New FIFA 21 Leagues – Vote for Your Favourite Leagues

FIFA 21 New Leagues
FIFA 20 features almost the same leagues of its predecessor. The community is expecting the most realistic football video game possible and want to see new FIFA 21 Leagues. You have the chance to show EA Sports which leagues should be officially licensed for the upcoming FIFA game. Vote for your favourite leagues and help them to make part of the next FIFA franchise game.

New FIFA 21 Leagues

Vote for your favourite leagues  

Before voting on your favourite league, you can check the leagues included in FIFA 20. That way, it will be easier for you to see which ones are missing.

🇬🇧 ENGLAND D1 D2 D3 D4
🇮🇹 ITALY D1 D2
🇪🇸 SPAIN D1 D2
🇺🇸🇨🇦 USA / CANADA D1

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  1. Hi Rodrigo, we are going to miss 3 teams in the Champions League and 10 teams in the Europa League compared to the real European Cups, too bad that the attribution of these competitions does not give the right to all the teams present, especially as we see clubs like Cska Sofia capable of eliminating FC Bale or Ferencvaros to take out Celtic, many will be disappointed again this year, otherwise do you have any information on the icons presented in Soccer Aid? thank you and take care

  2. EA will have to find a solution to compensate for the loss of licenses and the lack of news, why not put back the team creation mode or rather than go to war with PES, make a common agreement to obtain shared licenses at 50% (everyone would win), if you get the chance to send EA a message for all of us? thank you Rodrigo Sante for all

  3. See? Thats what I said! No new league, instead we lost chile, colombia, serie B of italy, some national teams, even more unlicensed teams in Seria A of Italy, boca juniors still not licensed, no copa libertadores in the switch version , brasilian league and teams is a bad joke and so on.

    Its great to have the main leagues (except italy…) like england, but to loose everthing else for this? I dont know!

    I say it again. To still defend EA in this is just a joke! And i really hope PES will sell more so that EA feels it deep down in there wallet. I have a feel that EA thinks they are the biggest forever, but lets see about that. Just for their arrogance in case of selling such a shit version on nintendos console, they deserve a big minus in sellings

  4. The list of teams, leagues and stadiums is published by EA and this confirms the fear of a simple update, even if I remain a fan of Fifa it is a sad observation, we can only believe in the next gen to give back to the Fifa real content worthy of its reputation thank you

  5. Hello Rodrigo, Portugal and Italy will no longer have their logo and real jerseys, no new leagues, no new teams, a few new stadiums, I am like many players very disappointed with his losses with nothing in return, I don’t think so. not that EA is running out of money to acquire new licenses? Even no league modeled this year, the Covid does not explain everything. It’s rumbling on the networks, too bad …. thank you and Sante to all

  6. Plz add Algeria
    -mahrez (Manchester city)
    -atal (ogc nice)
    -Adam ounes (ogc nice)
    -Yasser larouci (liverpool)
    -islam slimani (Monaco)
    -ismael bennacer (ac Milan )
    -hicham boudaoui (ogc nice)

  7. Hi Rodrigo, according to you, if EA adds a European league, which one or which are more likely to be there, your personal opinion? thank you and again bravo for your great site and for giving the floor to the Fifa fans?

      1. EA since the beginning of Fifa we have lost:
        Brazilian league, Colombian league, Chilean league, Czech league, Greek league, Russian league, serie b league, Roma, Lazio, Juventus, River Plate, Boca Junior, Bayern stadiums, Barcelona, Porto, Benfica, several clubs in the rest of the world ….

        We won the modeling of the Premier league, La Liga, Bundesliga, Romanian league, 3rd and 4th division England, German d4, Boca Juniors stadium, Mexican stadiums, MLS, and 2 Argentinian stadiums, Lyonnais Europeans Cup stadium and Libertadores Cup.

        Mixed results in the content ?

      2. but why.european leagues are the best like premier,bundesliga,la liga and all

  8. Mr. Rodrigo, since EA Sports is partners with UEFA, we will see in FIFA 21
    UEFA National League?

  9. Why is so little information coming out of EA? Is it because they have surprises in store, or because negotiations are still ongoing? thanks

  10. EA could consider in the next few years adding return clubs to the European and iconic scene like Hadjuck Split, Cska Sofia, Red Star Belgrade and Partizan, Dinamo Minsk, Dinamo Tbilisi, Bate Borisov, Honved, much appreciated by the players that could be beneficial in terms of new market and adding nuggets to the game (like Brazil in a), kudos to EA for listening to the players for the career mode which will be great. Hoping for League 1 modeled.

  11. Hi Rodrigo, do you know if we can put a model trainer on another team? and will there be an arbitrator mode? thank you take yourself

  12. Mr. Rodrigo, is there an option for FIFA 21 for PlayStation 5 to have new leagues and teams ???

  13. Going around social networks, I see that many players claim certain teams (Red Star and Partizan Belgrade, Hajduck Split, Bate Borisov, Honved, Cska Sofia, Ferencvaros, Dinamo Minsk, Ludogorets, Dinamo Tbillissi, Apoel Nicosia) what prove your poll, I hope EA will offer us some of the teams listed!

  14. Hi Rodrigo, I’m very worried about any official announcements or about new leagues, new teams and a modeled league, the content looks so poor? Because despite an improvement in the career mode, players expect more than that from the number of the football video game, I hope to be wrong

    1. I understand your point. However, don’t forget that in the last years we had a great improvement in the licensed leagues, including the UEFA Champions League and the CONMEBOL Libertadores. They are still paying these investments, so it would be natural if we could not see many new licenses this year.

      1. I understand that EA has to make a return on investment, the United States is a potential but I think it is wrong to give so much to the MLS because the countries of South America and the countries of Eastern Europe have more football culture and would be more beneficial in terms of development to attract many players. The European Cups and the Copa Libertadores are very good but without any coherent content, it is a half victory. thank you Rodrigo.

      2. I am sorry Rodrigo but to defend this is sad. What happened to you? EA lost the juventus, as roma, colombian, russian, brasilian and chile league the last few years. Serie B wont probably there at all. Not even fake teams with real players. Probably no new league except paraguay.

        The license of the CL is useless if u dont even include all qualified teams (red star for example). Copa Libertadores is great but they lost 2 big south american leagues so even the copa now is really bad. Whats the point? They may spend money in these 2 competitions but the price is to loose more and more licenses. Thats not to excuse and its not like EA is poor on cash.

        1. Hello Ivan, I agree with you 100%, Rodrigo I’m sorry but EA can’t just have competitions with so few leagues and teams (which PES does with their patches), we don’t already have Brazil if in addition we lose 2 major leagues, for the European Cups no preliminary rounds and groups with absent (Red Star, Partizan, Hadjuck, Dinamo Minsk …) EA must not become a PES bis! I hope EA will react to this problem. thanks Rodrigo for letting us speak, hi.

        2. Obviously, I would love to have all leagues available on FIFA but that is not possible. There is a war between EA and Konami, regarding licenses, and it is getting worse every year. In my opinion, this is harming the user experience. Instead of negotiating league by league, they are now fighting for clubs. EA is investing every year around four times more money than Konami in licensing. In fact, it is by far the highest investment made by EA. A very significant part of the money they get, it is used to pay licenses.
          I understand that you would like to, at least, keep the competitions you had in previous years, but don’t forget that we most likely would also have new leagues too. So far, only the Paraguayan league seems to be confirmed, but leagues from Uruguay and Peru have also good chances (and eventually others). What looks obvious to me is that you have a much more authentic game when playing FIFA than when you play PES. For example, they ‘lost’ Roma but Konami lost Milan and Inter. Playing FIFA you have the biggest five leagues (fully authenticity in all) and the biggest continental competitions. I believe that Copa Libertadores will not be worst this year because they have the rights to use all qualified teams. Cheers

          1. I have to agree with you in most of your mentioned points. If EA should add a new south american league (beside paraguay) it would be great. I also see the problem in the “license war

          2. And this war only harms us consumers the most. I nust hope they add copa libertadores in the switch version. Thank u for letting us speak out. P.S. i loce your new website design (for example the overview of the leagues on ur website is perfect)

          3. Hi thank you Rodrigo for your franchise, I have been a fifa fan for over 25 years, it is by far the best soccer game, I know we always want more, I don’t deny the great work of EA but we fears that this license “war” will end up harming the development of the game, it’s absurd to have to pay crazy sums for licenses, to your health and to your site thank you

  15. Mr. Rodrigo
    and when the PlayStation 5 comes out, will it be FIFA 21 for PS5 and will it be different from PS4 ???

  16. Hello mr. Rodrigo. Why is so difficult to add the Greek Super League in the game? What’s the problem about that? We can’t understand!?Every year we wait and finally nothing… We are so tired of this same story…. Please do something EA…. Not agian the same fault….

  17. Finally will not have any more leagues nor more teams this year, last year only the addition of the Romania league and the club Ain fc, this year just may be the remplacement perhaps Chili and Colombia sad evolution of the content a lot of the desappoined with this poor evolution. EA was only interested in it, more lucrative.

  18. Hello Rodrigo we will see the Greek Super league in fifa 2021; we expect to add greek league every year. We have very competitive league and fanatic fans and historicals teams. Football fans from all over the world support to add greek super League. I hope this year come this true. We support fifa and we play fifa in Greece. We deserve to EA add finally our league. Thank you Rodrigo.

  19. Hello Mr. Rodrigo!!!First question any new confirmed league in Fifa 2021 until now;
    And second question which league has the most possibilities to confirmed until the game realise; Can we hope to any new league of Europe;

  20. Hello Rodrigo, the stadium Bollaert-Delelis should be present in PES21, i see pictures, i hope not exclusives because not good for fifa 21. What do you think ?

  21. Hello Mr. Rodrigo. I want to know if EA add a new league from Europe in Fifa 2021 which league have the most possibilities to be;

      1. Thanks for the reply Mr. Rodrigo. I hope to add a new league from Europe and the best solution i think is the Greek Super league.

  22. Hello Rodrigo, why Dinamo Zagreb exclusive in fifa, why EA does not negocie the Croatian league full ? Same problem Brazil and Italy ? Thanks

  23. Mathias De Groof

    Hello! Right so, I’m from Belgium and obviously the first division has been in fifa for a very long time. But I was wondering why the second division is not in fifa because technicaly, it’s still the first division. Let me explain: The professional teams are divided in 2 leagues. First division A (16 teams) and first Division B (8 teams). After every season, 1 team from the first division A drops and one from B goes up. But if you’re a team in first division B, you can get relegated to an amateur division after the “play downs” (sort of like play offs but then they battle for relegation). I think EA should look into this, there is no difference in attendance between teams from first division A or B. Also, Brugges youth team now plays in B, so it would be an interesting team in career mode. What do you think?

    1. I want to see how many leagues as possible in the game. I would love to agree with you, but in fact, I haven’t understood why it is not the second division. I know both are named ‘First Division’ but that doesn’t make them equally important.

    1. Don’t think so.
      Most likely, Inter and Milan partnership will be announced on August 3 and one day after EA will share the details about the gameplay for FIFA 21. Expect Career Mode news one week later.

    1. It all depends on EA which league they will add and which team
      does not depend on Rodrigo

      1. Thanks for the reply Mr Rodrigo ?. This if fantastic news!!!! I very excited!!!! I hope finally including the Greek Super league!!!!

  24. My opinion for EA, despite my love for south america football since the world cup Argentina 78, i think that given the difficulties in the leagues (losses Chili and Colombia) and impossible for Brazil, EA should have consentrated after Champions league and Europa league, on european leagues and clubs and offer more complete competition, thanks to EA for its work despite everything

  25. Hello Rodrigo we will see the Greek Super league in fifa 2021; we expect to add greek league every year. We have very competitive league and fanatic fans and historicals teams. Football fans from all over the world support to add greek super League. I hope this year come this true. We support fifa and we play fifa in Greece. We deserve to EA add finally our league. Thank you Rodrigo.

    1. The most likely on South American are the leagues from Paraguay and Peru. From Europe is much more difficult. Ask me again in 2 weeks and I will give you a more accurate answer.

  26. I got one question about the brazilian League. I understand the law of Brasil, thats why EA cant get the license, yet I wonder how Konami could do it? I mean they even got the League B of Brasil. So if they can do it, why cant EA? This goes for the Brasilian Teams in Conmebol etc. too. Konami always had the license of those teams.

    Second Whats the problem about getting the license from Italian League B?

    1. It’s very difficult to get the license of the Brazilian League because you have to make a deal with federation, clubs and players. One by one. Konami did it and we have to congratulate them for that heroic achievement. Things with EA are even more difficult because they are being processed by players. Italy is another country where the federation has no power over the clubs.

  27. Why isn’t the dutch 2nd league, the Keuken Kampioen Divisie included?
    in stead of german league 3 for example or english league 2?

    1. German 3rd league is bigger than Keuken and League Two is included in the EFL partnership

    1. Yes, this year EA is trying to improve their presence in South America. Most likely they will lose the licences from Colombia and Chile but there are good chances to get licences from Peru, Paraguay and even Uruguay.

  28. Surely it can’t cost that much to have the New Zealand Championship. I’d honestly pay EA to have it in. It’s marketing. They need to just chuck in tonnes of random leagues even if no one cares.

    1. Does the Serbian league have a chance to be in the game ? Or a return from the Russian league because i believe PES no longer has the rights ? Thanks Rodrigo

      1. Almost sure that Serbian League won’t be in the game. About the Russian League, we will have to wait a few more weeks. What we can say is that a new license is expected to be announced this week.

  29. Dinamo Zagred announced it will be only one teams croatian in the game this year, so no Hadjuck Split and no Croatian league in the fifa 21

  30. Even if i find that it is very good to put South American leagues, EA should it not strengthen its European cups with other leagues or European teams in the rest of the world ?

  31. Can you hope a new european league this year ? I hope croatia or ukrainian league, after Romania last year, it should be amazing, thank Rodrigo

  32. I would like to see the Fa Cup get bigger so can you add the National League and also add The Welsh Premier so we can get TNS in the Europa League or Champions League or any other team in the league

  33. Do you know if the rumors regarding stadium modeling and ligue 1 players are justified?

      1. Ea won’t be able to get the Brazilian League fully licensed because Pro Evolution have the full licence for it

  34. I would love to see another 3rd division and I think the French national championship would be perfect because it is the only one that is not separated into several pools and it only has 18 teams.

  35. Emelec and Barcelona SC for rest of world, Independiente del Valle as well, since they were 2016 Copa Libertadores finalists and 2019 Copa Sudamericana winners., Club Nacional, Cerro Porteno, and Olimpi from Paraguay as well, and The Strongest from Bolivia.

  36. indian super league should be included in fifa 21.

    after so much of development in indian football and with marque players playing it really deserves to be included.

    if not the league at least include few teams in “rest of the world “.

  37. I hope you release uae league with full teams, there is only al ain cub that played against Real Madrid in the cwc final, and we hoe you release the league with all the teams

  38. Are we just gonna act like it’s normal that there are no women’s leagues? We want to see women!

    1. david altava

      Easy to understand.
      I am in America where everybody wacht the ligue of Spain.
      I think is a good suprase make the 2B from Spain.
      Where are teams like Castellon with 16.000 of menbers or Recreativo de huelva the first team built in Spain.
      Lets go foward and make the fifa more great again

  39. In my opinion they should add every league on the planet as the game is called FIFA (which is the organizer/boss of all the football in the world) and they also should add every stadium of every team because how sick would that be? Then I’ll play way more (maybe only) career mode. But EA are scums and they will barely add anything new and the gameplay will still be shit. Oh and one more thing they need to fix their AI. Ultimate is way to hard and on legendary you have a good opponent but it will never be a 5-2 game or something always 1-1 or 0-1 or something like that. World class I never lose.. its not realistic to become champions of England with Leicester City and you have 38 goals for and 4 against. (So basically always win 1-0 (Sometimes 2-0, but only sometimes) or draw 0-0 or 1-1

    1. That make them teams look shit. I understand your passion but technicality that is not possible. I rather quality over quantity

  40. Its time to add The National League to Fifa now and it would make the Fa Cup Longer and more interesting also i would like to see The Welsh League as we never see TNS in the Europa League or Champions League as they win their League

  41. I want to see a Malaysian league! Imagine playing with jdt and the b.o.s. behind you chanting hidup mati johor. It would also be cool to see a Russian league as well.

  42. das-Tier-im-Tor

    bring back RPL !!!
    to exclude the russian premier football division was ridiculous [URS = 1960 Euro-Champion, 1988 Euro-Runner-Up, 1988 & 1956 Olympic Gold Medallist]

    new leagues:
    Fortuna Liga – CZE
    National League – ENG, WAL [tier 5]
    Cymru Premier – WAL
    Ukrainian Premier League (UPL) – UKR
    Super Liga – SRB
    Absa Premiership – RSA

  43. Indonesian ?? League its have great atmosfer in have a legend football player in there ..
    hope fifa21 have indonesian league and Asian Cup Championship
    thanks ???

  44. Serbian league
    Bosnian league
    Croatian league
    Macedonian league
    Russian league
    Hungarian league
    Greece league

  45. please make a vote to crossplay for fifa 21 ! let EA know that many players want the crossplay features to play with friends! Plz

  46. Czech League
    Greek League
    Russian League
    Ukrainian League
    Brazilian League
    Croatian League

    Be brilliant leagues to add into Career mode.

  47. I want do ADD Romanian 2nd league because there are a lot of hirostical teams of romania:UTA ARAD,RAPID BUCHAREST,POLI TIMISOARA,RIPESIA TIMISOARA,PETROLUL PLOIESTI,an more..
    Please Vote for Romanian 2nd league Please

  48. Please bring in the national League as I’d love to play as my local team consider it FIFA!

  49. Vote 2nd Romanian League , because in 2nd are real teams of Romanian History . Romanian fotball is 0 with Rapid , Petrolul , U Cluj , FC Argeș , Farul Constanța , UTA Arad , Ripensia Timișoara , Poli Timișoara , CSM Reșița , Pandorii Târgu Jiu …

  50. NASL (North American Soccer League) & Nigerian League. More African Nations

  51. Please Czech league Please. Czech league is greqt for Carrer mode And Czech league is nice. Please vote Czech league

  52. And please vote al hilal and al merrikh in rest of world in Fifa 21 demo fifa

  53. Fifa, Please vote for Sudanese league in Fifa 21 and vote al hilal and al merrikh in rest of world in Fifa 21

  54. English National league for me. Many former league clubs there. But most of all , a road to glory from the 5th tier of English football would be great in career mode. Dreaming of it…

    1. How is fair to England have 5 leagues and Croatia have no leagues?That is my question to you

  55. All Balkan leagues is perfect and have a lot of talent.Do not add only one league add more than one please??????????????????

  56. Vote Czech league there are too much talents and its great league for career mode believe me

    1. Hello Rodrigo we will see the Greek Super league in fifa 2021; we expect to add greek league every year. We have very competitive league and fanatic fans and historicals teams. Football fans from all over the world support to add greek super League. I hope this year come this true. We support fifa and we play fifa in Greece. We deserve to EA add finally our league. Thank you Rodrigo.

  57. Please add the English National League in to FIFA as there are a few historic clubs in the 5th tier of English football

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