Official FIFA 14 Release Date

All the Big News For FIFA 14 that were Announced in the Gamescom 2013


Now, it is official. FIFA 14 release date is already known.


Official FIFA 14 Release Date


Six weeks ago, the website FIFA Game News announced the FIFA 14 release dates (check it HERE).. Nobody was sure if that information was true or just a rumour. The official announcement of EA Sports today, confirmed that FIFA 14 Release Date. It seems that they were right.

The worldwide FIFA 14 release date will be September 27th (Friday). It includes the Europe, obviously. On the North America, the game will available to play at September 24th (Tuesday). If you really love FIFA as we do, mark these days on your calendar: FIFA 14 will be arriving on store shelves for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC.

FIFA 14 to next-gen consoles, XBox One and PS4, will be available probably on December. The game for these platforms will be supported by the new motor engine: EA Sports Ignite.

Last year, FIFA 13 was released at September 25th in North America and September 28th in Europe. This year, it will be almost the same. More details about the ultimate edition, pre-orders and other bonus will be unveiled soon.


Official FIFA 14 Release Date

Possible FIFA 14 Cover


According to FIFA Game News website, FUT 14 Web App will probably be available for old FUT gamers at September 17th and the demo at September 9th. It is too risky to say if it true or not but seems to us good likely dates. They also say that EA Season Ticket will give an early access to FIFA 14 players. If you buy this EA service, you probably will be able to play the new FIFA at September 21th, 2013.

Sooner or later the truth is that we will play FIFA 14. And that is what matters.

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