning of the much advertised FIFA 13 Ultimate Team market collapse that will culminate in early January with the launch of the TOTY. Or not?

Take advantage of the offers that EA has for you.

We also want to give gifts.
For those who still play FUT 12, we give the tip of In Form Glitch.
For the others we offer a tip that many may find it helpful and others not.

MY FUT 13 - FIFA U Team Squad

Let us look at the FIFA U Team squad (above). Vidic is a great defender but he is too slow to our type of game. The ideal would be to buy Thiago Silva to be partner of Sergio Ramos. Also Robben and Ibrahimovic could take the place of Di Maria and Aguero. However, in all these cases we can not do it because these signings would ruin the chemistry of the team.

We bet that you also want to have THAT player in your team but you can not because he is of another league and another nationality.

Well, there is a way to do this.
If you begin a match with the usual team and put the players with bad chemistry on the bench, you can make put them on the field as soon as you want without having any influence on the chemistry of the team. Indeed, according to the FUT 13 rules, the player that enters assumes the chemistry of the player that is been replacing.
The only disadvantage of this trick, in addition to having to take a short break in the match, is that you spend one more contract per match for each player that you substitute. Still, for many people this can be a very viable alternative.

We await your opinion. If you liked it, great. It’s Christmas!
Apart from Ronaldo and Messi, who would you seek to improve team FIFA U Team? We await suggestions …

Merry Christmas !


MY FUT13 Ep.10 – The Players

December, 8th 2012

Hi. Today we will give you feedback about the players of our club.


  • Iker Casillas
  • For those who want to build a top team, like us, to choose the best goalkeeper is almost mandatory. We had played with him in FUT 12 and he continues to worth goals in every match he plays.

  • Nemanja Vidic
  • An authentic wall. By ground or by air, the Serb player is unbridgeable. The problem only comes if your team suffer many counterattacks, such as ours. Is that Vidic is slow and gives reason to those who argue that pace is the number one attribute for any player.

  • Sergio Ramos
  • He is not so good defensively as Vidic (nobody is!) but he does not compromise on fast play. For those who have money to buy him, the Spanish is without doubt one of the center backs in FUT13.

  • Dani Alves
  • His price is too inflated but the truth is that the Brazilian is the best right back of FIFA 13 Ultimate Team. He defends and attacks well and he stills fitted with 90 of pace. Only for those who can pay…

  • Ashley Cole
  • Good left backs are the hardest players to find. The English is not fantastic but he fulfills his mission well. Moreover, Cole is not very expensive.

  • David Silva
  • The Spanish player is the creative of the team. At any time he can unbalance thanks to his dribbling, his passing and especially his fantastic ball control. We tried other players for the same position but none of the BPL compares to David Silva.

  • Yaya Touré
  • Although our number one choice for this position was RVP, Touré is winning the place match after match. Now we already consider him one of the cornerstones of our squad. He gives the defensive balance that a 4-4-2 requires and the midfield earns muscle. And if you thinks that he only defendes, you are wrong: the Manchester City midfielder positioned very well within the area to finish.

  • Ángel Di Maria
  • Di Maria is certainly not the best right midfielder in FIFA 13 Ultimate Team, but he is the one that best fits our team. Offensively he is a player that fulfills all that you can ask: he is fast, has good dribbling and crosses well.

  • Eden Hazard
  • He is not as good player as they say, but he stills a very regular player. Near the bottom line he can dribble very well to be able to shoot and serves the strikers even better. The crosses are millimetric.

  • Sergio Aguero
  • The Argentine champion in england is not a cheap player and it is easy to understand why. In Barclays PL, there is anyone who makes so good pair with Rooney as he does. He compensate the slower pace of the English striker.

  • Wayne Rooney
  • Everyone knows how Rooney plays. And in FIFA 13 Ultimate Team it is no different. Powerful, strong physically, with excellent shooting and a heading well above average. When he backs on the ground, he can recover many balls.

    MY FUT 13 - Rooney

  • Diego Alves
  • The Brazilian goalkeeper confirms our expectations of being better than Valdes and a worthy substitute of Casillas.

  • Vicent Komapny
  • We thought in the Belgian defence as the best BPL replacement for Vidic. It may be true but still there are many better alternatives in other leagues.

  • Pepe
  • The Portuguese was one of the players that most surprised us. Fast enough, good defensively and great in anticipation. A typical case of good value for money.

  • João Pereira
  • Another player undervalued. He does his work in the defense and when he has room to run (almost) nobody catches him.

  • Gael Clichy
  • The French player is an alternative to Cole when we intend to exploit the space that the opponents give us on the flanks. The speed is his greatest weapon.

  • Juan Mata
  • Some consider Mata a phenomenal player but we can not see in him these skills. He only plays when we no longer have any alternative.

  • Robin Van Persie
  • We put RVP in midfield and we do not repent. Too bad that he not defends as well as Touré. Offensively he is fantastic. He works sometimes as third striker getting an average of one goal every two matches.

  • Jesús Navas
  • The Spanish player is not as complete as Di Maria but he can be even faster. And sometimes pace makes all the difference.

  • Gareth Bale
  • Bale is a strong competitor to the Hazard place in the first team. So strong that he ends up playing almost as many times as the Belgium wing. Besides being faster, Bale defends much better.

  • Carlos Tévez
  • He is not as good as the two main strikers but he gets the best goal average of the whole squad. And that says a lot. We highly recommend him.

  • Radamel Falcão
  • The Colombian player plays better in the real world than in our club. We bought him because we wanted a lethal header but we are not completely satisfied. Still, a good player.


    Do not forget to follow us before Christmas. We’ll give you a tip which may be very helpful to improve your FUT13 team.


    MY FUT13 Ep.9 – Time to Win

    November, 18th 2012

    Here are the news about MY FUT13.


    • Team Performance

    Contrary to what I had anticipated in the previous episode, my first season in Division 1 was better than I expected. I won the last matches and it made me champ. For anyone who plays since the ZX Spectrum, the absence of a special animation for a moment like this was a little disappointing. Basically, winning the Division 1 is the same as winning any other division except for the prize. EA should show the prizes more clearly since many times we don’t know how many coins we won. After the division 1 title, the motivation decreased and FIFA U Team dropped into the second division in one of that moments when we lose a match and another and another and we still want to play one more looking for the victory that return to us a little of our honor. Big mistake. When you’re in a wave of losses the best thing to do is to stop and to try in another day. There are time to win but there are also time to lose…


    • Finances

    After the Division 1 title, the desire to gather coins to buy better players has declined. I reduced the time available for this activity and the daily income dropped to about 15k coins. It is enough. The investment remained in the managers cards but, for now, this is not at all a profitable niche. But even with a bad niche and with limited time available, there are always ways to make coins. Is thus because there are better hours to win.
    The important thing is to know the behaviour of the market. Of the millions of players from FIFA 13 Ultimate Team, most are from the UK. UK time zone defines when it is and when it is not good time to do business. In a very simplistic terms, we can say that in order to make profit, you just need to buy cheap cards at dawn or before 9 am and sell them during the day when demand is high. Besides the hours, the days of the week also have great influence. Our biggest advice is to go into weekend with the stock well loaded. To sell during these two days will be easy and you may even stretch out a bit more in price. This topic is a little more complicated than most people think, so we will deepen it in an article to be published next month. In fact, December is the month of articles on how to make coins. Do not miss …


    • Squad

    Dani Alves was the only major purchase since the last episode. Even before I try him, I already knew that he was not worth the over 200k coins that are claimed by him. But it is also true that there are no other player to fill that position with such quality. The Brazilian was the last player that was missing for me to achieve the squad that I idealized in the early episodes. Before I venture into the IF’s (which are stupidly expensive), I will test other players with lower rating, as Kompany, Navas and Ramires, to see how they fit into my club.



    MY FUT13 Ep.8 – Building a Squad

    November, 1st 2012
    Hi again.

    Here are the news about MY FUT13.


    • Team Performance

    As expected, the quality of my squad allowed me to go up to division in division. I won the fifth, the fourth, the third and the second division but in this last one I failed the promotion at first try. Reached the top division, I thought I would find real FUT professionals but the truth is that the difficulty level is not so high. For now, I already did enough matches to keep my club in same division in next season. The attack to the title will have to wait for when I have more time available.


    • Finances

    I’m still making 25k coins per day. This is more than enough to build a super team. As I don’t want to waste much time with this, I kept the bet on the gold managers. They are not so profitable as before, so I need to sell a larger amount to get the same gain. To have increased the trade pile up to 40 items, allowed me to recover from this loss.
    In order to increase the range of choices, I also began to buy and sell silver managers. Well explored, the silver market could be equally or more profitable than the gold one.
    As soon as I have all the players that I predicted to hire, I will have sufficient liquidity to invest in players. the profitability of players that cost 5-10k is small. The big profits are made with the purchase of several major players. Until the, the best investments are the formation cards and the position cards. For those who have more availability, the prizes of matches and tournaments are not to ignore. Another little help are the coins boosts from EASFC Catalogue. I already spent all. More only when I get to level 48.


    • Squad

    Some of the changes introduced in FIFA 13 Ultimate Team were made to force players to build a balanced squad and not to hire a group of eleven good players. The reformulation of moral and fitness are the best examples of this. Only with rotation is that we can overcome these obstacles. There is always a chance to play an offline match resting our best players to the big challenges. But honestly, who has the patience to break a winning streak that almost make us win the title? I do not. That’s why I hired several players who can replace the players of the main team without losing much quality.
    After joining Hazard to my team, I just got to hire Dani Alves but he stills overpriced. I preferred to hire the following players for use as an alternative to the start eleven: Clichy (to the place of Ashley Cole), Pepe (Sergio Ramos), Juan Mata (David Silva), Touré (Van Persie), Bale (Hazard) and Tevez (Aguero). Any of them continues to ensure very good connections and a chemistry well above 100%.


    • Players’ Performance

    A more detailed players analysis is reserved for an upcoming episode. Today we will share only the first impressions. In goal, Casillas is the right choice. On defense, Sergio Ramos makes a good match with Vidic. Bale and Clichy seem to be first choices with an impressive quality on the left side. In front, Aguero scores more goals per match than Rooney. The choice between a team more attacking or more defensive is made, respectively, by placing on the midfield Van Persie or Toure. The Dutch scores more than one goal every two matches. It was a good bet to put him in this position where my players do not usually tend to score many goals. Touré is the right man when I want to play more safely.

    Stay tunned.

    MY FUT13 Ep.7 – The Debut

    October, 18th 2012
    Hi again.

    Let’s see what’s new on MY FUT13.

    • The First Matches

    It took a long time but FIFA U Team finally debuted. It took only 3 minutes for Rooney to become the first scorer of my club.

    The results have been very good (won 14 of the first 16 matches). However there is no great merit mine. I have an excellent squad and opponents of Seasons 5 and 4 are very weak. Even not being a great player, it is natural that the good results continue until the first divisions.

    As recommended, I started to play the single player season. So I could test my team before the matches with higher difficulty. I am currently in division 3 of online season and divison 4 of offline season. In the next episode I will have played a few more matches and climbed more divisions.

    • EASFC Catalogue, Manager Tasks and Training Cards

    If you read our article about how to start FIFA 13 Ultimate Team, you already know which things we should do first. After you complete them there are three more things that you should try as soon as possible. I already made them.

    The first one is to go to the EASFC Catalogue. The items that are there for FIFA 13 Ultimate Team are few but good. Once you have gathered enough credits, which is very easy, try to buy all the bonus coins you find and increase the consumable pile size, the trade pile size and the watch list size. Learn more about this subject in our article about the EASFC Catalogue items for FIFA 13 Ultimate Team.

    The second is to finish the manager tasks. It is extremely easy and quick to achieve and with the advantage of receiving as reward a Gold Pack. You can learn more about this subject in our article about Manager Tasks.

    Finally, it is also advisable to purchase some training cards of player tactic. You will hardly be able to hire all players with the tactics of your squad. To maintain good chemistry, you will need to purchase these cards. Right now they are still relatively cheap. For example, for my 4-4-2 I bought some cards for 2.300 coins that will cost twice within a few weeks.


    • Finances

    This is a topic that always accompany us. The financial health of our club is vital to its success. As time is short I have kept the strategy of earning coins that have already been explained in previous episodes. Profit is lower but the market has reached a maturity that is reflected in a huge balance. It’s harder to make money. For the purposes of my club, the daily profit of 25k coins are sufficient.


    • Squad

    Until now the players have played as expected. Since the last episode, I hired some players to the bench, as Piqué, and the best possible goalkeeper: Iker Casillas. There remain to hire Hazard and Dani Alves to achieve the initial goal.


    FIFA U Team Squad


    When you’re building a squad, a strategy that can be followed, and I follow, is to hire a good wing early and try to attack preferentially for that side. Thus we can gain some time to gather enough coins for the wing of opposite flank. That’s why Hazard is one of the last players to hire. I alreday have Di Maria. By now, Dani Alves is to expensive.

    See you soon!


    MY FUT13 Ep.6 – Building the squad

    October, 12th 2012

    Welcome back to MY FUT13.

    The preparations for the FIFA U Team first match are made. I have a stadium with moral +8, I filled the consumables pile with contracts and I hired managers to my club that increased contracts cards by 50%.

    About coins, the method of earning them remains the same. The profit is lower because the market is now more balanced. Still, the trading yielded about 900k coins in about 24 days. It could be more but this is enough for my purposes.

    The next step was to choose the tactic. In my case, I wanted to keep that one that I am used on previous FIFA version: the 4-4-2.

    Finally it came time to hire players for my club. A good strategy to follow is to idealize two squads of 11 players connected by league, club or nationality: a high-quality and expensive squad, and other median and cheap. We started by building the more accessible squad and whenever our budget allows, we hire the stars of the main squad. One by one.

    In my case, I bought some superstars, like Rooney, very early because I knew that they would appreciate. At the start of FUT, the best players are undervalued because nobody has money to pay for what they actually worth. Messi, for example, is now worth about five times more than in the early days of FUT 13.

    The goal that I had set was to build a strong gold team hybrid Barclays PL / BBVA. I used FUTHEAD support to build the squad and to check the chemistry. You can watch the idealized FIFA U Team squad clicking here.

    I identified that the weakest positions on English League are GK, CB and RM. I filled these positions with BBVA quality players and selected some few elements to make the transition between the Premier League and the BBVA without harming chemistry: Sergio Ramos / David Silva and Di Maria / Aguero.


    Future FIFA U Team Squad
    Future FIFA U Team Squad


    When choosing players to hire, I analyzed their attributes according to their positions and not just their rating. I chose a solid central back and another fast central back, midfielders with excellent quality pass (I had to adapt Van Persie), fast wingers with good cross attributes and one fast striker side by side with a slower one with good heading.


    Here are the major signings already made:

    • Vidic (102k);
    • Sergio Ramos (138k);
    • Ashley Cole (18k);
    • Robin Van Persie (95.5k);
    • David Silva (67k);
    • Di Maria (35,5k);
    • Sergio Aguero (150k);
    • Wayne Rooney (170k).

    For later will stay Casillas, Dani Alves and Hazard.
    You can access to the current squad clicking here.

    Current FIFA U Team Squad
    Current FIFA U Team Squad


    Now it’s time to start playing. See you soon!


    Note: MY FUT13 will be released preferably under this format, instead of video, so as to be able to increase the frequency of episodes. Comment and put your questions here in order to the episodes go as far as possible against your needs.


    MY FUT13 Ep.5 – More than Coins

    September, 25th 2012

    Rooney has signed for FIFA U Team. But the game is more than players and coins. Watch the tips that we have to you.



    MY FUT13 Ep.4 – Start Earning Coins

    September, 25th 2012

    Watch how I made 13,5k coins per day without effort.



    MY FUT13 Ep.3 – Starting Point

    September, 23th 2012

    Today I’ll show you what I did with the cards that I received on welcome packs and which strategy I will follow.



    MY FUT13 Ep.2 – Welcome Back Pack

    September, 19th 2012

    Hi again. Today I’ll show you the beginning of FIFA 13 Ultimate Team and which welcome packs I earned.



    MY FUT13 Ep.1 – Introduction

    September, 17th 2012

    Hi. Welcome to MY FUT13, a reserved place to show you the everyday of my FIFA 13 Ultimate Team Club.

    I’ve been asked hundreds of times how can I build so strong and so valuable teams. It isn’t diffcult. There are thousands of betters teams. In each FUT, I made more than 3 million coins. I’ll show you how to manage your club to achieve success in FIFA Ultimate Team.

    That’s all for today. Follow me because FUT13 is coming.



    Come back to this place to track the progress of my FUT13 club.

    You can watch other FIFA Ultimate Team TV videos here.


    78 thoughts on “MY FUT13 – Showing our FIFA 13 Ultimate Team From Inside”

      1. We are absolutely right. We forgot to mention that part.
        All the team was built to include Messi. As you can see he has good links: Aguero, Xavi, Di Maria, etc… We bought him. But we wasn’t so good as we expected.
        About Ronaldo is different. In the other FUT’s we bought him. But in our opinion he is too expensive. A good player but too expensive.

    1. Is there Anyway I can improve my squad it’s a 4321 Spanish squad
      Gk victor Valdez
      Rb Juan Fran
      Cb puyol
      Cb piqué
      Lb jordi alba
      Cm cesc fabregas
      Cm Santi cazorla
      Cm xavi
      Rf Jesus navas
      St Fernando Torres
      Lf iniesta

      1. Hi.
        Sorry by the delay.
        It depends of your playstyle, preferences and budget.
        In our opinion, Pepe is a must buy to your team. We know that he is not Spanish but he is one of the best CB’s of the game and he will not damage your chemistry.
        Assuming that you do not have enough coins to Silva, you may consider to try Mata.
        These are the two only suggestion we have to you.

    2. hey i have just started playing FUT , earlier i was going well , but later the temptations of gold players came into play , thats where things got messy , i auctioned all my players and now only have 10 players , i am very CONFUSED , i dont know what to do , i have read so many articles , please help . .

      1. Hi and welcome to FUT world.
        If you have good players, sell them all and buy cheaper ones. In that way you will be able to play and earn coins to buy contracts and better players.
        If you don’t have good players, you can delete your team and start a new one. They will give a welcome packs with bronze players.

    3. i currently have a bbva/bpl squad
      currently my starting 11 is valdes alba pique pepe arbeloa alonso busquets mata david silva fabregas and is in a 4-2-3-1 formation

      i recently bought there any way i can play both falcao and aguero in this formation without messing my individual chemistry up..
      i was thinking of using aguero as a cf but it messes up..i can also try him as RCAM and david silva as CF with turan coming in instead of mata which gives 99 chem but i think i have barely any pace left in the team as alonso busquets silva turan and falcao are slow.


      1. It is a difficult question.
        Falcão must play as ST because he doesn’t have good attributes to play in another position. It means that Aguero will have to play as CF or CAM. And as you said, he doesn’t link with almost anyone.
        If you want to play with both, you will loose too much chemistry. We don’t recommend it.

    4. Can you make any suggestions to my squad and bench, currently using 442:

      Casillas, ramos (rb) pepe, kompany, cole, di maria, alonso, david silva, hazard, aguero, falcao.

      Bench – ramires, ozil, bale, walcott, masherano, pereira

      I know using ramos at rb isn’t the best but can’t afford alves. Your help would be great! thanks

      1. You have an amazing team.
        You can not improve it much more.
        With Ramos as RB you probably get individual chemistry 7 which is not so bad.
        The only thing that we can say about your team is that Benzema and Xavi can make the Falcão and Xabi place. Or not. 🙂

    5. When will ep12 come out? Been waiting for 4 months!

      Also, I always wanted to ask you, whenever the FUT 14 web app comes out, how many cards will you get as welcome packs. ( I am very excited as it will be my first welcome pack)?

      1. Hi.
        Sorry about that. You are right. We dropped MY FUT 13 since we need more support to continue with this.
        We will try to update the article in the final of next week.
        About the welcome packs it depends of how long you are a FUT player. The founders earn more packs and the FUT 13 players less.

    6. I have 1 million to spend on hybrid squad – either 41212, 433 or 442 preferably, who would you buy?

    7. What do you think of my team and how can I improve it?
      – Neuer
      – IF Naldo
      – Felipe Santana
      – IF Alaba
      – Lahm
      – Gotze
      – Scweinsteiger
      – Muller
      – Farfan
      – Elia
      – Reus

    8. hey could you create my hybrid team i love overalls and pace love to have 4 at the back thanks. Dont realy care where they ome from aslong astheres a good range of ntions thanks oh and can it cost 600 thousand chhers

    9. What do you think would be a better team to have.
      Do Maria
      And 3 strikers that make an average raiting of 88
      I think I prefer 2 cuz it’ll have an average raiting of 88 anyway I’d like to know changes and thoughts. Thanks

    10. Sorry, is it possible to ask about your thoughts on and bundeslisga/seria a hybrid team.if you think that it isn’t good I would like a new team so is there any other suggestions on what kind of hybrid team I could have, I’d prefer not liga bbva but I know I can’t be picky. My budget is 500k I like could raitings and pace. Thanks

      1. Hi.
        We think that Serie A/ Bundelisga hybrid squad will be perfect to you. We can not help you since we hadn’t test players of that leagues. Maybe in future we publish a guide of these leagues as we did with BPL, BBVA and Brazilians. But we can imagine Buffon, Chiellini, Hummels, Lahm, Schweinsteiger, Ozil, Gomez, etc… It will not be difficult to build that squad with high chemistry.

    11. Is it possibl d to ask what your thoughts are on bundle slugs and seria team I would love a new hybrid team yet I don’t know what kind of team to get I know though I don’t want ligament bbva budget is 500k thanks

    12. What do you think:
      Gk: casilas
      Rb Lahm
      Cb pepe
      Cb piqué
      Lb cole
      CDM toure
      CDM xavi
      Cam rooney
      Cam benzema/ozil
      Cf silva
      St rvp
      I want to swap Rooney and rvp and replace rvp with aguero for more pace and get Sergio Ramos for more pace too what else should I change

      1. Nothing. Is perfect! Messi would be a great improvement but I can imagine that he is too expensive. 🙂
        Just one note: be careful with your individual chemistry. Lahm, for example, is just with 6.

      1. True. But don’t forget that individual chemistry is more important than team chemistry. Lahm links to Ozil. A weak connection. He will not get individual chemistry 7. It means that he will not play very well.
        Find more on our Chemistry Guide.

    13. I made a team what are your thoughts
      Gk Valdez
      Lb cole
      Cb piqué
      Cb pepe
      Rb Lahm
      Cm silva
      Cm xavi
      Cm ozil
      Lw hazard
      St Rooney
      Rw d Maria
      I’m gonna get casilas so my teams raiting is 87 what else should I do?

      1. Hi.
        We are a bit concerned with your individual chemistry. It seems that you have players with individual chemistry lower than 7 (Lahm, for example). If it is the case, you should change something to improve it.
        If we are wrong, you have a awesome squad. We prefer Aguero to Rooney and Ramos to Pique, but it is only opinions and maybe cash.

    14. I have 500k fancy a new hybrid team can u suggest one all a care about is overalls and that I want a good mix of players

      1. Finnaly, someone asked something about it. 🙂
        In our opinion, MYFUT13 deserved more visits that it got. It’s too much work to keep the articles quality. So we decided to stop for a while. We intend to publish shortly.
        Thanks for your interest.

    15. Hi,

      I having some problem with my FUT, I go this msg every time I wanted to change my player ( error in logging in to FUT, you will return to main FIFA 13 main ).

      Help, what shall I do to this? Can I continue with this FUT?

        1. Hi,

          Thanks for the reply. I’m on pS3.

          Had clear the cache , but not working. To give a better detail to you, I can log in to FUT, can do trading and even play a match, but once I wanted to change player before the match , once I drag a player to exchange another sub playing in the active square, it will be error and return to main page of the FIFA 13. I can also play the season etc, except changing player in FUT. I there anything else I can do?


    16. frozenflame13

      If I am a returning user, will I have the same squad that I have presently in FUT 13 in FUT 14 as well? Or will I have to start from scratch? Also, suppose i have an Ozil with 87 overall and his overall is increased in FUT 14, would i have to buy the Ozil with increased overall separately or would the overall of mine get increased on its own to the new value?

      1. We have that question on our FUT FAQ:
        “P: Will I be able to keep my team in the next FIFA Ultimate Team version or I’ll have to start all over again?
        R: Each version of FIFA Ultimate Team is a different game. As such, you can not import your team and your coins from the previous FUT version . The only things that can move are the name of the team and the level of EXP. For example, even if you have a super team in FUT12, you will have to start from scratch in FUT13.”
        In the beginning of FUT 14, you will have to buy Ozil again.

    17. Hi, wonder how you making coin to purchase these players? It need tons of coins to buy these all players! I only able to make coins by playing match, make 4k-5k coins with one tournament. Second is buy and sell player, buy it cheap, sell it with a little bit mark up price. Other than this two method, any else? Since October i start playing FUT, my squad value is just over 100k.

    18. Please, help me.. I keep trying to make money but I just can’t.. I tryed the managers method, training cards method, study the value of the players.. But I just can’t get money.. Help me, please!

        1. I don’t know if you agree me but, FUT seasons makes people stop buying silver player.. Nobody plays silver tournaments anymore.. What is the way to gain money that you’re using lakely?

    19. I can’t wait for those articles about earning coins,do you know approximately a date when they will came out?

      1. Hi. Earning coins is a very huge subject. There are so many things to tell about it. We really want to explain everything. We will need more than 20 articles to cover this subject: some basics before Christmas and some more advanced ones maybe only in 2013.

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