New FIFA 19 National Teams – Vote for Your Favourites

New FIFA 19 National Teams - Vote for Your Favourite International Teams

FIFA 18 featured only three new national teams: Iceland, New Zealand and Saudi Arabia. For most of the FIFA community, this wasn’t enough. They expect the most realistic football video game possible and want to see new FIFA 19 National Teams. You have the chance to show EA Sports which international teams should be officially licensed for the upcoming FIFA game. Vote for your favourite national team and help them to make part of the next FIFA franchise game.


FIFA 19 National Teams

List of national teams (almost) confirmed for FIFA 19

Before anything else, we will publish the list of national teams included in FIFA 18. That way, it will be easier for you to see which one is missing.

?? Argentina
?? Australia
?? Austria
?? Belgium
?? Bolivia
?? Brazil
?? Bulgaria
?? Cameroon
?? Canada
?? Chile
?? China PR
?? Colombia
?? Côte d’Ivoire
?? Czech Republic
?? Denmark
?? Ecuador
?? Egypt
??????? England
?? Finland
?? France
?? Germany
?? Greece
?? Hungary
?? Iceland
?? India
?? Ireland
?? Italy
?? Mexico
?? Netherlands
?? New Zealand
?? Northern Ireland
?? Norway
?? Paraguay
?? Peru
?? Poland
?? Portugal
?? Romania
?? Russia
?? Saudi Arabia
??????? Scotland
?? Slovenia
?? South Africa
?? Spain
?? Sweden
?? Switzerland
?? Turkey
?? United States
?? Uruguay
?? Venezuela
??????? Wales
New FIFA 19 National Teams - Vote for Your Favourite International Teams

New FIFA 19 National Teams

Vote for Your Favourite International Team

Now, that you know which ones are missing, it’s time to show your support for your favourite international teams, voting for them to be added as new FIFA 19 National Teams. You can cast your votes once per day, so remember to come back to this page regularly, to vote for new FIFA 19 national teams. We listed the most popular teams, including all the ones that make part of the Top 100 FIFA Ranking.



New FIFA 19 Teams - Vote for Your Favourite National Teams


When you vote honestly, everyone wins: you have the chance to help your favourite international team to become part of the new title and EA releases a game according to the community wishes. Let’s make FIFA a better game.



254 thoughts on “New FIFA 19 National Teams – Vote for Your Favourites”

  1. Yasoóøőõó

    When you want to say that you are from Syria, speak with a loud voice, Syria, a kiss for the soil of Syria because Syria is its soil dear to us???????☝

  2. ????SYria ????
    ⊙⊙⊙⊙???falojen??????• ﹏••﹏••﹏••﹏••﹏••﹏••﹏••﹏••﹏••﹏••﹏

  3. We want you to add our national team in the next edition of the game FIFA 19 Syrian team because we deserve to see and play with our team that we are proud of

  4. I think syria deserve to be in !! Has 2 best strikers in Asia Omar soma and krebin number 1 ! Plus was close to reach world cup

  5. Emad s othman

    Hope the syrians will be get something to be happy and help them forget the hard situation they live in

  6. Please make Iran. We Irans love fifa but it’s annoying when we can not play with our country. This is time to make Iran.

    1. Hi. Don’t get us wrong but you are not showing how big you are. In this poll, right now, Iran has less than 500 votes. It’s not a good way to show that we want Iran national team in the game.

      1. So check other Fifa 19 national teams vote. In another have Iran 7227. And it looks like you’ve changed it because Iran had many voices yesterday. But we iranian hopes fifa make Iran.

          1. We iranian hope is fifa make Iran. Fifa has make India when it is not in the top 20 list of best team in Asia but Iran is 1. Please make Iran

  7. More than 84 million iranian fan hope fifa make Iran in fifa. Iran is top ranked country and was the second country there was ready for world cup after Brazil. Iran have many talent espiacelly Sardar Azmoun and Alireza Jahanbakhsh there are one of asia best player. So plesse make Iran

  8. Please make Iran in fifa 19 please. Iran is the best ranked team in asia in the last 4 years. Iran have many good talent so please make Iran.

  9. I think FIFA should show more love to the Slavs. Serbia,Croatia,Bosnia, Montenegro, all of them should be added in FIFA 19.

  10. Iran is top ranked team in Asia and was the second team after Brazil that qualified for 2018 World Cup! Iran did not lose any game and only conceded 2 goals which was in the last game. They always break asia record for their viewers as well. Therefore I believe they deserve to be in fifa 19

  11. Syria, they showed a very good potenatil in world cup qualification despite all the tough circumstances which th country comes through.

  12. EA should add: Croatia, Japan, Republic of Korea, Jamaica, Slovenia, Serbia, Costa Rica, Iran, Bosnia, Estonia, Panama, Honduras and Ukraine as they are selections that stand out in the world and are not in the game.
    In addition it should give more space to the great selections of the African continent, like: Nigeria, Morocco, Senegal, Tunisia and Ghana.

  13. add all the teams that are going to the world not just on the world cup game but as playable nationalities cause It is frustrating when I am trying to do who is the best national team on fifa and some of the teams are missing e.g. most of the world rankings.

  14. EA has to add Japan, Iraq, Senegal, Croatia, and Nigeria based on talent alone.

    Also Serbia, Bosnia, and other slav sides are surging right now, imagine if there were still a Yugoslavian team :-O

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