FC 25 Logo is an image that identifies the videogame.
FC 25 Logo

The Logo

Logos play a pivotal role in the gaming industry, serving as visual symbols that embody a game’s identity and brand. They are essential for recognition, helping gamers quickly associate with their favorite titles. A well-crafted logo captures the essence of the game, leaving a lasting impression on players and representing themes, genres, and overall experiences.

The FC 25 Logo is a distinctive graphic symbol identifying the video game as a commercial product. It stands out in a competitive landscape filled with visual elements vying for attention.

The identity draws inspiration from the triangles integral to EA SPORTS football over the past 30 years, reflecting isometric polygons in the game, chemistry triangles in Ultimate Team, and player indicators in every match.

On this page, we share the official FC 25 logos, provided directly by Electronic Arts, who have created them. Contrary to what you see on the internet, these were not recreated but the original ones. That’s why the resolution is so high, perfect if you are a designer and want to use them in your work.

You can download the logos featured on this page as many times as you want. We made available the black, white and green versions of the horizontal logo, the most common one, and also compact versions of Football Club and FC 25 logos.