New FIFA 20 Leagues – Vote for Your Favourite Leagues

New FIFA 20 Leagues - Vote for Your Favourite Leagues

Excepting the Chinese Super League and the European Competitions, FIFA 19 featured almost the same leagues of its predecessor. The community is expecting the most realistic football video game possible and want to see new FIFA 20 Leagues. You have the chance to show EA Sports which leagues should be officially licensed for the upcoming FIFA game. Vote for your favourite leagues and help them to make part of the next FIFA franchise game.


FIFA 20 Leagues

List of leagues (almost) confirmed for FIFA 20

Before anything else, we will publish the list of leagues included in FIFA 19. That way, it will be easier for you to see which one is missing.

?? CHILE D1*
?? ENGLAND D1 D2 D3 D4
?? ITALY D1 D2
?? SPAIN D1 D2
???? USA / CANADA D1


New FIFA 20 Leagues

Vote for Your Favourite Leagues
New FIFA 20 Leagues - Vote for Your Favourite Leagues

Now, that you know which leagues are missing, it’s time to show your support for your favourite football leagues, voting for them to be added as new FIFA 20 leagues. You can cast your votes once per day, so remember to come back to this page regularly, to vote for new FIFA 20 leagues.


New FIFA 20 Leagues - Final Results


When you vote honestly, everyone wins: you have the chance to help your favourite leagues to become part of the new title and EA releases a game according to the community wishes. Let’s make FIFA a better game.



429 thoughts on “New FIFA 20 Leagues – Vote for Your Favourite Leagues”

  1. la liga brasileña y la rusa, la finlandesa nadie la juega! como va en primer lugar si ese pais es pequeñisimo! ademas de la seleccion croata.

  2. I don’t understand, no more teams for play the Champions league (Red Star Belgrade) and Europa league (Apoel, Ludogorets, Ferencvaros…) EA not have money for buy a little licences !! It s a shame

  3. Salut, yes i understand but i think the sales will be stronger and expand also on the teams that played the preliminary rounds, they may be cheaper ? (Ex. Hadjuck Split or Dinamo Minsk) Good luck, thank you for their work at EA and thanks at you.

  4. I hope the Greek Super League include in fifa 2020. If not i play pes this year with pacth for Greek League 🙂

      1. Hello Rodrigo, i’m sorry, you’re right i was wrong. Why a little teams rest of the world added in fifa 20 ? EA win a lot of money, i don’ t understand, EA not listen the gamers ?

        1. Hi.
          The UCL and UEL playoffs were played a couple of weeks ago. They are still trying to include the teams who have qualified to the group stage.
          Licensing is not an easy task. They need to follow their budget. Otherwise, if they pay more to team X, all other clubs will want more money too.

  5. Sean Henderson

    What are the odds of the UAE league? I really don’t want to lose Abdulrahman.


    Hi Rodrigo. I would love to see the Greek super league at Fifa 2020, is it possible to tell them to put it in please I’m gonna be so happy if that happens???

  7. Hello Rodrigo there is any possibility to add the Greek Super League in Fifa 2020; I hope to tell me good and happy news but i want to know the truth whatever is it….

  8. We have lost liga Russia, liga Greek, liga Republik Tcheque last year. We want liga Ukraine, liga Croatia, liga Hungary. A lot of teams. Thanks EA good games.

  9. Hello Rodrigo! Romanian league probably win the vote. But Polish Second League have also a lot of votes(almost 12000). There is any chance to add Romanian League and also Polish Second League on Fifa 20?? Fifa have many fans on Poland and I sure Fifa 2020 with Polish Second League give a lot of enjoy for Polish players, and a more of them buy Fifa 20.

  10. Player of Fifa

    Hello Rodrigo i hear that Romanian League confirmed and i hear that now EA its closed to confirm the Greek Super League!!!! These is fantastic news and i really exciting!!!! But this information is true or false? I hope is true a d confirm and the greek Super League!!!!

      1. Thanks for the reply Rodrigo. The Greek Super League has any possibility to confirmed;

  11. Hello Rodrigo! 🙂 We want the Greek Super League!!!! EA must include the Greek Super League after 20 years!!!! Its the time now!!!!

  12. Pes take Juventous Seris A Barca and more and take Euro 2020. If Fifa 2020 don’t include a lot of new leagues like Greek League Serbian League Czech League Cyprus League and more it lose a lot of fan’s!!!! Good luck fifa! I hope EA wake up finally!!!!

  13. More teams rotw fifa 20 ! For a credible europa leagues, a lot of players of fifa waiting (red star belgrade, bate borisov, cska sofia, partizan belgrade, dniepr, ludogorets, astana, apoel nicosie, liberec, olomouc…)

  14. I believe that the Greek League must be included in Fifa 2020 and the Serbia League. That two leagues must include this year in Fifa.

  15. Hi Rodrigo. I know that Greek superleague will not be in fifa 20 but is it possible to have Greek superleague in fifa 21 or 22 also will Aris Thessaloniki be in the next fifa?

  16. Of course Greek Super League with Panathinaikos Aek Paok Olympiakos Atromitos Aris Panionios Asteras Tripolis Xanthi and more!!!!

  17. Hi Rodrigo!!! Please EA must include Greek League!!!! EA must listen the community of Fifa and we want the greek Super League from this year!!!!

  18. Please put the greek league..
    Rodrigo Lopes(Admun) all the country want it.I believe that if the greek league putted in the game then the fifa will have a big success because we are the only country where we like to play and see football.This is a dream of all Greek

  19. Hi rodrigo i would like to ask if the hungarian championship can be inside the fifa 2020

    1. We want Greekeek Super League in fifa 2020!!!! Please EA do this move this year!!!! The last year we include was 2001 if i remeber correct…. We want to see Greek Super League in Fifa 2020 after all this years….

  20. Telohranitelj

    Just wondering if there is any chance of adding FK Crvena Zvezda and Partizan Belgrade to FIFA 20?

  21. Bjr Rodrigo, pensez vous que ns aurions dans Fifa 20 beaucoup d equipes nouvelles dans reste du monde ? (pays de l est) good site merci

  22. Panathinaikos

    Hello mr Rodrigo did you add the Greek League in Fifa 2020; We have some of the most historicals teams in our country.⚽ Our passion here is the football and all tha fans love the locals football clubs⚽. ??We have the most fanatic derbies and the most fanatic fans. ??If EA add Greek League in Fifa 2020 the game brake sales here in greece because all the people here play football video games. ☘️Thank you from a Greek Panathinaikos fan!!!☘️

  23. Greek league must included in Fifa 2020. It has lots of good and historical teams and a very competitive league. And greek football fans are the most fanatic!!!!

  24. Any African league. Its the only continent without a league. Also add more African countries, so the Africa Cup of Nations can be included. Please EA Sports please

  25. Add to FIFA 20 REST OF THE WORLD! Bulgarian teams please
    CSKA Sofia!
    Levski Sofia!
    Ludogorets Razgrad!
    Bulgarian 3-teams Rest of the World please! ?

    1. Agree with you bud, the bulgarian league is one of the most competitive leagues in the Balkans.
      Last year the difference between 1st and 2nd was 1point

    2. I believe that Greek League must include in Fifa 2020. Greek league have fantastic and very competitives teams!!!!

  26. Oh i crazy hope to see greek league back again at fifa…..Please rodrigo tell me that they will add it…..

  27. Daniel Penguinton

    Personally would like to see the estonian premier league. I know it won’t be in the game, as most of the world don’t know Estonia even exists so yeah. Anyway thanks for reading this.

  28. Mr. Rodrigo Lopes. Do you think there are chances to add the Bulgarian 1 League to Fifa 20 or teams like CSKA Sofia, Levski Sofia and Ludogorets Razgrad

  29. Degeaba votăm noi ca sa fie Romania in fifa .. ca sigur voturile astea sunt ale noastre. . Noi români am votat .. e vorba de Burleanu. El nu vrea sa bage liga 1 in fifa .. Nu are 1.5 mil euro sa dea la fifa sau sa ia nu mai stiu cum e faza .. ei abia o sa bage VAR.. Dar mai liga 1 în fifa ..

  30. There is a chance to see Romanian League ? They make announce in all country : Romanian league in Fifa 20 ! Or is just a lie ?

  31. You have to add the Romanian league guys try hard and get Liga 1 Betano licenced because fifa is a very popular game in Romania and some of the best competitive fifa players come from Romania so please bring our league!

  32. There were some news on our sports magazine that they will add romanian league finally in fifa 20. Is that possible to be a hoax ?(tbh i think they watched some of the polls from here?) i just really hope the will add at least the first 3 teams in romania in rest of the world section, teams like CFR, FCSB, Viitorul Constanţa and maybe Universitatea Craiova. And i hope that we dont get fake exceptations of getting CFR Cluj in game like we did last year ( The team was already in the database in july 2018 as seen in, then just simply removed…this time should be getting its spot in here.)

      1. Okay, i just wanted to get in touch with real news about it, because here were many hoax about it in past years. Btw today the vice-president of our LPF (Romanian Pro League Football Association) told the press that both sides (refering to EA and LPF) agreed on a deal for getting our whole first league licensed in the game. Is that true, or still just a hoax?

  33. Pierre Junior Paulin

    Gold cup and Haitian league, all the major tournaments must be in the 2020 Fifa game

  34. Jaimerai temps que dans le jeu il et dans toute les compet ou moin 2 lige insi plus realiste le premier de divison 2 monte et le dernier dessen il aurrai plus d angeu plus de joueur a scouter et surtout la 2eme lige belge serai top

  35. Not buying Fifa since 2015!!!!!!
    Integrate romanian club teams and I will buy again, until then wait for my money!

  36. “Failed To Verify Referrer”

    Tried to vote for Finnish league (for the first time) but it won’t register my vote. Rigged.

    1. Hi. Sorry to hear that. That message is shown because we are trying to avoid people cheating.
      Please, check if you are not surfing as ‘anonymous’ and are not using a proxy.

  37. I personally prefer adding more countries leagues before going deeper into their 2 and 3 leagues as I just like the option to play in all different countries. Not just always chose the major countries

  38. You should add greek league a great league with good teams
    Or if you dont want to put many licenses put the possibility of patch like pes

  39. As a career mode fan, the more licences the better, it makes the options and variety feel more authentic and real world.

  40. Huncho foreign

    They gotta add some North American leagues like Costa Rican and usa’s second league, maybe Honduras league. Also Brazilian league is a must along with the Greek and Russian leagues. But very importantly how are there no African leagues? They should have some of these few: Ghanaian league, Tunisian, Egyptian, Morocco, Algerian, or South African. The strongest one being the Egyptian league with teams like Ahly, Zamalek, pyramids, and ismaily. All these leagues should be added in fifa 20

  41. Greek superleague!!!
    We have good team with very good players and this s’immerger we Will do greats transfer!
    Olympiakos, Paok, Aek, Panathinaikos, Aris, Atromitos,…
    I play pro évolution but i buy the game if you included Greek league!!! We stay that for many years FIFA! All Greek bought pro évolution! Thing that

  42. Linda Mahlalela

    Let South African Premier Soccer league be the first African league to take part since it is vibrant and excitement.

    1. and why does the champion of african champions league 2 times in a row dont get his league ? xDDD north africa is better they should take either algeria morocco or egypte since there clubs are playing the finals and winning the titles. the champions league final three times in a row got teams from north africa.

  43. Portuguese 2 league please!!! Portugal is european champion and finalist uefa nation league,we deserve have our two leagues,please. ?

  44. Please add the English conference league would be a dream to play w my local side

  45. Louie Saraiva

    I think that the portuguese 2nd division is long overdue especially when some leagues already have their 3rd divisions. Many portuguese players who are currently playing in europe never played in the 1st division at all and now play in top european leagues fresh from our 2nd division league.
    Also… What happen to our top Portugal stadiums? I had them on Fifa14 for the ps2.

    As for other leagues… Brazilian fully licenced please and I think Greece has been in “Rest of the World” long enough. Thank you

    1. A lot of people and players of the United soccer league want the USL in FIFA 20

  46. Fifa please add the South African League psl. It’s not only just two teams in South Africa that are great…….South African league has many great teams and one of them is Mamelodi sundowns….. #psl

  47. South African League please fifa??
    We have been playing with just 2 of our teams… these aren’t the only great teams in RSA the whole of PSL is Standard Quality …. so South African league please

  48. It be great to have the Scottish championship in the game and. The vanarama league aswell

  49. Please Fifa in South Africa We Really love your Game please include The Psl in Fifa 20 we have been waiting for very long time Pls! pls! pls! pls! pls! pls! pls! pls!

    1. Bokang tumelo

      Pls guys put the psl league in south Africa guys we really need it we already have pirate and cheifs in the game but that not enough they deserve there own league they have been in fifa for a long time so we deserve it please south Africa psl fifa?

  50. Khiba Motlatsi

    Fifa ea sports we as Africans we’ve been waiting to see the PSL South African soccer League in this lovely game since this league is the best league in Africa and we all know that South Africa got beautiful Stadiums quality football local and we all know that it is counter among top 10 leagues in the world, That’s why we see 30 percent of European players come to this league PSL, we have Brazilians, New Zealanders,Argentinians, Mexicans,Uruguayans and many more North African players in this league…South African League is the best league to have in FIFA 20 we as Africans we need one of best league in the game please

  51. Francisco Javier

    I WOULD add Iranian League, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Paraguayan, Uruguayan, Peruvian, Nigeria, Morroccan, New Zealand, South African. I would remove these leagues: Austria, Poland, FL TWO, FL ONE, Germany Tird, Denmark, Ireland, Switzerland, Belgium

    1. new zealand league is not professional the only professional football team in nz plays in the a-league

  52. Sebastian Parasca

    România,chiar merităm , ați băgat a 4 a liga engleza și acum vreți să băgați a 5a liga ne credeți așa de prosti ??

  53. Adding an african league could be verry interesting. That way, we would have at least one league from each federation and a possibility of world club cup

  54. garath healey

    I would like the Scottish championship and the non league to be add to fifa 20 and cant they add the championship stadiums aswell even add Croatia and rangers and ceitic ground aswell

  55. Isn’t it kinda weird that a team that won the Champions League isn’t in FIFA? Of course we want the Romanian League. Same with Red Star Belgrade. We don’t want the whole Romanian Liga 1 Betano but we want the big teams (FCSB, CFR Cluj, CSU Craiova, Astra Giurgiu, etc…)

  56. Add Celtic Park please it’s a well known iconic stadium.Celtic won the champions league in 1967 surly you guys can add it to footballs best video game

  57. My dream was to play career mode with teams from Romanian league, so please add the Romanian league EA Sports

  58. Romanian league

    Since i started playing fifa from 2012 i’ve always wanted the romanian league

  59. Me and my friends play fifa since fifa98, would be nice if Romania League will apear in 2020, then we can play against each other using our favorite teams from Romania.
    Could you make that happened?

  60. Daniel Marinescu

    We always buy your products.We are your clients.We respect Fifa , also we need Respect and from 2020 we expect that
    R O M A N I A LIGA 1 will be on the lovely gameplay !

  61. Luță Opruț

    Cmon. polish league 2 ? Romania no league ? Fifa 2019 was made in Romania and Canada and Romania has no league in FIFA what is going on? realy?

  62. Valentin Gegiu

    Romanian Liga 1.. you have lot of people playing the game in Romania.. and they will just love to play the home country League.. best regardes..

  63. Please Romanian league!They desrve it and is Hagi an icon!PLEASE ADD ROMANIAN LEAGUE


  64. we need the conference in fifa 20 as my favourite team will finally be in fifa for the first time ever. if they get promoted of course. they are stockport county and they in the conference north so there