Price Fixing on FIFA 13 Ultimate Team

Price Fixing on FIFA 13 Ultimate Team


Price Fixing is an advanced technique for who wants to earn FIFA 13 Ultimate Team Coins.

Find out what you must do to earn coins with this method and how to maximize the profit.


What is the Price Fixing on FIFA 13 Ultimate Team


The Price Fixing, also known as monopoly, is considered cheating by some players but the truth is that it is a good marketing strategy.

The Price Fixing consists on buying a large quantity of the same card, in order to fix its market price and get a high profit.


How to earn coins with the Price Fixing


To apply this method, you should know the market very well and choose the niche which you will attack.

Focus preferentially on a single card. Try to buy all of them on the market except those which are at an unrealistically high price. After buying almost all the cards, store them for at least a few hours. This will make the market feel the lack of these letters and players will be willing to pay a good price for them.

The next step is to monetize your investment. You can put the cards on sale at the price you want. As you hold almost every card, you can set your price. Obviously if you are too ambitious, you may not find anyone who will pay for them.

As the goal is to be the only holder of that card, you should continue to buy it even after starting its sale. In that case, buy all the cards that are on sale at a lower price than the one you set.

To apply this method properly, read the tips that we give later in this article.


The 3-Step Method


Here are the steps to apply the Price Fixing on FIFA 13 Ultimate Team:

  • Step 1 – Choose

The first step is to choose the card in which you will apply the Price Fixing.

  • Step 2 – Buy

Buy all the cards that you chose.

  • Step 3 – Sellr

Set the cards price and sell them.


Optimize the Price Fixing on FIFA 13 Ultimate Team


The Price Fixing is very popular to the FIFA 13 Ultimate Team players. However, due to its complexity, it is very rarely applied.

Please read carefully our tips in order to have success with this method.


  • You don’t need to buy all the cards
  • Many Price Fixing beginners think that in order to set the price, they need to buy all the cards. This is not true.
    If you are applying the method to a particular card, you do not need to buy the cards that have a higher price that the one you have set.

    Imagine, for example, that you are buying all 4-4-1-1 formation cards. If your goal is to set the price at x coins, then all the cards are on the market at a higher price are not relevant to you because they will not give you profits and they will not disturb your plan.


  • Don’t make Price Fixing alone
  • This method gives a lot of work, since you have to monitor all the cards that are released in the market, and it requires that you have a very large budget. Doing it alone is just for some.

    Many players choose to apply it in partnership with others because the chances of success are greater. They can monitor the market in shifts and they have higher liquidity for investments.


  • Store the largest possible number of cards
  • One of the Price Fixing problems has to do with where to store all that cards. The most common solutions are:

    To make Price Fixing in partnership with other players;

    To acquire in the EASFC catalogue the items that increase the size of the watch list, the trade pile and the consumables pile;

    To use other accounts to temporarily store cards (we do not recommend this trick because we believe it is lack of fair play);


  • Choose well the cards that you will set the price
  • Most of the players choose the wrong cards to make Price Fixing. They do that because they do not realize that the FUT 13 market works like a real market.
    The fewer cards there in the auctions, the easier it will be to set a high price.

    To choose gold cards or very popular cards is a bad strategy. They are continually being released in packs and you will have great difficulty in monitor them and buy them all.

    If you have enough budget, the ideal target for Price Fixing are the In Form cards. They are released in packages for a very limited time, which means that it is extremely easy for you to control them and set the price you want.


  • Do not sell many cards at once
  • When you start selling the cards that you bought, you should not place in the auction many cards at once. Remember that being rare is what makes them valuable.

    Also avoid to put for sale on the market several cards in row. It will become clear that you are making Price Fixing, which can be proved by the name of ‘Seller’. In that case, buyers will tend to give up from the cards.


    FIFA 13 Ultimate Team Price Fixing

    Price Fixing is widely used in the silver Head Coaches.


    How many coins can I earn with Price Fixing on FIFA 13 Ultimate Team?


    In FIFA 13 Ultimate Team, you can earn hundreds of thousands of coins with this method.


    Advantages and Disadvantages of the Price Fixing


    The Price Fixing is widely used since it allows to achieve profits that few other methods offer. Only that justifies all the work it entails.

    In addition to a good knowledge of the market and a generous budget to buy all the cards that exist and that are appearing, this method requires great rigor and availability. If you get distracted for a few hours, when you come back you can find the market full of cheap cards bringing down the value of your entire stock.

    If well applied, it is one of the best paid.
    Shielded to market fluctuations

    Requires deep knowledge of the market.
    Requires a large budget.
    Very laborious.


    Should I use the Time Method ?



    If you have coins, available time and patience, this is probably one of the best methods that exist. It provides the chance to achieve millionaires profits.
    As in real life, monopoly means profit. You just need to eliminate the competition.

    If you do not meet those three requirements, it is best to quit. To fail to apply this method may cost you many coins.


10 thoughts on “Price Fixing on FIFA 13 Ultimate Team”

  1. Is it true that all of the informs in the market that you expect to go for discard price but are actually priced at 20k price fixed?

  2. How do you know when you have bought all of the cards and will not be undercut by other FUTers?

    1. You never know. Trying to make price fixing with gold players is not a good idea, since there are new cards in packs all the time. But if you choose to make price fixing on IF cards, it will be easier to control the market.
      Next Saturday we will publish a wonderful article explaining exactly how to do Price Fixing. Just check our Portuguese version of the website ( and use Google translator.


  3. So thats what happen to the gold contract card? 2 weeks ago it was 600 coins max. Now is lile 1100. Luckily i got some and actually making a profit ofbe moment. 🙂

  4. This seems like a good method for profit. So I have 50k. Price fixing is done with the rarest players so who is the rarest players I can buy in bulk if I have 50k and with price fixing?

    Apart from the first question, I also have a person with 250k to help me in pricefixing. So who can we buy in bulk to price fix considering we have 300k?

    Please answer both questions (who is best for 50k and 300k). Thanks!

    1. Hi.
      We don’t recommend to make price fixing with only 50k. You need more.
      With 300k it is easier to do it. Try to find a player which price is something like 10k, popular (or with some good attribute) and with low cardweight. Any player that meets this conditions is a good choice.

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